J. B. Pritzker

This is another of our “do-gooder” articles. We write these articles because we want all Democrats to win. We want Democrats to learn to run smart campaigns. That’s why we help – because we love.

This article is not so much about Hillary Clinton. We are using the current nomination fight as a teaching tool. And we are pretty darn sure that the valuable lessons in this article are published too late for candidates running against Hillary to profit from its wisdom. This article is about the need to confront reality (yes, another reality based article from Big Pink), question delusion, the value of time, and campaigns.

Chicago Magazine has this lump of wisdom buried in its article about the battle of loyalties between the rival Hillary and Obama campaigns in Chicago and the peril of believing what your lying eyes want you to see:

J. B. Pritzker knows how that goes. “You get the feeling that you’re in a bubble here,” he says. “It’s strange, ’cause I talk to my friends at the Obama campaign and they’re like, ‘Oh, isn’t he doing great?’ And I’m like, ‘Actually, why don’t you head over the border to Wisconsin, where she’s up 15, 20 points, whatever the latest are, and then you’ll get a sense for how he’s doing nationally.'”

J. B. Pritzker, a smart businessman who supports Hillary and whose sister is Barack Obama’s national finance chairwoman is giving his sister and all the other Obama donors and advisers good advice: get out of your bubble!

Now, J. B. Pritzker’s advice is targeted to volunteers and lower level staff, maybe even mid-level staff, and possibly some of Obama’s top staff (the entire Edwards campaign staff, wife included, can learn much by listening to J. B. Pritzker’s advice too). We doubt that J. B.’s advice is really needed for the very top staff. They must know how many holes are in their hull and how much water their Edmund Fitzgerald of a campaign is taking on.

In our article Barack O bomb a, written on May 16, 2007, we quoted prominent former Obama supporter Alex Beam:

“Let me repeat: I wouldn’t mind living in a country where Barack Obama is president. Brains; candor; charisma; ambition hitched to a work ethic; I admire those qualities. But frankly, the people who’ve ponied up $4,600 for Obama in this election cycle might as well have piled the money on the kitchen table and set fire to it. Or donated it to the Audubon Society, which has a lot better chance of being in business a year from now than Obama’s presidential campaign.

What Alex Beam knew back on May 8, 2007 is what the Obama top campaign staff know and want to keep from their donors. The top level staff know, as the oddly articulate for once George Bush said, that for all intents and purposes, because of the calendar, this is a national primary race.

Yes, the Obama campaign via souffle memoranda pretend that they are doing well (See our article The Great Pretender) but they know better. If they are not shading the truth in order to keep necessary information away from their donors about their actual prospects and indeed believe they have a chance then they are in deep delusion. But we believe they know the truth and are in fact lying to their donors and supporters. Maybe the donors and supporters will read this article and learn how to spot a phony in the future – so we are not wasting our time by writing this article.

Why do we believe the Obama campaign knows their ship has sunk? We documented in The Great Pretender one of the souffle memos which made a silly case for why Obama is actually doing well. The reasoning in the memo which then was 7 months away from the first primaries/caucuses, not the 3 months today remains ludicrous:

The ludicrous memo from the Obama campaign, while decrying the validity of early polls, are you ready, cites “general election polling” to claim that Obama will be the strongest candidate in November 2008. So, polls 7 months from the primaries are to be ignored (because they show Obama as a loser), but, polls 15 months out are valid (because of the audacity of hope). Does someone review these memos before they are released? Is consistent logic too much to be expected?

The general election is now about 13 months away and the primaries/caucuses about 3 months away. If primary polls are so useless why is the Obama campaign spending more money on polls (See our article Numbers, Obama outspent Hillary more than three to one on polling and research) than any other Democratic candidate? Are they wasting donor money on ‘useless’ poll expenditures? Donors and supporters might have an interest in the answer to this question.

Time. Time is the most valuable commodity in a campaign. Everything in a campaign can be replaced except for time. Candidates can be replaced (think Mel Carnahan who died and was effectively replaced by his wife – and won the election even though he was dead). Volunteers and staff can be replaced. Office furniture can be replaced. Money can be replenished. Time, as any dying person knows, cannot be replaced. Time cannot be bought. Campaigns which waste time, lose.

We wrote in our last reality based article about how Obama has wasted time by failing to connect with working class Democrats who help determine primary outcomes and is relying on a student population that will probably not be available when the voting begins. Previously we noted the mind boggling mistake in the Obama absence from the AARP debate. For Obama, these have been 9 months of wasted time.

We have all heard candidates who lost say: ‘If we had one more week we would have won.” Beware, donors and supporters. Usually this is a tip off that the candidate ran a miserable campaign and will do so in the future unless they learn the valuable lessons herein. When a campaign begins, campaign strategists and staff know exactly how much time they have allotted to them. They know exactly when the election will be held. If they are one week late in “peaking” then they probably did not know what they were doing from the get-go.

Delusion. Delusion in a campaign can best be fought by running as if you are 20 points behind. The Hillary campaign is 20 points ahead but it is run as if Hillary is 20 points behind – smart lady that Hillary.

We have all heard candidates who are behind say a variation of ‘We are going to win, I can tell by the crowds we are getting and the enthusiasm in our crowds – we’re going to win! we’re going to come from behind.’ Beward donors and supporters. Usually this is a tip off that the candidate is either lying or delusional. In his book “The Audacity of Hope,” Obama wrote:

“Less than halfway into the campaign, I knew in my bones that I was going to lose. Each morning from that point forward I awoke with a vague sense of dread, realizing that I would have to spend the day smiling and shaking hands and pretending that everything was going according to plan.”

Jack Franks can relate:

State representative Jack Franks is one Obamamaniac who’s had a recent political change of heart. Franks once served on Obama’s presidential exploratory committee and encouraged his friend to run, telling his district’s local paper: “He’s the right guy at the right time.” But now Franks says his timing wasn’t right, choosing Obama even before evaluating the rest of the presidential field. Franks started having second thoughts about Obama after watching his performances in the first couple of debates. “I thought that Hillary was by far the better candidate and the only one ready to lead from day one,” he recalls. “But when my kids say, ‘Then why are you with Barack?’ I couldn’t give them a good answer—except friendship.”

Stupidity. Candidates should not do stupid things. Don’t windsurf in front of television cameras if you are trying to appeal to working class voters. Don’t put on helmets too big for your head to demonstrate military/foreign policy experience if you actually have no military/foreign policy experience. Also, whatever campaign strategists say, keep yourself grounded in common sense. For instance, if seniors comprise 64 percent of Iowa caucus goers don’t let some clever strategy keep you from speaking with seniors. In the real world this is what happens when you miss AARP debates:

Jimmy Kimmel: “Last night in Iowa, five of the six top Democratic presidential candidates took part in a debate sponsored by the AARP. That’s a senior citizens organization. Barack Obama skipped it. He said he doesn’t like the way old people smell, so he stayed home” (“Jimmy Kimmel Live,” ABC, 9/21).


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  1. Admin, sound analysis as usual. This is why hope, enthusiasm, and campaign contributions have failed to generate poll results for Obama and Edwards. Living in a bubble, shooting at the wrong target, and failing to manage the critical element of time. The other factor obvious to all of us is they are running against one of the great leaders of our generation.

  2. admin., those alabama internals look great. the african-american numbers(obama 46% to hillary’s 41%) she is holdling her own.

  3. Correction: I meant to say one of the great leaders of our time, rather than our generation, because unlike her opponents Hillary vision and policies favor the young, middle aged and old alike, based on social justice and economic necessity.

  4. New New Hampshire poll will have Hillary at 41% and Obama at 19%

    We will post it as soon as it is released. Poll is by CNN and WMUR.

  5. Terrondt, can you believe – Alabama? The internals are great as you point out. But Hillary doing well in Alabama? Amazing woman – as Wbboei, speaking for all of us, points out.

  6. guys, is new hampshire even competitive anymore?lol. anyway it is still 4 months away so we have to work hard. rass has it back up to 15 points nationally.

  7. admin,

    The actual number is 43: 20 without Al Gore. This poll is devastating for Obama since it’s the only poll back in July showing he’s narrowing gap to single digit.

    In July
    It’s Clinton 36: Obama 27.

  8. Love the numbers right now. Anyone seen recent negs on Hillary yet?

    Oh, and for the record, The Atlantic needs to dump Andrew Sullivan. He has completely gone off his rocker in his latest diatribe. Honestly, he makes Ann Coulter (and EE) seem sane:

    “The conservative Washington Establishment is swooning for Hillary for a reason. The reason is an accommodation with what they see as the next source of power (surprise!); and the desire to see George W. Bush’s invasion and occupation of Iraq legitimated and extended by a Democratic president (genuine surprise). Hillary is Bush’s ticket to posterity. On Iraq, she will be his legacy. They are not that dissimilar after all: both come from royal families, who have divvied up the White House for the past couple of decades. They may oppose one another; but they respect each other as equals in the neo-monarchy that is the current presidency. And so elite conservatives are falling over themselves to embrace a new Queen Hillary, with an empire reaching across Mesopotamia, a recently deposed court just waiting to return to the salons of DC, a consort happy to be co-president for another four years, and a back-channel to the other royal family. She’ll even have more powers than Clinton I, because Cheney has given her back various royal prerogatives: arrests without charges, torture, wire-tapping, and spy-ware on your Expedia account. Only the coronation awaits.

    Vivat! Vivat! Vivat Regina! Unless, of course, the coronation is happening just a little too soon.”

    What is that lune talking about?!? Is he trying to scare up fear about Hillary having expanded presidential powers because of the Patriot Act? Whatever. I think Hillary’s constant reaching out to voters on a personal basis is helping the trustworthiness numbers. Bush never had her trustworthy numbers even prior to 9-11. Voters know she won’t abuse the office, so that line of attack is utter nonesense and should form the basis of the petition for his institutionalization in a mental facility. When Hillary is president and passes her health care plan, he’ll even have coverage under the mental health parity provision. 🙂

  9. guys, i have read and known about professor allan lichtman’s keys to the white house years ago about his formula on predicting presidential elections without polls. next year he perdicts any dem would win. 7 keys or historical factors are now against any gop candidate. the minimum 6 is required to lose. just a little tibid on next year. translation i think kostner mentioned the nomination is the hard part. the general is easier.

  10. at work my supervisor is anti-hillary. in the office every night he has the shawn hannity show on the radio. every nite hannity is bashing hillary on the radio becuase he knows hillary is going to beat and repuke(republican). so anyway my super and some other maitenance crew rail against our girl. but im cool and don’t get worked up becuase of this. i calmly make my case for hillary. i wear my hillary gear on my bookbag in full view plus i have 2 hillary bumper stickers on my car so they KNOW im a big hillfan. i just chuckle at them a say come nov. of 2008 im going to make them eat crown. havin fun now. also there is this elderly gop weekend supervisor that admited with sissapointment hillary is going to take it next year. the gop workers were not happy to hear that. i just turned around to my gop co-workers and laughed. just a few stories from the workplace.

  11. okiatty, u know about the keys then. i counted 7 maybe 8. 1.mandate2.incumbency3.policy change4.foriegn policy success5.foriegn policy failure.6 incumbent charisma7. gop nomination contest and 8th. long-term economy. note this system accounts for the national popular vote not electoral college. this explains 2000, 1888, and 1824.

  12. Did you guys hear the prediction from someone that Hillary will beat Obama in primaries and lose the GE? It was a ticker tape on CNN and I kept missing who said it? Also what do you think the impact of Gingrich entering the race will be?

  13. kitforhill, bush made that silly perdiction in bill samons book(and rabid rightwing nut from fox and national review i believe.) bush is the same clown that perdicted they will keep the congress in 2006. he is full of it.

  14. Thanks Terrondt, if it were Bush then I am not concerned. Did you see the diary by Kos today saying how the arguments against any of the frontrunners on electability are all crap. He showed the VA poll numbers and Hillary is showing a solid lead against all GOP top tiers?

  15. gingrich likes to go to these talk shows to let everybody know how great and smart he is. he would be easy to beat easy in a general election.

  16. terrondt…I know Gingrich the muppet. He might have more of a brain than some other Goppers but that doesn’t say much.

  17. Gingrich is too far behind moneywise to jump in now. He would need 50M minimum in roughly 30 days to compete with Rudy or Mitt. Thompson is stalling I think. I just see no movement in his numbers. Newt can’t do it- he has no organization in any state that’s worth a damn to mobilize a primary vote. All he can hope for is splitting the delegation at the convention and signing on as VP.

    As for the past month’s numbers in the Democrat Rasmussen poll results- there is very little movement. I think EE and BO have definitely plateaued. Hillary has media momentum right now and another impressive debate performance tomorrow will just add more fuel to that fire.

    I think we should leave dKos alone. They’re pretty much being marginalized by the MSM and rightfully so. Throw in Stroller’s TV troll routine on behalf of Richardson and I think bloggers have blown their wad. This site is different bc it’s above organization and exchange of ideas, not faux activism. Speaking of sites, I’m going to strat building a blog for Okies, any advice will be welcome.

  18. OkieAtty: one word of advice on a blog for Okies: PINK! 🙂

    When the blog is up let us know so we can link to it.

    As to Gingrich, if he and Alan Keyes get in, we will stop going to movies, turning on the television, going to theater or opera – Gingrich and Keyes will be our entertainment 100%.

  19. going to theater or opera …

    Wow! Classy AND Witty!

    (and of course, smart and tough as nails)

    Pardon me, as I swoon…

  20. Clinton May Erase Obama’s Fund-Raising Edge in Third Quarter

    Sept. 26 (Bloomberg) — Hillary Clinton may blunt one of rival Barack Obama’s few advantages in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination: money.

    As the campaigns press donors with predictions that their candidate is losing the fund-raising race, both Clinton and Obama are set to report about $20 million in donations during the third quarter, which ends Sept. 30, according to campaign officials and fund-raisers.

    A failure to out-raise Clinton would deprive Obama of the momentum he needs to overcome his rival’s significant leads in national and key state polls. Obama raised $33 million to her $27 million in the second quarter and ended up with more cash on hand for the primary elections. His campaign had aimed to be able to outspend her significantly in the last part of 2007 and early next year.

    “The Clinton juggernaut is moving if she out-raises him this quarter,” said Peter Fenn, a Democratic consultant who isn’t affiliated with any candidate this year. “It makes the argument for her winnability an easier one.”

    A comparatively strong haul for Clinton would allow her to minimize Obama’s argument that his larger list of donors reflects a broader appeal to voters. Obama’s Web site says he has more than 340,000 contributors. Clinton said she had more than 100,000 in a Sept. 23 interview on NBC. She wouldn’t comment further at a news conference the next day.

    While the totals may change as the candidates continue to raise cash this week, political giving typically slows in the third quarter as would-be donors take summer vacations and grow weary of requests for money. The fourth quarter often picks up again ahead of the first nominating contests in January.

    Maximum Donations

    Both campaigns said they had tapped new sources of cash. More of Obama’s donors made small donations in the first and second quarters, making them available for repeat requests. By contrast, 70 percent of Clinton’s donors had offered up the maximum $2,300 for the primary elections by the end of the second quarter, the Washington-based Center for Responsive Politics said. Many have also given $2,300 for the general election, which Clinton, 59, can spend only if she wins the nomination.

    Obama, 46, points to his donors as evidence that his message is resonating. “Everybody’s talking about the kind of money we raised,” Obama said in a speech to labor leaders last month in Iowa. “We raised it the old-fashioned way — $5, $10, $25.”


    Clinton’s lead in the polls and strong performance in candidate debates is helping her with donors and fund-raisers, said Clinton supporter and former Democratic National Committee Chairman Steve Grossman.

    “Even people who are grudging in their approval for and respect for Hillary have to admit that she’s run an outstanding campaign,” Grossman said.

  21. A new Quinnipiac NJ poll released this morning comfirms Rudy’s strong position in NJ in general matchups vs Edwards/Obama. Hillary and Rudy are neck and neck.

    Clinton 44
    Giuliani 45

    Obama 40
    Giuliani 49

    Edwards 39
    Giuliani 50

    In democratic primary, Clinton is widening her lead.

    Sept. (July)
    Clinton 46 (37)
    Obama 15 (15)
    Gore 11 (18)
    Edwards 7 (6)

  22. Rudy is really popular in NJ, but Hillary has been gaining on him in GE matchups. I hope that continues, because NJ is a solid blue state, so she won’t want to have to spend precious resources there against him in the GE.

    Good news on the fundraising front, too.

  23. Today’s Ras tracking

    Clinton 41
    Obama 21
    Edwards 17

    Ras. is extremely volatile. Last week Obama was only behind within single digits.

  24. Politico is reporting Biden’s activities’ in Iowa. Some tidbits about Obama. Does not look quite sunny….

    I spoke yesterday to the most recent of several prominent state legislators to endorse Biden, Iowa House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who made the case for Biden as Kerry ’04, and for the power of his detailed and clear views on Iraq.

    The campaign “reminds me of the Kerry and Edwards infrastructure, he said. “He’s a pretty darn good retail campaigner. When he’s on the ground in Iowa, the conversion factor is greater than anything I’ve ever seen.”

    He said that Richardson had been his second choice, but that “I see virtually no infrastructure for Bill Richardson in Iowa.”

    As for Obama, he acknowledged that the Illinois Senator is building a real operation, but argued that there’s little room for him to grow.

    “We already know him in Eastern Iowa. He was on our TVs all the time,” he said. “People say, ‘You were just in the Illinois State Legislature.”

    He made explicit the argument you hear from all the campaigns, who are to varying degrees nervous about the organizing Obama’s doing in Iowa: That in an older state, his generation appeal is limiting.

    “I don’t see him converting the average caucus-goer,” he said.

  25. Hey y’all. I been on the sidelines but I am watchin’ and listenin’ and am mightily impressed as Hillary’s numbers continue to forge ahead and as she develops even more shine as a candidate. Last Sunday was just amazin’. I watched a couple of those tv shows and had a hard time convinvin’ myself that she wasn’t already CIC. Don’t we all wish. Well we’re almost less than 400 days till the election…not quite, but we’re gettin’ there. Paula I can only guess she has a very active organization in Iowa. I know they have offices by county there. I haven’t seen any Iowa numbers yet. I am just sickened by all this “Do you Believe” business. Sounds like somethin outta Peter Pan. And I am even less happy to hear about the Bible studies goin’ along with them. Well those are my thoughts for now. I know that the campaign in other (non early primary states) is starting to get goin’. Lookin’ forward to today’s commentary, admin. And tonight’s debate. mollyj

  26. Hey again, Rassmussen numbers have Hill at 41%, BO at 21% and Edwards 17%. That 20 point spread is croppin’ up quite a lot these days, huh. mollyj

  27. TPM Election Central has a blub about some alleged Iowan blogger complaining that Hillary has only had 60 events in IA compared to BO (120) and JE (100). Gee, anyone over there ever think to defend her on teh grounds that she is still doing her job unlike BO who as missed almost a full 25% of votes and JE who quit to campaign fulltime 3 years ago???? Did they question how many events the other candidates had?? Nope.

    It’s like soccer mom’s with fulltime jobs who still manage to do all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, chauffeuring, etc.. I wish we had an “Enjoli” type commercial to post online to remind those idiots that she does more and does it better than everyone else out there.

    “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan….” 🙂

  28. Check out this clearinghouse of poll results. http://www.pollingreport.com/wh08dem.htm

    The most interesting one for me was the Fox/Dyanmic poll asking between Hillary and BO- it’s been reported 4x and the last time before this month was in March. The undecideds are moving. We’ll see more of them move in the next 4 months, but it was weird to see double digits erase to single digits.

    I just cancelled plans with a girlfriend of mine to stay home to watch debates. Her mom is a big Hillary fan, but she’s not. Yet. I just know better than to watch the debates in her presence. It would scare her off. 🙂

  29. Hey guys, I look forward to the debate this evening! I hope she shines tonight! I read an article that said Hillary camp were trying to boost Obamas fund raising numbers for the 3rd quarter and lowering expectations for herself. And Obama camp trying to do the same with Hillarys numbers, so far it seems to be impossible to know how much they both have raised. Anyone heard anything more reliable?

    I also read an article about the gathering for ‘Little Rock Nine’.
    Bill Clinton spoke among others, and Hillary was there.
    I haven’t seen much of this event covered in the media, but I wish I had, because one thing I read stood out to me.
    It said Obama was also supposed to be there, but cancelled apparently when they heard Hillary not only would be there, but would have a seat ONSTAGE with Bill and ‘some others’ and the Little Rock Nine that was being honored and remembered. Haha! I would have loved to see Hillary on stage, and Obama down amongst the crowd, really visually showing his standing in the polls!
    Mike Huckabee was there as well, but left early, before the Hillary praise begun!

    I’m currently watching the videos from this day, if you want to see it, you’d have to watch the videos in order, as they are split up, start from the top.
    Hillary got some good attention as Bill mentioned to the crowd that this may be the final time they’ll see him speak, and Hillary listen.
    And several of the Little Rock Nine people spoke of Hillary in their speeches praising her. And Melba Patillo Beals, one of the Little Rock Nine, gave a really warm tribute to Hillary.
    Also some good moments caught on video of Hillary whispering to Bill, and them holding hands. I haven’t seen this yet, as I’m still watching the videos, but read that.

    Here’s the link.

  30. By the way, anyone noticed how Obama in one of his ads speaks to the camera starting off with: “This is Barack Obama….” hahahahahaha

    Hey Obama, your right there!!! We can see it’s you, how about saying something like: I’m Barack Obama, or, my name is Barack Obama hmm??

    But to say: “This is” I found this unbelievably funny, I couldn’t stop laughing.

  31. Meme of the day:

    If Obama doesn’t have the nads to sit in the audience of an important event bc he’s not on stage, how will he ever stand up to or against [insert name/organization/problem here].

    Bwak Obama for dog catcher! 🙂

  32. Dig this Hillis 44 folks. I wrote this post about being “Banned” from DailyKos tonight and put it up at myDD and got threatened with being banned there too. It was a tongue in cheek and inspired by the cult of banning and it was responded to by threatening to …ban me. Ironic huh? The idea of it came from my being kicked off kos for false reasons and then reading a post by Chris Bowers yesterday where he defended banning those that disagreed with him and actually said that he was “sick of hearing people talk about ‘free speech’ and ‘open debate’. Now, when you read this understand that I was trying to be as nice as I could handle to both Stoller and Bowers – for obvious reasons – and still the hand of the censor refused me my right to my opinion.

    Sockpuppets: Iamready is Stoller and I am not Areyouready! Snark or Not ?-You Decide. Add to Hotlist

    by holden caulfield, Wed Sep 26, 2007 at 11:27:38 PM EST

    Here’s the news. Iamready is Stoller’s sock puppet.

    I was only joking when I first wrote this to iareready today – but now its clear (to me at least!) that I was right.

    Earlier today, for jollies, which I sorely needed after reading here in a post that Hillary was a threat to the future of the world because she was a hard laugher, I was being a smart ass and trying to push IM because I was annoyed and disappointed with him because he wouldnt stand up for me when some numnuts at Kos BANNED me a couple of nights ago. I was miffed at IM because these bozos had claimed that I was a sockpuppet for Areyouready and though IM had acknowledged that I was not, he didn’t raise his voice to say, “hey, he ain’t.”. So, I decided to amuse myself, by poking him with a stick and asking if he was really Stoller’s sockpuppet (you will read that I have found common traits)and then I wondered, goodness, what if he really was?

    Sockpuppetry – what is with everybody going nuts about people using different name? I mean wtf? Everybody is using an alias, so what’s the diff? Worrying about that, I don’t get and if someone does it, I couldn’t care less. Hell, i believe that Triumph – the Insult comic dog is the best comic/political pundit in the biz and he is afterall, a sock puppet too.

    Personally, I think the worst thing about these sites is the sport of stomping on dissent by banning those who disagree with an aggressive majority or a tyrannical moderator. (ie. Bowers)

    My banning was based on that I had quoted a joke line from Hillary’s appearance on Letterman a few weeks ago. It was from her top ten list of why we should elect a woman to the White House and it included this line: “We need a President that if lost, will pull over to the side of the road to ask directions….Am I right ladies?” So, I had included the line “am I right ladies” as a (I thought) funny tag…and next thing I know some punk with the moniker “Yoshimi” (who wrote that “he fucking hated myDD”, by the way) started to get his clown college of followers to buy into the idea that I was areyouready because he/she had also used that as he/she’s tag line. Before I knew it, I had been gang 0’d and BANG! Id been silenced! Without asking me if this was true or giving me a right to explain.

    I was trying to make a funny and they BANNED me for it!


    Not like I really give an F. If I really cared I’d just register under another name and move on – but isnt it really about the point of the thing?! Banning those that actually dare to dissent is anti democratic. Both big D and little d.

    And I frigging hate bullies…

    Now back to Stoller/iamready

    So three times after iareready had acknowledged that I was not areyouready, I publicly (at this site) asked him to stand up and tell those bullying thugs that they had banned me unfairly. Each time, he did not respond and each time I got a lil’ more annoyed at iamready. And so, I started to pay more attention to the typings of this poster and I noticed something. Something very odd. Iamready, like Stoller just LUVS to use the very annoying insider lingo used by SOME political campaign workers. Ive been around Presidential politics for a long time, working on campaigns since my freshman year in college and I’ve always HATED that “jive” talk.

    “Burn rate”, q1, q2, q3…”ground game”…”Potus”. Yuck!

    Iamready uses all that same BS insider slang (learned from watching reruns of the West Wing I’m sure) as Stoller and he thinks he knows everything about everything (just like Stoller)and you can tell…he’s just DYING to tell ya he went to dear ol’Ha-Vard, just like good ol’ Matt Stoller keeps on reminding us he did…

    And then I started to realized that the two of them both annoyed me in another same way. They both reminded me of the brand new kid who somehow believed that by – birthright or somethin’ – he already knew EVERYTHING! This folks, is a very common thing with campaign working kids. I mean, Stoller writes ALWAYS as if he is the “One and Future King of the Democratic Party”. And what’s his background, his level of ACTUAL experience? As far as I know, he has worked on one (1) actual campaign as a net root outreach guy in a Senate race in Jersey. Ok, great. Good on ya. But, now he seems to believe and writes as if he has the historical knowledge and the right to tell EVERYONE in the Democratic Party what to do about anything, everything. And how much real time experience does he have working in real life Democratic campaigns, 2-3-4 months?

    Lordie – not that this makes him a bad guy – it sure as hell doesn’t – but it also doesn’t give him the wisdom of Soloman.

    Hell, a couple of months ago I actually read him write that if Hillary is elected president, that “we (he always uses the royal we doesn’t he)may have to consider ‘primary-ing’ her in 2012″

    Yikes! Stoller-boy who was scurrying across Harvard yard in his birkenstocks in 2000 when we tragically had the government stolen out from underneath of us by a street gang made up of the GOP, the MSM, Naderites and the Supreme Court 9…now is saying that if we are actually able to – by doing everything exactly right – win back this Government – he was saying basically, lets give up all our advantages of a hard won (please God please!) incumbency, and risk giving it right back! OhmyGod! What a wack-a-fool!

    But, I don’t think all bad thoughts about young ambitious Matthew.

    Last week I read his interview with that very fine fellow, General Wesley Clark. In that interview, Stoller spoke as a guy who looked up to and respected and actually, differed to a man with greater experience and knowledge. Wow! I was actually touched. And even though for a short while, he seemed to try to get the General to admit that Hillary is a HORRIBLE choice to be our nominee, but when Wes pushed back and said no, she’d make a fine leader, Stoller didn’t whine for long at all and gave the General his due for being an honest man making his honest and personal choice. Once again, wow, it seemed there might be hope that Stoller might actually be able to develop the grace to turn his fierce intellect into actual wisdom.

    Hmm, stick me with a pin and tickle me with a feather!

    So, I wondered is it actually possible that iamready is young Matt? I actually haven’t read enough of either of them to compare their thoughts or opinions, besides knowing that both of them think that Hillary is just some big, stupid, silly girl…but there was more proof that very possibly…iareready is actually Stoller.

    The actual coup degrace or smoking gun if you will. The guy is just dying to tell us that he is.

    Evidence. iareready’s post of this eve. A post called, with an expected insidery title – The Money Game.

    In it he gave this clue, to quote:


    Now both camps are pooh-poohing the expectations game.

    Yes, that is part of the money game.

    Clinton camp is stating that Obama is going to raise 30M. Now I am here to TELL YOU, if he does that, I will reveal myself. OK?



    Poster lori commented on this”

    “What the hell do you mean by that .

    Are you some sort of alien or something.”

    and Stoller/iamready responded:

    “We are ALL ALIENS on these sites, ok?”


    Now finally, FINALLY, something that Stoller/iamready has said that I actually agree with 100%. You see, I’m an Alien too. I agree, ain’t we all?

    OK, Stoller/iamready the gig is up, come clean. Drop your sockpuppet. Tell us that this really tis you.

    And if it is you, lord god man, find a hobby, get outside, go to a museum or something. Hell, watch TV! You already are pumping out 10 or 15 diaries a day it seems at open left and STILL you feel the need to write for both here and at KOS!? Have you no fears of carpal tunnel syndrome? Take a break buddy, it’s a long ass time until November of 2008.

    It’s true, after his moment of sorrow with Clark, I’m not so mad at Stoller anymore. Now, if he’d just get his good buddy Chris to actually understand that Dissent is a GOOD THING in a democratic (both big and lil d) society and get him to the turn from the tyrannical side of his nature, just as General Clark seems to have gotten Stoller to question the absolute infallibility of his own mind, then I wouldn’t be mad at him either of them anymore.

    Because, sometimes – both these guys really do some really fine work.

    Remember this, if iamready really is Stoller, above all, Democratic politics is a team sport and our team has been around for over two hundred years now. Though we admire your hard work in recent years, please acknowledge once in a while, that others were working with your same zeal before you discovered how important this fight was – through staring at your computer screen in your dormroom. And even before you, we too were fighting this fight this with the same level of idealism that you claim for yourself today.

    Nuff said. And if I’m wrong and iamready is not Stoller.


    Btw, I wrote this while listening to tonights debate. Wasnt that fun?! We relearned that Russert is a putz and learned something fresh from Gravel – that ya can burn the credit card companies for $90,000 and later brag about it on national TV. And they can’t do shit about it! The USA – what a wonderful place!

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