Clinton Fatigue

Update, Updated: Some video’s of Hillary Sunday are in.

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Today Hillary Clinton will be on 5 of the Sunday morning talk shows. While waiting for the shows to begin we thumbed through the Hillary Is 44 dictionary. We read the entry for Clinton Fatigue.

Our Hillary is 44 dictionary defines Clinton Fatigue as a syndrome.

A syndrome, and here we will rely on Wikipedia is defined as the following:

In medicine and psychology, the term syndrome refers to the association of several clinically recognizable features, signs (discovered by a physician), symptoms (reported by the patient), phenomena or characteristics which often occur together, so that the presence of one feature alerts the physician to the presence of the others. In recent decades the term has been used outside of medicine to refer to a combination of phenomena seen in association.

What is Clinton Fatigue, according to the Hillary Is 44 dictionary?

Clinton Fatigue afflicts Ripublicans. The symptoms are extreme fear associated with past Clinton defeats of their candidates. Aggravated conditions are extreme fear of future Clinton defeats of their candidates. See, Texas Tough for a closer examination of these symptoms.

Another associated symptom is aggravated nervousness and confusion tied to the near certainty that while any,

Democrat nominated by the Democratic Party will be attacked and attacked viciously, relentlessly, dishonorably, and unfairly… But Hillary will fight and fight effectively. Hillary will not be swiftboated and then wait weeks to respond. Hillary will not be swiftboated.

We have previously studied aggravated symptoms of Clinton Fatigue, some which are associated with PINOs, Naderites, and even some well balanced Democrats. These previous studies can be found at The Frontrunner, The Hillary Clinton Dynasty, the Big Media Wal-Mart Attack On Hillary, Hillary Can’t Win, and Hillary Can’t Win, Again .

Another symptom of Clinton Fatigue is yet another syndrome. Exploding Head Syndrome or EHS.

The symptoms of EHS begins with squinting of eyes when reading polls showing Hillary still in the lead. Most knowledgeable observers advise a dose of reality to cure EHS. Unfortunately, EHS sufferers often take refuge in their self-built news bubbles.

Ripublican exhaustion with constant defeats by the Clintons, i.e. Clinton Fatigue can lead to sleeplessness and irrational thinking. This syndrome is oddly communicable. It can travel to other population groups.

Clinton Fatigue also manifests itself in another population group. In this case, Clinton fans. This variation of Clinton Fatigue is associated with exhaustion caused by waiting for Hillary to appear on television broadcasts. It can be severely aggravated by pending debate appearances by Hillary.

See also, inevitability.

For some population groups symptoms assocated with Clinton Fatigue may be allieviated by watching the Sunday talk shows today.

Meet the Press hosts Hillary
Face the Nation hosts Hillary
This Week hosts Hillary
Fox N_ws Sunday hosts Hillary
Late Edition hosts Hillary


78 thoughts on “Clinton Fatigue

  1. She is doing great on Fixed News with Chris Wallace. Hillary is smiling and laughing and correcting Chris Wallace. Going after Bush too on fiscal irresponsibility.

    George Stephanopoulos is asking somewhat silly questions about women and war. Also, asking about things Bush has said. Hillary is doing well here too – as Terrondt said in an earlier comment.

  2. Wallace is asking Hillary if Democrats like her are afraid of Move-on. She brings up Max Cleland. She fights. Hooray for Hillary.

    She says we need to debate on Iraq. Hillary says that is the real debate.

    Wallace brings up that idiot Richard Cohen and his idiot piece on Move-on. Asks again about the move-on ad. Hillary fights back by putting the whole episode into context and bringing up previous attacks on people like Max Cleland. Then she adds the knock-out punch and says she will not be taken off course and wants to discuss Iraq and how to end the war.

  3. Hillary says she will not vote for any funding for the Iraq war without – preconditions – such as an exit strategy.

    Wallace asks how she can vote against the troops by cutting off funding for them. Hillary hits back with the best way to protect the troops is by bringing them home, fighting cronyism and fighting the lack of good equipment. She certainly fights.

    On Columbia inviting Ahmadinejad Hillary says she will leave that issue to Columbia.

    Interview over, Hillary did great. She ends with a hearty laugh.

  4. George Stephanoupoulos asked about Giuliani’s attack on Hillary and Vilsack’s attack on Giuliani. Hillary says she wants to stay focused on Iraq and how to get out as well as on economic uncertainty.

    The Move-on question pops up. Hillary again brings up the attacks on John Kerry and Max Cleland. She says the debate is not about ads but about the war. She Fights.

    Hsu pops up. Hillary is told she returned the money but that people are concerned this means old finance questions will again be raised. Hillary replys that the right thing was done when the situation was uncovered but that the answer is campaign finance reform.

  5. i hope we can have the clips on youtube. We can use Clinton’s defense of moveon as a carrot to toss back to Big Blogs.

  6. George Stephanopoulos asks Hillary what she does NOT know about being president. 🙂

    Hillary says she knows that the job is unpredictable. She wants to solve the problems.

    This is a question Obama and Edwards do NOT have to worry about being asked.

  7. tim russert is by far the worst. he asks only scandal tainted questions. im not asking him ask softball questions but he only asks 200-mph fastballs, trying to ambush her. i hope she does not go on the o’rielly factor next.

  8. Russert’s turn at Hillary.

    Iraq is up first. Hillary points out that we really do not know what is going on there because of Bush incompetence and outright misdirection.

    Russert asks Hillary if she has changed her mind on Iraq, actually he discusses it as a ‘you changed your views’ question. Hillary responds the facts are the ground are what have changed and that she adjusts her views accordingly. Wants to keep faith with the troops and bring them home.

    A video of Hillary speech on the Iraq resolution. Hillary responds that she also said in that speech that she was not voting for preemptive war.

    Russert brings up other votes. Hillary jabs back and states she did vote for the Byrd Amendment which would have restricted the authority to Bush to 1 year. Hillary says the United Nations was the right place to go in 2002. On the Levin amendment Hillary states that the U.S. congress cannot transfer its responsibilities to the United Nations.

  9. Russert brings up the Move-on ad. Hillary again hits back and mentions Max Cleland and the smears against him. Hillary states that the debate should be about Iraq and the failed policy there. Hillary mentions the mounting casualties.

    Russert tries again on Move-on and Hillary brings back Max Cleland and others unfairly attacked. Hillary repeats, the debate should be about Iraq not the ad.

  10. Terrondt, Russert is trying but Hillary knocks these out.

    Russert is now accusing Hillary of being the cause of millions of Americans not having healthcare because of her failed plan, he also accuses her of being responsible for the failure.

    Hillary replys that she is happy she tried to do healthcare years ago. Immediately segues into a discussion of what she is proposing in her American Health Choices Plan. Hillary says there is now a consensus for health care.

    We love that Hillary again makes clear that universal health care is “a moral imperative and an economic necessity”.

    She speaks at lenght about her plan amazingly enough without a Russert interruption.

  11. I’m not watching,but I’m so sick and tired of Tim Russert’s ‘gocha’ interview style. It’s stupid to everybody. He thinks he’s smart, but it’s getting very silly. I hope Hillary will freeze him forever when she becomes president.

  12. Russert puts his Hsu on.

    Hillary speaks up for public finance. States the campaign did the right thing by returning money when the problems were discovered.

    Russert brings up old finance problems. Hillary says all campaigns have similar problems and that she has over 100,000 donors. Campaigns do what they can with the information available. She says many other campaigns missed the Hsu story as well as law enforcement officials.

    Russert says many Democrats tell him that she is too polarizing, she can’t unite a divided country. Hillary says people said the same thing when she ran for Senate in New York. Reminds Russert that she received a big vote and many Republican votes and from Republican counties in New York State. Hillary says she is in the best position to win and the best position to lead. Hillary says – She Fights!.

    Russert over.

  13. russert loves going back to the video tape but does he put a video of himself working for mario cuomo in the 1980’s? not many people know that.

  14. im watching cnn’s late edition waiting for hillary to come on. sen hagel is on and i have to tell ya as far as his anti-iraq war stance i have to give him som kudos. but then again we allways get these retiring republicans finally speaking the truth.

  15. We’re getting Clinton Fatigue waiting for Hillary to come on Late Edition.

    BTW, even Fixed News is reporting Hillary’s strong leads. Hillary hater Donald Lambro writes:

    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has built double-digit leads over her chief rivals for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination in four of the five major party preference contests in January.

    With three months to go before the start of the caucus and primary season, Mrs. Clinton has pulled away from her top challengers in all but the Jan. 14 Iowa caucuses, where she leads by a slim 2.6 percent average in the latest polls.

    If her large leads hold up in later contests, it would send her into the “Super Duper Tuesday” battles on Feb. 5 with significant momentum and a strong chance to capture the bulk of the delegates at stake in more than 20 states.

    According to polling averages tracked by the Real Clear Politics Web site, the New York senator now leads in the Jan. 15 Michigan primary by 16 percent, the Jan. 22 New Hampshire primary by 20.5 percent, the South Carolina primary by 11.3 percent and the Florida primary by 25 percent. The South Carolina and Florida primaries are Jan. 29.

    Mrs. Clinton’s near-prohibitive leads in the January contests are reflected in her double-digit advantage in the national voter surveys as measured by the Gallup Poll.

    “Gallup’s latest poll finds Hillary Clinton maintaining the better-than-20-percentage-point lead for the Democratic Party’s 2008 presidential nomination that she has enjoyed since early August,” the polling organization reported late last week.

    A compilation of all the major national polls conducted this month gave Mrs. Clinton an average spread of 18.8 percent over her three top rivals, according to Real Clear Politics. A breakdown of the polling data showed that among Democrats, she now leads with an average of 41.8 percent, followed by Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois with 23 percent, former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina with 14.3 percent and Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico with 3.7 percent.

  16. admin, do you think florida’s non delegate primary on jan 29th will have the same electoral clout if it had delegates? it seems the florida dems gave the finger to the dnc and going thru with it anyway.

  17. Terrondt, it’s all win/win for Hillary.

    Right now she is about 30 points higher in the polls than the next guy. If campaigning is not allowed she wins because nothing will change. Florida is so big and important, and after 2000 most Americans instintively know this, that what happens in Florida does not stay in Florida. The Florida vote will be widely reported. With or without delegates Florida matters and with no campaigning allowed the DNC is effectively freezing the big Hillary lead there.


    Fixed News transcript:

    WASHINGTON — The following is a partial transcript of the Sept. 23, 2007, edition of “FOX New Sunday With Chris Wallace”:

    FOX NEWS SUNDAY HOST CHRIS WALLACE: Today we continue our series “Choosing the President” with the Democratic frontrunner, Senator Hillary Clinton, who joins us from her home in Chappaqua, New York.

    And, Senator, welcome back to “FOX News Sunday.”

    H. CLINTON: It’s great to be back, Chris. Thank you.

    WALLACE: Senator, in an interesting bit of karma, we are talking on the first anniversary of my interview with your husband, and I would like to show you a clip from that interview. Here it is.


    BILL CLINTON, FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT: You did FOX’s bidding on this show. You did your nice little conservative hit job on me.


    WALLACE: Senator, talk about conservative hit jobs, right-wing conspiracies — why do you and the president have such a hyper-partisan view of politics?

    H. CLINTON: Well, Chris, if you had walked even a day in our shoes over the last 15 years, I’m sure you’d understand.

    But you know, the real goal for our country right now is to get beyond partisanship, and I’m sure trying to do my part, because we’ve got a lot of serious problems that we’re trying to deal with.

    This week I rolled out my American health choices plan. I’m going to work very hard to travel around the country, talk about why we need to tackle quality, affordable health care for every American.

    We’ve got to deal with the economy and some of the problems that people are facing in the mortgage market and the fact that a lot of people are not getting ahead.

    In the last six years, the average family income has dropped $1,000. That’s not good news for our economy or for real hard-working people.

    So what I’m focused on is coming forth with ideas that I believe are in the best interests of our country. And clearly, around the world, we’ve got to restore America’s leadership. That starts with ending the war in Iraq and bringing our troops home, but there’s a lot more to do.

    And I think it would be great if we had a debate on the substance, that we really talked about what each of us will bring to the White House, because I’m excited by what I hear as I travel around America.

    I think people are ready to start acting like Americans again. They want to roll up their sleeves. They want to tackle these tough problems, and I believe we can.

    And I’m confident and optimistic that we can make progress together again starting January 20th, 2009.

    WALLACE: Senator, I want to talk about health care in a moment, but this is a question that one of your Democratic competitors, Barack Obama, mentions in criticism of you. You talk a lot about taking on the right wing in your campaign. Let’s watch.


    H. CLINTON: For 15 years, I have stood up against the right-wing machine, and I’ve come out stronger, so if you want a winner who knows how to take them on, I’m your girl.


    WALLACE: Question: Why do we want another president who thinks so much in terms of right versus left and red state versus blue state?

    H. CLINTON: Well, if you look at what I’ve done in New York, Chris, I won re-election with nearly 67 percent of the vote, carrying a lot of the same counties that George Bush had carried just two years before.

    I’ve been able to get a lot of Republican and independent support in this campaign. I know how to seek and find common ground, but I also know how to stand my ground.

    You know, I’m not intimidated by all of the efforts to try to undermine what I think is right for the country or to come after me or Democrats personally, because I think we need to try to get back to the center.

    And I don’t think that it’s in the best interests of our country that people try to pull the debate off of what I believe is important, and that is coming to some resolution about these problems that are not getting better.

    We now have more uninsured Americans than we did before.

    WALLACE: Senator, can I ask…

    H. CLINTON: We have a lot of hard-working Americans…

    WALLACE: Senator, can I ask you about health care?

    H. CLINTON: … who’ve given up looking for work.

    WALLACE: Let me ask you about health care, because you did…

    H. CLINTON: Yes, I’d love for you to ask me about health care.

    WALLACE: You did come up with a new plan this week which you say would insure the…

    H. CLINTON: I did.

    WALLACE: … 47 million Americans who are uninsured. And let’s talk about how you would pay for it.

    You say that you’d get $52 billion from repealing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and $77 billion from making the system more efficient.

    Senator, saying you’re going to save billions from waste and fraud is an old technique. I covered Ronald Reagan back in 1980 who talked about doing it that way and we ended up with huge deficits.

    If you’re unable to get those savings from waste and fraud and abuse, would you raise taxes further or would you cut your program?

    H. CLINTON: Well, Chris, let me first describe the program. The American health choices plan does not create any new bureaucracy. It is not government-run health care. If you are satisfied with your health care, you keep it, no questions asked.

    But if you are one of those 47 million uninsured, or if you are one of the many millions more who actually have insurance except when you really need it and the insurance company won’t pay for what your doctor has prescribed, you will now have the same choices that are available to members of Congress, because we will open up the plan that members of Congress have and give you a health choices menu to choose from.

    We will also provide a health care tax credit for those who cannot, on their own, afford it or who don’t have employer help.

    Similarly, I will provide a new small business health care tax credit because a lot of small businesses tell me that they’d love to be able to help provide health care for their employees, but they just can’t afford it, and we’re going to make it affordable.

    But in our system, we have a lot of inefficiencies. Let’s take electronic medical records, because if we were to have a system where everyone had a private, confidential health care record — this is something that I’ve worked on with Newt Gingrich — we would see that we would save a lot of money. It’s been estimated by not me but others who have studied this — about $77 billion a year.

    If we better managed chronic care, we would save money, because right now we don’t, and we pay a big price for it. So there are a lot of cost savings.

    And let me just correct you for a minute. My plan has about $52 billion in tax cuts because of what we’re doing by moving the tax rates back to the pre-Bush era. And yes, taxes will go up on people making $250,000, but most Americans will see a net tax decrease.

    And we have about $55 billion in savings from electronic medical records, chronic care management, taking away some of the overpayment to HMOs that have unfortunately driven up the cost of Medicare prescription drug benefit.

    And if people want to see how I will both get health care and how I will move toward fiscal responsibility, please go to my Web site,, because we talk about how we will pay for all of the initiatives that I am proposing in this campaign.

    I take fiscal responsibility very seriously. I regret deeply that President Bush threw out fiscal responsibility over the last 6.5 years. And under my administration, we will move back toward fiscal responsibility.

    WALLACE: Senator, you talk, as you just did, a lot about choice in your plan, but the fact is you still have sweeping government mandates, and let’s take a look at those.

    You mandate that all Americans would have to buy insurance or face penalties, even young people who may not want it.

    You mandate that large businesses would have to insure employees or pay a tax. According to a top Harvard economist, 200,000 people would end up losing their jobs because of that.

    And you mandate that insurance companies would have to offer coverage to all applicants no matter how sick they are.

    So, Senator, isn’t there still a good deal of government coercion in your plan?

    H. CLINTON: Well, there is certainly a shared responsibility that goes with having a health care system that both can afford to provide quality affordable health care for everyone and puts responsibility on everyone in our country.

    Individuals will have to have insurance, but we’re going to make it affordable.

    The health care industry, the drug industry, are going to have to change the way they conduct business. Right now the way that they do has driven up costs and unfortunately lowered choices for many millions of Americans.

    Business will take responsibility, but within a system that will actually get their costs down. And we have, you know, reams of evidence and lots of experts lined up to say just that.

    In fact, most of the independent experts who have looked at my plan over the last week have been very favorably disposed toward it.

    But the most important thing is we cannot continue down this path. It is a moral imperative that we provide health insurance for the 47 million uninsured Americans, including the nine million — the president’s response is, when we tried to extend insurance to children, to say he will veto that. I don’t think that’s a majority opinion in our country.

    And we also know that we have to deal with this economically because we can’t continue to increase the amount of money we spend on health care.

    We, frankly, don’t get the best results for all the money that we’ve spent and we lose jobs right now to competition because we don’t have a system that everyone shares responsibility in achieving quality, affordable health care for every American.

    WALLACE: Senator, you have refused to criticize the ad about General Petraeus. And in fact, this week you voted against a Senate resolution denouncing it.

    President Bush said that you and other Democrats are more afraid — his word — afraid of irritating the left wing and MoveOn than you are about insulting the American military. Does he have a point?

    H. CLINTON: No, he doesn’t. But I think it’s clear I don’t condone attacks on anyone who has served our country with distinction and with honor, and I have been very vocal in my support of and admiration for General Petraeus.

    I did vote for a resolution that made it clear I do not condone and do condemn attacks on any American, impugning their patriotism, and that includes people like Senator Max Cleland and Senator John Kerry.

    I think we need to call a halt to any kind of attacks, from wherever they come, that would go after anyone based on their service to America.

    But you know, this is not a debate about an ad. This is a debate about how we end the war in Iraq. That’s the debate that I want to be participating in, and I think a lot of people on the other side don’t want us to have that debate.

    Many of us are trying to move our Congress and the White House toward what we believe must be done, and that is extricating our troops from this sectarian civil war. I’m going to continue to speak out about that. If the president doesn’t do it before his term ends, when I am president, I will.

    But let’s keep the debate focused on where it needs to be. We have young men and women who are serving honorably and heroically and who are dying in this sectarian civil war.

    We have an Iraqi government that won’t move the way it should to deal with the political problems. And we have a Bush administration that has not engaged in the diplomatic efforts with any urgency.

    So I think we should stay focused on what the real debate in America is about, and that is how do we extricate ourselves from Iraq and begin to bring our troops home.

    WALLACE: But, Senator, I want to follow up on this question of the real debate, and I want to put up an article by liberal columnist Richard Cohen this week.

    He wrote when the entertainment mogul David Geffen, once a Clinton supporter, called both Bill and Hillary liars, Hillary not only decried the remark as a particularly vivid example of the politics of personal destruction, but she demanded that Barack Obama do the same and return a $2,300 donation Geffen had given him.

    Yet when Clinton herself was asked to repudiate the abuse of Petraeus, she either saw no reason to do so or, much more likely, was afraid to alienate an important constituency, the 3.3 million members of

    So let me ask you specifically. Do you repudiate the ad?

    H. CLINTON: I have said, and I have voted for, condemning anyone who goes after the patriotism and service of any American.

    But let’s put this in a broader context. You know, there are many people who have assaulted over the years the patriotism and service of other Americans. I think it’s time to end all of that.

    And what I voted for in the Senate did that. It was balanced and it said, very clearly, we condemn attacks on anyone who has served honorably in our country’s uniform. And I am absolutely of the mind that this should not be part of our debate.

    But I am not going to be taken off my course, which is to try to end the war in Iraq. You know, others want a debate about an ad because they don’t have a strategy or a policy to begin to extricate us from Iraq.

    I think we should focus on what is happening in Iraq to our young men and women. Nearly 3,800 have been killed. More than 30,000 have been injured.

    So I think it’s very clear that when you cannot come up with a strategy that will get us out of Iraq, you obviously are going to focus on and try to bring attention to, you know, political strategy.

    I think it’s time that we all said, “Look. This is not working. It has not worked.” And unfortunately, the president refuses to change course, so when I’m president, I will.

    WALLACE: Senator, we’ve got a couple of minutes left. Let’s talk about Iraq. There are reports that the president is going to submit a new spending bill this week calling for another $200 billion in spending for Iraq.

    Last May you voted to cut off spending. Will you do so again with this spending bill?

    H. CLINTON: I will not vote for any funding that does not move us toward beginning to withdraw our troops, that does not have pressure on the Iraqi government to make the tough political decisions that they have, that does not recognize that there is a diplomatic endeavor that has to be undertaken.

    This has gone on now, unfortunately, for years, with the president holding on to his failed policy and with Republicans in the Senate and on the campaign trail deciding to support that failed policy, and it’s really the only way that I can register my very strong disapproval of this policy, and I will continue to do so.

    WALLACE: But, senator, some of this money, as you well know, goes to protect our troops from mines and IEDs. No matter how you feel about the war, how can you vote to cut them off when they’re still on the front lines?

    H. CLINTON: I think the best way to protect our troops is to start bringing them home. And I have been a strong supporter of the American military.

    I have fought hard for body armor when the Bush administration was not able or willing to produce it in the quantities that were necessary.

    I’ve stood with my colleagues to fight hard for armored vehicles because we knew that they needed additional protection in Iraq and they weren’t getting it.

    I have stood against the no-bid contracts and the cronyism that has wasted billions and billions of dollars, taxpayer dollars that should be going to protecting our troops. But this administration, unfortunately, keeps turning a blind eye to the abuses in the contracting process.

    And I will continue to do everything that I can to protect our troops, starting with trying to get to a policy that will recognize their heroism and their valor, but also the fact that there is no military solution.

    Everyone knows that. Everyone agrees with that. And yet that is the only policy that this administration is willing to support.

    And it’s time that we said to the Iraqi government they do not have an open-ended commitment of our young men and women and tens of billions of dollars that Americans, you know, no longer believe is being put to good use in Iraq, and that we will do everything we can to try to bring our young men and women home.

    That is my goal, and I think that is, you know, my ultimate and most important responsibility. I have been guided by an overriding principle to do what I think is best for my country and best for the troops that serve it, and I will continue to do so.

    WALLACE: Senator, we’ve got about 30 seconds left. One final question. You spoke out very clearly when Iranian president Ahmadinejad talked about going to Ground Zero.

    Now he’s going to speak at Columbia tomorrow. Do you think that Columbia should rescind this invitation?

    H. CLINTON: Well, I’m going to leave that up to Columbia, but I was outraged that he wanted to go to Ground Zero and did speak out very forcefully, and thankfully he will not go to Ground Zero.

    Obviously, we have a very difficult problem ahead in dealing with Iran, something that I think the Bush administration put on the back burner for too long, outsourced to the French, the British and the Germans, instead of, you know, going forward and seeing if there were any ways that we could rein in this regime and certainly prevent it from obtaining nuclear weapons.

    And that’s going to be my focus as a senator and as president.

    WALLACE: Senator Clinton, we’re going to have to leave it there. We want to thank you so much for joining us today. Don’t be a stranger, and please send my best to the president.


    H. CLINTON: I’m sure he’ll be happy to hear that, Chris. Thank you.

  19. Wolf cites Dem failure to stop the war.

    Hillary cites the need to get 60 votes and says Ripublicans will not vote with Democrats. Hillary says Bush has no intention of getting out of Iraq so a 67 vote majority is needed in the Senate. Elect more Democrats says Hillary.

    Wolf asks why not just defend? Hillary I voted for that but Bush will veto that too.

  20. Ben Smith:

    Hillary on Ahmadinejad at Columbia

    One small chink in what was, overall, a pretty strong performance in response to a barrage of questions from five men desperate to draw her into making news: She seems to have tightened her answer a bit on the question of Ahmadinejad’s appearance at Columbia in between her Fox and CNN tapings.

    (She recorded all five interviews from her home in Chappaqua, except for Meet the Press, which was live, an aide said.)

    Fox: Well, I’m going to leave that up to Columbia, but I was outraged that he wanted to go to Ground Zero and did speak out very forcefully, and thankfully he will not go to Ground Zero.”

    CNN (to a follow-up): “Well, if I were a president of the university, I would not have invited him. He’s a Holocaust denier. He’s a supporter of terrorism. But I also respect the right in our country to make different decisions.”

  21. Kostner, we read that and are still scratching our heads: What’s the chink? We usually hear about a “chink in the armor” meaning a weak spot in otherwise a strong situation. What does BS say the chink is?

    We can only guess BS meant that Hillary “tightened” her answer. But use of the word “chink” was not proper. No chinks in her armor.

  22. I like that Ben Smith pointed out her questioners were five men, lol.

    (No offense to our male posters here, of course! 🙂 )

  23. admin,

    Boston Globe has another fact-check article on Obama’s rhetoric. ‘In Illinois, Obama dealt with lobbyists
    But as candidate, he faults Clinton for ties’.

    I hope you take note. This is not good news for Obama since Boston Globe has a lot of followers in NH. Last time, when they did an article on roughtly the same topic, Clinton started to open up 15 to 20 points lead in the following polls(at that time, one CNN poll showed Obama only 8 points behind, ARG showed Obama pulled even).

  24. I watched “Meet the Press” this morning while I worked out on the elliptical machine at the gym. Russert drove one hard question after another at Hillary. I thought he was like a damned pit bull. Hillary never lost her cool. She never sounded annoyed. She was relaxed, cool, and in charge. Even after Hillary left the show, Russert continued his attack of Hillary in his interview with Greenspan. I was tempted to be mad at Russert, but I wound up thinking, “He’s doing Hillary a favor by showing how she can stand up to fire.” And she did.

    Thanks, Tim Russert, for letting Hillary show people what she’s made of!

  25. Admin,

    Obama ship is sinking. Washington post has another article which is not going to welcome news to his dispirited supporters.

    Obama’s Challenge: Gain Lead in Polls.

    “People ask me all the time when I’m raising money: ‘What is going on with the polling?’ ” one member of Obama’s national finance committee said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the campaign’s restriction on committee members speaking to the news media. “He drives out great crowds wherever he goes, but everyone still wonders a little bit if that’s going to turn into votes.”

  26. admin,

    “I think Iowa is in a different level of engagement than any other state in the country, and what you see there is a very tight three-way contest” among Obama, Clinton and former senator John Edwards (D-N.C.), Plouffe said in an interview. “It’s the only place we’ve advertised in and the place Senator Obama has spent most of his time.”

    I believe this is a lie from Oama’s campaign manager, if my memory is correct, he also advertised in NH.
    With a campaign manager who can’t even remember where he has spent the money, no wonder his ship is sinking fast.

  27. Hey y’all, I haven’t watched the interviews yet. But just hearin’ your description tells me how in control and focused Hillary is. She won’t be pulled off message. She won’t follow a member of the press down a rabbit hole of off topic trivia. She won’t play gotcha. She doesn’t get defensive, she stears it right back to the important points. Thank goodness she doesn’t get fatigued as far as those sorts of discussions go. In fact, I for one just think she’s gettin’ better and better. What a girl.

  28. “Russert is now accusing Hillary of being the cause of millions of Americans not having healthcare because of her failed plan, he also accuses her of being responsible for the failure.”

    Strange accusation by Russert, given that her ’93 plan had majority votes in both the House and the Senate, and a large majority support by the American people. Russert should be asking that question of the Republicans, whose Senate filibuster of her plan is actually responsible for 47 million Americans now being uninsured.

    Leave it to Timmy to carry water for the RightWing.

  29. I only saw part of Hillary’s segment on Stephanopoulus, who makes me gag – he is such a little suck up to the right wing. He had three conservatives on plus one moderate Dem, and of course one token woman – what a joke! Russert is a GOP shill, and has McCain on endlessly, and slaughtered Pelosi – so I lost all respect for that guy. Of course too, all men questioned Hillary, I think many men are very threatened by a woman in the White House too. It’s of course only one factor here, but it is one factor that sort of simmers behind the dialogue.

  30. Senator Clinton told Bob Schieffer on ‘Face the Nation’ that when she is President, she would ask distinguished Americans to travel to countries all over the world to explain that “THE ERA OF COWBOY DIPLOMACY IS OVER”.

  31. Hillary turned in a tour de force performance on these news shows this morning. What a politician. Wow.

    The best part was the panel discussion on This Week after her interview. Republican NY TIMES columnist and Republican spokesman on Lehrer NewsHour David Brooks practically endorsed her.

    I’ll be putting together a weekly MyDD front page diary on these performances for tomorrow. This was a very significant milestone in the campaign — the day she took her message national. Those of us who have been following the Democratic race have seen her skills for months. Much of what we heard today is what we’ve been hearing in stump speeches, Q&As, Democratic debates, etc. But, most of the voters, on a national basis, haven’t had the opportunity to see her formidable campaign skills — the relentless discipline to stay on message with a tone of pure common sense and competence — until today.

    This morning was devastating to the other Democratic candidates and to the Republicans. It was, as the Clinton campaign has always talked about, a chance for voters to meet Hillary for the first time.

  32. hwc,

    i hope in your diary, you can find some youtube link to those interviews. I’m watching CBS interview. She’s extremely strong, articulate and detailed. Let me see whether I can capture the video for u.

  33. The top rated diary at Daily Kos currently is launching a major attack on Hillary’s performance on the CBS morning talk show.

  34. Kostner, Obama is advertising a lot in SE MN–his ads are on constantly. I have seen a couple for Hillary but not nearly as often. I know some of our Minnesota TV stations are broadcast via cable in Iowa so that would explain it. The ad they keep showing is the one that starts with Obama saying he hasn’t been in Washington a long time…etc. Its starting to crack me up everytime I see it. Do you really want that phrase drummed into voters minds over and over? I think it just might backfire..

    On the mornings show–I watched most of them. I thought Russert looked disappointed after the interview was over. No “got ya” moment in that interview–Hillary was invincible. Also, on the CNN interview one of the female pundits in the discussion group afterward made comments on how the other candidates hadn’t attacked Hillary, why were they holding back etc. Guess she hasn’t been following the campaign closely because it seems to me there have been plenty of attacks of late–they just haven’t had impact.

    I agree with those on the ABC interview–I thought the panel afterward was mostly postive–particularly the conservative reporter. George Will appears to be hoping for a comeback by Obama. I think the prospect of a Hillary victory is unnerving him..

  35. hwc, I think this is a great line in your post:

    “This was a very significant milestone in the campaign — the day she took her message national.”

    Excellent point!

  36. hi folks,

    Too bad. I uploaded the entire ‘ABC’ interview to youtube. However since the interview was too long (23 mins), youtube does not accept it(less than 10 mins).

    Too bad I don’t know which tool to use in order to cut the file into several pieces. The file is in flv format.

  37. I have watched parts of the ABC and NBC….switching between the two. i liked the fact that she appeared ARTICULATE, CONFIDENT, SERIOUS yet HUMOROUS and made sure no question rattle her……

    I think back on the Edwards and Obama apppearances a while back and how they let some things go…Ummm, ahs, unsure etc, etc, etc…

    To do 5 shows and not let anything rattle her by 5 strong pressmen, well you cannot ask for more.

  38. So far I have seen 4 of the 5 Hillary interviews this morning. Hillary’s performance in each of them was presidential in all respects. I have no idea what Ben Smith is talking about.

    I can understand the frustration with the Russert interview. He asked a series of loaded questions which were not entirely fair. But these questions are in the current discussion, and may have been planted there by her opponents. Thus, Russert gave her an opportunity to confront these questions, and to answer them fully without interruption (as Admin notes). The answers she gave, together with her demeanor provided a highly effective rebuttal, and allowed her to segue into the compelling reasons why she should be our next President.

  39. millions of voters seen the aarp debate and the sunday talkshows. that is better than skipping debates and “i have to be somewhere else” obama. WHO NEEDS PAID ADS? get free airtime and plenty of time to talk about the issues. GO HILLARY GO!!!!

  40. Hillary never stops. She parrys and thrusts. She stays on message and points out the attacks on her are diversions from real problems we need to confront as a country. Her rivals don’t stay on message and keep making it about a cult of personality instead of issues voters are interested in. It’s just like at every debate, every forum her closing includes a sincere request for the audience’s vote. No one else does that. No one. She never takes it for granted and she never allows an opening where something else can be implied or inferred.

  41. Kostner, AmericanGal:
    Obama is on air with paid ads in all the first primary states – according to their own statements. They are spending lots of money. On October 15 all the FEC reports are due and we will know the full extent of Obama spending. In previous reports we discovered Obama is the candidate spending the most money on polling. In the next report we will uncover how much money he is burning through – his donors are sure to be unhappy with the meager results their cash has bought. [Hint: Hillary’s best quarter in 2006 when she ran for reelection to the Senate was the third quarter.]

    Hillary was heard by millions of Americans today and many more millions will see clips of Hillary’s wise words in news reports tonight, on Youtube, radio reports, newspaper and internet accounts today and tomorrow and even more new reports and discussions and columns, tomorrow and for the entire coming week.

    A ragtag few typing kookiness and proving they are incapable of processing information is nothing to worry about. They are dealing with their grief right now. They know Hillary is the nominee. They are in the Anger stage of loss management.

    Let those poor creatures have their self-reinforcing echo chamber hate fest. Eventually they will achieve the acceptance stage of loss management. We will see to that.

    Leave them in peace in that rubber room they call reality. The more these Hillary hate fests materialize – the more Hillary’s numbers in their silly straw polls will stay at low levels. Realize that every time these straw polls emerge with Hillary in single digits the lack of reality in that “reality based” community is exposed.

    Hillary wins every time she “loses” those garish orange straw polls.

    We here, in the reality based community, with scientific empirical evidence to point to, surrounded by Pink Light are in harmony with the universe. 🙂

  42. Off topic but I have a question: Is Obama going to attend the MSNBC debate? Isn’t that debate this Wednesday? (I have forgotten exactly the time and day..)

  43. guys, as expected hillary is dominating my local nbc affiliate. the cbs evening news lead off with hillary on the talkshow blitz. i bet obama and edwards wished they thought about this idea. i could be wrong but is this the 1st time a presidential candidate has ever went on all the major sunday talkshows in one day?

  44. Thanks terrondt–I will watch for sure.

    By the way check out the Drudge Report. There is a link to a story about a new book about George Bush where he says he thinks Hillary will be the nominee. There are also some choice comments about Obama from other White House staffers. I know news from Drudge is often suspect but it’s interesting and news that I haven’t heard before… If I see information related to it on other websites I will post the links.

  45. Terrondt, there probably was an earlier time (maybe in 2004 after the nomination was secured) when a presidential candidate (not a candidate for the nomination) has been on all 5 Sunday talk shows – but none to better advantage.

    This is the end of a full week of the American Health Choices Plan rollout. It has been a masterful rollout.

    We particularly like the behind the scenes touch by the Hillary Team to have the cameras come to her home in upstate NY. Hillary did not shuttle from studio to studio as most candidates do. We also liked the smart touch of keeping her in the same clothes for all appearances – this visually demonstrates a uniformity of message. That uniformity of message is something only a top notch campaign operation would think of. This is a minor point but a very nice touch to take note of.

    If Obama had been on all the Sunday morning talk shows, we would be under a Tsunami of blunders.

  46. LOL, did you guys know EE once talked about hurting her rib while getting intimate with her husband? Ewww. Just saw this graf from the N.Y. Times while reading

    Barack Obama gets morning breath. Elizabeth Edwards felt her rib pop during some good loving with her husband, John. And Rudolph W. Giuliani, by the testimony of no less than his third wife, is a really-high-testosterone guy.

    Must we go there?

    Too Much Information is a concept rarely honored in modern presidential politics. In a YouTube, cellphone photo, I’m-posting-it-on-the-Web world, no secret is safe, no taboo assumed, no limit observed. If a candidate, a grumpy spouse or a resentful second cousin once removed is foolish enough to talk about it — whatever “it” happens to be — that banality is pretty much guaranteed to be broadcast worldwide and discussed on a thousand blogs.

  47. it wouldn’t get weirder. Instead of campaigning in Iowa, or having those pay-for-view rallies to raise some money, Obama went to NY to have another feel-good rally for free. His supporeters are touting this on dailykos. What a juorish candidate.

  48. Hello All.

    Hillary’s campaign just called on my cell asking if we had questions for her. The outpouring was spectacular and there were a number of calls before mine.. Ann Lewis is a fantastic representative for her. She took many of the calls while Hillary was wrapping up the Grisham event. Ann’s answers were quick, concise and to the point. She is a gracious lady and an assert to Hillary’s campaign..

    Well, Paula, the quote “Make Love Not War” resonates a heck of alot better than some of the petty attacks eschewed by EE in the past. I see it as an improvement from her recent tirades of petty politics on steroids. 🙂

    Mrs. S.

  49. I found the link on Obama’s ‘lazyness’.

    President Bush, for the first time, is predicting that Barack Obama will be defeated in the Democratic presidential primaries by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    “She’s got a national presence and this is becoming a national primary,” Bush tells author Bill Sammon in the bombshell book, EVANGELICAL PRESIDENT, set for release Monday. “And therefore the person with the national presence, who has got the ability to raise enough money to sustain an effort in a multiplicity of sites, has got a good chance to be nominated.”

    Breaking his vow not to play “pundit-in-chief” in the 2008 presidential race, Bush tells Sammon that Clinton ultimately will be defeated in the general election by the Republican nominee.

    “I think our candidate can beat her, but it’s going to be a tough race,” the president predicted in an Oval Office interview. “I will work to see to it that a Republican wins, and therefore don’t accept the premise that a Democrat will win. I truly think the Republicans will hold the White House.”


    Current and former Bush advisers sounded less certain. “It’s going to be a very close election,” said Karl Rove, who until this month was the president’s top political strategist. “We are at this very narrow divide in politics.”

    The election “could go either way,” Vice President Cheney told Sammon, senior White House correspondent for the WASHINGTON EXAMINER, which will begin running excerpts from the book Monday. “Right now, we’re sort of in the area where we’re pretty evenly balanced on both sides.”

    As for Obama, a senior White House official said the freshman senator from Illinois was “capable” of the intellectual rigor needed to win the presidency but instead relies too heavily on his easy charm.

    “It’s sort of like, ‘that’s all I need to get by,’ which bespeaks sort of a condescending attitude towards the voters,” said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity. “And a laziness, an intellectual laziness.”

  50. ‘Bagh-Daddies’ Steal Obama Girl’s Heart

    For more than half a century, the USO has entertained the troops by bringing them live performances from the day’s biggest stars.

    But the times are changing: In the age of viral videos, the troops have a new form of entertainment. They’re far from home with broadband access.

    Now, the YouTube sensation who became known as “Obama Girl,” singing for Internet audiences everywhere about her crush on Obama, has a new object of affection. Instead of singing about a man running for office, she’s professing her love for men in uniform.

    “Not many guys can combat insurgencies,” she sings in the clip, “I Like a Boy.” “So come on and be my sugar Bagh-daddy.”

    Call her fickle. But ObamaGirl seems to have gotten over her fixation on C-SPAN. Maybe Obama kept her waiting too long.

    In “I Like a Boy,” she rejects the advances of a preppy with an iPhone. She knows what she’s looking for: “I like a boy who rocks a doggy tag,” she sings.

    It’s something Amber Lee Ettinger knows a thing or two about. Not only is she the actress who plays Obama Girl, but she’s also a military brat.

    “My father has been in the military for 23 years, he served in Vietnam when he was 18 years old, so he’s my hero,” Ettinger said. “Doing this was a little bit closer to my heart.”

    The new video is from the team at It was commissioned by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. And among Obama Girl’s backup singers are actual wives and girlfriends of troops currently serving overseas.

    “Some of first responses were from Iraq,” said Paul Rieckhoff, executive director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. “It’s become viral. Everyone’s passing it on, forwarding through MySpace, through e-mail.”

    So what about Obama?

    “I’ll always have a crush on Obama,” she said, “but there’s hot guys in it [the new video] too, so you never know.”

  51. Bill Sammon used to write for the Moonie Times, BTW. He’s a RWer to the core.

    I loved Hillary in the ABC interview, especially. Thanks for posting the videos.

  52. admin,

    I posted a link to a detailed analysis of Obama’s risky strategy of counting Iowa students to deliver him the votes. It’s a must read, and I hope you take note. Too bad, the link has not show up.

    It also appears to me Obama’s crowd size is diminishing on a daily basis. His recent rally in Georgia(the same time he ducked out the moveon vote) was underwhelming. He could easily attract over 10,000 people in the spring time. According to this article, there were only 2,000 people(usually even this figure is overestimated by campaing).

    The candidate made his comments at a $25-a-head event at the Georgia World Congress Center that organizers said drew 2,200 supporters. A $1,000-per-person, private event followed.

    That’s really not an impressive crowd size, or money…

  53. the same article…

    Campaign organizers supplemented the low-dollar event with high-dollar souvenirs. Water bottles — empty — sold for $12. Karen Steinberg of Decatur and her kids, Stacy, 20, and Eric, 17, shelled out $79 for three T-shirts, a handful of bumper stickers, two signs and some buttons.

    Thursday event was significantly smaller, but had the same purpose. The campaign wants to build a network of supporters who can act as a turn-out machine during the presidential primaries — not just in Georgia on Feb. 5, but in neighboring South Carolina on Jan. 29.

  54. kostner, as for bush saying he thinks the gop will win the white house next year, go back to just before 2006 when he and rove were just about the only people in the political world thought they would hold the congress.

  55. DesMoinesRegister has an article on Obama’s polling number in Iowa. Does not sound very promising.

    Obama’s campaign aides say they expect his numbers to climb when Iowans start paying more attention to the campaign this autumn. But Obama has missed out on some of that potential attention, choosing to bypass a nationally televised forum Thursday in Davenport and also planning to skip a big Johnson County Democratic Party barbecue on Oct. 6 that his five best-known competitors have said they will attend.

    Another lost opportunity.

  56. Kostner, great article. It’s another example of Big Media picking up on something we have been writing about for a while – the school calendar in Iowa (NH has the same situation).

    The article assumes the caucuses will still be on January 14. More than likely the caucuses will be much earlier and all the colleges/universities will be closed.

  57. admin,

    Obama’s crowd size is getting smaller. I’m sure his supporters were holding high hope for his Georgia rally. But you never heard anything from his supporters about this on big blogs. A big let-down. 2,000 vs. 20,000 in the spring is truly astonishing.

  58. Mrs. Smith, what were the circumstances of the call? Sounds very interesting. What state and is this all part of the Grisham events? The Hillary campaign never rests. Take nothing for granted, run as if you’re 20 points behind.

  59. kostner,

    Good point about the college students showing up for the Iowa caucus to vote for Obama. Is the caucus going to happen during school vacation? Y/N? This could definately be an unexpected X-Factor if the caucus is not during their break.

    Mrs. S.

  60. Hi admin:

    I received an e-mail from Hillary’s campaign the other day stating if I had a question I would like to ask Hillary. i responded to the e-mail with a written question and received a call from Peter Daou stating if I stayed on the line, I could listen to Q&A’s in progress. Ann Lewis was taking Hillary’s calls temporarily because Hillary was in the final wrap-up of the Grisham event in VA and was still unavailable to get on line with us. (I fully understood the dilemma because no one ever wants to let Hillary go when she appears at those events…always wanting autographs, book signings, handshakes and kisses from the little old white haired ladies happy they’ve lived long enough to see a woman running)

    Ann Lewis, was superb. Her response to the questions asked by supporters from NY, CA, and KY (not in order) were exactly right. I appreciated her in that her response was just as Hillary would have answered and she was exactly correct communicating Hillary’s platform on the Environment, Ensuring the anti-theft of another election this time, Energy, and answers re: Hillary’s new Health Care Program called American Health Choices.

    Hillary at last, made it to talk to us with this great new conference call format beginning with the great reception she had just attended with John Grisham. She continued on with extending her appreciation and thanks for all the support she is getting from people interested in her candidacy as the next president of the US and reinforced her work ethic as ongoing and a work in progress until the Primarys. I listened for 30 min to what was being said and enjoyed every minute of the opportunity to participate, even passively, in RT what was happening to our ever striving, hard working candidate working as hard as anyone ever could to earn our votes and win the Primary hands down!

    Mrs. S.

  61. Mrs. Smith,

    Thanks so much for the inside information.


    politico breaking news, Evan Bayh to endorse Clinton tomorrow. Great scoop by Team Clinton…

    Indiana is among the most reliably Republican of states — “the reddest of the red,” as one Democratic official put it. The Hoosier State went 57 percent for George W. Bush in 2000 and 60 percent for President Bush’s reelection in 2004.

    Clinton’s campaign is clearly pleased to be getting the nod. Bayh, who had already been oft-discussed as a promising potential vice presidential pick for Clinton, had held back on endorsing her in part because of doubts about her popularity in Indiana, Democratic sources said.

    His endorsement could help undermine the argument of her rivals for the Democratic nomination that she would not be electable in a national contest.

  62. When will Barak Obama endorse Hillary Clinton?

    Clark, Bayh, looks like VP contest is well under way.If Obama has the slimmest chance, he’d be hurry. It looks like all these hot male politicians really love our Hillary. Just kidding.

  63. Great news on Bayh. More confirmation that Biden and Dodd are Hillary parking lots.

    This is more big Hillary news cementing Hillary as the big leader. This sets us up until the debate on Wednesday for Hillary to dominate the ’08 race news.

  64. admin,

    Obama campaign wants to generate some MO going towards Q3 deadline. They arranged a rally in NYC. This time around, they don’t even charge any fee. Pretty pathetic. His followers wrote a diary on daikykooks to promote this free event.

    Things are certainly not going well for him.

  65. I watched 4 out of 5 interviews (I won’t watch fake news.).

    Remind me, did at any point Senator Clinton say “Let me scratch that” ?


    BTW, tonite ‘Family Guy’ did a spoof of “Star Wars”, and they had a BUSH/CHENEY bumper sticker on the back of Darth Vader’s starship.


  66. admin,

    Looks like Clinton had another good funraiser event in VA. 1000 people showed up. Does anybody know whether it’s a high-dollar or low-dollar event?

    Author John Grisham adds star power to Hillary Clinton fundraiser.

    Her nearly 90-minute appearance before about 1,000 donors at a restored Charlottesville movie palace represented an endorsement by the best-selling author of legal thrillers, a former Democratic state legislator in Mississippi before his literary career blossomed in the early 1990s. Grisham now lives near Charlottesville.

  67. Oh, admin..

    Thanks for posting the Wallace interview. Chris tried very hard to get under Hillary’s skin but failed miserably. An amateur interviewing a PRO! No wonder Hillary was laughing so hard..

    Thanks, Kostner for the run down on the Grisham event. Haven’t had a chance to read the reviews anywhere..

    Mrs. S.

  68. I watched FOX/wallace interview as well and was delighted that our girl seemed so confident, re-assuring and hurmorous. Chris wallace did his job but our girl did much better!

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