A Hillary Dawn

A while back we linked to an hysterically funny blog post from an Obama supporter who attended an Obama fundraiser and left… well, disenchanted might be the polite word. Now that blogger, Dawn Summers, is back after attending a Hillary fundraiser. Dawn left the Hillary fundraiser with the following impression:

She [Hillary] laid out plans for college assistance programs, but also for apprenticeships for young people who don’t want to go or can’t go to college. She laid out her plans for universal health care and universal kindergarten.

It was a great speech and she had the audience with her the whole way.

I was so impressed that I actually felt sorry for the other Democrats in the primary. I haven’t been watching the debates, but dude, she is going to eat them alive and crap them out the next morning.

The night ended with a thunderous standing ovation and I left energized and planning to volunteer.

And then I remembered that I was a lazy slacker, so that probably wouldn’t happen — but hey, you all should get on board now.

She is our best chance for taking the White House next year. I mean in 2009. Stupid Geroge Bush presidency till 2009.


Keep on writing, and making us laugh, Dawn.

Dawn’s sunny view of Hillary is echoed by U.S. News And World Report in their analysis Does Clinton Have It Wrapped Up?.

Democratic strategists say presidential candidates Barack Obama and John Edwards need to begin drawing sharper distinctions between themselves and front-runner Hillary Clinton—or the Democratic race will slip away from them permanently. [snip]

Clinton almost always stays on course and talks about what she wants, without being drawn into arguments that are to her disadvantage.

“The other candidates have to figure out a way to change the basic dynamic of this race—which is that Clinton seems to be the inevitable nominee,” the insider says, “and find a way to drive a wedge between her and the Democratic Party, and they haven’t done that.”

Clinton has a strong lead nationally in the Democratic race and is doing well enough in the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire that she could sweep the table early on, then move into the big multiprimary day of February 5 with unstoppable momentum.

Meanwhile the New York Times took note of Barack Obama’s absence from last night’s AARP debate. Wait until those millions of AARP magazines – with pictures of Hillary as the sole Democratic candidate to attend the AARP convention – and pictures of last night’s attendees at the AARP debate – hit the mailboxes of those millions of voters (64% of Iowa caucus voters in 2004) – and the missing Senator’s picture is … missing.

Senator Barack Obama is skipping tonight’s televised forum in Iowa for the Democratic presidential candidates but he might be putting himself at risk with an important voting bloc.

The event is being co-sponsored by AARP. And as it happens, people over 50 — AARP’s membership — made up more than half of the voters in 2004 in the Iowa caucuses.

The New York Times in their main article about the AARP debate quoted an unhappy audience member:

Still, some members of the audience seemed miffed by Mr. Obama’s absence. Tom Gizicki, a scientist from nearby Bettendorf, said: “It’s going to turn a lot of people off. Voters want to know what he’s all about, and when I hear him speak, he says the same thing over and over again. We want to know more than that.”

It all sounds about right.


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  1. i think this ranks up there in the top 5 of worst obama days. his skipping out of the anti-moveon ad resolution and this aarp forum is nuts. even openleft seems to really have had it with this guy-they are seeing that hillary fights the right wing games and stood against their crap in the senate while obambi whimped out. a very damaging day for a damaged candidate. this crisis in congress where the dems should be running it but the gop is killing the bills and even passing anti-liberal speech resolutions could aid clinton. she fights while the others just dont get it

  2. I would think as part of his campaign, Obama should wear all these duck and run moves proudly on his sleeve. If even Mr. Gizicki noticed Obama’s repetitive boring speeches, we’re in good shape for the Primary.

    Make a list.. and hopefully it will get picked up somewhere and published in mainstream news..

    Mrs. S.

  3. “Ultimately, the one group left out of the current schedule is the voters and they are the ones who ask the toughest questions and most deserve to have those questions answered face to face.” – Campaign manager David Plouffe statement from August 18 on Obama’s decision to skip debates and forums.

    How many voters among those 390,000 AARP members? Do they not count because they are being represented by a “lobbyist” group?

    Thanks HI44 for pointing out the real reason behind Obama’s no show – the privatization schemes for social security Obama has been hinting at. That and the very smart realization by the Obama campaign that Obama is unschooled in issues and tanks anytime he has to deviate from his hollow stump speech.

  4. I smiled to myself when Edwards said he wants to make Unions stronger for American workers.

    So what will he do with their Lobbyists? Have the (good) lobbyists as approved by JE wear armbands so they are distinguishable from (bad) lobbyists? Ridiculous, delusional thinking.

    Yes, Obama’s SS program is nothing more than a Bush repackaged retread. I shudder to think of the situation SS recepients would be in had Bush successfully sold SS Privitization to the masses and gotten it thru Congress. If we think the foreclosure rate is demon spawn, many elderly would be out in the street and homeless right now and the country would truly be on it’s head.

  5. IA pundit Yepsen:

    There wasn’t a big winner of Thursday night’s debate among the Democratic presidential candidates, but there was a clear loser – Barack Obama.

    The Illinois senator skipped the 90-minute event in Davenport. That left the stage to his five leading rivals – John Edwards, Bill Richardson, Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd and Joe Biden.

    We’ve seen front-runners blow off debates when they didn’t want to risk becoming a target for their opponents, or elevate the stature of those foes, or risk mistakes.

    – Clinton turned in another solid performance. She is doing well in most of these debates because she shows command of the issues and doesn’t fall into political traps that could hurt her chances. The political and issue competency she displays is helping her tamp down negative feelings Democratic voters have about her.

  6. Hillary on all five Sunday talk shows . I hate Tim Russert’s gocha interview style, I wished she would just skip that one.

    Good Friday morning. Senator Clinton will tape all five Sunday shows today, traveling to each of the studios over the course of the day, with votes in between. This is a rare, modern-day execution of a modified version of The Full Ginsburg, named for that pioneer of Sunday saturation, lawyer William H. Ginsburg, who once was involved in some case that now escapes us. The difference is that Bill did it all on Sunday morning rather than taping ahead.

    The senator’s handlers have shrewdly rationed her network appearances over the years, creating tremendous pent-up demand that has allowed her to command astonishing airtime for her health-care rollout. She last did “Meet the Press” in February 2005, from Iraq with Senator McCain, when she also did “Face the Nation” with Senator Graham. She did Sunday shows at the request of the Kerry campaign in 2004 at the kickoff of the Republican National Convention, and she did the shows after coming back from Iraq in 2003.

  7. Good Friday morning. Senator Clinton will tape all five Sunday shows today, traveling to each of the studios over the course of the day, with votes in between. This is a rare, modern-day execution of a modified version of The Full Ginsburg, named for that pioneer of Sunday saturation, lawyer William H. Ginsburg, who once was involved in some case that now escapes us. The difference is that Bill did it all on Sunday morning rather than taping ahead.

    The senator’s handlers have shrewdly rationed her network appearances over the years, creating tremendous pent-up demand that has allowed her to command astonishing airtime for her health-care rollout. She last did “Meet the Press” in February 2005, from Iraq with Senator McCain, when she also did “Face the Nation” with Senator Graham. She did Sunday shows at the request of the Kerry campaign in 2004 at the kickoff of the Republican National Convention, and she did the shows after coming back from Iraq in 2003.

  8. Not paying attention to senior citizens is the most cosmically stupid thing Obama has done so far, and the list is already too long to carry around without two strong men doing the lifting.

  9. Hi admin,

    Edwards is looking for $1 million online in the next 10 days. Do you recall what he did for the online donation push last quarter. I believe it’s far more than $1 million when his wife got on TV bickering with Coulter.

    It appears Edwards is really in a hole financially.

  10. Edwards: 2-3 Points Ahead or Tied

    Candidates are usually reticent when talking about their standing in the polls, but thanks to an alert reader, we can pass on some comments about the Iowa polls from Democrat John Edwards, made during a podcast interview with CNN’s Lisa Goddard (starts about two thirds through):

    Goddard: I asked the former Senator about his recent slip to second in polls in Iowa.

    Edwards: Now my honest assessment is there are hundreds of polls, unfortunately for the world, in Iowa. I think the bottom line is that Iowa is very competitive. It’s been very competitive all along.

    You know, I began with a very small lead, you know, two, three points and we’ve stayed in the same general area. I’m either slightly ahead or we’re roughly tied. It’s been that way the entire time, there’s really not been any change and I expect that will maintain itself at least for some period of time.

    But the bottom line is, polls go up and down and that will continue until caucus day in January.

    Of course, as with any good spin, we have no way of knowing exactly what polls he is reading. He could be talking about his campaign’s internal polls or simply characterizing the “hundreds” of polls” in the public domain (there aren’t quite that many, but we know what he means — more details on those polls here ). It is also arguably in Edwards’ interest to lower rather than raise expectations regarding his position in Iowa. So I am not entirely sure what to make of this. Still… interesting.

  11. From Staff:

    As much as Obama had a disaster of a day yesterday, let’s consider the Edwards “campaign” for a second, which is more time than that campaign deserves.

    If Edwards had a brain at last night’s debate he should have either discussed or at least raised Obama’s absence from the debate or Obama’s vote disappearance. While we are sure that the Edwards advisors do not want Edwards to attack – they want Elizabeth Edwards to do handsome Johnny’s dirty work – John Edwards needs to do something to shake up the race and bring down Obama.

    Edwards, for instance, could have discussed issues and said that Obama should have been there to explain his views – this is the lesser type attack. A higher level of attack would have noted that Obama voted present on controversial issues as a State Senator and that now that Obama is in the U.S. Senate he ducks issues by not voting altogether.

    The Edwards campaign is desperate, but neither original nor smart. They had a big opportunity last night to bleed Obama and instead took a pass.

  12. Hillary compares herself with her husband:

    “He’s like a force of nature… I don’t even pretend to be that. That’s not who I am.”

    I really love this woman.

  13. Kostner, last time Edwards asked for a million dollars too. But, Edwards already have over $700,000 in the ActBlue account. Therefore the fundraising push was really for less than $300,000.

    One million dollars in less than ten days is a lot for Edwards. We have not checked, but it is likely that the Edwards campaign is pulling the same trick as last time. If not prepare for another “victim” moment from John and Liz so they can raise money.

  14. Their campaign teams have decided to attack only Hillary not each other.

    I wonder if Edward’s Trippi and Obama’s Hildebrand, who both made HUGE bucks this fall working for that legal loan shark (pay day loans) millionaire Tom Knox (who lost badly in the primary for Mayor in Philadelphia – running on the I’m the white guy who wants to replace those black guys ticket) have made a mutual protection society deal.

    pERSONALLY, AFTER THE FAKE AND PHONY THINGS tRIPPI SAID ABOUT THE hILLARY AND jOE sESTAK (AND OTHER DEM REPS)…oops..luncheon this week…I think its time tha we go after the hypocrisy of these spokespeople.

    Trippi and Gibbs are behind both the nasty words and the nasty tone of these campaigns and I believe that their past works and deeds should be brought to the attention of these two campaign’s kool aid kultist on the web.

    What da ya think?

    By the way, that piece today was Hillary-ious!

  15. From Staff to Dem Dem,

    We have studiously avoided mentioning Steve Hildebrand. SH did good work for Gore in 2000 in Iowa. We don’t think he is one of the dirty guys, but we might be wrong. You are right about the Knox campaign in Philly. If Hildebrand and Trippi have made a non-aggression pact, then Hildebrand is not as bright as we thought.

    We wrote about Trippi a while back in an analysis of all the campaigns. We predicted then and repeat, that Edwards will rue the day he hired Trippi. Trippi stabbed Dean in the back after Iowa in 2004 in a radio interview. Trippi also loves to waste money. He blew millions in 2004 and we still laugh at the Oregon ads episode earlier this year.

    Gibbs of course we have taken to account. We post his video morphing Dean and Osama bin Laden frequently and will do so again.

    As to today’s post, anytime you quote Dawn Summers it will be a funny post.

  16. Trippi also LOVES money….that’s why I was so angered by his phony attack on Hillary’s luncheon the other day. He demands huge sums to screw up campaigns (remember he is 0-6 in Presidential campaigns so far) and the has the dishonesty and the temerity to make a normal campaign briefer business folk fundraiser sound like a meeting of the enemies of mankind.

    Now, theyre saying the same things about Hillary selling out her health care plan. And saying the real problem we dont have health care for everyone know is because of Hillary. Which is rich, due to the fact that it was Edward’s pals’ The Trial Lawyers – who basically were the number the one or two reason (tort limits – they wouldnt accept caps of any kind) that health care reform got defeated in the first place. (They put heavy pressure on Dems to come out against it. Heavy.)

    Hildebrand I dont know. And now I feel guilty. I have a very, very close friend with Obama, but he’s there because he was offered a big job – and a chance to experiment with methods – tha he never would have gotten from Team Hillary. But the hypocricy of this new idea that Hillary takes dirty insider money whilst Edwards and Obama only take clean insider money is setting her-us up for the GOP-MSM junta – and it pisses me off because I know where these consultants (Trippi, Avelrod, Gibbs, Hildebrand) have been getting their paychecks in recent years.

    Tom Knox is a perfect example of a rich – far from Progressive guy – who hires hired guns-goons in order to attain a position of power. Trippi was happy to take it and boy did he go nasty in that race and then eventually fail horribly. His recent attacks on Hillary as being corrupt would make me laugh (being he’s such a money grubbing fake) if I didnt think it has a chance to hurt our chances long term.

    It reminds me very much of the Bradley people calling gore a liar. We couldnt dial that one back afterwards…and after ya paint yourself into a corner saying your opponent is “corrupt”…how can we expect Edward’s supporters to come join us after he is defeated. Why would they. Their leaders campaign has said that Hill is corrupt. How do you overlook that?

    Trippi should be identified as the false, lyiing self motivated, money loving, chris matthews suck up, loser, phony that he is.

    Wll, thats my humble opinion.

  17. From Staff to Dem Dem,

    We recognize that Hillary will not be defeated by Ripublicans. The only way the 2008 campaign can be hurt is by “friendly” fire – in other words the garbage from our supposed friends and allies.

    That is why we speak out about Big Blogs, Naderites, PINOs and so-called liberal media. Yes, we can insult Fox N_ws and Hannity and other such idiots. But the danger comes from places like the New York Times, Matthews, Washington Post, Gibbs, Kos, OpenLeft (we call them NothingLeft), disguised as Dems Naderites and others that are supposed to be our allies.

    Your point about Bradley and Gore is well taken. Many Democrats still do not understand the full perfidy of Bradley. Bradley had flirted with running a third party with Tom Golisano and others such as Gary Hart against the Democratic Party. Bradley lied just about everything, whether it was about how orange soda was the cause for his illnesses in Iowa (turns out the orange soda he named was not distributed in Iowa), his loyalty to the Democratic Party, to calling Gore a liar on Social Security when in fact Gore was telling the truth and it was Bradley who was openly lying – A liar crying “liar”.

    Eventually Bradley did hurt Gore. The Ripublicans used Bradley’s words against Gore and the Naderites took the Bradley bait and attacked Gore at every turn – giving us Bush II.

    Hildebrand was with Gore in Iowa at that time so we have been kind and ignored the Knox situation. But we will have a lot more to say about Trippi and Gibbs and the rest we have mentioned.

  18. i am scratching my head on elizebeth edwards and trippi trashing hillary. well, they have to get by obama first to even take a wiff of getting the nomination. except for iowa, edwards is not in the game.

  19. im also worried about russert on meet the press. he will do anything to try to humiliate clinton like he tried to do in 1998 and in the 2000 senate race.

  20. admin i saw that. see how smug that reporter tried to point out clinton scandals? vilsack was having none of it and slapped down guliani on his personal baggage. let the rebugs run on family values with this punk as the nominee.

  21. Terrondt, that was our point, sort of, earlier. Obama stands in the way of Edwards. Why didn’t Edwards go after Obama at a near perfect moment to do so? Obama had screwed up badly that day. Obama was not at the debate – perfect time to strike.

    Dem Dem is probably right that the two campaigns have formed a non-aggression pact. Many Obama supporters had been suggesting this “pincer” strategy against Hillary. What is remarkable is that the Edwards people would be stupid enough to agree to such an agreement.

    You obviously get it. The Edwards people should fire Trippi and hire you.

  22. but he is soooo predictable.

    she’ll be fine.

    btw, I never knew a Bradley staffer who came to help Gore after the primaries. Not one. My worry is that Edwards and Obamas campaign are gonna be exactly the same,

    SH is not a media guy, so again I feel guilty, but those working media, setting up this GOP message in our own primaries….

    these guys deserve to get flogged.

    In 1992, I went happily from Harkin to Clinton after we lost. We were the pure and “cool kids” campaign that year too. We raised more money then anyone else. We had THE lefty cred. But I was able to easily join Team Clinton because we had never challenged his ethics or ever even considered calling him corrupt. Though, of course, the media were doing both those things.

    Thats why I worry about how one dials back these harsh gop scripted attacks against our own…. I think for some, this will be impossible. If their campaign leaders are saying that Hillary is corrupt, how can we expect them to later join us under one banner, under one big tent?

    That is why I think these false and foolish campaign aides must be attacked with a fury equal to how they attack Hillary to their pals in the media. Not just because they are wrong but also because theyre own backgrounds show them to be hypocrites.

    They are the one’s who have started this ugly fight, the media will not really let Team Hillary respond aggressively to these attacks, so I think its left to her supporters to point out some obvious truths.

    You are doing that. Im very glad you are and I look forward to reading you every day.

  23. The optimistic predictions that the Hillary haters (and we have to start including the Edwards’ and the Obamas at this point) like the Big Blogs will join with Hillary once she is the nominee we fear are woefully wrong. Like Bradley these people will not help they will fake support and attack Hillary whenever there is an opportunity to do so. They will of course explain their attacks with morally superior reasons for doing slimy things. We hope we are wrong, but very much doubt we are.

    We do suspect that SH is working as a field operative not as a message guy so we might, might, keep our focus off him.

    Harkin was and is a good guy. Harkin was the one who took on Bush I when Bush I was high in the polls and no one dared challenge him. Harkin challenged him and Bush I’s poll numbers came tumbling down.

    Harkin did not complain when Clinton reaped the harvest of a lot of good tough Tom Harkin work. Harkin understood that in a way he was “plowing the field” for the eventual winner. Harkin did not complain. Harkin and the “cool kids” of that campaign acted with honor and not direct from God received knowledge. Harkin supporters did not worship Harkin, nor think he was morally superior or turn Harkin into a demi-God. Harkin supporters have a lot to teach Obama supporters/worshippers.

    The PINOs will not support Hillary. They might acquiese that Hillary has the nomination, but they will look for every opportunity to advance their interests even if it endangers the presidential election. We will keep our eyes and keyboards trained on these PINOs.

    Gibbs and others are planning certain moves we are aware of. We will try to counter them, possibly off-line.

    We’ll keep up the fight.

  24. Politico reports on Labor money for the next election:

    The AFL-CIO leadership just put a number on its commitment to the general election: $53 million, the federation is set to announce.

    That’s money that can be used for unrestricted “member-to-member” communication in House, Senate, and presidential races around the country.

    That’s up from $50 million the group spend in the last presidential cycle, 2004, and $40 million in the 2006 midterms.

    “Today the AFL-CIO is sending a powerful message that we are going to change the course of our country in 2008 by electing a president and candidates at all levels who are committed to restoring the promise of America to working people,” says AFL President John Sweeney in a statement. “America’s workers are more energized than ever before. They are determined to create an historical political realignment in Washington that will work to rebuild our ailing middle class and restore hope to the millions of workers who have been left behind by seven years of Bush Administration corporate-friendly policies.”

    Marc Ambinder has more information:

    AFL-CIO political director Karen Ackerman will oversee the deployment of more than 200,000 volunteers to 23 priority states, including Ohio, pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Five house seats in “union-dense” districts and six Senate seats will be targeted.

    In Ohio, where union households comprised 28% of the vote in 2006, the AFl-CIO plans to reach out to more than 1.4 million voters.

    In total, the AFL-CIO unions will spend about $200 million on Election 08 efforts, according to AFl-CIO estimates.

    Virtually all of that money will be used to help Democrats.

    And there’s more: next week, the Change To Win labor federation will meet to sketch out its political program. One CTW union — the SEIU — plans to spend in excess of $30M by itself.

  25. Admin- is the SEIU’s 30M for the Divided We Fail campaign with AARP? Or something else? If so, they’re laying out more than 30M. I’ve seen tons of ads from them recently probably 40 in the last two weeks alone.

    BTW- I was right. It’ wasn’t Trippi on Hardball Wednesday- It was Bonior. I knew I got his name wrong but I knew he didn’t look quite as slimey as Trippi.

    Bonior’s still a tool of major proportions. It must have been nice for him to show up with no one to slap him back down. Otherwise, he would have looked a fool like he has everytime he’s opened his mouth like directly after the first debates and the CNN debates. Wolfson ate him alive each time.

    Two quick things- I’m glad BO is getting slammed for his no shows yesterday. If he can’t nad up enough to vote, how will he stand up for habeaus corpus or agianst the GOP dirty tricks machine??? . And two, I, too, do not believe the JE/BO camps will cross over. The Biden, Richardson, and Dodd camps will. The other won’t just because of sour grapes and their own self-righteousness. They bug me endlessly.

  26. okietty, you are correct. you can read between the lines on the nutroots. these guys will vote nader in a heatbeat before they support hillary. so be it. they are a tiny minority anyway.

  27. But id didnt have to be this way. They could have campaigned without using right wing attack lines. We must vocally blame THE STAFFERS for this.

    Trippi and Gibbs must be called out as dangers to our overall 2008 chances.

    Now, they feel so swell about themselves with their kids on the campaigns and when they hang with their oh so swell pals from the NY Times and Hardball.

    By the way, Nader spoke at the Green Party annual meeting and made it quite clear that if the Dems pick Hillary, that he will be willing to run again…

    for the fifth (5.0) time.

    Such punks. We have to fight this scripting now.


  28. admin, do you or anybody knows when the next des moise register poll coming out? i mean it has been since may when the last poll came out. they have a a good rep and track record of being the most accurate.

  29. “… but dude, she is going to eat them alive and crap them out the next morning.”


    BTW, Hillary won’t need staffers from the Obama and Edwards campaigns. Her organization is top-notch without ’em.

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