The Audacity Of Hype

Update: What a way to begin October.

Obama’s claims to fame have been his Iraq vote, his fundraising, and his online support. Today the AP torpedoed his Iraq history, Hillary trounced his fundraising and Josh Orton, Obama’s “blog outreach” guy quit (apparently unhappy with the Obama campaign).

It’s another trifecta disaster day for Obama.

And third or fourth tier Chris Dodd issues a press release mocking Obama:

“Today, the Obama campaign is celebrating the 5th anniversary of the speech that then-State Senator Barack Obama gave opposing the invasion of Iraq. But unfortunately, they forgot to celebrate another anniversary. July 26th marked the 3rd anniversary of the New York Times story in which Obama admitted that he did not know how he would have voted on the Iraq resolution had he been serving in the United States Senate at the time of the vote.”


The Associated Press today finally analyzes Barack Obama’s claims of courage and judgment on the Iraq war.

Nobody can dispute that Barack Obama opposed the Iraq war from the start and, with striking prescience, predicted U.S. troops would be mired in a costly conflict that fanned “the flames of the Middle East.”

But nobody should accept at face value the Illinois senator’s claim that he was a “courageous leader” who opposed the war at great political risk.


The truth is that while Obama showed foreign policy savvy and an ability to keenly analyze both sides of an issue in his October 2002 warnings on Iraq, the political upside of his position rivaled any risk.

And, once elected to the U.S. Senate two years later, Obama waited months to show national leadership on Iraq.

Even now, as he hopes to ride his anti-war credentials to the White House, Obama’s views on how to end the conflict differ little from those of Democratic rivals who voted in the fall of 2002 to give President Bush authority to wage war.

Associated Press continues the examination of “courageous leader”:

His latest campaign ad calls Obama “a leader with the judgment to oppose the Iraq war before it began.” The words “courageous leader” are superimposed over video.

As others write the Barack Obama story, the facts are not as flattering as his autobiographical claims:

Courageous or calculating? These are the facts:

In 2004, while getting ready for his star-making address to the Democratic National Convention, Obama gave presidential nominee John Kerry and other leading Democrats a pass for backing Bush on Iraq.

Noting he was not privy to intelligence reports shown to Kerry and others, Obama told The New York Times, “What would I have done? I don’t know.”

Nothing new here to readers of Big Pink. AP might open some eyes as Obama tours Iowa this week foregoing entirely any Senate votes:

Once elected, Obama didn’t force the issue in the Senate. His first floor speech encouraged Democrats to drop challenges to the 2004 presidential election “at a time when we try to make certain we encourage democracy in Iraq.”

His first major address on Iraq came in November 2005, when he said U.S. forces remained “part of a solution.”

Here is something to discuss during this week’s Obama rallies if Obama tries to draw distinctions:

Seven months later, he was voting in step with Clinton for a middle-of-the-road approach. On June 22, 2006, they both backed a nonbinding resolution to pull troops out of Iraq.

More meaningfully, they also rejected a bill _ backed by the force of law _ that would have required the troops to come home by a date certain.

The truth emerges:

Obama likes to say he feared his anti-war views would hurt his Senate candidacy in 2002. He may have felt that way, but there was little reason for concern.

First, his strategy for winning the Democratic Senate nomination hinged on his ability to form a coalition among blacks and so-called lakefront liberals in Chicago, hardly a pro-war constituency. His rivals for the nomination also would criticize the war.

In the general election, Obama might have had to regret his remarks if the war had been going well in 2004. Still, he was never too far out on a limb:

_ Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois voted against Bush on Iraq in 2002 and breezed to re-election shortly after Obama’s signature speech.

_The Chicago Sun-Times published an October 2002 poll under the headline “Illinois is not ready for war.”

The survey found that more than half of voters in the Democratic-leaning state wanted more proof that Saddam was developing weapons of mass destruction before the United States waged war.

Iraq wasn’t a major issue in the race, according to several Illinois political observers.

“What he was saying in October 2002 _ and this takes nothing away from him; he’s a very impressive guy _ was not a risky thing,” said Chris Mooney, political science professor at the University of Illinois in Springfield.

“Not risky at all.”

The examination of hype will continue, here and at AP.


65 thoughts on “The Audacity Of Hype

  1. Well, it’s in small doses, but at least they are finally emerging!!

    Going around on a tour to celebrate his ‘courageous speech’, hah! What arrogance and cockiness, hasn’t he noticed that people don’t care what happened five years ago? It’s getting no traction in the polls, just as Edwards goes nowhere with shouting LOBBYIST!!

    It’s also fun to see how Obamas crowds begins to shrink, while the opposite happens to ‘our girl’!!

  2. Wow,

    This is just in on Hillary Hub.

    wanted you to know that this was our best quarter yet. More than 100,000 new donors. A total of $27 million raised — and $22 million in the primary — substantially more than any other candidate in the race.

    This is all thanks to you and your hard work. You — and over a million supporters like you — are working together with Hillary to create real momentum that will take us to victory

  3. so much for the obama money machine. i totally did not expect hillary to outraise him. the nutrooters will be wetting their pants now.

  4. terrondt,

    Not only she outraised him by a wide margin. On the so-called new donors, Hillary also outpaced him in this quarter. This is really big in such a slow quarter. Without Oprah’s big help, Obama would have only raised $16-$17 million.

  5. Kostner I just read that – WOW!! Indeed! This just emphasizes that Obama is slowing down! 🙂

    But how many donors does this make total? 100.000 NEW donors, do we know how many she’s had in the past? Obama got 93,000 this Q.
    And a total of 350,000 something…..

    HillaryHub and .com says they have a million contributors, what do they specifically mean, since everyone says Obamas numbers are unheard of before, do they mean everyone who has signed on as members, registered emails etc or donors?

    at they have a nice photo album to look at, great pictures!

  6. AND remember – Hillary had to give back almost 1 million, and she still beat him!!!
    And I also think many people will keep in mind that 3 million was essentially given to him by ‘his girl’ Oprah…..this might emphasize the feeling that he did worse than he did.
    Obama raised 20 mil. only 1 of those are for the Gen. election!

    Huffington has it up now, they had earlier a big headline with Obamas number, now Hillary is at the top right corner, BUT of course they had to have a BIG blown up story of Obama saying something about nuclear bombs, *shakes head* they are great at spinning at Huff.

  7. just saw the report on msnbc. WHOOP. the crazies on mydudd are like clockwork badmouthing the numbers. they are pathetic.

  8. i noticed obama and the other candidates are not reallly banking very little if any for the general. very little while hillary is banking 5 million here 6 million there every quarter. i guess hillary is confindent of victory.

  9. This is so laughable. Obama, pure sour grapes. From First Read:

    The Obama campaign took some subtle shots at Clinton in its response to her outraising Obama this quarter $22 million to $19 million in primary money:

    “More than 350,000 Americans have already signaled the kind of change they want in Washington by contributing to the Obama campaign,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton writes in an e-mail. “We have raised a historic $74.9 million in dollars available for primary spending, without transferring one cent from any other campaign fund and with no money from federal lobbyists or PACs.”

    Clinton transferred $10 million from her Senate campaign to her presidential campaign, but that number doesn’t have anything to do with third-quarter money.

  10. Oh, now they are but it is so biased. Obama is in my town for like 2 days straight (UGH) because its the biggest college town in Iowa. Meanwhile at the Johnson County BBQ, saturday, he is skipping it. He has Forrest Whitaker there for him……lol. Hillary will be there of course. Obama needs to give up already, his campaign is imploding.

  11. ABC News:

    Obama has still outraised Clinton in terms of money he can spend on the primary, raising $74.9 million to Clinton’s $62.6 million for the primary.

    However with a $27 million third-quarter fundraising haul, Clinton has cemented herself as a formidable Democratic front-runner for the 2008 nomination.

    The Clinton camp was busily lowering expectations for their fundraising totals last week, telling reporters they expected to announce numbers in the ballpark of $17 million to $20 million.

    In the past, when Obama has out-raised Clinton, Clinton campaign officials had argued that fundraising wasn’t everything. But today, Clinton insiders say they are very pleased. They say this suggests support for Obama is losing steam “big time,” as one Clinton aide put it.

  12. The AP fundraising story is now on the front page of

    BTW, anyone know how much money the campaigns are spending? I’d love to know if Obama’s spending is comparable to Hillary’s or exceeds it.

    Another reason the third-quarter numbers are so impressive: That’s traditionally a very slow quarter. FWIW, I fully expected Hillary to raise no more than $20 million. Wow!

  13. Today’s Rasmussen:

    Clinton 45
    Obama 22

    When MSM stupidily peddles ‘cackcles’, Hillary and her supporters will have the final big belly laugh.

  14. kostner, I thought you had mentioned that before. What are the latest cash-on-hand numbers? I didn’t see them yet.

  15. Paual,

    It won’t be released until Oct 15th. But based on the past burn rate, Clinton was much more prudent in managing money. Obama was also spending big time in Iowa.

  16. key thing is…..she has enough money to do the job…..

    what a beautiful day…beautiful month sep!!!!

    Sep 2007 changed it….she did most of her work in the last 2-3 weeks…..worked harder…

    AND she was missing FEWER votes than other senators on the campaign trail….

    she is EARNING her support.

  17. I do love you as much as Media Whores Online! I do! I do! I’ve so missed exegesis’ like this. We gave all our money away this month. I’ll have to give you some next month. 🙂 But I will.

  18. Obama spent $4 million more in Q2 than Clinton. $16+ million versus $12+ million.

    Edwards spent more in Q3 than he raised. Hence “principled” decision to accept federal matching funds.

  19. Fantastic news on 3d quarter fundraising! Everyone I have spoken to this morning is ecstatic re. the amount and the number of new donors. Wow.

  20. Here’s a new post on about Obama’s speech today:

    Obama has just delivered his speech calling for multilateral nuclear disarmament. A few key lines:

    We were counseled by some of the most experienced voices in Washington that the only way for Democrats to look tough was to talk, act and vote like a Republican.
    Here’s another attack on the Beltway political, media and foreign policy establishment:

    Because the American people weren’t just failed by a President — they were failed by much of Washington. By a media that too often reported spin instead of facts. By a foreign policy elite that largely boarded the bandwagon for war.
    And here Obama renews his efforts to get voters to see his early opposition to the war as a deciding factor for voters:

    So there is a choice that has emerged in this campaign, one that the American people need to understand. They should ask themselves: who got the single most important foreign policy decision since the end of the Cold War right, and who got it wrong. This is not just a matter of debating the past. It’s about who has the best judgment to make the critical decisions of the future.
    The full speech is after the jump. And here is a sharp and praiseworthy take on the speech from Joe Klein. And Matthew Yglesias argues that John Edwards “was here first.”

  21. Paula,

    Let Obama continue to fight his failed Iraq war. This is so silly on his behalf. Poll after poll has suggested who voted what really does not matter to primary voters. The latest IA Newsweek poll asked a precise question whether Hillary’s vote made them likely or less likely to vote for her. The net is a big fat ZERO if my memory is correct.

    I can’t believe he’s still fighting a war lost five years ago. Even Howard Dean could not gain any traction then, how can you expect to gain traction five years later?

    The truth is people want to know who can be trusted to get out of Iraq safely and quickly. The answer is Hillary Clinton.

    Obama is getting tiresome these days, no originality, nothing.

  22. I’m with Kostner on this one. Bwak is more and more being approached by the MSM as being unable to deliver support. Sure, he has a great fundraising machine, but he doesn’t have a message that translates into votes. His time for doing that has past as you can see the number of undecided voters has been declining steadily. Everyone has been lining up voters into their box, and he hasn’t. I’d posit, in fact, that he’s been downright lazy. Missing events, having few events other than fundraisers until very recently. There are certain potential voters out there that actually dislike having to pay to see a candidate. It pisses them off they have to put up money on an unsure thing just to hear the message and assess the candidate’s persona. Bwak is also behind in national organization, and let’s face it, being the former first spouse helps Hillary because she has contacts all over the nation with whom she has an established working relationship. Those folks have been on the ground for a long time and she can tap into the Democratic establishment easier than he can. Those folks know what she stands for, they don’t know him from Adam. He may have given a decent and widely hyped speech at the ’04 DNC, but “who is he???”

  23. Hey folks, Here’s a query and I need my memory refreshed. I was talkin’ with somebody who told me that BO did not go to the Jena march because he was in the Senate votin’ on somethin’ important. My recollection is that he voted on one thing then skipped out on a second vote to hop down to Atlanta for a fund raiser. Anybody know or remember what the story was that day? I only ask to get the story straight with my friend. And I am tickled pink at our gals’ fundraising this quarter. thanks, mollyj

  24. Hey, y’all. Taylor Marsh is reporting $8M of the $27M was online. Wow. What’s the old line that she doesn’t have any online support??? Boulderdash. I can tell you I donated online. Yippee!

    MollyJ- Yes, Bwak was in Atlanta that day for a fundraiser with Ludacris and the ATL rappers. He skipped Jena for money and photos with hiphop celebs.

  25. We’ll have to wait for the filing to really figure out how Hillary pulled off the big numbers this period.

    Some of it has to be pure frontrunner money: Establishment types, people who want ambassadorships and access, jumping on the frontrunner’s bandwagon.

    But the most surprising number may be the 100,000 new donors, which means that Hillary also sharply increased her appeal to small donors. She raised $8 million online, according to the campaign. (Taylor Marsh had this first.)

    And she did 20 low-dollar events this quarter, compared to six last quarter.

    These weren’t all mass, outdoor rallies like Obama’s, and like Hillary’s Oakland event Sunday. Some were like the $100-a-person event in New York with Tom Vilsack and Wes Clark, which was held in a Broadway theater, and a similar event in Virginia with John Grisham. There were other, similar events in Philadelphia and Chicago

  26. Dodd put out a press release just now wishing Obama a “Happy (Belated) Anniversary:”

    Today, the Obama campaign is celebrating the 5th anniversary of the speech that then-State Senator Barack Obama gave opposing the invasion of Iraq. But unfortunately, they forgot to celebrate another anniversary. July 26th marked the 3rd anniversary of the New York Times story in which Obama admitted that he did not know how he would have voted on the Iraq resolution had he been serving in the United States Senate at the time of the vote.

  27. I *Heart* Chris Dodd.


    “(Belated)” That’s priceless. I may send him money just to keep him in the race and hear more stuff like this.

    COLN (Cackling out loud now)

  28. What a lovely coincidence that the Hillary campaign big fundraising story hits the news right after Obama’s (yet another) Big Speech.

    Also, we posted an update on today’s story:

    What a way to begin October.

    Obama’s claims to fame have been his Iraq vote, his fundraising, and his online support. Today the AP torpedoed his Iraq history, Hillary trounced his fundraising and Josh Orton, Obama’s “blog outreach” guy quit (apparently unhappy with the Obama campaign).

    It’s another trifecta disaster day for Obama.

    And third or fourth tier Chris Dodd issues a press release mocking Obama:

    “Today, the Obama campaign is celebrating the 5th anniversary of the speech that then-State Senator Barack Obama gave opposing the invasion of Iraq. But unfortunately, they forgot to celebrate another anniversary. July 26th marked the 3rd anniversary of the New York Times story in which Obama admitted that he did not know how he would have voted on the Iraq resolution had he been serving in the United States Senate at the time of the vote.”

  29. Back on September 23, 2007 we hinted at the expected big Hillary numbers for the third quarter. While not surprised, we are happy, happy, happy:

    Obama is on air with paid ads in all the first primary states – according to their own statements. They are spending lots of money. On October 15 all the FEC reports are due and we will know the full extent of Obama spending. In previous reports we discovered Obama is the candidate spending the most money on polling. In the next report we will uncover how much money he is burning through – his donors are sure to be unhappy with the meager results their cash has bought. [Hint: Hillary’s best quarter in 2006 when she ran for reelection to the Senate was the third quarter.]

  30. I donated online, too. BTW, I’ll bet that “watch the debate with Bill” promotion brought in a bunch of online money at the end of the quarter. I gave before that so I’m not in the running (damn!).

  31. Hillary up 47-22 over Obama in Minn.:

    In the Democratic race, Clinton is as dominant in Minnesota as she is nationwide, supported by 47 percent of Democrats and independents who lean toward the party.

    “She’s got a lot of good ideas, and since men have screwed up the country so much, why not give a woman a chance,” said Aaron Deris, a special education teacher from Bloomington. “I think the country is more ready to elect a woman than a black man.”

    Obama, whose presidential candidacy has become the most credible mounted by an African-American, received 22 percent support in the poll.

    It isn’t possible to measure in a statistically reliable way candidates’ support by racial group because the sample sizes for the subgroups involved become too small.

    But Obama’s support is strongest among younger respondents, dropping off sharply among the oldest.

    That doesn’t surprise Carolyn Hamilton, an Obama supporter from Coon Rapids. “Older people just aren’t ready for him, and I’m not sure the United States is, either,” she said. “He’d be such a role model for black young people — for all young people. Until he came along, I never cared for politics.”

  32. at a really stupid post at kos today of a very swarmy and half truthed attack piece in Vanity Fair on Hillary (its about the false though persistant mythos that the Clintons and Gores despise each another) excepted from a new book by political gossip writer Sally Bedwll Smith…I saw this funny and bizarre comment..

    Is there a secret email

    list of Hillary supporters, perhaps in association with people running the hillaryis”44″.com site? I’ve seen some cryptic posts at myDD (some sort of a “handshake”) suggesting that there might be.

    Now aint that the bee’s knees? This clueless folkswho are constantly writing and begging for Obama and Edwards to join together to “take down” Hillary are so confused and bewildereed to believe that hilliss 44 is part of some grand conspiracy. Kindalike those mooks at the wall street journal and meet the press huh?

    Silly and stupid people uniting daily at Kos.

    Can you please take a pledge that you’re not on any such list that exists to promote Hillary. I ask the question as a “bit of reciprocity” of your own action here.

  33. Hahaha! I have a love hate relationship with Dodd.
    Sometimes he says some things that makes no sense at all, like attacking Hillary, in my view unnecessarily, when there is no way he will win any way. He’ll praise her one day and attack her another day, but all that aside, this statement was a thing of beauty.

    Let us know if it gets noticed in the big world, he is not a top tier candidate after all.

  34. mollyjrichards:

    you are right….about that jena day…he was in the senate for the boxer amendment that nobody or organization should be against uniformed people in the military and skipped the repug cornan petraeus vote…..he flew to atlanta….withing 15 minutes of the boxer amendment..

    The vote was not about “stopping the iraq war vote” as he mentioned.

    also I have given 6 small donations online and 1 to attend a live event so far. And I have still way to go before maxing out for the primary….so this is great news.

    BUT we will not get complacent!!!!!!!!

  35. oops – cut the kos comment in half – this is the way it was posted.

    Is there a secret email

    list of Hillary supporters, perhaps in association with people running the hillaryis”44″.com site? I’ve seen some cryptic posts at myDD (some sort of a “handshake”) suggesting that there might be.
    Can you please take a pledge that you’re not on any such list that exists to promote Hillary. I ask the question as a “bit of reciprocity” of your own action here.

    (that is because someone dared to question the wisdom of using such msm garbage to beat up on our leading candidate.)

  36. That’s a strange post dem dem, people grasping for straws I guess!
    It’s always like that, things, events or polls don’t go your way and so therefore there must be a conspiracy of sorts.
    Oh well.

    Was it you dem dem at the end there asking us on this site to make a public pledge? Or was it apart of the post?

    Either way, I’ll happily make a pledge: I am NOT affiliated, payed or sponsored by the Hillary campaign, I have loved this woman for a looong time, and my biggest wish came true the day she announced she would run for President!

    Well, that’s not true, THE biggest wish come true, is if she WINS and becomes President (44 that is!! 🙂 )

  37. It’s an intimidation tactic Dem Dem. Loyalty oaths. Are you now or have you ever been a communist?

    Obama supporters can get together and communicate. Edwards supporters can get together and communicate. Hillary supporters – No. Conspiracy. You must take a pledge devised by opponents only if you are a Hillary supporter. Don’t quote from a Hillary support site – that is not allowed in PINO sites. Obama supporters and Edwards supporters may quote from their respective supporter sites – Not Hillary supporters – they must cringe in fear.

    For the Naderites and PINOs we are the new PINKOs.

    Besides, why would we need email lists? We communicate telepathically with the Mother Ship.

  38. From staff to Dem Dem: Some additional thoughts on the issue of Hillary supporters communicating.

    The Stalinist Big Bloggers who stomp out debate and dictate what should be discussed (all the while touting their blogs as some kind of democracy or open forum) control the Big Blog agenda through the “Townhouse” mailing list (DailyKooks owner Markos quit the group after his emails shutting down discussion of pump and dump Jerome Armstrong hit the press – notice how effective the shutdown of the “freeflowing” discussion on Armstrong was completely shut down and we never, promises to the contrary, have had a discussion of this issue by the gate cashers-in). They call it strategizing when it is really agenda setting – then the hypocrites criticize Big Media for “groupthink”. Hypocrites.

    Anyway this is a way of discussing the growing reaction to Obama’s on-line problems of today:

    The Barack Obama campaign has one of the worst track records in reaching out to the blogosphere for support. Not only have they snub the so-called netroots bloggers that strategize through the Townhouse mailing list, but they have actually gone out of their way to not reach out to prominent black, latino and women bloggers who are outside of said mailing.

    The best example of this snub was the campaign’s absence from BlogHer, the largest convention of women bloggers in the United States and, technically, the world. At BlogHer we had the pleasure to have Elizabeth Edwards as one of our keynote speakers. The Hillary Clinton campaign made a lukewarm appearance by sending in a representative. The biggest omission was Barack Obama himself. After all, the conference was in his hometown of Chicago.

    Not sending Michelle Obama to speak to the 800+ networks of vote-ready of mostly mommybloggers who were in attendance has been, in my opinion, one of the biggest mistakes of the Obama campaign. Worse than the unforgivable muscling-out of the volunteer Joe Anthony from the largest volunteer Obama network on MySpace.

    So it does not come as a surprise that Barack’s blogger outreach guy has left the building :

  39. Was that Joe McGuinness? He’s been on about that – complaining about how we get together over here, and organize to TR Obama supporters.

    Weird. I take it to mean that’s what they do. Why else it would it ever occur to them that we do?

  40. those tools. Townhouse dopes. First the take the name of one of my fave bars in dc (the townhouse tavern) – then they decide that they now ARE the democratic party. i say …nuts.

    over at mydd, they have another grand theory going today. that we are paid shills for hill and theys got proof!


    Clinton Astroturfers???

    by minvis, Tue Oct 02, 2007 at 06:07:52 PM EST

    As many of us have seen, the proliferation of pro-Hillary bloggers was quite pronounced after the 2nd quarter and I for one have always wondered if this influx was due to the Clinton campaign paying for people to blog on her behalf or if it was just a coincidence.

    Well, here we finally have the expenditures from the 2nd quarter on

    Under Internet Media expenditures and only counting expenditures since April, there was over $300,000 paid to the Mayfield Strategy Group. Josh Ross, formerly head of Kerry’s Internet staff, is the head of Mayfield.

    So I went ahead and did a little search on some of the most pro-Hillary posters here at MyDD. I checked when they first posted a diary and first made comments here. Check after the fold for what I found.

    I found at least 5 pro-Hillary posters that have joined MyDD since April of this year. Here are their first diary post date, their first comment date and how many diaries and comments they have made.

    my response:

    It seems at dailykos there are others looking for
    black helicopters at ‘Hillaryis44’ just like you!

    Dig this grassy knoll comment from other there today

    Is there a secret email

    list of Hillary supporters, perhaps in association with people running the hillaryis”44″.com site? I’ve seen some cryptic posts at myDD (some sort of a “handshake”) suggesting that there might be.
    Can you please take a pledge that you’re not on any such list that exists to promote Hillary. I ask the question as a “bit of reciprocity” of your own action here.

    I sure as hell dont knowanything about this, but I do know that I got BANNED from that site – because another conspiracy “theorist” named Yoshimi – got a bunch of other mooks to believe that I was “areyouready” and then they ganged up on me and I was gone in like 10 minutes…

    What a strange crowd of odd and bizarro folks you hillary-haters are ….

    So, which is it?

    Are we all one person or
    are we a funded group all being paid huge sums of dough to push Hill?

    Pick a Paranoia Pals!

  41. admin,

    politico posted a brief Obama interview in which he claimed ‘the only time’ he’s not sure about his vote on Iraq was before John Kerry’s nomination covention. He said he did not want to embarrass John Kerry.

    This was flat lie. The last time he said such thing was in a 2006 New Yorker (or New York Times) interview in which he expressed his ‘deep admiration’ for Hillary and said he didn’t know how he would have voted had he been in the senate.

    Do you still have the link to that interview? I may want to write a diary on big blog.

  42. admin,

    I used to write something on that interview, but could not find it anymore. In that 2006 interview, he also ruled out running for president.

  43. on mydd a few weeks ago they tried to lump me with areyouready, georgep,hwc and others as the same person. pathetic.

  44. kostner I remember that too.

    terrondt – personally, I think theyre a lil nutty…

    thats why I enjoy poking em with a stick. Its amusing to imagine them going batshit crazy at their lil terminals. These boys sure know how to insult and attack the Clintons, but then they whine and cry and yell “conspiracy” whenever anyone whacks them back.

    But thats what theyre gonna get when they accuse the Clintons of the horrible, mean and twisted things they do.

  45. WOAH !

    What was that Obama was saying about big crowds ?

    I just got home and I’m catching up watching the ABC, CBS, and NBC news while I’m cooking.

    ABC News said that the Hillary rally in Oakland California on Sunday was SO BIG, the Secret Service put SNIPERS on the rooftops of the tall buildings because they were concerned they could not contain the situation “in case things got out of control”.

    !! !! !!

  46. Joe,

    Thanks for the heads-up. Unfortunatelly I missed ABC coverage, and the video is not on their website. However, they do have the transcript, looks like a VERY flattery piece.

    Democratic front-runner Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York made headlines Tuesday morning when she announced her third-quarter haul: $22 million in donations since July for her presidential primary campaign, far outpacing the $19 million collected by her chief party rival, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois.

    Campaign fundraising has been an area in which Obama has made strides, but third-quarter tallies solidified the New York senator’s status as the Democrat to beat.

    The Clinton campaign credits low-dollar events in the last quarter as key to bringing in 100,000 new donors over the last three months. It’s what Obama has been doing all year — appealing to record numbers of donors and leading in fundraising, until now.

    Last weekend in Oakland, Calif., thousands amassed at Clinton’s largest rally yet; the crowd was so huge that snipers were posted on rooftops in case things got out of control. Though the event was free, supporters who contributed $20 were given access to an area directly in front of the stage.

    A Clinton fundraiser in September with author John Grisham followed a similar tack: Billed as “A Conversation With John Grisham and Hillary Clinton,” tickets went for $25 and up.

    While Obama has outraised Clinton this year in primary money, reading between the dollars and cents of third-quarter totals, there’s no getting around the fact that Clinton outpaced Obama both in third-quarter donations and in attracting new donors.

    ABC News political consultant Mark Halperin said it was advantageous to the Clinton camp to show it could best Obama at his fundraising game.

    “Psychologically, this is huge,” said Halperin, “It shows she can outraise him. This was fundamentally his strength.”

    Out on the trail, Obama consistently criticizes Clinton’s most controversial vote to authorize the Iraq War. He did so again today in Chicago at DePaul University.

    “We need to ask those who voted for the war: How can you give the president a blank check and then act surprised when he cashes it?” Obama charged.

    Still, Clinton’s position on the Iraq War has evolved enough to satisfy strong anti-war sentiments within her party: —

    She leads in every national poll.

    Though the election is still 13 months away, Clinton’s positioning as the inevitable nominee has already made for shrewd satire on the late-night comedy circuit. Her biggest stumbling block could be the first nominating contest in Iowa, where Democratic rival John Edwards is happy to point out, she’s not leading.

    “She certainly has not pulled away,” Edwards said, “She and I are either tied or I’m a little bit ahead of her. … So I think that the race is very much still on.”

    Edwards had sharp criticism for Clinton at last week’s debate, and all the other campaign’s are hoping for her fall.

    Democratic strategist Anita Dunn says front-runners face a different kind of scrutiny.

    “Once you look like you’re inevitable, people tend to take a much closer look at you,” Dunn said, “because it’s no longer can she win. It’s what kind of president she would be.”

    The Clinton campaign itself continues to play the expectations game, citing that while the New York senator can weather criticism, it’s still a long road to January.

  47. whoa-

    This election run is starting to sound like Trump’s reality series, “The Apprentice”‘. There are almost as many presidnetial hopefuls from both sides of the aisle as there are on his show.

    Just food for thought. 🙂

    Thanks for all the updates. Overall, this has been a very good day.

    Mrs. S.

  48. Rah Roh.

    Nighline has a segment on right now labeled:

    “LOSING STEAM ? Is the red hot candidate Barak Obama cooling off” ?

  49. Dem Dem, finally got a look at the Hillarity you described earlier. You are so right about those sensitive boys who can dish it out but can’t take it. Will communicate telephathically to the Mother Ship all the good work at responding to their inanities on your part.

    There will be a bonus in your pay envelope this month. 🙂 Bonuses to all!

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