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Hope everyone is home safely after the Labor Day Holiday.

Quick Reminder: Hillary will be on the Ellen DeGeneres show today. Check local listings for air time.

Bill Clinton will be on Oprah Winfrey today. Check local listings for air time.

Bill Clinton will be on the David Letterman show tonight. Check local listings for air time.

For a laugh, check out Anne Kornblut’s Washington Post story today which is still pushing the ‘Obama popular’ narrative. The headline on this story is “Barack Obama, Drawing The Big Crowds“. The Hill newspaper has a different take on the ‘Big Crowds’ narrative.

But the crowd that greeted Obama at the day’s first rally was dwarfed by the one that turned out to see the Clintons on Sunday.

At the former first family’s first event in Concord, the campaign estimated that more than 4,500 people showed up. And at an evening rally in Portsmouth, they said 5,000 had come out.

Although Obama said he has been seeing “enormous” crowds at his events all over the country, fewer than 400 people joined him Monday morning.

For true undiluted dementia check out this London Times lunacy: Hillary Clinton is dropping out of the race.


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  1. Kornblut and others in big media prefer to breathe new life into old canards than deal with current and emerging realities– a flaw they share with the current occupant of the White House. Stay the course . . .

  2. hi admin,

    ‘Concord Monitor’ did a piece on how various campaigns overestimate the crowd size. They took a brief shot at both Obama and Clinton, but mostly on the gross exaggeration of Edwards. It’s kind of amusing actually.

    t’s a golden rule of public relations sometimes attributed to P.T. Barnum: Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd.

    The rule fits political circuses, too. Campaigns, like Barnum, could be tempted to inflate the size of events. After enough politicos warned us that bamboozling was afoot, we’ve set out to do our own head counts.

    Last Saturday, a Monitor reporter counted 150 heads at a White Park event for Sen. John Edwards. Edwards’s people pounced, saying they had signed in three times that number.

    The next day, our reporter received two phone messages from Edwards endorser Rob Werner and an e-mail from Edwards spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield.

    “I was frustrated to see an inaccurate crowd number in your story this morning,” Bedingfield wrote. “There were 300 chairs set out and 450 folks signed in. . . . Your story made our event seem much smaller than it was.”

    The reporter told Bedingfield that she would run a crowd-count correction if the campaign showed us the sign-in sheet. She has not replied.
    We happened to be at Portsmouth’s Prescott Park during another Edwards rally last Sunday. It was a big crowd, enough to fill the chairs and then some. We thought it was a few hundred people. We were surprised to read press accounts that said 1,000.

    So we double-checked with the Portsmouth Police Department, who were on hand at the rally. Deputy Chief Len DiSesa put it bluntly.

    “They estimated around 1,000. We estimated around 300 to 400,” he said. “Maybe they were counting shadows.”

    Bedingfield said the campaign had actually signed in more than 1,000 people – and that’s a lowball, she said, because some people refuse to sign in. “The numbers that we have are usually even lower than the actual number,” she said.

    We can attest that the Edwards campaign was very assertive with the sign-in sheets: 90 minutes before the candidate rolled in, they were on the sidewalk outside the park as well as at a couple of tables inside the park gathering signatures. Walking into the park an hour before the rally was supposed to begin, we were chased down by staffers at two tables. So maybe, just maybe, passers-by put down their names without attending.

    Edwards’s campaign isn’t the only one whose counts have struck us – and other reporters – as high.

    When Hillary Clinton toured the state with her husband, Bill Clinton, in July, the campaign said a total of about 7,000 people were drawn to events in Keene, Nashua and Manchester.

    Using Monitor and Associated Press estimates, the total for the day’s three events was closer to 4,000. The AP pegged the Manchester crowd at 2,000, and we counted closer to 1,000 at the Keene and Nashua events, figures that were similar to the AP’s. (The Clinton campaign says sign-in sheets show 4,000 people in Manchester.)

    This may surprise you, but reporters aren’t all-knowing. When Barack Obama had a town hall meeting Conway’s Kennett High School over Memorial Day weekend, a line snaked a few hundred feet out the door to the parking lot. How do you count that? We reported the event as drawing 1,500; the the AP called it 1,200; the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette went with “thousands of people.”

    Smaller crowds are easier. At a meet-and-greet in Derry on Aug. 20, Obama’s campaign estimated a crowd of 350. Our reporter counted more like 250.

    From where DiSesa sits, he’s seen optimistic crowd counts on both sides of the aisle – but some campaigns are better than others at predicting the crowds for the police department. “You have Obama, you have Hillary, they pretty much know how much they’ll be drawing,” he said.

  3. im streaming the clintons rally in concord,nh from sunday. i like bill’s comment on not saying nothing bad about the other dem candidates. classy. unfortunately the other candidates’s spouses are trashing hillary left and right(michelle and ee). desperation at it’s worse.

  4. Clinton snatches victory in poll
    Nearly 2,000 take part in informal voting

    By The Examiner Staff | The Examiner

    At the Santa-Cali-Gon festival, Hillary Clinton was the clear cut favorite to win the Democratic nomination for president.

    “There were several occasions when we had large groups of women and men deposit their straws into Hillary’s box,” said Alta Stephens, herself sporting a Navy blue ball cap with a “Vote for Hillary” campaign button. Stephens is president of Democrats 21st Century in Independence.

    During the four-day festival, a straw poll was held at the Democrats 21st Century booth to gauge who may well be the Democratic frontrunner in next year’s presidential election.

    “There’s nothing scientific to a straw poll such as this one,” Stephens said. “All it registers is the opinion of those whose eye happened to catch our booth. That said, I think it’s clear that Hillary has the edge at the given moment.”

    Eight candidates were represented by different colored jugs featuring his or her portrait. The total vote count was 1,659 and broke down as follows: Hillary Clinton, 877 votes; Barack Obama, 320 votes; John Edwards, 307 votes; Joe Biden, 45 votes; Dennis Kucinich, 43 votes; Bill Richardson, 43 votes; Mike Gravel, 16 votes; Chris Dodd, 8 votes.

  5. my response was cut off …

    Santa-Cali-Gon is in Missouri.

    London Times article — I recall that King Kos use to peddle this line of thinking “I doubt she’ll run.”

  6. Theres a small video clip of Hillary on Ellen up on Huffpo.
    It was kind of funny, I hope clips of the entire appearance will be online somewhere, if anyone can shout out if they see clips somewhere I’d appreciate it.

  7. Gorto and Paula,

    I posted a link to more complete version, but unfortunately it did not show up here. Let me try again.

  8. Good catch Paula, on the London Times *year old* article ! 🙂

    I saw Bill on Oprah (missed Hill on Ellen). Oprah looked strained and uncertain about her choice of who she’s supporting (Obama). She put on a brave face but wasn’t her usual happy, gushy, self, considering why BC was appearing on her show promoting his new book “GIVING”-

    Oprah used the theme of his book to segway to a “Special” show she created about GIVING…soon to be broadcast, I believe she said on the ABC network. (ck on that)

    Oh well, Opry… when Hillary wins the Primary…Be There or Be Square!

    Mrs. S.

  9. hehe, Mrs. Smith that’s too funny, do tell if they talked anything about Hill.

    Thanks kostner for trying, I’ve found to just leave out the http and www. it is fine, and we can copy and paste it. 🙂

  10. Mrs. Smith: Oprah looked strained and uncertain about her choice of who she’s supporting (Obama).

    Did it come up in any way?

  11. Reminder, I believe Bill Clinton is on Larry King tonight, David Letterman tonight and the Today show tomorrow morning. Also NBC Nightly News ran a segment tonight on Hillary and Bill being out and about and getting all the attention. Great coverage…

    On a different note: It was the first day of school today in my town (I am a high school teacher). I was walking in the hall and overheard a male student talking to his girlfriend about politics and the current campaign. He went on and on about how great Hillary was and how she “kicks a**”. It really caught my attention. So much for Obama’s supposed lock on the youth vote…

  12. A great article by Susan Estrich:

    Why Does John Edwards Leave the Job of Attacking Hillary to His Wife?,2933,295660,00.html


    “Hillary’s New York experience is the best objective evidence of what happens to Hillary Haters when they get to know her better. And the evidence from New York is unequivocal. Both in her campaign and in her tenure as a senator, Hillary managed to turn a substantial percentage of the haters (and there were plenty of them back in 1999 and 2000) into supporters.”

    That was the point I was trying to make in my diary posted at myDD a few days ago. 🙂

    Hillary Clinton’s Likability and Electability — Case Study #1

  13. I just read Al Gore may endorse Obama. That would be a real let down to me. I really respect Al Gore. I don’t understand why he would endorse Obama over Hillary.

  14. Hey y’all. I found a website with 2 clips with Hillary on Ellen. Dang I hope Al doesn’t do that. I had high hopes for him and a cabinet position with Hillary. That would just be horrible. I am still lookin for a site with more of the Ellen interview with Hillary. –molly

  15. According to the polls, most people agree that Hillary is the most experienced candidate in the race. They need to also understand why this is so critical to our future. Much of the discussion has focused on the importance of setting a new direction for the country asap, and obviously that requires someone with the right priorities who has the knowledge and experience needed to hit the deck running–which she has. But there is another reason why her experience is critical, and that is because it enables Hillary to manage crisis situations, whereas someone who lacks that experience will find himself climbing a near vertical learning curve in the midst of that crisis, which can be a formula for disaster. The polls indicate the public understands this at a viceral level, but it never hurts to make the point explicit.

  16. AmericanGal, Bill is on Larry King tomorrow.

    As for Gore, I hope he doesn’t endorse anyone, but we need to remember he endorsed Dean in 2000 and look what that did, lol. I love Al, and think he would’ve made a fine president, but his political instincts frankly aren’t the best.

  17. I confess that when I read that “London Times” piece, I got a little nervous. I thought, Wow, this stuff is cropping up again? Maybe it’s true. But then I read Paula’s comment about the date, and I recognized just how delusional the article turned out to be.

  18. I too hope Gore doesn’t endorse anyone. I don’t think he will endorse Hillary, I think he would endorse Obama. Why who knows? I agree his political instincts aren’t the best, and he’s said as much himself which is why he’s staying out of the race. Even the Daily Kooks seem to have simmered down on their hopes for a Gore campaign. I kind of think that after lazy Freddie finally officially steps in the race – we now have the candidates on both sides.

  19. Well, I’ve been thinking about it and Obama would be a weird choice for Gore because Obama supports(contends he doesn’t all of the sudden) liquid coal and nuclear power. Gore does not support either of those policies. I just hope he stays out of it. I was a Gore supporter originally and all that endorsement will do is leave me as disappointed in Gore as I was when he picked Lieberman for a running mate.

  20. Hey folks, Seems a wierd day for rumors. First ya got the AL stuff; then I hear about the Hillary droppin out stuff. What’s the deal?? I agree 100% with WBB…we urgently need a pres who can handle crisis situation and lord knows hillary can do that. She is one cool cookie. And i don’t mean cool as cold, etc. I mean she’s the person who want around when things start goin to hell in a hand cart. I don’t like these rumors one bit. If Hill drops out, I am gonna need a crisis counselor–mollyj

  21. mollyj, Relax: The article is a year old. When I started reading it, it sounded odd, and then I looked at the date, and everything made sense, lol.

  22. HillarylLandRocks…

    “Did it come up in any way?”

    No, not that I know of- But Oprah definately wasn’t relaxed having BC there…hard to define her demeanor..maybe like, some sort of discomforting ‘guilt’…’fear’? I don’t know. She wasn’t her confident self. Maybe she’s just found out Obama’s case history isn’t as pure as the driven snow,as she perhaps thought it was…The answer lies in how big of a bash she throws for Obama…that should be an inkling of her true feelings…and an indication if it looks like she’s,creating distance between herself and BO.

    I remember a point in time when she was a huge Hillary supporter. I think she jumped the gun a little…going all out for Obama because she does like supporting blacks who rise above the stereotypical connotation. Can’t blame her for that… But dang it,Oprah… Do the ding-dang homework first, girl!

    mollyj…do you have links to the videos w/Hill& Ellen? If you do…could you post them? Thanks!

    Gorto… Bill talked about Hill.. Oprah was not inquisitive re: Hillary at all, except for the “First Lady/Laddie” answer Bill provided to her as she fumbled and stumbled trying to assemble a sentence in the form of question… hee!

    Thats All I have for today…gonna watch Letterman!

    Over and Out-

    Mrs. S.

  23. Obama sent out another ‘polls do not matter’ email to his followers?

    According to ‘New York Press’:
    Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has just sent out a mass email to supporters urging them to ignore the current polls and predictions and focus on their candidate. Polls, they say, have a tendency to be wrong. Quote:

    In mid-September 2003, national polls showed Joe Lieberman to be the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination. Then John Kerry won the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary, and the shift in momentum carried him to a decisive victory.

    The lesson: early polls don’t mean a thing and success in crucial early-state contests will win the Democratic nomination.

    Take that, Hillary Clinton.

  24. Obama’s ‘ask God’ Iowa tour is due to start, bizarre…

    Obama Campaign: Announces Iowa faith steering committee

    Josh Earnest: 515.883.2008 / 515.229.9571
    Tommy Vietor: 515.883.2008 / 515.418.7972

    DES MOINES – The Obama Campaign today announced that 32 Iowans of different faiths will participate on the Faith Steering Committee for Barack Obama’s Iowa Campaign. Today’s announcement comes as the Obama Campaign kicks off a 10-day faith tour to give Iowans an opportunity to discuss faith, values, and politics.

    “One of the reasons I support Barack Obama is because of his unique ability to discuss faith in a unifying way that doesn’t exploit religious differences for political gain,” Rev. Matt Perkins of the United Church of Christ said. “His faith, compassion and commitment to bringing people together are exactly what we need in our next President.”

    The Faith Steering Committee will lead outreach efforts to religious communities across the state and discuss Senator Obama’s commitment to challenging conventional thinking in Washington, D.C.

    “Our campaign is committed to reaching out to people of all faiths as we build our grassroots movement to challenge the status quo in Washington, D.C.,” Senator Obama said. “That’s why I am honored to have the individual support of these leaders in the faith community who are dedicated to working in communities across Iowa to help us build our unifying movement.”

    On June 16th of this year, Barack Obama discussed his faith as he addressed the Iowa United Church of Christ statewide conference. Obama has been a member of Trinity United Church of Christ, a Protestant Church in Chicago, for almost twenty years. He, his wife Michelle and his daughters are active in the Trinity faith community.

    The 10-day faith tour begins today, September 4th, and ends September 18th. At each stop, the Obama Campaign will lead forums entitled “What’s faith got to do with it?” For more information on the Obama Campaign’s organizing and outreach efforts in the faith community, click See below for the Faith Steering Committee members and details on the

  25. WOW…

    Prez Clinton speaking about Iraq and the Wars on Letterman, the audience is sooo there. No one is breathing they’re just listening. If they dare to breathe, they’ll miss a word or two…a word they’re waiting to hear, that may make up for the vacuum we’ve been living in for the last 7.5 yrs..

    BC is primarily on Letterman introducing his new book, “Giving”…Letterman is asked to point to a picture of a baby at the front of the book. It is the face of a newborn, born with 2 diseases, Aids and TB… destined to die. The picture is stunning..BC is framing the beautiful baby’s face in his hands while talking about a NY donor who gave the money for treating the disease this little boy not only inherited but contracted because of the environment. Because of the generosity of this donor ‘giving’, this fortunate little child at one year old has a chance at life. Today, he’s healthy and totally cured of disease.

    It was noticeable to me, BC was somewhat overcome remembering the thought of holding a dying child. One who had been saved, remembering the power of ‘giving’ has given this child the chance to fullfill his destiny.

    Great men do great things!

    Mrs. S

  26. Mrs. Smith: As you say–great men do great things, and the same is true of great women. Carl Bernstein echoed that sentiment when he said Hillary is someone who can change the world for the better.

    Turning from the sublime to the ridiculous, the new book on W should be rivetting. Cudos to Laura Bush for calling Rove “Pig Pen”. It sounds more civilized term than turd blossom, and is equally descriptive

  27. Mrs. Smith thanks for the summary, good show it seems.

    I really think Gore needs to stay out of it, if he ain’t jumpin’ in himself, just don’t say anything at all.

    In my view, if he were to endorse Obama, it would not be so bad in it self that he is endorsing someone, as I think the effect would be minimal or short term lasting effect.

    But it would be kind of a blow that the person he is NOT endorsing is Hillary, don’t you think? As they have a long history, or is there some resentment between Al and Hill that I don’t know of?

    I know Al had some disagreements with Bill, but they sat down not too long ago, and talked it out. Anyone know more about this than I?, and can fill in the blank for me? 🙂

  28. Bill Clinton was good tonight on Letterman. Not as good as Hillary was last week, and I’ve seen him do better, but that’s okay — he’s in the supporting role this time, anyways. The interview really got going by the end of the hour, and the highlight was when Bill explained the theme of his book: that every person, regardless of their position in society, personal wealth, or amount of free time can give something back to the world.

  29. Gorto, it seems to me that Al Gore’s announcement that he may endorse a candidate before the election is the logical fall-back position to throwing his own hat in the ring, which many supporters have asked him to do. The probable rationale is to preserve his relevance within the political system, and to secure access and influence to promote his initiatives. If that is the explanation, then it is reasonable to assume that he has not made up his mind yet on which candidate to support, and if Hillary continues to do as well as she is doing now then he may well end up backing her for the reasons stated above.

  30. Yes, well I just hope he doesn’t have some kind of grudge and at the last minute wants to throw his support at someone other than Hillary just to try to hurt/stop her. That would be rather ridiculous and childish, I hope he is not of that nature.

    Anyways, do you see him accepting a position if given, in a democratic administration? If so he should stay out of endorsing.
    Or maybe an Independent run? Gore/Obama? Gives me the creeps to think about. The Independents don’t have a primary do they? Can anyone decide to run? I wouldn’t put it past Obama that’s for sure, he seems like an arrogant brat who could do so to get revenge for loosing the primary nomination…. (or am I being cruel? hehe)

  31. From ‘Huffington’….

    With Barack Obama currently trailing in national polls, his campaign today distributed an email to supporters emphasizing that “early polls don’t mean a thing.” To drive this point home, the email begins with a purported history lesson:

    In mid-September 2003, national polls showed Joe Lieberman to be the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination. Then John Kerry won the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary, and the shift in momentum carried him to a decisive victory.
    The comparison attempts to place Obama’s poll standing in a positive light, while also implicitly likening current frontrunner Clinton to Lieberman, an aggressive supporter of President Bush’s war policy.

    But a review of national presidential polls from mid-September 2003 shows that history isn’t nearly as cut and dry as the Obama campaign portrays.

    Among national polls taken in mid-September 2003, Lieberman led in just one: a Sept. 10-13 ABC News survey of all Democratic-leaning voters. Lieberman received 20 percent support versus 15 percent for Howard Dean and 14 percent for both Richard Gephardt and John Kerry. However, when the ABC News poll was limited to Democratic-leaning likely voters, Howard Dean held a slim lead with 20 percent, compared to 19 percent for Lieberman and Kerry.

    A Newsweek poll taken Sept. 18-19, 2003 among “registered Democrats and independents who lean Democratic” found that both Hillary Clinton and Al Gore received far more support than any of the declared presidential candidates. Thirty-three percent said they preferred Clinton, while 28 percent backed Gore. Wesley Clark and Howard Dean both polled at 7 percent, and Joe Lieberman and John Kerry polled at 5 percent.

    In other words, Lieberman was by no means the clear national frontrunner in mid-September 2003. The polling then was decidedly mixed, in contrast to Clinton’s current dominant lead in the Democratic primaries. The Associated Press reported Saturday that Clinton has “strengthened her standing as the national front-runner four months before the first primary votes,” as the Democratic race “has remained remarkably static, with none of Clinton’s rivals able to challenge her lead in national and most state polls.” The three most recent national polls show Clinton with leads of 12 percent, 21 percent, and 15 percent, respectively.

  32. Mrs. Smith, Looks like Oprah isn’t distancing herself from Obama. Check this out, from

    “Oprah Winfrey has already done plenty for Barack Obama, lending her influential endorsement and organizing major fundraising efforts, including an event on Saturday at her California home. But she may go even further. The Washington Post reports today that the TV superstar is in talks with Obama’s advisors to take on a more active role in the campaign, possibly delivering stump speeches and more openly campaigning for Obama in the media.”

    IMO, not a smart move by Oprah, who risks alienating viewers who support other candidates, even Repubs.

  33. Berkeley Vox, I thought Bill was more serious on Letterman (his book being the main reason for that) while Hillary was funnier. That’s probably the way they wanted it, since Bill, as you say, is in a supporting role.

    Also, I noticed, too, that Oprah was subdued with Bill. Now we know why. She has the right to do whatever she wants, but she’s never been overtly political before, and there’s a big risk to that, especially if you back someone who doesn’t win. Sounds like the Obama people are thinking Oprah is some sort of magic bullet.

  34. Are we going to see an Obama-Oprah ticket? This is getting absurd. Poltiics is serious business, not a hollywood movie.

  35. Oprah is a an effing jerk. This basically cements my opinion of her. Her obsessive effort to elect Obama is disguting. She made all this money on the back of WOMAN. Now when one has the opportunity to become president she’ll go to any length to make sure that doesn’t happen???? What a jerk! Seems to me she likes to be thought of as America’s most powerful woman and doesn’t want to lose her title.

  36. BTW, I just saw the video of Bill Clinton’s interview on “Today” with Matt Lauer. I thought he did a great job answering questions about why she’s not “likeable” and on her electability. Matt asked why her personality seems to turn many off, and Bill talked about her being swift-boated for 16 years, which no other candidate running has had to endure. He also talked about how she’s doing well in Ark. and easily won reelection in NY because people there actually KNOW her.

    Another point he made that I agree with: He said winning the primary will be harder than the winning the GE. That’s because many swing voters/moderates will give her a second look in the GE.

  37. Clinton to air first TV ads in New Hampshire
    Continuing her fall campaign push, Hillary Clinton will air her first TV ad in New Hampshire starting Thursday, her campaign said today.

    The 30-second spot uses footage from Sunday rallies in Concord and Portsmouth to reinforce Clinton’s argument that she has the experience and record to bring the change that Democratic voters want on health care, the war in Iraq, and other issues.

    “If we have the will, she has the strength,” the narrator says at the end of the ad, titled “Change.” “If we have the conviction, she has the experience. If we’re ready for change, she’s ready to lead.”

    “I know that when she’s president she’ll bring the change that we need,” Terie Norelli, co-chairwoman of Clinton’s campaign in New Hampshire, told reporters in a conference call. “She is the candidate who will be able to hit the ground running on the first day.”

    Norelli, the first Democratic speaker of the New Hampshire House, would not say how long the ad will run, but said it was “a significant buy.”

    She said the campaign decided to start TV ads now to capitalize on the momentum from the weekend fall kick-off rallies, which drew thousands.

    “The ad continues the campaign’s commitment to the first-in-the-nation primary,” Norelli said. “We’re not taking anything for granted.”

    Clinton, the New York senator and former First Lady, is leading the Democratic nomination polls nationally and in New Hampshire, but Illinois Senator Barack Obama and former North Carolina Senator John Edwards are chasing her aggressively.

    While they are trying to cast her as a creature of Washington, tied to special interests, she is portraying herself as the candidate with the experience and moxie to bring change.

  38. To: Interested Parties

    From: The Clinton Campaign

    RE: Change & Experience: The Ad

    As summer turns to autumn, Change is in the air.

    The question that voters are asking is: who can best deliver it?

    With its Labor Day kickoff and now the release of a new ad, “Change,” in Iowa and New Hampshire, the Clinton campaign is making clear, as Hillary said on the stump this week, “Change is just a word without the strength and experience to make it happen.” She has outlined how she would be the best able to get results, saying that change takes the right mix of knowing how and when to find common ground and when to stand your ground.

    The new ad conveys that Hillary is uniquely able to deliver the change Americans want: ending the war in Iraq, passing universal health coverage, making America energy independent.

    By touting Hillary’s experiences as a change agent, the Clinton campaign is making clear that to make change happen, you need the kind of strength and experience Hillary has accrued during her more than 35 years of advocacy (as illustrated in today’s New York Times story about Hillary’s college years).

    Multiple polls are validating this point: Last month’s CNN poll revealed that despite the efforts of others to portray themselves as change agents, 40 percent think Clinton is the candidate most likely to actually bring change – a finding that places her well ahead of the other candidates. The June NBC/WSJ poll, 61% of Democrats and Democratic primary voters are very confident that Hillary would bring real change to the direction of the country. Among those for whom change is most important – working middle-class and low-income families, seniors, working women, and people without health care – Hillary is viewed as the most effective champion.

    Today’s ad echoes these themes and touches on the four goals for change Hillary has been discussing on the campaign trail: Restoring America’s leadership in the world; rebuilding the middle class economy; reclaiming the future for our children; and bringing back the values of integrity, fairness and tolerance in America.

    By offering voters “big goals for change” imbued with a case for why she is the candidate best able to achieve that change, Hillary is making a clear case for why she is the best choice for Democratic voters who want to make change happen in 2008.

  39. admin,

    The youtube link of Clinton’s new ad is on hillaryhub, maybe you should consider to post the video as today’s frontpage post. Thanks.

  40. Hey y’all, That commercial is up on the Hillary campaign website. It’s a good one. Lots of good shots, camera angles and the narration is good. I am done with Oprah. For good. I think I’ll write a little note and tell her so. She made a bad decision. Don’t know if that was responsibile for her wierd affect yesterday or not. Would like to see more of the show, and of Ellen and Letterman, but I ‘spect we will all get to see them sooner or later. Keep on keepin
    on folks. mollyj

  41. Yes, mollyj, I wrote her a note today. I find it completely inappropriate, and basically another way for Obama to get around the established rules, and then tout himself as a reformer.

  42. Gorto, I do not think grudges real or imagined will be the determining factor. More likely it will be the factors mentioned. Nor do I think he would accept a cabinet post, since this would be a step down from where he has been and it could constrain his environemental agenda. On the other hand he could be an asset to President Hillary Clinton in her effort to restore our standing and leadership in the world on environmental policies and practices. I do not see him on an independent ticket with Obama. This is pure speculation however, I have never met the man and have no particular insight on what makes him tick.

  43. I don’t like Oprah anyway, but she really looked weird with Bill on yesterday. She looked so stiff and reserved. Like she didn’t want to give any credit to the Clintons. What an idiot she is. She should have followed her mentor Maya Angelou, and got a clue. Bill was totally comfortable as usual. Did you guys see the stupid likeability poll today showing HRC 4th in Iowa after Richardson. It probably won’t mean much…because she’s leading everyone on leadership and experience…which should win out. But I don’t get how they think Edwards and arrogant O Bomb A are more likeable than she is.

  44. Yeah, I saw that poll when they asked Bill about it. I know what you mean, though. I think she’s perfectly likeable, lol.

  45. Mrs. Smith,

    “It was noticeable to me, BC was somewhat overcome remembering the thought of holding a dying child. One who had been saved, remembering the power of ‘giving’ has given this child the chance to fullfill his destiny.

    Great men do great things!”

    Most people are’t even aware.

    ABC’s Kate Snow went to Africa with President Clinton in July and during her segment that aired on NightLine in early August, she reported that the ‘Clinton Foundation’ saved the lives of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people in Africa.

    That’s the kind of impact you would think that only a large government could have.

  46. Oprah was so weird with BC on her show – trying hard not to be defensive. I read from Instyle that she had to pay off her boy friend Steadman 300 Million dollars after their break up to keep him quiet and she has gained all the weight she lost. May be that had an effect on her as well. I for one don’t trust everything these magazines write! Most of them are trash! But, who cares!

  47. kitforhill, did you see Hillary on Letterman recently? I thought Hillary did great but that Letterman also looked reserved and stiff (at least to me). She asked him twice (I’m not sure it was in jest) to come out and campaign with her (he didn’t respond). I might be overstating it but I’m a Letterman fan and he looked off his game to me that night. I wondered if he was ill at ease with Hillary, intimidated or something else. He did say some nice things (such as it being time for a woman president) I though Dave seemed more at ease and comfortable with Bill last night. Anyway, just an observation.

    Letterman said during the ’04 campaign that he was a registered Democrat.

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