Hillary Clinton – Real Courage, Real Judgment, Real Experience, Real Change

Hillary Clinton – Profile in Courage

Hillary won’t back down and neither will her friends.

An anonymous reader sent us a picture of a Furry Hillary Friend canvassing for votes. The Hillary Is 44 button was enlarged greatly and on regular walks displayed for all to see. The bearded collie is a great ambassador for Hillary.

Furry Friend

Some of our favorite recent Hillary moments:

We’ll all have the last laugh

How to fight off a mugger


14 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton – Real Courage, Real Judgment, Real Experience, Real Change

  1. Politico has this interesting reaction to the new ad, target Giuliani:

    There’s a lot to say about this image from Hillary’s spot today. It’s a rare use of a Ground Zero image, something New York Democrats attacked Bush for in 2004.

    But it took me a minute to realize the directness of the contrast with Rudy here. Ground Zero is, in some literal sense, his turf. His weakness, though, is the deteriorating health of some 9/11 workers, some of whom blame him for not enforcing federal rules requiring that workers wear masks (actually, respirators, heavier apparatus than Hillary is wearing above).

    So while the picture of Hillary is such an odd image — how often have you seen a politician appear masked — it’s a very deliberate one, and it starts laying the groundwork for an attack on Giuliani’s main source of political strength.

  2. What these two video clips posted demonstrate is how well Hillary uses humor to disarm opponents, and make a point. At the same time, they show she is not only smart but also fun to be around, and defeat negative stereotypes in the process.

    Meanwhile, it bewilders her opponents. You could see this on the faces of Wallace and Russert. And they have no effective defense. If they laugh along with her they are laughing at themselves.

    No wonder they try to disparage it as a cackel. But it is a cheap thing to do. Whats more, when the audience sees video clips like these they can make up their own minds, and reject the negative stereotype which is implicit in the term.

  3. There’s an interesting article on pollster.com about whether that ABC poll is an outlier. No conclusions were drawn, but it’s worth a read anyway.

    What struck me about the poll was that ABC typically has Hillary up in the mid-teens, so they don’t normally have her with leads as big as some other polls. Also, the sample was over 1,000, which is pretty big.

  4. I’m certain most of you were wondering why the Washington Post/
    ABC poll gave Hillary such a wide margin. Wonder no more!!
    The Gallup Issues poll released yesterday explains everything.
    Hillary is in tune with fellow Democrats. No other candidate
    comes close. Aside from the “flash” of BO, our party feels
    the steady, no nonsense, experience of Hillary is just what
    we need. This is very encouraging.

    The talking heads want a horserace to justify their salaries.
    JE and BO need to take heed. If they go slash and burn to
    get the nomination, they run the risk of ailinating the Clinton
    base for the general election. A base that is more stable,
    broader, and more dedicated than both candidates combined.

    Chris Matthews yesterday advised BO to go after Bill as
    a means to elbow past Hillary. What utter nonsense,
    Bill polls upwards of 60% or more with Democrats. Further,
    polling suggests that Bill will be acceptible as a “first
    spouse.” Another notch in the Clinton cause as I see it.

    So why am I writing these comments. For weeks we have
    been going after JE and BO for any number of valid reasons.
    It time to lower the rhetoric. Let the others sites rant on;
    don’t get frustrated with their support for their candidates.
    Hillary is asking us to do the most basic of all political action.
    She wants us to talk to friends and aquaintances about
    her campaign. And I plan to do so.

    The run up to Thanksgiving is most important. It will set the
    tone for the Iowa caucus and the primaries. We needs to
    help her maintain a positive and well informed image. Don’t
    misunderstand, I am not advocating “coasting” into the
    primary season. But, follow hillary’s lead of a cool, intelligent,
    reasoned and impressive campaign.

    The Gallup Issues poll gives her a great road map. Lets
    follow it with her.

  5. I expect Hillary to be broadsided on ABC’s Stephenopolos’
    Sunday program. Katrina vanden Heuvel of the Nation mag
    will be on. She has been taking pot shots at Hillary for a
    long time. It’s not enough to be pounded by Republicans.
    Now she is being hit be the liberal left.

  6. Kegs, That poll about Bill was actually of the electorate at large, where he gets a 66 percent approval rating. Among Dems it’s probably at least 90 percent.

  7. Hillary has big leads in NJ and PA, according to new polls:

    Some new polls from Republican firm Strategic Vision show Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani continuing to have huge leads in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania primaries.

    In New Jersey, Hillary leads Barack Obama 52%-21%, and Rudy is ahead of Fred Thompson 53%-11%. In Pennsylvania, Hillary beats Obama 42%-24%, and Rudy beats Thompson 45%-15%. No other candidates make it into the double digits.

  8. Paula, thanks for the correction. Either way, my point
    remains valid. BO and JE shouldn’t be listening to the

  9. Kegs, I appreciate your comments because I know there is wisdom and experience behind them. Poll and timing factors certainly support what you are saying. I understand what you mean by stress the positive message, and I would venture to guess that Hillary supporters have been doing that all along. And when you say lower the rhetoric I understand what that means too, even in a general sense in the face of unfair attacks. What I am less clear on, however, is whether this logic applies equally to primary opponents, mainstream media and Republican opponents. Please advise.


  10. Kegs, I really am interested in what your wisdom tells you on this because unfair attacks can come from any of those groups, and my natural instincts are to rebut them with facts, humor and at times hyperbole–and I am not always right. And yet, where primary opponents are concerned there will need to be reconcilliation, where MSM is concerned they can be a vital link in our democracy if they play their hand honorably, and even where our Republican opponents are concerned they plagued by the factors discussed in David Brooks column today, but they have a contribution to make as well unless one believes in a one party state.

  11. Kegs, I’m with you 100 percent. Attacking Bill Clinton makes absolutely no sense in a Democratic primary. I hope Obama does listen to Chris Matthews, lol.

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