California Club 44 – Help Hillary, Debate Tonight, Bill, Nader (ugh)

Update:   We’ve heard that the latest laugh from the Obama campaign is his claim that he is sick but will still attend the debate tonight.  If he does badly again, the Obama campaign has a schoolkid excuse ready. 

On his show Tucker Carlson said that all the media likes Obama better and they are rooting for him and want him to win and go after Hillary. 

The debate will be carried live and will also be streamed on (no link yet).  Telemundo will rebroadcast the debate at 11:35 p.m ET and PT.



Will Elizabeth Edwards jump on stage tonight – push her handsome husband into the spectator seats – like a World Wrestling Federation wrestler and attempt to debate Hillary herself? What novel deprecations will Michelle Obama devise to further belittle her husband? For answers to these questions watch the debate – TONIGHT, 9:00 p.m. on MSNBC. Tim Russert will moderate.

We’ll be on the job covering the debate, fingers crossed for our plucky heroine – Hillary Clinton.

Yesterday’s CNN/WMUR New Hampshire poll has Hillary 23 points ahead of second place Obama. The latest Stanford Group research gives Hillary the nomination and the presidency (short headline “Wall Street says Hillary Is 44“). The Hill wonders whether tonight is the night when earlier predictions of attacks on Hillary will come true.

Both Elmendorf and Dante Scala, a political science professor at the University of New Hampshire, said the early strategies of Clinton’s rivals — wait for her to implode, stumble or become too polarizing a figure to advance — have not come to be. Now, the only way to weaken Clinton’s standings is to start attacking her on what they perceive as her weaknesses. The question is, who will strike out first.

“Their options are becoming more and more limited,” Scala said. “We’re going to see sharper attacks, [and] conventional wisdom among the candidates is that Clinton is the one to shoot for.”

If Clinton were to win not just the nomination but also the presidency, some of the candidates might want a job from her, Elmendorf said, making the decision to attack her all the more daunting.

“It’s a game of chicken between those guys to see who’s going to attack her,” Elmendorf said. He added that with time running out, “Either they do it, or it’s going to pass them by.”

In good news, a major meeting of Club 44: September 30, 2007 at 4:45 p.m. Oakland, California – Clay Street (between 12th Street and 14th Street) Hillary will attend. Speakers. Live bands. All for $20.00. Visit Http:// for more details. Club 44 meeting on the last day of the third quarter for fundraising. Help Hillary. Remember in her Senate campaign in 2006 Hillary did best in the third quarter – let’s repeat that performance.

Another way to help Hillary and spend time with 42.

“Hillary’s campaign will pick three people – each invited with a guest to watch one of the upcoming presidential debates with me,” Bill Clinton writes. “We’ll sit down in front of a big TV with a big bowl of chips, watch the debate, and talk about the race. If you enter before the Sunday midnight deadline, you and a guest could be the ones to sit down with me to watch a presidential debate.”

“When I tell you I like watching Hillary debate, I mean it,” the former president wrote. “You’re talking to the man who stayed up until four in the morning on a trip through Africa just to catch on of her debates live. So if you want to watch a debate with me – or if you just want to help Hillary win – enter today, and you and your guest might join me for a debate soon.”

PINOs and Naderites are happy.

“To an awful lot of people, Ralph Nader appears to be threatening, once again, to play the role of a spoiled brat whose purpose in life appears to be … electing Republicans by draining off votes from Democrats,” said Trounstine, who heads the San Jose State Center for Policy and Research.

Nader’s presidential aspirations are viewed by many as evidence that he is on “an enormous ego trip with potentially destructive impact,” Trounstine said.

Nader relies on Ripublicans to fund his campaigns and get him on the ballot. Nader claims there is no difference between Democrats and Ripublicans. Why doesn’t Nader run for the Ripublican nomination? Nader would fit right in between Newt and Alan Keyes.


28 thoughts on “California Club 44 – Help Hillary, Debate Tonight, Bill, Nader (ugh)

  1. The Hotline Spotlight writes:

    “Hanover Hammerin’

    All the elements are there for HRC to be the target tonight: a new WMUR/CNN poll that shows her with widening NH lead, ramped up anti-HRC rhetoric from Dem rivals and/or their surrogates and Bush’s pick of HRC as the likely Dem nom. But will it work?

    — There’s little doubt HRC will be hit on “electability.” Even so, the WMUR/CNN poll showed a maj. of NH Dems saying she’s the strongest 11/08 cand, a jump of 17 pts. since 6/07. OK, so how about attacking her as an agent of the status quo? Well, she’s also leading the pack on question of bringing “needed change.”

    — Who goes on the attack first? Obama has to hope folks like Dodd do his dirty work. After all, the one area in which he leads in the NH poll is on the issue of likeability.

    — But whether we see fireworks or not, the 3rdQ reports remind us that paid advertising is the key. Who outraised whom isn’t as important as who has what to spend on TV. What they say, and how they say it, will determine just how inevitable an HRC nom has become.”

  2. Admin, is Kucinich in the debate this evening? I saw an email his campaign put out over night about the AARP. I think I’d put him in the “attack column” if he’s gonna be there. mollyj

  3. MollyJR, the order is very bad for Hillary, between a rock and Kuch:

    Lectern order for tonight’s NH Dem debate, from left to right: Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich, Hillary Clinton and Mike Gravel (NBC/National Journal).

  4. As Dem Dem always reminds us, Bill Clinton and Al Gore are still friends even though Big Media still pushes the “chill” narrative.–clintonglobalinit0926sep26,0,2926343.story

    “Bill Clinton and Al Gore shared a stage Wednesday at the third annual Clinton Global Initiative to discuss subjects of international importance _ including the former vice president’s area of expertise, global warming.

    The former president, who moderated the opening panel of the three-day conference, asked Gore if he thought an international treaty was still needed to address global warming if individuals and businesses were taking steps

    Although there has been a chill in their relationship, the two Democrats spoke warmly of each other, with Clinton praising Gore for his continued environmental activism, and Gore plugging Clinton’s new book.

  5. “Chicken enchiladas” — Bill Clinton, on his Martha Stewart-prepared dream dish (“Martha Stewart Living”).

    Also 42 will be on Keith Olbermann tomorrow and on some of the Sunday morning talk shows.

  6. I love Big Dog! His nap Theory on TDS last week was hillarious.

    Okay- a few articles to get going for tonight (I removed the link status so it’ll post faster so just cut and paste)-

    WaPo Blog on what the campaigns say they’ll do tonight and what they must do (quotes campaigns)-

    LATimes article on South Carolina and black voters- (also hints Oprah may visit SC on Bwak’s behalf)

    Looks like Newt will be coming in soon-

    ABC’s the Note- first page has a link to a NYT’s article on the SEIU and why they haven’t endorsed JE (electability questions). *I hate The Note too but Halperin’s gone at least.

    NewsDay’s link on missed votes (they forget to mention Biden’s multiple, multiple trips to Iraq)-

    The Atlantic’s story on Biden’s Iowa strategy-

    Concord Monitor’s article on Bwak’s 1st ad in NW which started this week (surprise!- makes me think he may not attack tonight and will push Dodd to)

    CNN Political Ticker- Bwak to miss ANOTHER Iowa event (appears he’s giving up Iowa for SC maybe??)

  7. admin, im watchin hardball and mathews sums it up for the msm and the anti-hillary crowd. he complained about obama not going hard after clinton to biden. what a a**hole.

  8. i think hillary should ignore the potential attacks and keep on message like she had against russert. she will do fine. i have to leave a 1/2 hour into the debate for work. i will catch it in the morning.

  9. Crap, I hate that line up!
    Is it just me, or is Hillary the only one of the front runners in this election who has ended up with really bad positions on stage?

    Obama seems to be the winner, then Edwards.
    But Hillary has been in the center twice I believe, and the rest has been rather far off to the sides. How was this lineup decided? Anyone know?

    On the other hand, considering who Hillary is between, she could end up looking rather good in comparison. But then again, people who can’t stand her will just say that this is where she belongs…. oh well, hehe 🙂
    She would have to duck a few times I believe, Gravel especially likes to go after her.

  10. That’s a horrible position. She should be put in the centre.


    Do you know if there’s any webcast for the debate?

  11. Anyone notice how many articles are using our previously used “juggernaut” now to describe the Hillary campaign? The vile Chris Matthews also used the term “Big Media” today in this extra vile edition of his show.

    Kostner, no webcast that we have found yet. MSNBC probably wants the ad revenue to go to their TV stations.

    terrondt, keep your fingers crossed for Hillary as you work.

    Gorto, Kostner, which one, Kuch or Gravel will take the opportunity to attack neighbor Hillary?

    Also, in a few minutes we will post a quick update to the article which is sickening.

    OkieAtty, we edited your url’s to make the link easier without having to cut and paste.

  12. On the link I posted above, it says on the site this:
    “The event, which will be carried live on MSNBC from 9-11 p.m. ET, will also be streamed on”

    So we just have to find ‘that’ link on there somewhere, 🙂

    Admin I think Dennis is leaning more on being polite to go after ‘one’ person, but speak out more generally. Gravel has shown he is willing to go after people, he picked Obama in a previous debate, and also have gone after ‘the top tier ones’, and with him you never know what will come out, he seems to be shooting out of his mouth sometimes uncontrollably.

  13. I’ve also noticed ‘“juggernaut” being spoken more in the big media lately, looks like you have some influence admin 🙂

  14. No, she has to be where she is. The positioning of setting Hillary between two Wild Cards is framed to Test her metal under duress in the hope of breaking her concentration. She won’t let it happen.

    Russert will be the primary attacker asking Hillary the off putting “inevitability” question. Then moving on to: “Have you thought of any VP candidates, yet?”

    Obama will swamp the dais with syrupy charismatic, overtures playing to the audience reminding them as an adolescent reminding a parent, don’t forget what I want for Christmas.–

    Edwards will winkin, blinkin and yammer his way through his Health Care and Poverty programs… while EE holds up reminder cue cards from the audience….snooze..

    Gravel will refuse to stay on topic and veer off into his esoteric Star Trek past.

    Kucinich will state his private payer health Plan (that has no chance of getting through Congress.) He’ll make several tacky attempts at FREE plugs for Peace reciting the 800#’s of his campaign headquarters to a disconcerted audience..

    Bring on the popcorn folks… this is “reality politics”!!


    Mrs. S.

  15. Admin your update is heartbreaking, I know I will sympathize with Obama when he tells everyone the reason he was so ‘off’ tonight was because he was sick, and how can anyone perform well while sick??

    We can all remember that Hillary was herself sick in the first debate, and as we remember, Hillary was named the winner of that debate!! 🙂
    (see Obama, it can be done)

    What kind of sickness does he have then? Do you know?

    And that Tucker Carlson….just a disgrace to his profession! I know the media probably want a tight race because it’s more fun to cover. But to just blather on as he does, oh well, I really don’t expect any better.
    I on the other hand imagine it would be fun to cover Obamas fall!! 🙂

  16. Oh Mrs. Smith! Your predictions for tonight had me laughing out loud!!
    I especially liked your description of our dear friend
    John *blinky* Edwards!

    My concern tho about Hillarys position is not so much who she stands next to, it’s the fact that she is over on one of the sides. The best spot for good angles and most cover is the closest to center.

    I actually think it’s good she isn’t standing next to either John or Ompa, as they only benefit from being seen as close to the leader and can be mistaken for one. 🙂 She can also get some air to breathe, without them looking down her neckline 🙂 🙂

  17. Lordy, I hope Hill’s wearing her aluminum tin-foil hat tonight with that position. She’s liable to get beamed up. Actually, the position may not be that bad. The other side is loaded and will have all the “contenders” (as if) posturing. Is Obama really ailing or is that just a lower the already low expectations? Setting her apart is not a bad deal. She’s got to stand out wherever she is on the stage and she will. She just has to stay focused, on message, as comfortable as she looked on tv all day sunday. –mollyj

  18. As long as she can keep a smile on her face and stay true to her debate winning formula of giving the best answers, she’ll be great.

    To actually put Edwards and Obama next to each other just shows that they are both together in that second tier booth. And Clinton has jumped away -out-of-their-reach!

    Oh well, maybe grasping for straws on that last one, but still, it’s not that bad, the performance is what will matter.

  19. Does anyone believe the vote on the Lieberman – Kyl amendment will be discussed tonight?
    Hillary voted for it, and many of the other candidates voted against it.
    And as usual, Obama was awol.
    Webb voted against it, but W. Clark said he would have voted for it…

    This could be an opening for the other candidates to try to make Hillary out to want another war, or that she is hawkish, or follows Bush etc..
    What do you think?

  20. Speaking of Edwards’ blinking, watch the way he is constantly flcking his serpent tongue.

    I don’t say it in public, but dating back to 2004, my private nickname for him is “that serpeant tongued ambulance-chasing shyster”

  21. Gorto, the L-K amendment will probably be discussed. Either Russert or ‘blinky’ will bring it up. Obama will have a tough time with that discussion because his presence was absent again.

    Because it was a non-binding vote and Wes Clark (who runs “”) supported the amendment as well as almost a dozen Congressional representatives who voted against the Iraq resolution voted for the resolution today, it won’t amount to much.

    BTW, The Nation gives advice to the non-Hillary:

    “At the risk of suggesting the unimaginable to the unimaginative, the Democrats who would like to unscrew the “Reserved for Hillary Clinton” plaque from the party’s 2008 presidential nomination might want to work overtime tonight.

    If Clinton’s challengers check their calendars, they will perhaps note that this evening’s debate at Dartmouth will be the first serious forum of the fall. In barely three months, perhaps less, grassroots Democrats will begin participating in the caucuses and casting the primary votes — in Iowa or New Hampshire or Michigan or Florida or some other pretender to “first-in-the-nation” status — that will quickly seal the deal.”

  22. actually that vote will further separate Hillary from the bunch of knee-jerk, faint-hearted second tier candidates. Those pathetic male candidates’ every vote is now pulled by dailykos. Clinton again shows she’s thoughtful.

  23. 🙂 Thank you Mrs. Smith, I will take a look.

    Now I am getting rather anxious about, I STILL do not see a link on there to the live streaming of the debate.

    Half an hour to go right?!

  24. Alright people, they are updating their site, I’m sure a link isn’t far away.

    Now get voting!!! They have an interactive before and after rating of the candidates.

  25. Phew! Well alright, there is a link at what almost looks like a banner on top at the page. It says coming up next, watch live debate:

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