Hillary Clinton’s Healthy Plan

Update: Added the new ad as well as the Good Morning America interview.

[Programming notes: Hillary on ABC’s Good Morning America today (7:00 a.m. ET). Additional Hillary events on the calendar today HERE. Don’t forget to sign up for Hillary’s webcast tonight. Hillary also discusses health care and her plan with Anderson Cooper on American Morning (6:00-9:00 a.m.) on CNN and also will be on Morning Joe (Joe Scarborough 6:00-9:00 a.m.) on MSNBC.

Also to see Hillary at SEIU in a non-Youtube video go HERE. If you have not signed up with SEIU you will have to go HERE. The video begins with the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, Hillary follows after an introduction by nurse Michelle Estrada. [Hint: Resize the video using the option provided at the link to see a larger image and to see the crowd reaction as Hillary walks up to the podium.] Video timing: at 12:15 (12 minutes, 15 seconds into the tape, after the Dance troupe) Michelle Estrada; at 15:15 video of Hillary on the job with Michelle Estrada; at 18:50 Hillary Arrives; at 23:45 Hillary Speaks.

You can also see Hillary presenting her health plan on CNN video HERE]

Hillary is everywhere today on television and in the country, as noted above. Here is why: As the Washington Post noted, Hillary and the Hillary Team were well aware that her plan will be studied and re-studied more closely than the proposals of either Obama and Edwards and, therefore, even the smallest misstep will be greatly magnified.

Instead of introducing a comprehensive plan in a single speech, Clinton’s campaign adopted a three-part strategy. Early in the summer she addressed health care costs at George Washington University; late in the summer she gave a speech in New Hampshire on the need for better quality health care. Today’s address on coverage closes the loop for Clinton.

The thinking behind that tripartite strategy was, according to Clinton aides, to ensure the vast majority of Americans, who do have health coverage, understand what is at stake in the debate. That’s why Clinton started off with a speech on the rising costs of healthcare — a problem almost every American can relate to — before unveiling her proposal for mandated universal coverage.

So far, the reviews are healthy. Maggie Mahar, author of Money-Driven Medicine: the Real Reason Health Care Costs So Much wrote the following intriguing review of the plan:

Clinton doesn’t specify the percentage, but she does seem to understand that if the government is going to mandate that everyone buy insurance, it must be affordable.

The Clinton plan emphasizes choices: Americans can a) keep the insurance they have now, b) buy a new plan from a for-profit insurer, c) pick a plan from the same menu of quality private insurance options that their Members of Congress receive through a new Health Choices Menu, OR d) choose a public plan option similar to Medicare. [emphasis in original text]

This is the exceiting (sic) news: under Clinton’s plan Medicare would be competing with for-profit insurers.

Now we will see whether Medicare can offer better higher quality coverage for less.

(My guess is that the answer is yes.)

Hillary on Good Morning America:


50 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Healthy Plan

  1. Thank you admin for the links, I’ve just watched her at the SIEU, and she was GREAT!!! And as you said, what a warm and ecstatic reception she got!! She is getting better and better, she certainly seems to excel when the audience is in her corner.

    She lets loose a lot more than she used to, I especially loved how she took her time to draw out her lines in a quiet manner when she spoke of all the things she’ll find under the rug in the oval office! Waiting between lines to get a greater effect.
    She did her performance very well, and that’s what they do these politicians, they perform. She is getting good enough to receive an award soon 🙂

  2. For most politicians “Health” is not in the priority list. They act in the ‘you don’t know it until you don’t have it’ manner. Hillary is different, and this is one of the reasons she must be elected President.

  3. admin,

    Can you frontpage Hillary Clinton’s new healthcare TV ad(to be broadcast in IA and NH). I was unable to attach the youtube link, but you can go to hillaryhub to find it. It’s a great ad.

    Rassmuassen NH poll, a huge Clinton lead.

    Clinton 40
    Obama 17
    Edwards 14
    Richardson 11

  4. look what 50 cent says: 🙂

    Asked if the multi-platinum selling rapper is endorsing a presidential candidate in this week’s issue of Time, 50 Cent, aka Curtis Jackson, said: “No, but I like Hillary. I think she was already our President once.”

    support comes from the strangest places sometimes.

  5. Gorto, that’s the second time he’s endorsed her. I guess he really likes her. He definately likes Bill. I’ve heard him say so.

  6. hi admin,

    I just downloaded Hillary’s interview on ‘Good Morning America’. I’m trying to upload it to youtube. Hope it will work this time.

  7. Good morning, all!

    A very big week for our girl and it’s going VERY well! 🙂

    I’m so very pleased that under Clinton’s plan Medicare would be competing with for-profit insurers. This is the first step toward single payer system. The public system will out compete in the long haul. This will allow the market system to slowly retire the inefficient and costly private insurance system. The people that work in private insurance system will have time to get new jobs, perhaps in the public UHP system, in education, energy and infrastructure that Hillary is proposing to invest in her administration.

    The attacks by Ghouliani, Romney and Edwards against Hillary’s Universal Health Choice Plan look very bad to average American people and will backfire.

  8. Ben Smith at Politico has what are claimed to be the spending figures on ads in Iowa. Obama is spending a lot of money. The 3rd quarter reports will reveal the full extent of the spending.


    “A media-buying source sends over the numbers on Clinton’s and Obama’s most recent Iowa ad buying. Obama’s at a somewhat higher level, and has been up a lot longer — at this point, you’ve got to figure most Iowa Democrats know who he is.

    Edwards isn’t currently on air there.

    Obama 6/26-9/23(13 weeks): $2,270,000
    Clinton 8/14-9/23(6 weeks): $855,000”

  9. Hey y’all, I watched the Good Mornin’ America interview and she was so good. She answered all the questions and then some. And I loved the quip about men who don’t wash their hands. LOL. This is a clear plan; it explains a lot. The two things I hear most from repugs are, as somebody pointed, things that will backfire: 1) this is the first step toward socialized medicine, the “european system” and 2) she can’t pay for this. Well, increasingly #1 is just lookin’ like an excuse to keep us in the same place we are now. But, you know, she’s prepared for all these “objections.” She can demonstrate where savings will come from as well. I do hear some anxiety about how much “premiums” would cost. And Edwards will do his level best to spread that load of crap around. Pardon my language. But he’s clearly just obfuscating to promote his own self interests. We used to say back in the old days, that certain people “owned the court” at big tournaments like Wimbledon. Like “Martina Navratilova owns the court.” Well, Hillary Clinton “owns the court” on health care: costs, quality, delivery. This is her expertise. This is her number 1 issue. Just keep emphasizing that we have to do this, from an economic point of view. I like her positive, unintimidating demeanor. When you own the court, you can be yourself. She’s doing a great job. –mollyj

  10. can somebody post ‘Good Morning America’ and Clinton’s new heathcare ads on dailykos?

    They need another dose of ‘shock and awe’! Don’t forget NH poll numbers!

  11. MollyJR, Hillary dispatches Edwards with a quick and cutting remark in the Good Morning America interview.

    After viewing the video of Edwards stating he would cut off health care to the Congress if they don’t pass universal health care , Hillary simply states that of course to cut off congressional benefits Edwards would have to somehow get the congress to vote for that proposal. In one quick sentence Hillary showed how foolish Edwards is.

  12. Hi admin,

    I’ve been busy from time to time, so I can’t capture all other videos. I’m wondering whether you know how to download videos from lots of websites just as I did for ‘GMA’ interview. You go to ‘Tools'(if you use IE), find ‘Internet Options’, under ‘Temporary Internet Files’, click on ‘Setting’, then click on ‘View Files’.

    After you play the videos from the websites, the videos are temporarily stored under ‘Temporary Internet Files’, you just need to find out the video file and copy to some other locations and then upload to youtube.

    If there are too many files that make you confused, you may want to do a ‘Delete Files’ before you view the videos.

    Many video files are in flv format, and it works on youtube.

  13. Admin: I thought it was a flawless interview of GMA. She took care of John Edwards in a nanosecond. And your right, it makes him look as foolish and careless as he’s been soundin’ lately. He would be a disaster in DC, no matter what his intentions. mollyj

  14. Back on the Democratic side, Edwards had an unusually harsh response to Clinton’s plan: “The cost of failure 14 years ago isn’t anybody’s scars or political fortune, it’s the millions of Americans who have now gone without health care for more than 14 years and the millions more still crushed by the costs.”

    But four years ago, when Edwards was running for president the first time, he was critical of other candidates who offered universal healthcare, per ABC News. “What we ought to be doing is something that number one is achievable and number two is responsible,”target=”external” Edwards said in 2003

  15. Gallup’s latest Democratic numbers:

    • Clinton, 47%, vs. 45% the first week of September.
    • Obama, 25%, vs. 24%.
    • John Edwards, 11%, down from 16%

  16. Y’all I do not understand John Edwards at all. He just sounds angry. This is where political rhetoric starts to really harm- not Hillary- but people. THat kinda distorted negativity…well, lying, is just bad for everybody. Hopefully, it will just repel people further and further away. From the looks of the polls, it might just be doing that. To me it looks like our girl is picking up points from the other candidates in the polls. mollyj

  17. Molly,

    The Gallup poll posted by Kostner above shows Edwards’ poll to have plunged from 16% to 11%. That is a 31% dive!

    He looks and sounds very angry and scary to me! I get nightmare watching him on TV. Hillary makes me feel good about the future and I sleep better knowing that the government will be in very good hands soon.

  18. I say let them keep it comin’. She’s just taking away their voters everytime they open their big mouths.

    I want the SEIU endorsement. Damnit. I want it. If they’d rather support that ham-handed, Wm. Jennings Bryant wannabe, then I will have to re-examine my support for unionization.

    I just had a great conversation over lunch with a 70ish yo friend of mine who likes Hillary okay and she’s a mental health professional. When she found out about mental health parity, she was excited. She’s taking another look at the plan today on my advice and will probably end up supporting her in the primary.

  19. I agree molly that this kind of politics will hurt democrats and Americans if he keeps it up, he is looking more and more like a spoiled brat who doesn’t get it his way.

    And of course he is angry, he has been running for President since before 2004, since they lost that election he has practically lived in Iowa to get a head start on his way to the white house.
    And he watches Hillary jump in the race, and considering the amount of time he has put into Iowa, to see Hillary fly past him in the polls there and elsewhere is pissing him off!!

    But the fact that he is more and more looking as if he is willing to drag any democrat down with him rather then support a democrat to win the white house, is just scary.

  20. hey guys, i have not been on for some days, so i thought i drop a line. happy that hillary is keeping the momentum. the new hamphire poll out is great plus cbs poll is awsome.

  21. Yay! I was about to ask what happened to you, Terrondt. Glad to see you back. Our girl is killin’ them in the polls!

  22. Was any other candidate besides Hillary at the SEIU?
    She certainly gave it her best in hopes of getting their endorsement.

    Thank you kostner for the instructions, I’ve been wondering how people are able to download/store videos online when there is no download button. But in your instructions when you say “under ‘Temporary Internet Files’, you just need to find out the video file and copy to some other locations” I’m having some difficulty finding the video file, what file name does the video file have? after ‘dot’ ? I can’t seem to find it.

  23. I have been away from the computer, and am playing catching up. The polls and the msm responses that I have seen on the hub, and elswhere are fantastic. Unlike 14 years ago, the country now is ready for health care reform, based on economic necessity, rising cost, and humanitarian considerations. Right now it feels like a pro-Hillary tsumani, and the responses by the Republicans and her two primary contenders do not seem to be getting much traction. Her appearance of Good Morning America was compelling, and I was impressed with the dismissed Edwards nastiness with a very civil suggestion that he had not read her plan. Very presidential I would say.

  24. Why Edwards is a poor choice. If I wanted a lawyer, it would not be him. He accuses people – even lobbyists without proof….he is finding everybody guilty even without taking the law into consideration…..he is mighty scary; and downright viscious! actually if he had been a prosecutor rather than a defender, I would have preferred him…..fighting the big companies then at a prosecutarial salary!

  25. great to be back on. i have some dentist stuff to do. back and forth between offices. plus the wife and i have been so busy and away from the computer. i caught some of hillary’s healthcare speech and i thought she did well. her newest ad is good also. my wife and i ran into this big time hillary supporter in a supermarket parking lot yesturday. i was sitting in my car waiting for my wife when this elderly lady comes up to me and asked where did i get my hillary bumperstickers. i told her hillaryclinton.com and we had a ball talking for 10 minutes about hillary and the election. i gave her my hillary button off my shirt and referred her to this site. the one difference she talks very highly of obama and edwards and frankly whomever get the nomination she will work hard to get bush out. as u guys know i don’t think highly of obama(very low opinion of the guy). the lady is like my wife who would happily support obama if hillary does not get the nomination. not me. any way she was a sweet lady.

  26. Whenever I want good news, a few minutes at Hillary is 44 is just the tonic. Thanks, everyone, for your reports from the field. I am so swamped these days that I am having a hard time keeping up with All Things Hillary.

  27. Hey guys, someone just posted what I have long suspected in Iowa, Obama’s not doing so hot despite spending alot of money on advertising, and he’s dropping like a stone in NH. This is good news for Hillary.

    Frankly, she’s winning the debate among primary voters on who will do best on Iraq(gen. Clark’s endorsement really helps make her case, as well), and with her health plan roll out, it seems to me she’s winning on health care, maybe the biggest domestic issue. If she win’s those two debates, I remain uncovinced she could possibly lose the primary.

  28. mj, she is doing much better than i expected so far in new hamsphire. but let’s not sit on this. it’s still 4 months before iowa. iowa she has a tiny lead.

  29. Kind of sad I had to miss this for Des Moines yesterday, but from conversations with labor insiders today, it seems like there’s still no movement from the big New York and Illinois locals that are blocking leadership’s move to endorse John Edwards.

    Yesterday’s meeting, or the Change to Win gathering in Chicago next week, would have been ideal venues — and nice timing for Edwards.

    The union’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Mueller, says Andy Stern and Anna Burger will be talking to reporters on a conference call tomorrow for an “update” that they’re not billing as an endorsement announcement.

    I don’t have a clear sense of whether Obama’s appearance, by all accounts house-rocking, slowed the move toward an Edwards endorsement; Edwards was reportedly also very well received. Would love to know, though.

  30. I am so completely disappointed in the SEIU. Obama doesn’t have a great union record, and his policies are not so hot for unions. Why would they ever endorse him? Hillary’s major health care program did nothing to stall the Edwards endorsement? This is so disappointing. These folks have really bought into alot of flimsy rhetoric from Obama and Edwards.

  31. Not that Obama isn’t as good for unions as any Democrat, just that Hillary and Edwards seem to have an edge certainly on health policy and for Clinton, on record as well.

  32. mj,

    Based on ‘politico” account, an endorsement for Edwards is far from certain. NY and IL local SEIU memebers are pushing hard to stop it.

  33. Conservative Scarborough hearts Hillary!! This is from a wingnuts site, but the interview was quite good.


    When you talk about “two Americas,” and John Edwards has been talking about two Americas, two Americas, and my Republican friends say, “oh, it’s class warfare,” I always say tell them: take your kid to an emergency room anywhere in America at 11 o’clock at night, and then tell me there aren’t two Americas.
    How much worse has it gotten since you started fighting for health care reform in 1993?
    Because I’ve got a son who’s a diabetic, what you were just saying hits home all the time. Where you get denied for prevention, but if you were to go in and get an amputation, or have to have a heart surgery, then they pay for that. It’s just false economy.
    How do you pass health care reform this time, when you failed in 1993, 1994 when [self-deprecating laugh] people like myself ran for Congress talking about socialized medicine, socializing 1/7th of the economy, single-payer health care system. Obviously you’ve listened, you’ve learned, we’ve all learned a lot from just the horrible political wars of the 1990s. What have you learned that’s going to help you make this dream of yours a reality in the 21st century?
    You, dear Senator, are the person who everybody is saying “she’s grown, she’s learned so much.” I hope I’ve grown a lot, because again, the traumas of the 1990s, which were so horrible for you and your husband, and I would say for America. Talk about how your different person today. Cause, God, I think that everybody who went through that has to be a better person if they inspect what we went through.
    Some people get angry and embittered. And from talking to you personally and talking to friends who have worked with you in the United States Senate, you seem to have gone in the opposite direction. Instead of becoming angry from all the attacks launched against you in the 1990s, you’ve actually opened your heart even more. And boy, am I going to get killed by conservative bloggers for saying that. But it’s the truth. You seem to be a much different person now than you were in 1993 or 1994.
    Thank you for having the courage to tackle this battle once again. And we’ll see what happens. I think it’s gonna have a much happier ending this time than it did in 1994. Good luck.
    In return for his adulation, Hillary graced Joe with numerous patronizing head pats of the “great question” and “oh, Joe, I think that’s incredibly true” variety.

  34. Hey y’all, Sounds like the unions are having quite a time of it. We got a split, obviously. I am wonderin’ if their isn’t a big Edwards/Obama split on the one hand and a Hillary split on the other. Well, with her health plan, there’s no excuse for not endorsin’ her. I’ve never seen a candidate produce anything like this about anything that I can remember. We will prevail. –mollyj

  35. molly,

    I wouldn’t be worried too much about SEIU. They can do whatever they want, if they dont’ want a winner, be it. Don’t count on any special treatment from president Hillary in the future.

    I suggest anybody watch Scarborough interview. She was incredibly sincere, and admitted her mistake in such a classy way.

    Compared to Clinton, Obama and Edwards are just spoiled brats.

  36. strange about scarborough. he was a hard rightwinger in congress, pro-impeachment, and anti-clinton as u ever saw. but all year long he as been glowing about hillary on his show. what’s that all about?

  37. terrondt, I noticed that, too. He’s apologized to her several times for his role in impeachment, now he treats her with great respect. It’s great to see.

  38. Yeah Joe is entering reality! hehe, no I shouldn’t be rude, I kinda like Joe, and it’s nice to see him almost support/endorse Hillary.

    It might be because of his son, he wants UHC to be passed I believe.
    I like how he doesn’t hide his feelings tho, he goes on a rather long rambling about good things Hillary, he doesn’t just throw’em out quickly to hide them, which is nice. 🙂

    Hillary sure had a marathon the other day, sitting in the same chair going through all those interviews, I’ve seen many now, she is good in all of them, especially as you said kostner the way she comes across so sincere in the Scarborough interview.

  39. It was a long day for Hillary. She was in California last night and will be in New York tonight with Wes Clark and Tom Vilsack.

    Joe S. was pretty good.

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