Hillary Clinton’s Economic Necessity

Update II: Hillary at SEIU Live Webcast HERE – Exciting live webstream of Hillary mobbed and adored and hugged – SEIU – Watch It Live

Update: Hillary’s American Health Choices Plan is HERE.

At the Harkin Steak Fry yesterday, Hillary Clinton said that universal health care is “not only a moral imperative, but an economic necessity.”

On June 11, 2007 we noted Hillary Clinton’s Most Important Healthcare Moment. Here is a bit of what we wrote:

Mark Saturday, June 9, 2007 as one of the most important dates in the 2008 election cycle, and possibly one of the most important dates for Democrats and the Democratic Party in years to come. It is the day Senator Hillary Clinton began to identfy the solutions to the American healthcare crisis as a jobs creation issue.

On Saturday Senator Hillary Clinton went to Detroit, Michigan to speak about health care; to speak about the federal government’s role in helping the manufacturing sector of the U.S. economy in general, and the automobile industry in particular. Hillary’s speech grandly echoed the themes of investment in human capital, in education, in business, in our families, in our communities and in innovation sounded in the winning strategy Putting People First.

Why was this such an important moment?

We as Democrats, as progressives, know the value and neccessity of universal health care as a humaritarian issue. We know that universal health care leads us closer to principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence which affirm our right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, as well as in the Constitution’s preamble mandate “to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”. But not all of our fellow citizens recognize universal health care as inherent or penumbral rights under our founding documents. For those citizens a more “green eyeshade” accountants approach must be used to convince them of the need for universal health care.

We also wrote in words similar to the ones Hillary used yesterday:

The way to unite the poor, the middle class and the titans of business (as well as political independents and even good Republicans) in support of universal health care is by making it clear that universal health care is not only a humanitarian imperative but it is also necessary to create jobs and build strong businesses.

Michigan AFL-CIO President Mark Gaffney said

“…health costs are a big reason why auto jobs have been moved from the United States to Canada which has nationalized heath care. The wages and pensions paid autoworkers in the two countries are basically the same, he said.

As we discuss health care and the final portion of Hillary’s health care plan let’s keep the economy in mind. When Hillary spoke at Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network in April, she said: “You know, what is it about us always having to clean up after people? ? But this is not just going to be picking up socks off the floor. This is going be cleaning up the government, clearing out the dead wood.”

The next President will have to have her eye not only on Iraq, but on the economy and on health care. Hillary has a lot of work to do as the 44th President.


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  1. Ofcourse, it’s a jobs killer. Upset about outsourcing? Get affordable UHC. Man, Hillary is so ahead of her time on this issue.

  2. It’s interesting that Obama and Edwards have to ‘preemptively’ make some silly statments before Hillary’s delivery. Again, Hillary is setting the debate, everybody has to follow. This is good for Hillary since it further bolsters her stature on healthcare reform, media will also be more inclined to report since Edwards makes that silly pledge.

    And she has not even begun delivering the speech yet. Looks good now.

  3. While we wait for video/reviews of Hillary’s speech at Broadlawns here is Hillary at the Harkin Steak Fry (10 minute video). Note the health care remarks we quoted, Alan Greenspan quote, bring back fiscal responsibility:

  4. Hey y’all, I saw some points on her health care plan. I do think it is ingenious to show that health care is interrelated to all parts of our society, most particularly our economy, so it’s not just a “moral imperative.” Thanks for puttin this clip up. I wanted to listen to it again. She’s got a wonderful quote right after she says, You can’t be a leader if nobody is following. I love those dropped “g’s” when she talks about Alan Greenspan’s comments on Pres. Clinton! Her presentation is just great and it’s a wonderful speech!. I love how Tom Harkin and Ruth clap and the other candidates just sit there. LOL. Proud of our girl, mollyj

  5. The second largest New York state employee union has endorsed Senator Hillary Clinton in her bid for president.

    The New York State Public Employees Federation announced Sept. 17 that its executive board had chosen Clinton, as did an overwhelming number of its membership who participated in an online poll. The union, which represents 57,000 professional, scientific, and technical employees, said that Clinton was committed to protecting the rights of employees and would strengthen the middle class.

    With the endorsement, the union joins the largest New York state employee union, the Civil Service Employees Association, which endorsed Clinton on July 25.

    The wife of former President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton is seeking the democratic nomination for the 2008 presidential election. Clinton is announcing a $110 billion universal health coverage plan on Monday, according to news reports.

  6. A pdf file from campaign headquarters with the actual Hillary Health Care Plan is below.

    The American Health Choices Plan: Ensuring Affordable, Quality, Health Care for All Americans:


    “Today, Hillary Clinton unveiled the third part of her plan to ensure that all Americans have affordable, quality health insurance. Her American Health Choices Plan covers every American – finally addressing the needs of the 47 million uninsured and the tens of millions of workers with coverage who fear they could be one pink slip away from losing their health coverage. For those with health insurance, the plan builds on the current system to give businesses and their employees greater choice of health plans – including keeping the one they have – while lowering cost and improving quality.”

  7. MJ-Great Diary! Dynamic and hard hitting. The Obamaniacs and Edwards kooks will need nitro glicerine tablets and smelling salts when they read it.

  8. I like the tie-in to jobs Hillary is using. It reminds me of Bill’s 1st run when R&D was a big issue. To be honest, it was it his pledge to put more money into R&D that sold me on him. Hillary’s healthcare tie-in uses that same meme and sways the fiscal conservative independent back into the fold as jobs and revenue will be built. In other words, pay to soup up the engine, but get a whole lot of work out of it for a long time to come.


  9. Okie, health coverage is related to american competitiveness issues. I have an MBA. It’s a well known fact that the number one reason companies move jobs out of the US is extreme health care costs.

  10. This is the right move for the primary and the general election. The only thing the Republicans can say is socialism (far from it), high cost (compared to the Iraq War?), and when all else fails ask the 47 million uninsureds to continue using emergency rooms and in the words of the Great White Father in the movie Little Big Man “endeavor to persevere”.

  11. Wbboei, MJ, OkieAtty, – particularly in the general election this economic necessity argument is the one to push. Democrats tend to prefer the humanitarian argument because we are so loving and wonderful.

  12. I agree, MJ. I just liken it to buying better equipment ahead of time so you can be in it for the long haul. Same idea, different lingo.

    Unfortunately, because of energy prices, food and other goods are costing more. I don’t exactly get how Greenspan sayas we’re not heading for a recession. Controlling healthcare expenses is only part of the equation in making us competitive. We have to find alternative energy sources. We’ve needed to for a long time, but industry has been too cheap and CEO’s more worried about performance bonuses and happy stick holders than longterm strategic planning and overall coprorate health.

    It’s like my husband’s building. God love him, but his laziness and cheapness in fixing an AC leak has now destroyed 5K worth the carpet and rendered two offices unusable. A 2K problem has now turned into a 30K problem bc of lost revenue, repair expense and lost energy. Not wise. You have to think longterm instead of worrying about the short term pain.

  13. You know, I like to consider myself as a generally smart person, but I am constantly reminding myself that it ain’t so….

    I’ve been over in the previous thread wondering why no one is posting, only to go to the main page and see admin has started a new one, doh!
    *shakes head*

    I never considered checking, hehe.

    Oh well, now that I’ve found y’all…:)

    This is an exciting day isn’t it? The Clinton camp themselves have said that next to the announcement of entering the race, this UHC plan has been the most important, and now the day has come, I love it!

  14. Gorto, I know how you feel. Its why Sherlock Holmes said the safest place to hide something is the most obvious place.

  15. Hillary was just mobbed, hugged and adored. She is now on stage “Are You Ready?” she says. Hillary is clearly buoyed by the reception – she is almost out of breath from that “warm welcome”.

  16. It looks like Hillary’s decision not to pile on moveon’s ad is paying dividend. Moveon is making an ad to attack Rudy, which is a sign of their appreciation…

    Jane Hamsher also wrote a column:
    MoveOn: Hillary Gets it Right, Elizabeth Edwards Gets it Wrong, and Rudy Gets It In the Eye

  17. Hillary speech: talking about Michelle the SEIU worker she worked with for a day. Michelle is clearly touched.

    Hillary Remarks:

    The American Dream could not have happened without unions. Voices for the voiceless. We could not have grown the economy… Is someone says they are pro-worker but not pro-union something does not add up.

    As long as I am in public life I will stand with you and fight with you.

    We need our voices heard for health care, for better nursing staff ratios, better job contracts, to end the war in Iraq.

    Alongside SEIU I fought for higher wages, for health care for 9/11 responders. Along with SEIU I spoke with home health care workers for better wages, and at Nyack Hospital because the nurses were getting a raw deal.

  18. Oh, this is fun. Today Mitt Romney gave a big speech attacking the universal health care proposal Hillary outlined today as socialized medicine or worse, saying that her plan shows that “she doesn’t believe in the American people.” Romney delivered the speech today in front of St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City.

    But now the hospital is teeing off on Romney, blasting him for using it as a backdrop to push his opposition to universal health care. St. Vincent’s has just released the following statement:

    Today Mitt Romney, a candidate for President, held a press conference outside of St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan without the knowledge or consent of the hospital to make a statement regarding the healthcare debate in the Presidential campaign. As a non-profit organization, St. Vincent’s Hospital does not become involved in political campaigns. We find it unfortunate that Mr. Romney misappropriated the image and good will of St. Vincent’s Hospital to further a political agenda. While St. Vincent’s believes that there needs to be real discussion about healthcare reform and finding ways to provide coverage to the now 47 million Americans without health insurance, it is inappropriate for the hospital to be used for political gain.

  19. Oh christ, I haven’t been able to see any video, I’m using firefox, but when I switched to internet explorer it worked, hmm, it seems it started on the beginning, that’s kind of them as it seems I came to this late.

  20. More Hillary:

    Unfortunately our current president has a different view, when Bush sees a union bug he calls the exterminator. [List of Bush idiot policies]

    That is why they want to privatize Social Security. … Tax cuts instead of child care.

    They call their vision of government “the ownership society” — they own it.

    American workers work harder than anybody in the world.

    It’s like the middle class and workers are invisible.

    If you are a worker you are invisible, a housewife — invisible, [more examples] these people are not invisible to the SEIU nor to the next president.

    Following Bush and Cheney will be especially hard. In the 90s we achieved great progress… Bush turned the clock back to before the 20th century.

    Bush is a radical who has conducted a dangerous experiment who is out of the mainstream of American values.

    After previous excesses the modern progressive movement was born.

    Teddy Roosevelt busted the trusts. The welfare of each of us is dependent on the welfare of all of us.

    We kept moving forward until we came to George W. Bush. We are going to organize, and we are going to raise our voices and take our country back. … We are going up together. .. Will Labor have a seat at the table… Labor built the table!

    Our founders understood checks and balances… Cheney discovered a fourth branch of government… We will get over this abberation.

    We will appoint pro-labor people to National Labor Relations Board.

    We will fight to raise the minimum wage.

    Increases in congressional pay should be linked to increases in the minimum wage.

    Talking actually works. We will invest in child care work force. Stop outsourcing our government.

  21. thanks for the transcript admin, seems I’m late after all, did they hand out awards before Hillary spoke?? What do you see on now?

  22. Fantastic! Looks like the SEIU members appreciate Hillary’s Plan. Also, they now know it was worth waiting for–like the other good things in life.

    Great headline by Hamsher. For too long Move On has been shooting at the wrong target. Finally, they have found Rudy, and it is a match made in heaven. If we are lucky they will be locked in mortal combat for years to come, while the rest of us– move on.

  23. Gaffe machine Richardson has just made another gaffe.

    It seems Bill Richardson has no shortage of gaffes. Addressing SEIU today, Richardson thanked them for their applause: “Thank you, AFSCME!”

    That’s right, Richardson named the wrong union. And it gets worse. SEIU, unfortunately, is an organizational rival to AFSCME in many states, and SEIU’s audience responded to Richardson’s opening line by shouting, “S-E-I-U!”

  24. More Hillary at SEIU:

    We will continue to fight for comprehensive immigration reform.

    We will insist trade agreements have enforceable labor requirements. I voted against CAFTA. Review trade bills every 5 years.

    Fight for retirement security so that companies cannot dump their pension responsibilities.

    Why do billionaires pay less taxes than nurses and other hard working Americans.

    We are going to have to fix a lot of things. I’ll get sworn in, do the parade, go in the office, pick up the rug and I won’t believe what we are going to find their… I’ll have to call the janitors to clean it out and get on the right track! (laughs)

    Our 2 biggest challenges to the next president: getting out of Iraq and providing universal health care.

    Our sons and daughers, mothers and fathers … coming home profoundly injured.

    I want to make one thing clear, the young men and women have done everything they were asked to do.

    There is no military solution but let’s thank all those who serve our country with such distinction.

    The Iraqi government has refused to do the hard work. Same with our government.

    I fear this president has no intention of ending the war.

    I will vote against funding this war as long as it takes. Put the heat on Ripublican senators. We need to make friends around the world.

    When I am elected “the era of cowboy diplomacy is over. America is back and wants to work with you”.

    Finally, my highest domestic priority: universal health care. I have been fighting for this for a long time and I will never give up.

    Health care is a right and not a priviledge.

    Home health care workers, janitors you know this better than anyone. Insure the 47 million uninsured. Those insured must get a good deal.

    We can continue the status quo or we can change our system. That is America’s choice in this election.

    You get to choose if you like or don’t like your current plan for a plan that members of Congress get to choose from. I’m calling it a health choices menu.

    You will have access to a public plan like medicare. Guarantees: no denial of coverage for preexisting conditions or other risk factors; insurance companies can’t disciminate; coverage guaranteed even if you lose your job; affordable, tax credits guarantee this; require insurance company to let you take your insurance with you.

  25. More Hillary: No more discrimination, that’s it (by insurance companies).

    Put Patients First, not insurance company profits. I figure if Andy Stern can stand with Wal-Mart anything is possible. I will never be the insurance company’s Woman of the Year.

    I am being attacked by the other side already (Ripublicans). We’re right, there wrong. We are ready to do something. We need an army of health care workers – let’s overwhelm the opposition with an army of hospital workers.

    We all want change. Change is just a word without the experience to make it happen. I’ve spent my whole live fighting for change. We are going to change this country and we are not going to let anyone stand in our way.

    Yes, we can. Yes, we can. When I am president we will.

    If you hear someone say American can’t elect a woman president, tell them to come with me and see the crowds of people coming to hear me talk and listen as some parent leans down to their daughter and says “see honey, you can do whatever you want to do in life. Or some woman in their 90s who lived before woman could vote who say they want to see a woman in the White House.

    Let me do what I can to be your partner. Be part of what I will do. I will use the bully pulpit and let America know Labor is welcome in the White House again.

    With your help I can’t lose.

  26. Wow. This was a barn burner of a speech. Lot’s of emotional reaction. This is a must see video. Hillary mobbed and loved.

    It’s HILL-MANIA.

  27. WOW, that’s a big Gaffe kostner, can anyone imagine Hillary doing such a thing!! NEVER. At least he admits he makes mistakes often, but we already have that in Bush. Altho it’s a stretch to compare the two, the mistake part is often and similar.

  28. John Edwards is next.

    Hillary is going to be tough to follow. Very nice woman of Jamaican heritage introducing him, lovely lilt to her voice, Elaine Ellis – can’t wait for Hillary to get the nomination and be working with this lovely woman.

  29. Admin, I get emotional just reading it, and can only imagine what it must be like to be in the room when Hillary delivered it.

  30. Kostner what did Richardson respond when the crowd corrected him?
    Did he realize? Or was he just getting the name wrong but knew where he was once he thought about it?

  31. Wbboei, can’t wait to get our digital hands on that video. Hopefully YouTube or SEIU will post the video so we can enjoy it over and over.

    It was a barn burner speech and delivered very very well.

    Long day on the campaign trail for Hillary but she looks great.

  32. Admin., I look forward to it the video too. My sense is that it will define her candidacy for many undecideds and will be the practical equivalent of rolling thunder in the current political debate, because the issue resonates deeply with voters, the approach is sound and among all the candidates she alone has the wisdom and experience to get it done.

  33. I gotta say Hillary and her campaign did an excellent job in coming up with the name “American Health Choices Plan”, already preparing for republican attacks shouting that this is socialized medicine and government controlled where people will have no choices, very smart, well done.
    It’s all in a name isn’t it? There is so much emphasis put on slogans as well, hers: Ready for change, ready to lead.

    I read somewhere that the last time a campaign slogan that was longer than ‘x’ words won, was back in ‘X’, sorry can’t remember, but the point is is needs to be short and simple, because it does have an impact, probably more than we realize. It’s like bush says, his job(in his own words) is to say things over and over again so it sticks.(what an A-S-S)

  34. Seems to me Edwards wanted to thrive on being the first one to bring forth UHC proposal, when Obama came out with one he commended Obama for doing so. (lame attempt at looking superior (But I was first!! I was!))
    And look what Obama says today after Hillarys UHC proposal: “I commend Senator Clinton for her health care proposal,” “It’s similar to the one I put forth last spring.” (I was at least second!! Not last like Hillary)
    Doesn’t matter if you were first, Hillcamp knew all along she would steal the show when she would come out with a plan, so she could take her time.
    Now people have forgotten about JE and BO’s plans, and since people only start to pay close attention now, HRC knew what she was doing waiting it out. Her plan is the plan that people will remember the most when they go to vote!

  35. Clinton on tomorrow’s ‘Good Morning America’ talking about healthcare plan!!! Everything is well planned. Looks like a BANG for a buck so far!

    TiVo Alert! While you’re readying for work, you can watch Hillary Clinton on ABC’s “Good Morning America” airing at 7:00 am ET.

    Clinton also hosts a reception for “New York Farm Day” at the Capitol and attends a fundraiser before holding a live interactive webcast about (you guessed it) the new health care policy at 8:00 pm ET. Clinton along with Chris Dodd deliver 2:00 pm ET testimony at a House Education and Labor Committee Workforce Protections subcommittee hearing on “extending medical leave to military families.”

  36. What higher accolade can there possibly be than to receive a commendation from Senator Obama. The only question is whether his signature on that comendation will suffice or Rezko will be required to co-sign for him.

  37. That John Edwards is starting to piss me off, look what he said when he was taking a swipe at HRC:

    “The cost of that failure 14 years ago is not just somebody’s political fortune or their scars,” he said. “It’s the millions of Americans who have now gone for almost 15 years without health care.” Does he really dare to blame Hillary for all the people that have gone without health care for 15 years????

    Whats the reason we are ALL talking about getting health care today???
    HILLARY is the reason, dammit, the audacity of slickness on that man.
    Nobody else fought for it, she did, she at least tried. John, try blaming the real people responsible, republicans and special interest companies back then, creating Harry & Louise. Blame the real thugs you conniving little man.

  38. This is effing nuts. These pathetic men are blaming Hillary that we don’t have universal. What a laugh riot! Gee, they act like she was already president. Like she single handidly destroyed health care. What effing losers.

  39. Heres another blatantly disrespectful comment from the all mighty John Edwards:

    “I’m glad that, today, the architect of the 1993 plan has another care proposal — and if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then I’m flattered,”


  40. Did anyone watch all three SEIU speeches? Who got the best reception?
    The Obama peeps are claiming ‘best speech of his life’ and the like …

  41. Gorto, are they blaming Hillary or are they blaming the system for what did not happen 14 years ago, because if it is the former then they are floridly delusional for the reasons you state, and if it is the latter, then the appropriate question is what if anything did Edwards do to advance health care reform during his single term in the Senate, and if the answer is nothing then perhaps he should apologize for that as well.

  42. All I have is that quote from an article today, I’ll post the link, But my interpretation is that from John, this is a direct attack on Hillarys “failure”.
    Heres a ‘snip’ from the article:

    In his address to a union group, the former North Carolina senator repeatedly pointed to Clinton’s failed efforts to win health care reform in the 1990s during her husband’s administration.

    “The cost of that failure 14 years ago is not just somebody’s political fortune or their scars,” he said. “It’s the millions of Americans who have now gone for almost 15 years without health care.”
    link: tinyurl.com/3cp43f

  43. Proof that the lack of national healthcare is costing the U.S. jobs.

    Toyota recently passed up offers of millions of dollars in subsidies to put their new auto plant in the U.S., and will instead locate it in Woodstock, Ontario.

    Why ?

    Because Canadian workers are $4 to $5 per hour cheaper to employ than American workers, thanks to the taxpayer-funded national healthcare system in Canada.

  44. she said the magic words-mental health parity. nobody else has this. obama? “all essential medical services, including preventive, maternity and mental health care. ” edwards? “All plans will include comprehensive benefits, including full mental health benefits.” yeah, except “full” and “essential” don’t cover it for mental health patients. mental health benefits in regular insurance usually have a lifetime maximum, so it’s spectacularly ill-equipped to handle chronic conditions which take up all the resources, like schizophrenia and bipolar. imagine telling a dialysis patient, “sorry, you’ve maxed out your coverage. go home and die.” mental health patients get that all the time. hillary’s plan: “The benefits will be as good as those offered to Members of Congress. Such
    coverage includes mental health parity, and many plans offer dental coverage.” finally, health insurance which covers all illnesses, including mental illnesses. i’m ecstatic!

  45. Unless I was dozing I didn’t see the NBC Nightly new show anything about Hillarys health care plan. Instead they had a fairly lengthy interview with Obama (odd choice for a day when Hillary was making major news). In a response to a question about his standing in the current polls Obama said he isn’t as well known as Hillary. He also said that he felt good about his campaign as it was doing better than expected. Mostly it was an interview about absolutely nothing…..it makes me wonder why it even aired. There must have been a major lobbying effort by someone to get Obama on there just to draw attention from Hillary’s news of the day..

  46. Yea, Gorto, on reading your post it is pretty clear that you are correct– the attack was personal, and it makes a false accusation as well.

    Also, I was wrong to say it was delusional, it was intentional and personal. And, most important, it reveals something about Edwards which many of us have expected: that he is the type of individual who would never let a little thing like the truth stand in the way of his ambitions.

    Like you said the other day you can see it in his eyes.

  47. Edwards isn’t the issue. Sure he pisses us off with his empty rhetoric and hiding behind his sick wife, but getting that SEIU endorsement is. I think she has a good spot to get it. Her plan is sound, pragmatic and helps keep US jobs while providing much-needed coverage to millions who are currently w/o it. I bet by month’s end, she has the endorsement and Edwards will be fuming.

    BTW- dKos is majorly messed up. I’m losing my mind and need a rest. I was starting to sound like a tinfoiler.

  48. As a licensed clinician who sees first hand the horrors of the insurance industry, I am deeply disappointed in the Clinton plan. She appears to toady to the insurance industry, and excuses that as a necessary move to get her idea of health care reform enacted. Speaking from the trenches, so to speak, the truth is universal, single payer health care, using the Medicare model is the only acceptable choice at this stage. Whereas I was a Clinton backer, move me back into the undecided column.

  49. Hello folks,

    New CBS poll on Hillary’s healthcare plan is out. Some excellent news for Hillary!!!!

    Sixty-one percent of those who plan to vote in a Democratic primary express confidence in Clinton’s ability to make the right decisions about health care. Forty-two percent say they have confidence in Obama, while 39 percent say they have confidence in Edwards. Forty-nine percent say Clinton would do a better job on health care than her Democratic opponents.

    Registered voters see Clinton’s experience with a failed health care proposal as an asset rather than a liability. Sixty-six percent of all voters, and 77 percent on Democratic primary voters, say her past experience will help her to reform health care if she becomes president. Clinton was appointed by her husband, then-President Bill Clinton, to chair a commission on health care reform in 1993. Just 25 percent of all voters, and 15 percent of Democratic primary voters, say that experience will hurt her.

    Fifty-two percent of registered voters say the lack of health care reform in the 1990s was beyond Clinton’s control. Only 5 percent say she was “mostly responsible” for the lack of reform, while 39 percent say they do not know enough to have an opinion. In a CBS poll in 1994, 43 percent said Clinton’s involvement was one reason health care reform did not pass, while 49 percent disagreed.

  50. A new NH poll is out, good news for Clinton.

    new poll of New Hampshire voters shows Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney leading their respective parties for the presidential nomination.

    The conducted by Franklin Pierce University for WBZ-TV in Boston shows Clinton leading with 36 percent over Barack Obama with 18 percent and John Edwards with 12 percent. Bill Richardson had 10 percent and all other candidates were at three percent or below.

    The Republican race was closer with Romney having 30 percent to Rudy Giuliani’s 23 percent and John McCain with 14 percent. Fred Thompson had 8 percent.

    The poll, conducted last week, had a margin of error of 4.9 percent.

  51. L.A. Democrat, I’m sorry you feel that way. Did you really think her plan would be single payer? That would be dead on arrival in Congress, I’m afraid. Maybe someday that won’t be true, but not now.

  52. Re: Obama at SEIU

    Ambinder says there was a larger than usual # of Illinoisans in attendance, so never mind.

    Am getting tired of all the favorable venues for Obama: Chicago, SC, Howard U, IA, etc.

  53. The goal is to obtain the endorsement of not only the SEIU, but the Teamsters, the AFL-CIO, and all other stakeholders. The concern discussed above is that the principal competitor for those endorsements toward whom Stern previously said the union was leaning not succeed in his apparent attempt to blame Hillary for the failure 14 years ago, because that is damned lie. To you and me the claim may seem frivous on its face, but to those who were not there or have a dim recollection of history it is relevant and merits comment. We all agree that the main thrust here is the merits of the plan itself.

  54. AmericanGal,

    I saw that interview that Brian Williams did with Obama as well. He said his campaign is ahead of where they thought it would be.

    HUH ?

    So, he expected to be losing in every state, only by more ???


  55. Joe Friday: On Daily Kos, some of the Obama supporters spew this nonsense that Obama has paced himself to keep himself in second place and avoid all the problems that attend being in first place and shot at from below. They inevitably end with the observation, “He’s right where we want him to be.” Whenever I read such a comment, I respond, “That’s odd. He’s right where I want to be.”

  56. Hillary is a close third or a close second with Obama? What the hell? Hillary has a great record with this union. Whay would they screw themselves by supporting Edwards, or worse, more support for Obama?

  57. Single payer is not an option for more reasons than I could enunciate right now. LADem, I am sorry you are back in the undecided fold, but I think you are letting your feelings get in the way of your better judgment on the issue. You KNOW that single payer will not happen. It would be DOA. This approach can get a backdoor open for those who want one. I, for one, think this is a better approach than single payer which would lead to almost 3 million families without income and so much more in terms of divorce, suicide, addiction, foreclosures, financial ruin (for shareholders as well mind you).

  58. LADemocrat: Have you read these 2 articles?

    [N.B. Ben Smith has published a series of his short pieces which at least touch on issues. For instance, today he actually mentions the Chicago suicide and mentions Rezko too.]

    Anyway LADemocrat here is the first article from Ben,

    “I’ve got an Indianola-datelined preview of Hillary’s [health care] rollout today, finding that both the candidates and voters, despite the occasionally strident rhetoric, are very focused on finding a plan that will actually pass.

    Indeed, they seem to have been successful in convincing even Democrats who’d prefer a purer, European-style government plan that the best way to move America in that direction is to force private plans to compete with a government alternative, and see how people like it, an argument Hillary refers to in an interesting, unpublicized exchange she had on the issues earlier this year (1:18 in this video).

    Despite those occasional flares of confrontational language, Clinton’s plan — like the other Democrats’ proposals — attempts to split the difference between the demands of party activists and hard-headed political calculation.

    The Democrats all seem to sense that major health care reform, handled carefully, could be within reach for a Democratic president backed by a Democratic Congress in 2009, but all aim to avoid a repeat of the tactical mistakes of the Clinton Administration’s drive for universal health care in 1994.

    And so Clinton and the other candidates, like the voters gathered Sunday in Indianola, are engaged largely in a debate about tactics.

    Clinton was asked directly about the relative modesty of her approach in a revealing, unpublicized New York talk in April, in which a board member of the Community Service Society of New York, Jonathan Greenberg, asked her why she “continue[s] to see the solution” as private insurance, rather than a single-payer national system.

    “Well, I didn’t say that,” Clinton responded, to the audience’s apparent surprise. ”



    “Early coverage of Clinton’s health care plan, to the extent that it focused on contrasts, noted that it includes an individual mandate, like Edwards’ and unlike Obama’s.

    The authorized leaks in today’s AP story contain another interesting contrast. Each of the plans includes a government alternative for people who aren’t enrolled, or can’t enroll, in private insurance. Edwards offers something he’s referred to as “Medicare plus.” Obama offers something modeled on the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program — government-administered competition between private plans. (That “single-sponsor” model is actually, Paul Starr tells me, similar to the 1994 Clinton model for remaking most of the system.)

    And Hillary offers both. AP reports:

    For individuals and families who are not covered by employers or whose employer-based coverage is inadequate, Clinton would offer expanded versions of two existing government programs: Medicare and the health insurance plan currently offered to federal employees. Consumers could choose between either government-run program, but aides stress that no new federal bureaucracy would be created under the Clinton plan.

    Why does it matter? Well, partly because, as I report today, advocates of purer government-run health care see that portion of the plans as a chance to convince Americans to shift to a more European style plan. So it plausibly sets the direction for the next step.

    Not to get ahead of ourselves here.”


  59. mj: Hillary is a close third or a close second with Obama? What the hell? Hillary has a great record with this union. Whay would they screw themselves by supporting Edwards, or worse, more support for Obama?

    It’s irrational given that Obama’s health plan is not what they claim to want. I will say that based on that awful Chicago debate, perhaps union members, in general, respond only to red meat. The article implies that minds have been made up (prior to Clinton releasing third part of plan) and that the Edwards backers are pushing the others hard. It appears that the CA locals are the movers & shakers on this.

    On the flip side, it must be the CA locals that account for Edwards’ 10% or so support in CA — already built-in.

  60. HLR, this is just silly. Hillary delivered the best plan of the three, much in line with Andy Stern’s thinking. And, I would bet you he appreciates the framing of Hill’s plan alot more than Edwards. I will be really pissed if they endorse Edwards.

  61. mj: yes, I’m praying for a “no endorsement.” You’re right about Stern — he is sort of Hillary’s union counterpart in his thinking.

  62. If SEIU endorses Edwards, they are just digging their own grave. Hillary will owe them nothing going forward. Don’t expect special treatment when she gets into the white house.

  63. Interesting about the shirts-

    “”We had a meeting,” explained Laurene Mackay of the United Long Term Care Workers, Local 6434, which she says endorsed Edwards in a membership vote “at the union.” Mackay sported a T-shirt with the John Edwards campaign logo on it, printed in the SEIU colors of yellow on purple, that her local had given her. “We had already chosen who we were going to vote for,” she explained. “Then we got the T-shirts.”

    Those T-shirts were a matter of some controversy with one of her table-mates, Larry Perkins of Local 1000. “I was O.K. with the presentations today with everyone until they got to John Edwards,” he said. “Then I saw all these purple and yellow T-shirts with “John Edwards” on them and I didn’t see shirts for anybody else. It was like they were steering people to John Edwards.” Of course, Perkins himself had been an Edwards man until he saw that. “It was like, man, this was engineered,” he said. “

  64. i wonder how are college kids overed by hillary’s health plan? they dont really have income-they are students so are they covered by the govt? Im confused on that one. i gather that only certain pct can be taken from your check for healthcre-but it will be a sm portion. u can keep what u have or switch to govt plans at any point. to me this sounds like we will end up single payer-as folks will more and more go to govt coverage. right?

  65. Yeah, texan, it’s a loose system that allows people to buy into medicare and the congressional program. She already had intentions to expand SCHIP for young people 25 and younger up to 400% above poverty. You should look at the piece admin linked to. Their quite telling.

  66. LADemocrat, as single payer would never pass, would you rather support Kucinich or not vote for anyone? or *gasp* a republican?

    Or do you like Edwards or Obamas plans better?

    We can’t find the ‘perfect’ candidate, will never happen, so we make compromises with ourselves. We take the best we can get, and I simply don’t see anyone else standing above or beside Hillary, she is in her own league if you ask me. Are you a single issue voter? (I hope you don’t mind me asking)

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