New Hampshire Ready For Change

Update: Check our update on Michelle Obama immediately below the Hillary ad.


The brand, sparkling, new Hillary advertisement starting to air in New Hampshire.

We’e Hillary Is 44, and we approve this message.


Labor Day 2007: Fun with Michelle Obama. After belittling her hubby yet again, Michelle admits, in a disjointed speech

“We just got done with vacation. And we’re still losing our minds. We don’t know where we are. We don’t know what we are doing.”

Amen to that, Michelle.

[The fun quote is 2 minutes 34 seconds into the clip.]


98 thoughts on “New Hampshire Ready For Change

  1. Just saw that fund-raiser Hsu didn’t show up for his bail hearing in Calif. Great …. 🙁

    As if he didn’t embarrass Hillary and other Dems enough.

  2. “Suddenly, the candidate who had so consciously modeled himself and his wife on J.F.K. and Jackie was a simple rube, fighting the system… The smooth jazz senator claiming no facility with `Washington talk’ struck a false note. In the traditional Labor Day kickoff to a campaign that has already left us weary of the inauthentic, the shopworn and the hyper-prepped, Obama told voters: `Now, when the folks in Washington hear me speak, this is usually when they start rolling their eyes, “Oh, there he goes talking about hope again. He’s so naïve. He’s a hope-peddler. He’s a hope-monger.” Well, I stand guilty as charged. I am hopeful about America. Apparently, the pundits consider this a chronic condition, a symptom of a lack of experience.'”

    Dowd continues, “Actually, the only thing we regard as a symptom of a lack of experience is a lack of experience. This pundit, for one, needs hope as much as any American these days. But the only time I roll my eyes is when my hope is dashed that Obama will boldly take on Hillary, making his campaign more than cameras and mirrors and magazine covers.”

  3. My initial impression is that the ad’s okay, repeats the right talking points / tested phrases. It also portrays something that I’m unfamiliar with out here in the wild electric city: HRC on the campaign trail. What I mean to say is that I’m familiar with Clinton’s debate and other television performances (along with her history/experience). They constitute good selling points. But none of that gives the impression of a groundswell of support that the ad appears to attempt to engender. Maybe that is happening out on the campaign trail. Or maybe this is something the campaign is hoping to ignite. We’ll see.

    Meantime, Michelle O-Bomb-A is certainly no Jackie! And Maureen Dowd’s delightful wickedness is always a pleasant relief. Is anybody else as repulsed by O-Bomb-A and his wife as I am? It’s a visceral thing and I think Dowd has hit it on the head, why I respond this way – the inauthentic nature of their schtick. They just make me cringe.

  4. tonight 11:35 ‘nightline’ ABC will do an interview with Mark Penn, Hillary’s brain.

    Meet Clinton’s ‘Numbers Junkie’

    ABCNews now has the article up. I know many people, even Hillary supporters are not big fans of Mark Penn, but I believe he’s brilliant based on the account of this article.

    He’s a great pollster, looks like he’s very confident abotu Hillary’s chance.

  5. For those keeping track of the California electoral vote ballot proposal there is good news here:


    “Our recent survey of likely June 2008 primary voters shows that the Republican initiative to change the way California allocates its electoral votes has a very limited opportunity to receive a majority vote, even with a record-low voter turnout.

    This memo addresses three core findings:

    The measure starts off below 40%. In California, initiatives that start off below majority support almost never pass.

    The more voters learn basic, factual information about the measure the more likely they are to oppose it.

    Opposition already appears to have increased over the last several weeks.

    Based on the research, we believe that this is an initiative that would have a difficult time passing in California – just as a similar initiative was badly beaten in Colorado in 2004. More information on this initiative beyond this memo is available at

  6. I agree – the O Bomb As make me ill. I find these guys to be the most air-brushed pair I’ve seen in a while. Barack grates on me, his cadence of speaking is really annoying and he sounds really arrogant. And what is up with the Michelle hairstyle? Is she trying to look like a Repbublican Stepford wife or what? The campaign is totally packaging, and photo ops. I have no clue what he would do in the White House.

  7. Mark Penn is a self-described numbers junkie who started out as a shy boy from the Bronx, N.Y. Penn’s shyness has actually become an asset — he wanted to discover what people were thinking without having to ask them.

    Penn conducted his first poll at age 13. It was a poll about race relations in America, and the moment he sent it out, he said he realized, “Wow, I can find out what different people thought by sending out flyers and analyzing them, and being a different detective. … I always found it fascinating from this very first poll.”

    He now polls on everything from the Iraq War to what television shows people watch (Republicans like “24,” he said. And for the last 10 years he has been the man that Bill and Hillary Clinton have enlisted to help them figure out what voters think.

    Penn crafts the questions, interprets the answers and currently serves as Mrs. Clinton’s most influential adviser, her senior strategist.

    Watch Cynthia McFadden’s full interview with Mark Penn tonight on “Nightline” at 11:35 p.m. EDT

    ‘I’m No Karl Rove’
    Despite his influence, Penn said he’s no Karl Rove. Penn said that he is “Hillary Clinton’s Mark Penn, I’m no Karl Rove, and I’m doing my work in this campaign, and I hope it turns out tremendously well.”

    Penn said he sees Rove “as a brand.” “What he’s done really stands for a philosophy, I think, dividing the country,” he said. “I’ve always been about bringing the country together, looking for swing voters.”

    When President Bush’s Karl Rove announced his resignation last month, he took to the airwaves to question Sen. Clinton’s electability in a general election. In response, Clinton said “it’s interesting that he is so obsessed with me. And I think the reason is we know how to win.”

    Penn is credited with helping both Clintons win and has been a key figure in the senator’s political ascent. Penn zeroed in on small, local issues in New York to help the former first lady overcome her negatives in a state where she had no roots. He is famous for discovering the “soccer mom,” the key swing vote that helped President Clinton get re-elected in 1996. Penn was the first person Bill Clinton embraced at the Democratic convention that year.

    So if the soccer mom was the key in 1996 for Bill Clinton, what will it be key for his wife? Penn said he doesn’t know who the key swing voters will be just yet. “This election is different because with Sen. Clinton, I think there’s going to be a huge outpouring of women for the senator,” he said.

    There is no doubt in Penn’s mind, at this early date, that his candidate will be the Democratic nominee. “I believe she’s going to be the nominee. I think every day is a good one, and I think that as every day goes on people see that she has the strength and experience to become president,” he said.

    Penn’s Strategy Session
    Penn welcomed “Nightline” into a strategy meeting last week. The question on the table was a sensitive one: How would Sen. Clinton fare as a national candidate against various Republican opponents?

    Sitting with his polling team, which included Amy Leviton, Andrew Claster and Josh Werman, Penn looked over the latest maps, and in counting up the blue states saw Clinton now ahead now 337 electoral votes. Once again, the key seems to be zeroing in on women voters.

    Reviewing the latest analysis from his team, Penn’s read was that “if 10 percent more women came, that would really give her almost all the major talked about swing states.”

    Penn, of course, is too savvy not to keep in mind that the cameras are watching, so of course, the best spin is put forward. He says he believes that Clinton is the most electable candidate in the general election and is leading the race. In fact, according to the latest polls, Clinton is running neck and neck with the Republican front-runners.

    Penn’s philosophy when it comes to this election is that Americans should not focus on what he calls the “elites obsession with the personality of the candidate” but on the issues that affect the average voter. That was the basis of Hillary Clinton’s successful Senate campaign in New York and is central to her presidential race.

    But not all of Penn’s client’s have taken his advice. While working for Al Gore in 2000, Penn said they had a fundamental disagreement. “He thought there was Clinton fatigue. I thought there was Clinton nostalgia but not fatigue. I think that was his view at the time, and that was my view.”

    “I think when you look at it, when you look back, I think that had he embraced the policies of President Clinton and embraced the President Clinton who’d been with him for so many years, I think it might have made the 1 percent difference,” Penn said.

    ‘The 1 Percent Difference’
    The 1 percent difference is at the heart of Penn’s new book, “Microtrends,” in which he identifies 75 micro groups inside the United States. “The old view of America was we had a melting pot. It was all about so many different cultures coming together into one, and I think now it is a more niching of America,” he said. “People are making many more choices in these lifestyles, and they’re being put together not just by class, and not just by race, but by these choices that really sit at the core of the microtrends.”

    Penn said that if you have a movement that approaches 1 percent, you have something that is small, yet potentially very powerful. He said that “Today 1 percent is a best-selling book, the best-selling car there is — it is a dynamic movement.” Not all the trends are political or even serious: cougars, unisexuals, second-home buyers, do-it-yourself doctors, Protestant Hispanics and old new dads are among his microtrends.

    Penn is an old new dad himself. In addition to three older children from a previous marriage, Penn has a 5-year-old daughter with wife Nancy Jacobson, who fundraises for Hillary Clinton. He credits Jacobson with helping him shed his old nickname from his White House days, when he was affectionately called Schlumpy. He still retains some of his rumpled professor style and readily admits to wearing two different shoes for a meeting in the oval office.

    “I’ve never been one to, you know, to put good dress above letting the substance out, and so for me sometimes, I just get so wrapped up with what I’m doing and in this case, I can’t remember why I wound up with too different shoes, and another time, I took the president’s coat on the way out, only to discover out later it was his.”

    Surely the president gave his pollster a pass.

    ‘Take Nothing for Granted’
    Penn rejects the idea that Sen. Clinton’s gradual shift to an antiwar position — a movement that’s in line with public opinion — reveals a close reliance on polls. He said that his serving as the senator’s pollster and chief strategist doesn’t mean that there is necessarily a hard connection between the two roles.

    “I think people confuse those judgments with the tough judgments that candidates like Sen. Clinton make on the hard issues, and I think she’s out there every day talking about ending the Iraq War, about having universal health care and ending our dependence on foreign oil,” he said.

    Penn has taken some heat for the many hats he is wearing these days. In addition to his work for Clinton, he is the CEO of Burson Marstellar. The PR giant represents Cinta Corp., which is resisting pressure to unionize its work force, a position that many union heads have openly criticized

    But Penn spends most of his time on the Clinton campaign. He averages about five hours of sleep a night and lives on Diet Coke. He said that the intensity of this campaign has only started. “You never get through one of these primary campaigns without a near-death experience,” he said. “It’s never happened. There have been nothing but steady days, but we take nothing for granted.”

  8. Can you believe that Obama is surrounding himself with hundreds of foreign policy advisors now? He knows so little in the realm that he needed that many advisors? And Oprah might get a high position in stumping for him. Sick. I am so sick of him. I live in a large Iowa college town, so all I hear is Obama, Obama, Obama. I am sick of it, his campaign is slowly collapsing, so at least I have that to look forward to. We are going to work so hard to get the real message out there that our candidate is better for kids, better for America, and better than either of the Obamas wish they could be. Check out the Obama info on the vile Huffingtonpost ):

  9. Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney are both enjoying huge leads in their respective primaries in Michigan, according to American Research Group:

    Clinton 43%
    Obama 21%
    Edwards 14%
    Richardson 5%

    Romney 39%
    Giuliani 13%
    Thompson 12%
    McCain 9%
    Gingrich 7%

  10. Bill Clinton will appear on Larry King Live tonight to peddle his latest book and his wife’s presidential bid. However, his comment on the sex scandal surrounding Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) will likely grab more headlines.

  11. Oprah was so weird with BC on her show – trying hard not to be defensive. I read from Instyle that she had to pay off her boy friend Steadman 300 Million dollars after their break up to keep him quiet and she has gained all the weight she lost. May be that had an effect on her as well. I for one don’t trust everything these magazines write! Most of them are trash! But, who cares!

  12. You know, y’all, if anybody, like Chertoff comes after Hillary, I am hoping it will backfire like crazy. Enough is enough. I am really determined that people see this for what it is…it is an attempt of a small group to try and ruin bill and hillary and it’s been going on since the beginnin’ of time. What people realize is this: it can happen to anybody. If Hillary runs away because somebody might “get” her, it’s worse because it gives those types a license to ruin other people. She has to stand up to these people and when she does, she’s doing it on behalf of many people –mollyj

  13. Celiff, talk some sense into some of these kids. Please keep giving us updates from Iowa. That is so true about Obama. He relies way too much on advisors.

    What’s up with Oprah? She can’t win this for him, why on earth would she inject herself any more than she already has into a primary campaign? Honestly, I think she has a crush on him. And, I think she doesn’t want to lose her status as most powerful women.

  14. Hey y’all, I am so disappointed in Oprah. Maybe just the thought of influencing the election caused her to lose perspective on things. I dunno. I agree that he relies way, way too much on advisors. He just doesn’t have the right stuff. You’ve got to have some good background and information yourself to be able to filter what the advisors say unless you’re gonna rely on throwing darts or an executive decision maker type thing like they sell for gag gifts. We know we got the best candidate, hands down. i want to write a longer essay about this business of experience. He makes so much about the kinds of experience that “should” count and I get so pissed off at those no nothin’s that say Hillary’s time as first lady doesn’t count. That is so full of shit. Well her campaign is doin’ a lot to dispell this. I am writin’ all my former students who I can track down and talk to them about the election. And I got a load of Hillary buttons today. I’m walking around with mine on and givin’ out to people who pledge to support her.

  15. I agree with the ‘consensus’ on here about Oprah, she needs to back off.
    It’s fine to a certain effect to lend a helping hand to someone you support. But as a celebrity I think you should first and foremost remember that, especially in such a process as an election, you are just a person. One person One vote.

    Obama is not in dire need of media attention, which is what she could bring him, so she should stay away.
    It’s the same as if Hillary used Bill all the time possible, he should stay away most of the time and let her do her thing, so should Obama, go it alone.
    He is starting to look like Edwards, only he needs two (michelle/Oprah) strong women to do the fighting for him. 🙂
    Who knows, maybe this could backfire on Obama, not many people outside of Hollywood at least, appreciate celebrities telling them who to vote for.

  16. Two things: What’s this about Chertoff and Hillary? That link doesn’t work.

    Also, what did Bill say about Sen. Craig?

    BTW, AOL stinks. They have a headline, “Hillary’s fundraiser on the lam,” which is completely misleading. The actual AP article it links to is very fair, on the other hand.

  17. ps. Although I don’t like to think that people will be persuaded just by what someone on tv tells them, Oprah does have an impact, such as with the books she promotes going to the top of the lists, and other things.

    Can you imagine, with so many women watching her show, and admiring her and value her opinion, if she had actively endorsed Hillary, what an impact that would make?! I think her supporting Obama, got a lot more women than you’d think, stuck in a push and pull fight with themselves as to whom to support. Just a thought.

    And what are Oprahs priorities here, seems she kind of jumped the gun with her early support for Obama, with his mistakes and all. Maybe a classic case of head and heart support, endorsement based on issues/policies or ‘person’. ??

  18. Gorto, that is my point. She’s going to divide her fans. I have not watched her show for years, but I sometimes read her magazine. No more. What Hillary is attempting to do is a remarkable thing for a woman, and for Oprah, who’s fortune has been made through women, to inject herself more than she already has(which I was okay with), well, I’m done with her. This is worse than a million little pieces. Also, she was really weird to Gore when he was on. She kept calling him “our Noah”. I felt like she was trying to marginalize him because she didn’t want him to jump into the race.

  19. Never mind, I answered my own questions by checking google, lol. BTW, I agree with you, mollyj, on a bounty hunter for Hsu. They need to track down that SOB.

  20. mj : Does anyone else think this Oprah news coming out the day after Bill’s appearance is strange?


    Probably to remind people that Oprah supports Obama, not Hillary. Let’s face it — Bill showing up on Oprah is a bit confusing, even if it’s about the book.

    The WashPost is extraordinarily biased toward Obama, in case you hadn’t noticed. It’s a puff piece per day.

  21. Bill Clinton: I don’t think experience is a bad thing. You know, they often use (Vice) President Cheney and Rumsfeld and they say, “Well, if experience counted” — you know, they say this to Democratic audiences, but that’s like saying that because all malpractice is committed by doctors, the next time you need surgery you should go to an auto mechanic or someone else. I don’t think it’s a good argument.

    Ha! So true. I absolutely dislike that Obama line. It’s such tripe and only serves to divide the Party.

  22. admin: Thanks for both the Obama and the Ellen clips. My office just moved, and Verizon has not deigned to give us telephone service, so I am a little out of touch.

    What struck me about Obama’s crowd was how small it was, at least compared to the crowds he generated six months ago.

    The Ellen clip: Hillary is utterly disarming. She is going to charm her way right into the White House.

  23. God i wish we could reply directly to the person here, by the time I reach the bottom I forgot who i wanted to respond to! LOL..Anyway – I didn’t know Oprah broke up with Steadman, I think it was MJ who said Oprah had a crush on Obama…I thought the same thing. I heard her say on Larry King before she formally endorsed Obama, that she had a lot of respect for Hillary, but was moved to support him. A lot of easily swayed women watch Oprah and thinks she’s God, and I don’t like that she will have that influence. As well as on Black folks. I don’t like Oprah, I find her trying to aspire to being an intellect which she clearly is not…and taking on other people’s accents etc. She’s so self-righteous besides. But she’s Obama’s Mama for sure!

  24. Oprah always has to have some unattainable man to fawn all over . Steadmen anyone? But, whatever, I sure most of the women glued to her every word don’t vote in primaries. But, I really can not see why she would want to go further than she has. I wrote her a note telling her I found it highly inappropriate. My guess is a sizeable portion of her audience are Hillary supporters.

  25. By John Fout Political Correspondent
    9/5/2007 4:08 PM EDT
    Click here for more stories by John Fout

    The presidential primary season has raged for months. The Democratic race started with Sen. Hillary Clinton (D., N.Y.) in the lead with challengers Sen. Barack Obama (D., Ill.) and John Edwards jockeying for position.

    At summer’s end, Clinton is several lengths ahead of her Democratic peers, Obama seems stuck in second place, and Edwards has fallen toward the back. Races rarely run to form, however. Three influences could alter the Democrats’ course in the fall: endorsements from unions, Al Gore and Oprah Winfrey.

    Edwards had hoped to gain momentum from a populist message. He has championed helping the poor and has spoken out strongly on issues affecting working people. It appears his strategy is to build early momentum in Iowa and secure the endorsement of labor unions.

    The strategy has yet to boost Edwards’ position. The AFL-CIO voted not to endorse any candidate, leaving member unions to make individual choices. The first big labor endorsement went to Clinton — the United Transportation Union — and the second went to Sen. Chris Dodd (D., Conn.) — the International Association of Fire Fighters.

    So far, two unions are backing Edwards: United Steelworkers and United Mineworkers of America. He needs more backing than that; he needs to score a union such as the Service Employees Internal Union, which represents more than a million service workers — mostly in health care — and has a track record of bringing in votes for a candidate

    Obama remains the candidate best positioned to upset Clinton. His impressive fund-raising record keeps him within reaching distance. In fact, Obama has a huge fund-raiser planned for this weekend with Oprah Winfrey at her home outside Santa Barbara, Calif. The invitees are exclusive Hollywood types, and only a select few will be allowed to hang out with Winfrey at the event.

    The fund-raiser is expected to raise about $3 million for Obama’s campaign, but the money isn’t as critical as Winfrey’s support. She has an incredible media brand that’s accessible through the Internet and television, and she has millions of loyal viewers in an important demographic — women in their 20s to 50s — a demographic that’s crucial for Clinton. Her support could propel Obama. George W. Bush got the Oprah boost in 2000 to after appearing on her show — a bounce of about 12 points in national polls.

    Another big factor to consider is former Vice President Al Gore. Gore didn’t disappear after losing the 2000 election. He has gone on to become a respected voice on many issues, chief among them the environment. He has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Price, which will be announced on Oct. 12. Winning it would obviously enhance his image tremendously.

    Gore has made it clear that he won’t run, but his endorsement could provide a dramatic boost to any candidate in the race, as it did for Howard Dean in 2003.

    1. Top Rocket Stocks for This Week
    2. Apple Shares Juiced Again
    3. You Ask, Cramer Answers
    4. Hewlett-Packard’s Positive Development
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    Fisher Investments

    Charles Schwab

    Fidelity Investments
    Options House

    I expect Gore to support someone similar to Dean in this race — a Washington “outsider.” I’m sure Joe Trippi — a former Dean adviser now working for John Edwards — covets an endorsement from Gore, but it’s hard to say whom Gore plans to endorse. The Dean endorsement was a big surprise in 2003; I expect another surprise in 2007.

    Pundits pooh-pooh the effect of endorsements such as those from unions, elected officials and stars. But I believe the Oprah effect will be interesting to watch. I expect the Clinton camp will be watching closely, too.

  26. Beating Hillary Clinton May Take Act of God — or Oprah

    Obama remains the candidate best positioned to upset Clinton. His impressive fund-raising record keeps him within reaching distance. In fact, Obama has a huge fund-raiser planned for this weekend with Oprah Winfrey at her home outside Santa Barbara, Calif. The invitees are exclusive Hollywood types, and only a select few will be allowed to hang out with Winfrey at the event.

    The fund-raiser is expected to raise about $3 million for Obama’s campaign, but the money isn’t as critical as Winfrey’s support. She has an incredible media brand that’s accessible through the Internet and television, and she has millions of loyal viewers in an important demographic — women in their 20s to 50s — a demographic that’s crucial for Clinton. Her support could propel Obama. George W. Bush got the Oprah boost in 2000 to after appearing on her show — a bounce of about 12 points in national polls.

    Another big factor to consider is former Vice President Al Gore. Gore didn’t disappear after losing the 2000 election. He has gone on to become a respected voice on many issues, chief among them the environment. He has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Price, which will be announced on Oct. 12. Winning it would obviously enhance his image tremendously.

    Gore has made it clear that he won’t run, but his endorsement could provide a dramatic boost to any candidate in the race, as it did for Howard Dean in 2003.

    I expect Gore to support someone similar to Dean in this race — a Washington “outsider.” I’m sure Joe Trippi — a former Dean adviser now working for John Edwards — covets an endorsement from Gore, but it’s hard to say whom Gore plans to endorse. The Dean endorsement was a big surprise in 2003; I expect another surprise in 2007.

    Pundits pooh-pooh the effect of endorsements such as those from unions, elected officials and stars. But I believe the Oprah effect will be interesting to watch. I expect the Clinton camp will be watching closely, too.

  27. Some moron overestimating the power of Oprah. Oprah has been making a string of bad judgements in the last couple of years and choosing Obama is the height of it.

  28. When Rudi was U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and Chertoff worked for him, they prosecuted a number of Wall Street figures. Some of those figures were guilty and got what they deserved, e.g. Levin, Boesky, and Milliken. But others were innocent yet they were paraded before the tabloid cameras that Rudi meticulously arranged, and when no case was made, they were forced to deal with question how do I get my reputation back. Other U.S. attorneys did not engage in these same aggressive prosecutorial tactics. That is my first problem with Chertoff. The second problem is the poor job he has done as head of Homeland Security, from Katrina to his failure to enforce border security against the palpable risks we are faced with. As a public official would he go after someone he knew was innocent for purely political reason. The truthful answer is I do no know and that doubt is part of what worries me. I would hope that Bush would not put him forward as the candidate for Attorney General, because I find it hard to believe that I am the only one who harbors such doubts, but if past is prologue that is exactly what he will do.

  29. I swear, Opry is drinking the same Kool-aid her friend Gail is drinking. Gail, imo, is dumber than a box of rocks and the two of them together (think road trip) are about as boring as watching paint dry.

    Harpo is staying the course for Obama’s black vote. whoop-tee-do! Black people aren’t living in a vacuum, they know Obama has about as much chance of changing the world as Bush has winning the War. What they have in common is neither one can deliver on their promises.

    LA Democrat:

    “Meantime, Michelle O-Bomb-A is certainly no Jackie! And Maureen Dowd’s delightful wickedness is always a pleasant relief. Is anybody else as repulsed by O-Bomb-A and his wife as I am? It’s a visceral thing and I think Dowd has hit it on the head, why I respond this way – the inauthentic nature of their schtick. They just make me cringe.”

    Watching the video clip, even Obama was tired of listening to Ma Kettle barking at the audience, at how HER husband, the community organizer, took her by the hand to the church basement (as the audience snickers) to hear him speak..Uh,huh…

    yes, you hit the nail; Michelle makes me cringe.

    I have visions of Michelle calling Putin some night, asking him, “Hey you! This is Mrs Obama, who do you think you are insultin my husband on the tv news ta night? Let me tell you sumpthin (wagging finger as she rants) If I hav to, I’m commin right over there and smoke you people out. I’ve had enuf of you people paradin around thinkin you’re sumpthin! You hear me?”

    Putin: “click”

    Putin to Security: #$%^&* (translation).. go to Defcon #2

  30. Earth to Michelle: You are no Jackie Kennedy. And I can’t even comment on ole gale and oprey. Lordy, makes me miss Rosie o’donnell.

  31. It is not clear to me that a blitz by Opra will have a significant impact at this point. First, he has name recognition already thanks to MSM. Second, her audience knows she is supporting him, and this has been factored into the existing numbers already. Third, a more direct and impassioned plea by her on his behalf may come across as overreaching or have little discernable effect. In sum, all this really does is give Obama another vehicle for exposure to the same audience, unless I am missing something.

  32. You know, the more I think about this, the more I think maybe she’ll do a couple of quiet functions for him, but this was just leaked to blunt Bill’s visit.

  33. Ron Brownstein’s thoughts on the current state of the presidential race are below. Not much new. Clearly though Brownstein is in the majority opinion that the only hope remaining for Obama and Edwards is to go negative or as Brownstein politely phrases it “tarnishing” Hillary.,0,3504890.column?coll=la-util-opinion-commentary

    “There’s no mystery about the most pressing question for Democrats: Can anyone stop Hillary? The answer largely will turn on two other questions.

    First: Can change, or ideology or electoral viability trump experience? One pillar of Clinton’s strength is that polls show Democratic voters see her as tougher, more experienced and better prepared for the presidency than her principal rivals, Sen. Barack Obama and former Sen. John Edwards.

    The two men are trying to overcome that advantage mostly by insisting they represent a more profound change in direction. Obama, attempting a form of jujitsu, argues that his lack of time in Washington makes him more qualified than Clinton to change the capital and unify the country. Edwards maintains he’s more committed than Clinton (or Obama) to confronting big business and achieving liberal change.

    These arguments will resonate with Democrats who find Clinton either too polarizing or too accommodating. Clinton’s challengers also will find support from Democrats who doubt she can win a general election or are reluctant to reopen the controversies of the Bill Clinton era.

    But the early evidence is that these concerns alone won’t topple Hillary Clinton. She remains competitive with the top GOP candidates in general-election polls, blunting the viability argument. Fatigue with Bill Clinton exists, but most Democrats remember his presidency positively. And she is identifying with the Democratic hunger for change by cleverly arguing that she has the experience to deliver the change her rivals promise. All of that suggests Clinton’s challengers probably can’t catch her without burnishing their own credentials on strength and preparation — and tarnishing hers.

    The other critical question for Democrats is whether anyone can loosen Clinton’s hold on working-class voters, especially women. Obama runs well with upscale, well-educated voters — but Clinton’s competitive there and dominant among Democrats without college degrees. And in most states, the downscale Democrats who now favor Clinton outnumber the upscale voters most disposed toward Obama.”

  34. “Fatigue with Bill Clinton exists” They always say this. Show me the evidence. FDR served 3 terms and would have served a 4th if Congress didn’t change the rules.

  35. folks,

    dont dwell too much on oprah… I doubt she can move one single vote. endorsements by anybody rarely work. Let’s face it, Obama is a celebrity, hollywood type of candidate. He is a pure media creation. Many people start to doubt his viability as a serious candidate.

    I’m not sure any assocation with ophry will do him any good. He needs people to take him seriously. Being a hollywood lightweight is only going to hurt him in the long run.

  36. fdr did serve a 4th term but died months into it-but i get the point. as u think of it-the dems were in the whitehouse 20 yrs from 33-52 w/fdr and then truman. so the fatigue issue is nto a huge deal. if the people like you even they dont agree w/ u u will get elected and reelected.

  37. texan4hillary, I stand corrected, but yes, you get it. I frankly don’t believe in Clinton fatigue, except for Republicans and Naderites, and they were sick of him before he ever took office.

  38. Kos, you’re right. I am usually not so blunt, but probably the more Oprah shows up for him, the less he looks like commander in chief.

  39. You know, I saw several Hillary supporters on MYDD poo poo this ad and I can’t see why. It’s very uplifting, and it gets right to the issues; “end the war”, “health care for all”, and “energy independence”. I found it to be like a movie trailer, a teaser I guess. I thought it was very effect, and it diffuses the “change” talk because she visually just represents fundamental change. It worked for me anyway. I wonder if Hill supporters are spoiled because she had that great “Morning in America” ad.

  40. Going too negative against Hillary presents serious risks to Edwards and Obama when she and Bill have taken the high road towards them. I think John and Barack understand its limitations, are uncomfortable and there will come a point where they will be forced to weigh short term advantage against long term consequences as it fails to move the needle.

    On a lighter note, the depature of his brain is having a profound effect on Bush, which no one quite anticipated:

  41. There is an aspect of Obama that hasn’t been explored. His roots in the American culture.

    Which factions of Americans does he identify with? Black people from the South? No.. Harlam…no
    Africa, where his father was born? no…Was he a disciple of MLK? no… What values does he identify with as important within the black culture?

    From what I see or know of him, he has a deep rooted psycological dislike of being considered black. His mother was white and he resents the fact, that as light skinned as he is, he is not considered any thing more than what society’s rule is and that is black.. Deep within him is a boiling cauldron of self loathing, a deep seated anger that goes mostly unoticed because he has learned from past experience that side of him will get him no where, but it’s truly there…

    I don’t know about anyone else here, if they feel what I feel, a hollow emptiness about the man that is hard to put a finger on or words too. His situation is unique and perhaps the answers lie in his dabbling in drugs where he himself was looking for answers to the same questions I posed here.

    This is his Achilles heel… he’s never taken the time to fix what is truly broken within himself. And why he could subconsciously or unconsciously, allow people in his senatorial district living in the Rezko housing suffer without heat or hot water during a freezing Chicago winter without blinking an eye. He’s since shown little remorse or ever, to my knowledge, apologised to the people who elected him, for this gross miscarriage of constituency abuse letting the people down who springboarded him to his US Senator position.

    Obama is a deeply flawed individual who should never be put in a position of power. He was easily bought by Rezko and will habitually repeat the same unconscious decisions as he did with his Chicago constituency, only this time it will be with our entire country…The Bushes are not about to be remembered as the blame for the visible breaking of the middle class…They would like nothing better than using a black man as the bain of whites killing two birds with one stone.

    Hillary is in a good place right now…her momentum is strong. We need to keep her that way. This next round of attacks coming from Obama’s Team, it’s Edwards that needs to take him down..

    Mrs. S.

  42. i keephoping rezko will become more discussed by the msm nationally. good grief they are still talking about this hsu guy eventhough obama just had a fundraiser hosted by a real criminal! obama is to me getting a free ride. isnt there some court doings comming on rezko soon?

  43. Before things get really ugly in this campaign, what with all the plots by Naderites and Obama and Edwards to vilify Bill Clinton as a way to derail Hillary – the video below shows why that tactic will fail. It’s an old video from 1992 about Bill Clinton, when he was first running for president. Hillary, in pink, speaks as does Bill Clinton’s now deceased mother.

  44. Recommend after viewing the awesome video auto-biography, watch the Bill Clinton Adressing Heckler vid… (Chelsea, what a beautiful baby.. )

    Thats the frosting on the cake..! 😉

    going for a nap.. 🙂

    Mrs. S.

  45. mrs. smith, as an african-american i agree with your take on obama on wether he is comfortable with the black race thing. he plays like a fullbooded southern accented african-american in front of black audiences. then he plays his “white side” with white extreme liberals. he says he wants to bridge all races but it depends wich race he is in front of. as for oprah, i remember 2000, and she stayed from picking sides even though hse was cozier with bush than gore when they came on her show. i think it’s much a do about nothing. voters are not that shallow to all of a sudden pick obama over clinton. the woman’s vote is solid for hillary.

  46. Thanks for posting admin, never seen this, it’s a great video.
    Was this show before an audience somewhere? You can here them in the background responding to what they see.
    This showed the great love Hill and Bill have for one another, cute.

  47. The NY-based transport union endorsed Edwards. Poor Hillary. She has a good reputation with these types of unions. Ah, well. Edwards has really worked hard for the unions. This is a good one for him.

  48. mj, regarding her new ad, I like it do, but I must admit the first one was better, but again, it was REALLY good, so not easy to follow.
    But what distracts me a bit about this ad is that it is so fast phased, so many clips squeezed into 30secs, feels a bit rushed. And it’s not so much about what you say/show, it’s about the feeling you leave people with after watching it. And while the first ad left me feeling warm, smiling, happy. This one stressed me a bit, just my take.
    Also noticed Obamas ads? Most of the photos and vids of him are made into black and white, sneaky effect to make people see him as both color less, and more experienced. A known strategy, but to me it just seems silly, unfortunately for him, he not only is young, but he really looks it too. Hard to be taken seriously. (never mind all the ridiculous things he says).

  49. To each their own, I guess. I liked how upbeat and fast-paced the ad was. It wasn’t boring like most political ads. I see what you mean about the black and white to look older. The ad is fine, but boring.

  50. Hillary Clinton opens up a big lead over Rudy for the first time in Ohio in the lastest Q-poll. This is a very significant development. Obama’s numbers are dismal in most head-to-head matchups.

    Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner has opened a
    47 – 40 percent lead over her GOP counterpart, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani,
    Clinton tops Arizona Sen. John McCain 46 – 41 percent;
    Clinton beats former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson 49 – 37 percent;
    Clinton bests former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney 50 – 37 percent;

    Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards beats
    Giuliani 47 – 38 percent; t
    ops McCain 46 – 38 percent;
    tops Thompson 50 – 32 percent and
    bests Romney 50 – 30 percent.

    Obama’s numbers are terrible…

    Obama 42 (39)
    Giuliani 41 (42)

    Obama 41 (43)
    McCain 42 (38)

    Obama 46 (44)
    Thompson 34 (32)
    Obama 46 (51)
    Giuliani 32 (26)

    Clinton’s numbers improved dramatically over the past month.

    Clinton 47 (43)
    Giuliani 40 (43)

    Setp (Aug)
    Clinton 51/43 49/41

    If Edwards wants to make ‘electability’ argument, it’s going to be against Obama!

    Democratic primaries
    Clinton 44 (41)
    Obama 15 (16)
    Edwards 11 (11)

  51. Great video admin. Great leaders, great human beings they are, Hillary and Bill. And, they are not just talkers, they are doers.

  52. According to Rasmussen:

    Clinton is viewed favorably by 81% of Democrats and unfavorably by 17%. Obama is viewed favorably by 66% of those in his party, unfavorably by 28%. Forty-four percent (44%) have a Very Favorable opinion of Clinton while 31% say the same about Obama.

  53. Those are great numbers kostner.

    This is bad news for the media, Chris Matthews has himself said he wants a horse race as that is much more fun to cover as a ‘reporter’.
    So could bring some forced bad media coverage, as they would have to make up some controversy, and over emphasizing this money thing with Hsu etc…. But they gotto soon realize that this is almost over, and cave in.

  54. talkingpoints memo wrote a diary on that OH poll, anybody voluteer to put this on dailykos? We need to relentlessly challenge Edwards/Obama’s last card – electability…

    Here’s another new poll that puts a crimp in the Hillary-is-unelectable argument — a new Quinnipiac survey released today that finds Hillary has moved into a 47%-40% lead over Rudy Giuliani, and beats the other GOP contenders handily, in Ohio.

    It also finds that John Edwards, and to a slightly lesser extent Barack Obama, are faring very well against the Republicans in the key swing state:

    * Clinton tops Arizona Sen. John McCain 46 – 41 percent;
    * Clinton beats former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson 49 – 37 percent;
    * Clinton bests former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney 50 – 37 percent;
    * Illinois Sen. Barack Obama gets 42 percent to Giuliani’s 41 percent, but gets 41 percent to McCain’s 42 percent;
    * Obama tops Thompson 46 – 34 percent and beats Romney 46 – 32 percent;
    * Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards beats Giuliani 47 – 38 percent; tops McCain 46 – 38 percent; tops Thompson 50 – 32 percent and bests Romney 50 – 30 percent.

  55. “to a slightly lesser extent Barack Obama, are faring very well against the Republicans in the key swing state” Boy, TPM loves Obama. When you are losing to John McCain, you are NOT fairing well, and only 1 point from Guiliani? This goes right to the commander in chief issue if you ask me, he didn’t pass that test. That’s why he’s tied w/Giuliani and losing to McCain.

  56. mj, The first reply under that post in TPM is someone whining because there’s a pic on Hillary with the post instead of Edwards, lol.

    BTW, I also wonder if Obama leaked that stuff about getting Oprah to campaign for him to steal thunder from Bill AND pressure her to do the campaigning. Now that’s it’s out there it’ll be hard for her to say no. She might be reluctant to do more than the huge fundraiser for the reasons we’ve said (alienating many of her viewers, etc.).

  57. kostner, The link worked for me. Here’s the relevant stuff:

    Among Democrats, Clinton received 38 percent, Sen. Barack Obama, of Illinois, received 21 percent, former Sen. John Edwards, of North Carolina, received 17 percent, and 6 percent supported others. Eighteen percent were undecided. The June poll showed Clinton with 40 percent, Edwards with 21 percent, and Obama with 18 percent.

    In a matchup of front-runners, Clinton led Giuliani by 51 percent to 42 percent with 7 percent undecided. The June poll showed Giuliani ahead of Clinton by 52 percent to 37 percent.

  58. Paula, “The first reply under that post in TPM is someone whining because there’s a pic on Hillary with the post instead of Edwards, lol.” Typical.

    Hey all, guess who’s coming to lunch? Looks like Bill just got added to the menu. Gee, I really want to win that lunch.

  59. I’d love to win that lunch, too! I know there are some people here who’ve actually met one or both of the Clintons. That’s a dream of mine, lol.

  60. Bill Clinton on Larry Craig:

    “Well, first of all, I think we ought to recognize that this is a very traumatic time for him and his family. And whatever happens or doesn’t, most of his political career was behind him. So whatever your party, we should be hoping that he and his family can work through this in a way that leaves them as whole as possible.

    I think that that is more important than the politics of this. The politics of this will have to be resolved by him and the Republicans in the Senate.”

  61. WHERE is BARACK this week…not back in the senate?

    I think it is UNETHICAL to not show up for work and vote for veterans appr….

  62. The Chertoff story must have been leaked to keep him out of Gonzo’s empty seat at the DoJ. I bet Leahy or Specter was behind it (with Hillary’s approval and help OC). They don’t care for him or the partisanship controlling the DoJ now. The new shortlist for AG doesn’t include Chertoff and remember, when Fredo quit two weeks ago, Hillary jumped right on the Chertoff angle by hitting him with the Katrina brick. This is her payback for the fundraiser prosecutions even if she isn’t directly behind it.

    I think Oprah just has too much money, too much success and not enough challenges in her life now. There’s a point when there is a such thing as too much success. She’s been there for a while now. She should just give it away and start all over. She’d enjoy it more. Getting involved in this election will be a bad decision regardless of whom she supports. It just undermines her image. Besides, real folks hate it when celebrities start yapping about politics. George Clooney gets away with it somewhat because his dad ran for office and so far, he has mostly yapped publicly about Darfur. BUT if he keeps gushing abut Bwak, et al. and he’ll start to look like an ass. A cute as, but an ass nonetheless.

    Thanks for the video upload, Admin. It looks like “Man from Hope” stuff. BTW- anyone see the MSNBC article on Hillary and 1968? Good stuff. Not too fluffy and just enough edge.

  63. on openleft.

    I always ask a lot of questions of friends, family and even just folks I see around town at cafes and gas stations (especially in rural MO and IA, where everybody chats naturally with everybody else about anything that comes to mind). There were several things I was struck by:

    1. The overwhelming sentiment among everyone I talked to, outside of the couple of hard-core Limbaugh fans in the family, was strong unhappiness with Bush. I asked my Republican father-in-law, who has voted for two Democratic presidential candidates in his life (Harry Truman in 1948 and Bill Clinton in 1992), how the folks in northwest Missouri and southwest Iowa that he knew felt about Bush, and he said that hardly anybody he talked to liked him anymore, that they were anxious for his term of office to be over (keep in mind that this is an overwhelmingly Republican part of the country). And among the Democrats I talked to, the first thing out of just everybody’s mouths when I asked about politics was, “well, all I care about is electing somebody who can win because this country can’t afford another president as bad as Bush.” That winnability thing Chris wrote about here is going to be a major factor in the Democratic primary contest, just like it was in 2004.

    2. The lack of commitment among Democrats was another thing that struck me. The Democrats I talked to, outside of a very feminist niece who was strongly for Hillary, were still wide open. Again, the overwhelming sentiment was that they wanted someone who could win, but didn’t have strong opinions one way or another about the candidates. A few people (even a couple of the rural Republicans I talked to) mentioned liking Edwards stands on issues a lot, but something about him personally seemed to be holding them back (which corresponds to a lot of activist Dems around the country I talked to as well).

    3. The last time I was back was last Christmas, and I had been struck by how genuinely interested people were in Obama back then. In fact, when I would go around and ask people who they were leaning toward in a Democratic primary, Obama was winning by a lot over Clinton, maybe two to one (and no one else was even on anyone’s radar screen). Now, the situation is very different. Obama’s support has fallen dramatically, with most of the folks who had been for him now either neutral or even leaning toward Clinton. When I would ask why, the answer I got time after time was the same: before he had seemed really different from politics as usual, now he seems like just another politician. I think the Obama campaign has really made a mistake in running a cautious, business as usual campaign.

    The other thing that seems to be happening is a gradual warming towards Clinton. The feelings about her since she’s been on the campaign trail and in debates are definitely better than they were before the race. I think people had an image in their minds from the national media about who Hillary was that wasn’t good, but having seen a lot more of her lately, they are liking her better than they thought they would.

    4. The opening for Edwards, Obama and maybe even Richardson- beyond the fact that things are still wide open- is still in the populist outsider approach. The defensive lobbyist answer at YearlyKos had penetrated even to very low information, non-activist folks I talked to. One person I talked to, a classic low information independent, who doesn’t read newspapers or look at the internet much at all, said out of the blue one day, “boy, Hillary sure messed up on that lobbyist thing, didn’t she?” People desperately want a change from the status quo D.C. insiderism and if they decide Hillary Clinton is not the one to bring it, they may just decide to go someplace else.

    The impression I came away from this admittedly unscientific set of conversations is that Obama is in some trouble, and Clinton is running a very strong campaign, but this thing is still totally wide open. Folks in general are looking for change, and Democrats are desperate for someone who can win, but the path to the nomination isn’t clear for anyone.

  64. Electability wow.

    It’s so funny all the Edwards supporters came out in droves whining about that Q poll… They wrote coutless diaries to dissect their 1 or 2 point ‘lead’ over other GOP contenders … They whined and whined on talkingpoints.

    It’s very amusing. This poll spanks their asses hard. It just proves the ‘electability’ argument is just crap. Whenever a poll showing a strong Hillary lead in swing state, it debunks their main reasoning.

    All the Obama supporters are pretty quiet. LOL.

    How sweet!!!!

  65. Hey y’all, I know we all want to go to lunch. They ought to take the whole gang. LOL. Anyhow I am tickled pink about those new numbers, Kostner. Who’s gonna blog them? ANy other good news this morning. I love that clip of “a place called Hope”. I used to have that whole video somewhere. Will a similar documentary be made for Hillary? mollyj

  66. Hey y’all, Rasmussen daily morale poll: Hillary 43%, Bomber (oprey likes me best) 24%, Breck Boy (i’m the most electable) 12% — mollyj

  67. the nutkooks on mydudd are going crazy(no surprize). they are allways attacking areyouready for posting the latest polls. when it is not favorablr to obama they whine about it. i recommend the hllfan’s diaries as much as possible.

  68. what all the hype about thompson anyway? he looks 90 years old, a really boring speaker, he has a rep for being LAZY, and has a wife that looks like his granddaughter. you would think this guy is the second coming of jesus. lol. anybody agree?

  69. Kostner- Bill’s appearance on the Today Show was a goodie. His answer on Hillary’s declining negatives was good in that he kept up the meme about learn who she is- not what caricature has been painted of her for 16 yrs by the Drudge crazies. The polling shows the more she is out there, the more personal apperances she does (esp. in small gatherings), the better her numbers are. I have faith her negs will drop another 5-6 points by January.

    Also, I don’t think anyone has pointed it out here, but just to reiterate the idea that Bwak rips off other people’s ideas- the whole Hope thing was done by Bill 15 years ago and done much better I might add. Also, there’s a secondary and related point that sometimes candidates do develop cult-like followings. I think many Bwakites are like that. They seize on to a charismatic personality and just get led around. I think Oprah is like that in two respects. First, she does some “leading” of her own with her book clubs, etc. but that is more as a trend setter- (you know “buy these Nick & Nora pajamas or this swell lotion”), but she also follows. Look at Dr. Phil, Deepak Chopra, Bono, that dog whisperer guy, her trainers, religious and political leaders she seems to follow. She, like other Bwakites, keeps looking for peace from somewhere else. They mistake feel good politicking from the real business of being a good and informed citizen in a democracy. Therefore, they will always be disappointed.

    Oprah always has a flavor of the month. The Bwakite thing may be just another flash in the pan for her. I suspect it is. Her attention span for other people once she stops feeling “enlightened” seems rather short and then what??? Bwak will have spent the money trying to keep up with Hillary’s good press, and Oprah will be back to selling crappy books and muffins on air.

  70. DailyHowler in a long article totally debunks the recent Mosk article in Washington Post which claimed Oprah helped elect Bush and that she has influence politically.

    short excerpt:

    “Mosk’s claim notwithstanding, Nexis records no news reports attributing Bush’s lead in the polls to an “Oprah bounce.” On September 22, a little-known columnist at the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot had predicted an “Oprah bounce” for the Texan. But there is no record of anyone employing this phrase when Bush did get his bump in the polls. (According to Nexis, the phrase wasn’t used again until 2002.) And by the way, Bush’s appearance on Oprah wasn’t the only significant event during that fateful week. On September 27, Ron Brownstein described Bush’s sudden rise in the national polls—and he mentioned another event, one we’ve often cited:”

  71. Terrondt, every time I see Thompson’s wife, I think I need a bigger stack on one dollar bills. How about you?

    Spouses can be a big plus or big minus in election politics. Rudi has Judith (huge negative); Freddie has Jerri (mostly negative with the Bible thumpers due to age and appearance); McCain (it’s a wash); JE has EE who is currently a positive, but a declining one; BO has Michelle and although I respect how well-educated she is, most voters don’t get that from her put on personality- some of the more racially biased voters will unfortunately think she’s just another uppity negress which she is not; Hillary has Bill which cuts both ways but is more of a positive than a negative at this point; DK has the hot red-head so he gets nearly half his votes from old guys who wish they were him; Huckabee has a nice wife (I disagee with much of his stances, but I like the guy); Biden’s a positive (teacher); Richardson’s wife not a negative, not a positive at this point; Mitt- well, do I really have to address the whole Mormon/feminism question?

  72. admin,

    Hillary’s internet coordinator Peter posted a video on dailykos of

    I wanted to share a great video from the campaign trail. Ron and Michelle won Hillary’s ‘millionth supporter’ contest, Ron as the millionth sign-up, Michelle as one of the early supporters who helped the campaign get to a million.

    You may want to add that video to your next entry, it’s great!!

  73. okiatty, i don’t even know what richardson’s wife look like or sound dk wife is kinda hot. didn’t they meet on his 2004 run for prez. he nabbed a wife ouy of that a least he won somthing out of it. why every year we get these fringe, no chance in hell candiates running? they have that right but does not mean they have to.

  74. PPP has just released its monthly NC tracking poll, very little change. It’s probabaly meaingless to poll NC primries, neverthless, the internals can be interesting. They give us a sense of Edwards’ much ‘hyped southern electability’, they also give us a sense of each candidate’s support among blacks and whites.

    here’s the result with trendline.

    Sept (Aug)
    Clinton 30 (29)
    Edwards 28 (29)
    Obama 21 (23)

    Edwards can not even win his home state, and he has the audacity to claim he’s more ‘electable’ in general election?

    The internals are also quite interesting. Clinton is no doubt the most balanced candidate along racial line, that’s why she’s likely to win the primaries even she has to face either Obama or Edwards alone. The following numbers are dismal for Obama and Edwards.

  75. I’m in a fight over at Kos on the Kos entry about Edwards and Dodd leading on the Iraq issue. Already AnneFrank is on my ass. I’m posting as Raving Badger over there. There’s also some asshat named bam bam who thinks he’s all funny and some Undercoverrxer. I swear the people over there get nuttier and nuttier. They think JE is ahead in the polls. WTH?!? If I were still in 9th grade I’d like some of what they’re smoking.

  76. Annefrank sucks.

    Hey guys, Peter Daou just posted a great video of Hillary’s 1,000,000th supporter on dkos. It’s great!

  77. That’s what I thought. How can I rate her as a troll? She and Undercoverrxer keep trolling me, but I can’t do it back. What gives?

  78. Thx, MJ. I think I have them handled. I just hate being troll rated bc they disagree with me. That’s asinine behavior but what else should I expect from folks who support Bwak or Breck Boy? What intelligence? Wit? Rational thoughts? The legal ability to consume alcohol or drive a car (I swear I think many of them are 12)? Nah, it’s all just par for the course.

    I love that I just got a “well go volunteer if you love the war so much by disagreeing with me you big butthole” line. Holy, hell. Being at DailyKos is almost as bad as being at Powerline. Talk about fringe lunatics. I almost want to call APS on them to send a case worker to check on their mental status. Breck Boy ahead in polls?!? That statement alone should be probable cause for their homes to be raided for drugs.

  79. “intelligence? Wit? Rational thoughts?” Not with annefrank. LOL. I once tried to raise the point on dkos that the Democrats should be taking on Bush directly to end his own war, NOT taking on other Republicans and trying to end it themselves because this would never work. Oh, boy, you can’t tell them something they are this wedded to won’t work. It’s nearly impossible to effectively end a war in the face of a president who reuses to. Also, Bush can just pull the money out of other sources. He only has, what, 15 months left to his term. It’s a harsh reality, they just refuse to acknowledge.

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