Hall Of Fame, Part II

Today we will recognize pro-Hillary Heroes who regularly venture forth either here or on other venues to defend Hillary. Today we thank some of them. We will continue our Hall of Fame postings and add more Hillary Heroes.

Our second Hall of Fame inductees:

Not on our original list of nominees, nevertheless by popular acclaim, we induct Tellurian.

Tellurian posts at Democratic Underground. Brave Tellurian does battle, both feet planted firmly on the ground, with those who attack Hillary. Like a Knight of the Round Table, Tellurian uses like a shield a reproduction of the Hillary Is 44 button as a signoff avatar.

Tellurian does not back off when challenged. Using facts as a weapon Tellurian engages the opposition without relenting.

Our second inductee is Berkeley Vox. Berkeley Vox posts here and at one of the Big Blogs. BV’s usual weapons are Hillary’s words and the latest polls – which is enough to drive Hillary opponents into twitches. Berkeley Vox is willing to call out candidates by name when they attack Hillary. A typical Berkeley Vox poll post (“This is the third time this week Hillary has reached a new high-water mark in the poll. Obama’s support is at its lowest level since February.”) will drive opponents into a frenzy merely by posting the poll results. When a good Hillary poll emerges, a regular and completely expected phenomenon, Berkeley Vox will post the poll and achieve comic results – like a cat given a ball of yarn – comedy ensues as Hillary opponents contort themselves to explain why the poll actually means something else.

MassLib speaks from the heart. Surrounded by Ripublicans off line MassLib fights for Hillary with Naderite opponents online. Typical of Hillary supporters MassLib supports Hillary by referencing history. A strong literate woman supporting a strong literate woman for president.

Alegre describes herself as a “married with children – pro-choice, tree-huggin, Million Mom Marchn’ yellowdog Democrat“. Alegre helps organize Hillary supporters and has at least once made Hell freeze over.

GeorgeP at another Big Blog is recognized as a lucid Hillary supporter even by the most rabid Hillary attackers. GerogeP will typically post the latest good Hillary poll, provide a good analysis of the poll methodology and results. The poll post will generally end with dire news for Hillary opponents and vibrant imagery demonstrating Hillary’s strengths. (“The closer we get to the primaries, the more the polls seem to be moving towards Clinton, both nationally and in states. Over the last 5 weeks Clinton has added to her considerable national leads and also padded leads she held in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Michigan, Nevada, Florida, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc. .. The race is not over quite yet, but it is obvious that going after Clinton with criticism (and making headlines with that) is not working for either Edwards or Obama, in fact it looks to be hurting.)

Our very first inductee ever, DCDemocrat we described as a “patient” educator. AreYouReady, our last inductee for this cycle, is not quite that patient. Employing mockery, the back of the hand, giggles and quick tough jabs AreYouReady quickly dismisses Hillary opponents. While others choose subtlety, AreYouReady is always ready to demolish opponents. Why use a flyswatter when a wrecker’s ball can do the job? AreYouReady arrives with the wrecker’s ball with amazing rapidity. Today’s Big Blog post from AreYouReady is pungent and typical “Obama: ‘snore-y and stinky’…” When challenged AreYouReady will reply bluntly (typical post from today “lighten up! This is what Obama all about. Media, photo, Hollywood party…”). Who can argue with such clear logic so bluntly delivered? Not Hillary opponents – they AreNeverReady.

We will have another Hall of Fame induction ceremony around October. There are many more names that need to be recognized. Our voices are growing louder and Hillary supporters are growing firmer and more numerous on the Big Blogs. Thanks to all who comment on this site. We’ll post soon about our “Report from…” program and how you can participate.