Hall Of Fame, Part II

Today we will recognize pro-Hillary Heroes who regularly venture forth either here or on other venues to defend Hillary. Today we thank some of them. We will continue our Hall of Fame postings and add more Hillary Heroes.

Our second Hall of Fame inductees:

Not on our original list of nominees, nevertheless by popular acclaim, we induct Tellurian.

Tellurian posts at Democratic Underground. Brave Tellurian does battle, both feet planted firmly on the ground, with those who attack Hillary. Like a Knight of the Round Table, Tellurian uses like a shield a reproduction of the Hillary Is 44 button as a signoff avatar.

Tellurian does not back off when challenged. Using facts as a weapon Tellurian engages the opposition without relenting.

Our second inductee is Berkeley Vox. Berkeley Vox posts here and at one of the Big Blogs. BV’s usual weapons are Hillary’s words and the latest polls – which is enough to drive Hillary opponents into twitches. Berkeley Vox is willing to call out candidates by name when they attack Hillary. A typical Berkeley Vox poll post (“This is the third time this week Hillary has reached a new high-water mark in the poll. Obama’s support is at its lowest level since February.”) will drive opponents into a frenzy merely by posting the poll results. When a good Hillary poll emerges, a regular and completely expected phenomenon, Berkeley Vox will post the poll and achieve comic results – like a cat given a ball of yarn – comedy ensues as Hillary opponents contort themselves to explain why the poll actually means something else.

MassLib speaks from the heart. Surrounded by Ripublicans off line MassLib fights for Hillary with Naderite opponents online. Typical of Hillary supporters MassLib supports Hillary by referencing history. A strong literate woman supporting a strong literate woman for president.

Alegre describes herself as a “married with children – pro-choice, tree-huggin, Million Mom Marchn’ yellowdog Democrat“. Alegre helps organize Hillary supporters and has at least once made Hell freeze over.

GeorgeP at another Big Blog is recognized as a lucid Hillary supporter even by the most rabid Hillary attackers. GerogeP will typically post the latest good Hillary poll, provide a good analysis of the poll methodology and results. The poll post will generally end with dire news for Hillary opponents and vibrant imagery demonstrating Hillary’s strengths. (“The closer we get to the primaries, the more the polls seem to be moving towards Clinton, both nationally and in states. Over the last 5 weeks Clinton has added to her considerable national leads and also padded leads she held in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Michigan, Nevada, Florida, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc. .. The race is not over quite yet, but it is obvious that going after Clinton with criticism (and making headlines with that) is not working for either Edwards or Obama, in fact it looks to be hurting.)

Our very first inductee ever, DCDemocrat we described as a “patient” educator. AreYouReady, our last inductee for this cycle, is not quite that patient. Employing mockery, the back of the hand, giggles and quick tough jabs AreYouReady quickly dismisses Hillary opponents. While others choose subtlety, AreYouReady is always ready to demolish opponents. Why use a flyswatter when a wrecker’s ball can do the job? AreYouReady arrives with the wrecker’s ball with amazing rapidity. Today’s Big Blog post from AreYouReady is pungent and typical “Obama: ‘snore-y and stinky’…” When challenged AreYouReady will reply bluntly (typical post from today “lighten up! This is what Obama all about. Media, photo, Hollywood party…”). Who can argue with such clear logic so bluntly delivered? Not Hillary opponents – they AreNeverReady.

We will have another Hall of Fame induction ceremony around October. There are many more names that need to be recognized. Our voices are growing louder and Hillary supporters are growing firmer and more numerous on the Big Blogs. Thanks to all who comment on this site. We’ll post soon about our “Report from…” program and how you can participate.


47 thoughts on “Hall Of Fame, Part II

  1. Wow, thanks so much. I’m Masslib, bookgrl on mydd…Don’t ask. But thanks so much for the accolades.

    Please all chack out our new blog site for Hill:

    It’s not like this one, which is great for venting and has so much in way of articles, links, and polls to offer. It’s just a small, positive Hillary-centric blog spot. Nothing negative about the other candidates, in fact we don’t really mention them. Just to put out another good vibe for Hill. Check it out.

  2. Congrats to all the new inductees! Hats off to you and thanks for all you do and have done to keep our girl on track for 44! We all gotta just keep on keepin’ on. We got the best candidate, probably in history, with the best team at her back. It doesn’t really matter who her opponents are or what the hell they’re doin’ or who they’re doin’ it with, long as we stay focused. We will prevail! –mollyj

  3. Imagine a primary with Hillary Clinton running opposite Bill Clinton – that’s how tough it was deciding between so many great nominees.

  4. Congratulations, folks!

    Let’s be prepared for the next battle and map out our strategy. The next battle line will be the fight over Iraq. Clearly, big blogs want to use wedge issue to demolish our girl Hillary. We need to be ready for the tough battle ahead.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama decide to make some gesture to embrace big blogs in the weeks ahead.

    Let’s think this through and be ready for the battle ahead!

  5. Kostner, I have a feelin’ you are right. HAve had some dems tell me that they won’t send money to any candidate till there is a move to impeach Bush. Somethin’ came into my email this mornin’ about pressurin’ congress on Iraq. -mollyj

  6. Nice little write-up on Hillary’s fundraiser this morning in Westchester County, via Politics on the Hudson:

    Before she headed off to Atlantic City and an appearance before the New Jersey State Democratic Party Convention, Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke at a closed-to-press fundraiser in Rye Brook this morning.

    According to at least one account, Clinton was a big hit with the more than 500 people who attended the breakfast event, spurring several ovations during her 20 minute stump speech.

    “She was more relaxed than I’ve ever seen her,” said Westchester County Executive Andrew Spano, who introduced Clinton to the audience. “I really enjoyed listening to her. She just covered the whole gamut in a short period of time.”

    Spano, who has had made countless speeches in his political career, said introducing Clinton is a becoming an anxiety-producing event thanks to her status as a presidential front runner.

    “I changed my suit twice this morning,” Spano joked. ”(Introducing Clinton) is something I can tell my grand kids about.”

  7. thanks paula for the heads-up.

    I hope Hillary will have another excellent quarter in her fundraiser… Hopefully she’ll blow up Obama.

    Obama’s money is the only thing that keeps him on the life support.

  8. Hi, there is a new blog for Hillary supporters and it looks nice. Just wanted to inform the good folks here in case they are interested.


    It’s good to see more places for us Hillary supporters when there is so much negativity out there in general on the net.

  9. Aw, thanks 🙂

    Well it’s easy to blog when you’re writing about such a great candidate, and when her Internet team gives bloggers so many tools and resources (embed-able video, daily press releases, coherent and consistent messaging) to carry the campaign’s message forward. Mad props, as the kids say, to everyone who blogs for Hillary. Still a lot of work ahead though, before we hit those inauguration parties!


  10. Kostner, you are right that the Big Blogs are trying to generate some action on Iraq to attack Hillary with. There is at least the appearance of a coordinated effort, spearheaded by head kook kos to get Hillary and Obama to dance to the nutroots tune.

    Obama has badly veiled contempt for kos and company. Further, Obama has not done anything about Iraq since he has been in the senate and he is not going to do something now in order to ingratiate himself with the kooks.

    As to Hillary, the Hillary Team is running a smart campaign and is not going to be tossed about on some nut’s whim. Hillary and the Team will pursue good policies.

    The thing to realize is that the game has substantially changed now.

    It is September and the very teeny-tiny group of typists that run the Big Blogs have lost whatever chance they ever had of influencing the debate. By that we mean that with the arrival of September the campaigns have begun to air advertisments and run multi-state campaigns. The teeny-tiny Big Blogs are very tiny indeed when compared to the millions of voters the campaigns are now addressing. All the campaigns are upping their efforts which minimizes the impact the disunited Big Blogs can assert.

    Perhaps around the time of YearlyKooks they could have hurt the Hillary campaign a little. At that time it was summer and not much was going on (in comparison to the explosion of political and non-political activities which arrive with fall).

    The Big Blogs will continue to try to Naderize this campaign. We won’t let them.

  11. That’s right BV. Send the dancing shoes to the shoemaker now. Those victory parties are going to put a severe strain on footware.

  12. hi admin,

    Thanks for your analysis… Do you know if there’s any covenient tool to measure the traffic of each site? I tried ‘site meter’ (wrong name?) but it did not work…

    It’d be interesting to see how dailykos, mydd have been doing these days.


  13. Congrats to all the inductees..

    The Hillarysbloggers site is great. Bookmarked for future positive Hillary news countering the negativity encountered daily. Thanks to whoever is the creator.

    Mrs. S.

  14. hey guys. back from a day from hell at the dmv, paying car taxes, and getting a new bith certificate becuase my old one is dying. hours of waiting. anyway congrats georgep and areyouready. they are hard core defenders of out hillary to the foam at the mouth rabid haters and naderites.dcdem you are among the best of em on daily kooks. mollyrichards keep on truckin on mydd and fight em off.

  15. lol admin. “the teeny tiny big blogs” hillarious!!! they are so angry and frusterated hillary is way ahead they will throw anything at the wall to try and make it stick. it is not working. you can see the anger building bucuase their attacks are more and more vile. at us hillfans and hillary. SCREW EM. GO HILLARY GO!!!!

  16. just saw unhinged kos posted hillary’s letter on his front page. Those kos kids are just a bunch of kids. They are begging, begging attention from Hillary.

    The truth is Hillary does not need them, but they need Hillary badly. They have Richardson, Dodd, Edwards making all sorts of meaningless statements on a daily basis. If mad kos is so confident, why does not he just go ahead and endorse one of these ‘leaders’?

    Their paper tiger nature has again been shredded into pieces.

  17. Kostner, take it easy. I don’t care what Kos thinks. I am interested in how Hillary leads. I think she has been very effective on Iraq. I hope she can get the president to take some action there. Those people at dkos will never support Hillary, but she doesn’t have to be enemy number 1.

  18. guys, do you know what is ironic about the haters, naderites, and nutkooks? they claim to be the love everyone, not hate. claim they are inclusive and don’t discriminate. but they do just that with hillary. they call her names like corporate”whore”, making sexists remarks slanderous induendo, and make rightwing-like attacks on her character. when you call them on it and call them haters they believe in their denials and attack like rapid racoons. they are no better than the rightwing dogs of the 1990’s on bill and hillary.

  19. Hello folks,

    I don’t post on Hillary’s official blogs. Can some of you who post there invite folks to come to this site and urge them to fight for Hillary against big blogs? We need to extend our base, and encourage more dedicated Hillary supporters to join the good fight against big blogs’ smear of Hillary in the days ahead!

  20. Terrondt, Kostner, we should be kind to them – their world of delusion is crumbling. They thought Hillary would be too afraid of attending YearlyKooks and she showed up and shone. They thought she would be destroyed by Memorial Day and that Obama and Edwards would need them as powerbrokers. Instead, well, it’s a Friday night we’ll be kind. They will be singing a different song soon.


    Did anyone know this thing has lyrics? We know one word that will have to change soon. It will be nice to once again not cringe everytime it plays and have to run out of the room screaming.

  21. Hi admin,

    This is a great place to collect information and fire up dedicated Hillary supporters to take the battle to the hearts of our enemies. When more dedicated Hill supporters show up here, I’m sure they’ll be inspired to do battle on dailykos/mydd and other big blogs…

  22. btw,

    how can I sign up to ‘hillarysblogger’? Should I create a blog? Can I create diary entries after joining in?

  23. MAUREEN DOWD’s acerbic article on Obama…

    Barack’s stale ‘outsider’ approach will fail against Hillary
    W ASHINGTON | Barack Hussein Obama squinted into the New Hampshire sun to read a new speech on his teleprompter Monday and turned into William Jennings Bryan.

    It isn’t a good fit. Obama is many things, but the Great Commoner ain’t one of them. Bryan gave a Cross-of-Gold speech, and Obama gave a Cross-of-Media speech.

    The urbane young senator who rules over Chicago society, the glamour boy who has graced more fashionable magazine covers than Heidi Klum, the debonair pol who has wowed crowds at white-tie and black-tie press dinners in D.C., suddenly started ranting about Washington pundits and other jades on the Potomac who don’t appreciate the thrilling loftiness of his message and purifying minimalism of his resume.

    Suddenly, the candidate who had so consciously modeled himself and his wife, Michelle, on JFK and Jackie was a simple rube, fighting the system.

    “There are a lot of people who have been in Washington longer than me, who have better connections and go to the right dinner parties and know how to talk the Washington talk,” he told an audience in Manchester.

    The smooth-jazz senator claiming no facility with “Washington talk” struck a false note. In the traditional Labor Day kickoff to a campaign that has already left us weary of the inauthentic, the shopworn and the hyperprepped, Obama told voters: “Now, when the folks in Washington hear me speak, this is usually when they start rolling their eyes, ‘Oh, there he goes talking about hope again. He’s so naive. He’s a hope-peddler. He’s a hope-monger.’ Well, I stand guilty as charged. I am hopeful about America. Apparently, the pundits consider this a chronic condition, a symptom of a lack of experience.”

    Actually, the only thing we regard as a symptom of a lack of experience is a lack of experience. This pundit, for one, needs hope as much as any American these days. But the only time I roll my eyes is when my hope is dashed that Obama will boldly take on Hillary.

    The Obama promise was a fresh approach to politics, and now he pulls out the oldest trick in the playbook — the insider-who-pretends-to-be-an-outsider bit, the tactical populist, the sophisticate desperately shedding his sophistication.

    Obama doesn’t understand that his new approach — obliquely attacking Hillary by dismissing “those who tout their experience working the system in Washington” — cedes ground to her by admitting she has more experience working the system.

    He allows Hillary to present herself as having the experience to be president just because she was married to one. He should be making the opposite case, that Hillary — go ahead, use her name, she won’t bite you, or even if she does, you’ll get over it — knew nothing about the system.

    In the White House, she botched health care and bungled dealing with special prosecutors. And in the Senate, she played it safe and became a Democratic Senator Pothole while helping W. launch his disaster in Iraq.

    The joke on Obama is that the only experience that has served Hillary well has been the experience of raw, retail politics — the kind he turns up his nose at — which has allowed her to seem authoritative and professional and singularly unwhiny in speeches and debates.

    By conjuring a scenario where Hillary is the deft insider and he’s the dewy outsider, Obama only plays into her playbook.

  24. MoDowd was a but racist in that column dontcha think? the “smooth-jazz” line struck a sour note with me. I’m good with attacking his disingenuous manner, but sliding in artful terms which bring to mind race is just not cool.

    Big Dog’s statements to Matt Lauer the other day about when people meet Hillary they are surprised they like seems to be getting traction in local media reports about her appearances. I seem to recall a lot of anecdotal stuff recently in Iowa and Nevada about how genuine and engaging she is. it sure doesn’t hurt she is well-informed and has an absolute command of facts (and the English language. lol). No one says that about Stinky or his wife. They seem to talk more about being disappointed and that he is all hype. Just wait until they look at his record or lack thereof.

  25. I’m with you, mp. She’s the one who started that whole David Geffen thing. She despises Hillary; that’s why she’s so disappointed in Obama, because he hadn’t overtaken her.

  26. Nah, she’s just playing the latest and greatest hits of the MSM. The shine has worn off Stinky and they’re tired of Stinky’s people coming to them with non-attributable stuff and not getting any real access. MoDowd may be an asspain sometimes, but she does (or has done) some solid work. She’s not writing anything that anyone else isn’t writing or is about to write.

  27. Heres a link to an article discussing Obamas attempt at getting the womens vote.
    Just scroll through it near the bottom, and it says: A WOMAN WHO DIFFERS
    Haha, that they would put that video up at the end of an article just full of praise for Obama and what a great candidate for women he is. I love it. check it out.


    And just a quick online poll online at newsweek with regards to Obama – Oprah endorsement effect.
    This one is better in our view, then the CBS poll, evenly split at 30% – 60%

    Down on the paige to the right is the poll.
    I’m gonna try and copy it here and see if it shows up.

    Do celebrity endorsements of politicians influence who you’ll consider voting for? * 5213 responses
    Yes 3.7%
    No 95%
    Not sure 1.7%

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