Welcome Aboard Wesley Clark

More good news from a campaign and candidate in top form. Congratulations Hillary. Good job Team Hillary.

Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton was endorsed Saturday by Wesley Clark, the retired four-star general whose early criticism of the Iraq war fueled a high-profile but short-lived run for the party’s nomination in 2004.

“Senator Clinton has the experience, good judgment and the battle tested character to face the challenges ahead,” Clark told The Associated Press.

Clark, who joined the Democratic field four years ago largely due to an active online draft movement, planned to discuss his endorsement on a conference call with bloggers later Saturday.

Update: As pointed out in the comments we have Debbie Stabenow and Magic Johnson too. (and Nevada Assembly Majority Leader John Oceguera, Senate Minority Leader Arzberger of Arizona, Annapolis Mayor Ellen Moyer, Congresswoman Laura Richardson and all the unions and others just this very week.) Fuller list with many new names and organizations added constantly HERE.

Hillary celebrating with Magic Johnson and a whole lotta shaking going on (and listen to Magic: 30 years of experience; There will be changes… that’s why I love her so much):


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  1. Kostner, we raise you a Yhhhhheeee!

    wbboei, looks like even Dick Morris, shoulders slumped, knows Hillary Is 44.

    And this Clark endorsement will be real fine at tomorrow’s Harkin Steak Fry (details on webcast at Hillary Headlines on the right hand side column).

  2. admin,

    I just put the Hillary-Magic news coverage on youtube. If you want, you can put it on the front page. It’s great!!

  3. I have a question. That AP article on the Clark endorsement, which is now in the Yahoo from page (good news), includes this:

    But Clinton also sidestepped questions about a newspaper ad by the liberal group MoveOn.org that criticized the top military commander in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus. She has refused to condemn the ad, which referred to Petraeus as “General Betray-Us.”

    “I have repeatedly not only expressed my strong admiration and support for our men and women in uniform but with respect to General Petraeus, I have also made my respect for him abundantly clear and I think that speaks for itself,” she said.

    My question is, what is Hillary’s strategy here. I’m sure there’s a reason for it, and I want to hear anyone else’s take on it. Is she trying to stand out from the crowd by not bashing moveon.org?

  4. Paula,

    There is absolutely no need to bash moveon. GOPers are using moveon as a strawman due to their stupid ad. Moveone is powerful among anti-war elitists. They are just one more interest group.

    I think this is actually great for Hillary. Moveon gets discreted by MSM due ot that boneheaded attack again Petraues, they are now attempting to blackmail Clinton to vote along their ‘order’.

    By not bashing moveon, but also not defending them, Hillary is striking a smart balance. So next time, when move on makes absurd request on Hillary, she can simply ignores them, and it won’t cause lots of trouble in primaries.

  5. Paula, in politics as in life a good rule is “don’t borrow trouble”.

    Hillary had nothing to do with the move-on ad so a comment by her on the ad is superfluous.

    Other good rules are “mind your own business” and “stay on message”.

  6. kostner, That makes sense. Thank you. I think Hillary’s statement about Petraeus is fine as well.

    This kind of reminds me of when everyone was haranguing her to apologize for her Iraq war vote and wouldn’t. That strategy certainly worked.

  7. Hello folks,

    Another hit piece about Hsu-Clinton in NYT. As Admin predicted, still no Obama’s name dropping even they mentioned the ‘funeral arrangement’ in his suicide note. It is disgusting. I am more and more convinced Obama is planting this story…

    This article was reported by Don Van Natta Jr., Mike McIntire, Patrick Healy and Leslie Wayne and written by Mr. Van Natta and Mr. McIntire.

    Maybe admin can do some research, I am sure those ‘journalists’ are doing Obama’s bid.

  8. Kostner, I’m sure this one, Don Van Natta Jr, in an Obama cheerleader. Where the hell is Dean? He knows this guy is not just a Hillary donor but a huge Democrtaic donor. He should be out fighting this crap. Thanks alot, Dean. I think the media has been so fawning because they epresent Obama’s base, rich elites who vote on personality over policy. Pathetic.

  9. Hey ya’ll, DC dem has a recommended diary on daily kos about this but ya’ll probly know that anyhow. i can’t keep everybody’s handles clearn anyhow…you know…who’s named what. ya know some folks say not a big deal about wesley clark. maybe it wasn;’t unexpected, but gosh darn, timing is everything

  10. Kostner, with PINOs like the New York Times, Democrats don’t need to worry about the right wing press. At least the right wing press is a known entity and immediately discredited when they wirite hit pieces or omit big facts.

    Van Natta of course co-wrote that book recently which did not sell well, along with Gerth, who to this day has not apologized for his junk Whitewater articles.

    DrudgeReport was giddy with happiness the other day when they reported that Van Natta was going on the Hsu beat at the New York Times.

    If Hsu had mentioned Hillary in the suicide note it would have been front page news everywhere.

  11. admin & mj,

    hope you guys can do some research on those ‘journalists’ who wrote another Hsu-Clinton. Find out their link with Obama. We should be ready to pounce.

  12. Ok, I’m at 811 comments on dailykos. This diary is sucking the air out of the room, and still not a peep from the kos front pagers. Typical.

  13. Did you guys see that Senator Stabenow of Michigan, possibly early voting state Michigan, is endorsing us too! What a day 🙂

  14. MJ, like celiff points out, (using Kostner’s favorite phrase) it’s shock and awe. We call it EHS (Exploding Head Syndrome).

  15. Phew!! I just finished catching up on the treads on Big Pink! I’m away for a few hours, and I feel like I’m left behind…hehe. It’s nice tho to see this ‘little’ community of ours going strong! That’s why I don’t go to big blogs like kos, it’s impossible to be up to date, I can barely manage MyDD! 🙂

    Just wanted to comment on something Molly talked about in the previous post(admin your moving on fast – hehe 🙂 ) regarding Sicko.

    I saw it a few months ago, and yes, although it mentions the money Hillary has taken. I gotta say, and I admit I’m biased here, she came off looking pretty good! It has a really good intro of her, great music selection, and rather sexy pictures of Hillary, and three words: Sassy, smart, sexy! Michael Moore has said that he at some point either had a crush on her before, or that he just ‘really liked her’, can’t remember.
    So he never tries to put her in a bad light, but he just felt he needed to stay true to the facts and report them, that she has accepted money.

    I at least appreciated her appearance in his movie, because with Hillarys campaign team they have been able to handle the issue of, not accepting money as wrong, but by NOT being influenced by it.

    It also shows a great moment where Hillary is at a hearing, and the clip shows Hillarys great sense of humor and her sharp wit as noted by the man questioning her, this is exactly what some people and her campaign have wanted to see/show more of, her human warm charming side. Overall I believe this is what will stick inn peoples minds after having watched it. Go see it, it’s good.

  16. Mj, understand why the Wes Clark story is a non story for Big Blogs (can we say Hsu suicide note and Obama to blame too). In our article “Punch Line” we quoted this from Hotline:

    “Sometimes the best way to tell when a Dem WH ‘08 has made a real gaffe is to see which incidents the netroots don’t address at all.”

    This is not a gaffe but a big Hillary score, so like good little Stalinists, the Big Blogs choose to ignore it hoping it will go away. Kos did the same thing when the Jerome Armstrong story broke regarding the SEC. Matt Stoller has, like a good little Stalinist, erased his record of big time Iraq war supporter because now he is a big antiwar guy.

    The Big Blogs prove daily they are jokes. Wes Clark rules today and they can’t stand it. Big Blogs “rather rule in Hell , than serve in Heaven”.

  17. Well, on Jerome’s behalf, he did front page this right off the bat, and there were two front page entries at talkleft. I think Jerome actually likes Hillary. He’s said many nice things about Bill Clinton. Obama seems to grate on his nerves. Can’t say that I blame him. But, per usual, Dailykos and TPM did not front page(I heard TPM didn’t have it anywhere). I’m up to 902 comments on dkos right now. This should have been front paged. And, admin, I think you have it exactly right.

  18. MJ even the dumbest and most self-interested Big Blog owners have to realize that Hillary has this nomination sewn up. Most recognize that Edwards simply does not have the money, the organization, nor the message to get the support he needs to win; Obama has the money but his campaign is so inept and sinking that he won’t make it either. Also, a lot of the Big Bloggers came in with the Dean tide and they still resent Robert Gibbs and his ugly, grotesque advertisment merging Osama Bin Laden with Howard Dean.

    Some are trying to make peace with the eventual nominee and president in order to preserve their little niches. Kos just wants controversy to keep getting hits, ergo ad dollars to his site. Kos will trash all candidates to get those money generating hits.

    Although TPM’s owner posts lots of anti-Hillary skewed items, let’s excuse TPM because it is the sabbath on a big jewish holiday weekend. We suspect either tomorrow or after the holiday there will be acknowledgment from TPM of this great Hillary moment.

  19. Ok, admin, you are probably right about TPM. But Jerome has not been negative about Hill for months and has defended Bill since I started going there. He’s an Edwards guy, but I think he doesn’t like Obama.

  20. It’s remarkable that Obama has managed to alienate everybody. Cuban Americans, Indian Americans, even the most fervent Big Blogs!

  21. I just went and read the story on the Times’ Web site. I actually didn’t think it was that bad. I guess my epxectations for the MSM are low to begin with, lol.

  22. Paula,

    Yeah, it may not be all that bad because there has been no real intimate relationship between Hus and Clintons even he fundraised lots for democrats. That’s why it annoys me so much the MSM is trying to make a story out of nothing. Despicable. Obama’s dirty hands.

  23. Anyone let us know if you find a video clip of that moment when Hillary is called extremely attractive and Magic high fives her alright? I would love to see that moment! 🙂

  24. Also the “Opie” video would be great to post. We’ll keep searching. Doubt Obama ever wants to see “opie” again. What a gomer.

  25. Wes Clark will be on the CNN show Late Edition today.

    Jim Webb will be on C-Span’s Newsmakers today.

    Check local listings. Newsmakers usually airs at 10:00 a.m.

  26. TPM has spent a lot of time and resources covering dirty politicians lately. Especially in Alaska. I think it’s still too early for them in some sense. And don’t forget, as nice as the endorsement is, it’s no surprise either.

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