We noted in our initial Hall Of Fame post the importance of thanking pro-Hillary Heroes who regularly venture forth onto Big Blogs and elsewhere to defend Hillary and/or to explain why she is the best Democratic nominee for president.

In our initial Hall of Fame induction we saluted


With suggestions from DCDemocrat we have compiled a list for nominees to be added as inductees to the Hall of Fame. The list of nominees includes:

Norwegian Chef
al Fubar
Governor McCheese
and all who participate with comments on this site.

Please comment over the next few days on these nominees and why they should be considered for induction. Add to the list. Feel free to provide favorite posts by a particular nominee or cite a favorite comment posted by the nominee.

We will announce the next group of inductees to the Hall Of Fame on Tuesday, September 4, 2007.


58 thoughts on “Nominees

  1. And wasn’t Hillary great last night on Letterman. That anecdote about her summer job gutting fish should put to rest any notion that Hillary feels entitled to anything. The show was so interesting time flew by rapidly.

  2. Morning All-

    Yes, Hillary was well received last night by everyone. Also surprising was DL enjoyed his repartee with her for 2 segments..(which I’ve never seen him do before with other guests, especially politicians)


    Mrs S.

  3. Hillary was asked about EE’s nasty attack yesterday and responded in her usual calm and classy way…

    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton defended her electability Thursday in the face of charges from her opponents that she is a divisive figure who would be a risky general election candidate.

    She said this kind of attack is based on a caricature of her, not the reality of her public service.

    “What I’m finding as I travel around the country, certainly throughout Iowa and elsewhere, is that people are giving me a fair chance.

    They’re getting to know me, not some caricature, and they’re making their judgments based on who I am,” Clinton said in an interview with the Lee Enterprises Des Moines Bureau. She spoke by telephone from New York, where she was getting ready for an appearance on “Late Show with David Letterman.”

    With two narcassic, self-indulgent ‘I am the most likable’ male politicians in this race, I’d take a humble Hillary any day.

    Sometimes, you have to wonder whether these male politicians are ‘manly’ enough?

  4. Clinton holds a commanding lead in the state with 37 percent support, according to the American Research Group Inc. poll released Thursday.

    Primary rivals Barack Obama and John Edwards share second place with 17 percent and 16 percent.

    New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson had 7 percent, and 17 percent said they were undecided.

    “I am very excited about where we stand, but the next four months will be make or break. This is really where you have to persuade people to come your way and vote,” Clinton said.

    On Iraq, Clinton said she would vote against the $50 billion supplemental spending bill President Bush said he’ll seek from Congress this fall.

    “I did vote against the last money bill for Iraq because I don’t know how else to get the attention of this president that his policy has to change.

    “That is what I am going to continue to do, which is to stand up and make that case for withdrawal of our troops as quickly as possible.”

    Clinton said the General Accounting Office report that the Iraqi government has met only three of 18 benchmarks underlines support for her proposal.

    “The GAO report confirms what many of us suspected and that is there has not been any appreciable progress on a political solution,” Clinton added.

  5. great list of hall of fame heros admin. keep up the good work hillfans. im sure hillary appreciate ya. hillary did well last nite on letterman!!!!!

  6. i detect a maybe some jealousy from elizebsth edwards towards our hillary. she is frusterated her husband is not making any traction. it seems she is not happy about herself rather than the other way around. do anybody agree?

  7. terrondt,

    EE is frustrated that her man is not behaving like a man… That’s my take. He can’t stand on his own feet and has to let his wife act like an attack dog..

  8. Word from reliable media buying sources is that Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign has no discernable television ad presence for at least the next two weeks. That means that Clinton’s first ad lasted for a week.

    One guess is that the Clinton campaign used the ad to test whether it moved numbers. Whether it did — well, the campaign probably won’t let anyone know. Suffice it to say, unless the Clinton campaign has been spending like gangbusters, they have plenty of money to run television ads right now.

  9. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    The Obama campaign is returning contributions it got from Norman Hsu, the big-time fundraiser that is a fugitive on a fraud rap.

    HELLO ? Is anyone in the national media paying attention ? Or is it just about trying to lambast Senator Clinton ?

    Governor Eliot Spitzer (former federal prosecutor) speaks out about the unfair attacks against Senator Clinton:

    “Is Senator Clinton’s campaign or any campaign supposed to [be] doing a better job than the authorities of California who theoretically had an open warrant for this guy and didn’t do anything? Come on, guys. Let’s get real.”

  10. I read about Obama giving the money back yesterday on, but don’t know if thw MSM picked it up.

  11. Hillary was AWESOME last night on Letterman. She does so well in those 1-on-1 settings. Her answer about the need to withdraw intelligently from Iraq, but to begin immediately, was the most thoughtful and nuanced discussion of the issue I’ve seen from any candidate during the whole campaign.

    She’s in such a good position at the moment, strategically. She can test out approaches for the general, while the Republican candidates beat up on each other.

  12. DEAUVILLE, France (AFP) — Actor Michael Douglas, in the spotlight at the American filmfest here, said on Thursday he would be “very happy” if Hillary Clinton became the next US president.

    “I would like my president to have pillow talks with (her husband and ex-president) Bill Clinton,” he told AFP in an interview. “I would be very happy with that.”

  13. Mornin’ y’all, I have heard only great things about our girl last night on Letterman. I saw the clip of the top ten list and thought it was great! I’ve been LMAO about a VP who won’t shoot somebody in the face and a Pres pullin’ over to ask for directions! She’s always been so good in one on one’s and I think she’s only gettin’ better. I am so happy about that new poll Kostner.

    I have to say I am humbled and honored to be nominated for the Hall of Fame. Thanks folks. I feel like there are some Veterans of the “good fight” who deserve it more than me, though. I haven’t seen posts by everybody up there and I look forward to seein’ their contributions, but I sure can say I recognize some great names…our own Berkeley Vox, for one, who does great work on DailyKos. I appreciate all the tutoring as I get use to the vocab and such of the blogosphere. I also recognize great names from DailyKOS. I trust and support the nominating committee and again, I am honored to be in such good company as we fight the great fight together –mollyj

  14. mollyj, Those were my favorites, too, from her top 10 list, lol.

    Another good poll just out:

    The survey by Detroit News polling firm EPIC-MRA finds Clinton with support from 40 percent of Democrats, ahead of Barack Obama at 21 percent and John Edwards at 16 percent.

  15. Great news, Paula, about that latest poll.

    Kostner, I will try to recruit more bloggers for internet sites. I’ve got a great prospect and she write good arguments just about as good as anybody I know.


  16. I think the attempt by EE to define Hilllary as unelectable and her husband John as electable suffer from two fundamental problems: the message itself and the messenger. The message is wrong on the merits and faulty in terms of its logic. The logic assumes that the voracious monster aka the Republican base would rally to attack only Hillary, and would give Johnnie boy a free pass. If her husband had a realistic chance at winning, the world would soon discover how wrong that premise is. The fundamental rule of all politics is you need a devil, and in that hypothetical situation where Edwards or Obama were the front runner they would find themselves subject to that same kind of withering attack, and the question would then become whether either of them has the will and capacity that Hillary does to withstand that kind of attack, and prevail. Frankly, the evidence to date is not encouraging. Consider for example the way Edwards was schooled by Cheney in the last vice presidential debates, and contrast it to the manner in which Hillary held Rumsfeld accountable in a Congressional hearing for the abysmal execution of the Iraq War, and helped set in motion a series of events that led to his resignation one day after the election. No wonder they dont like her. As for the messenger, everyone understands that she EE is married to John, acting as his alter ego and saying the things he might not be comfortable saying himself. But these attacks also have an element of drive-by to them, and for that reason they seem a little unfair to many people.

  17. Lordy y’all CBS news has a story up – or it may be a blog- I am gettin’ to where i can’t tell the difference in “news” and “opinion” anymore and that worries me. ANyhow, it’s about our girl and Rupert Murdoch. And somebody’s on Kos right now makin’ hay out of it. Come on over, the water stinks, but we can’t dance and it’s too wet to plow. –mollyj

  18. I had coffee yesterday with an arbitrator, who is a big Hillary supporter, and he told me a story about Rove receiving a new car that had an Obama sticker on its bumper. I do not know if its true, and if it appeared somewhere I guess I missed it. But if it can be pinned down it may be interesting. If its true, and someone was playing a joke on Rove, then they may have struck the motherload because as an old Texan used to say: many a truth is said in jest.

  19. mollyj, The blogs are always making a big deal about Murdoch and Hillary, as if the vast majority of Dem primary voters even care, lol.

  20. The only DIARIES I have read have read from those on the list are Molly, GeorgeP and AreYouReady, and based on those diaries, I vote for all three!!!

    Molly for her recent diary on DailyKos which slapped back at the Hillary Haters, GeorgeP for a comprehensive diary a few weeks back that outlined EVERYTHING ABOUT HILLARY from polls to positions (I have saved his link for canvassing) and AREYOUREADY for his relentless fact slapping of the NADERITES.

    And not to sound like a suck up, but I honestly feel this HILLARYIS44 blog deserves its own GOLD STAR for providing a source where us Hillary supporters can all get together and dissect the misinformation that is being posted on the blogs, and in the other DEM contenders campaigns. ITs also a great place to meet like minded Hillary enthusiasts!!!!

    I am sure that HIllary is probably aware of our existence, and so is OBAMA, hehe.

  21. Hey y’all

    Paula, I deduced from the smelly responses that this was old hash…Thanks for confirmin’ this.

    Sandy, Thanks for your kind words. I hope to get another up for those Edward hypocritic “demos” and NOBOMA’s to chew on real soon.

    Well, if you’re readin’ Hill, we got your back..And you are our girl!

  22. Hey, congrats, Molly J on your commendation award! Kudos to you!

    Uh, I forgot to mention this morning, during the DL interview, a Civil Service message (you know the one with the honking horns, telling you to dial up the Emergency Frequency network) streaming across the top of the tv screen when Hillary was giving her take on Iraq. They even prologed it with a few extra beeps over-riding the sound during her interview.

    If anyone has it on a u-tube vid, I’m curious to know what in Hill’s message was being blocked…

    Thanks in Advance,

    Mrs S.

  23. In fairness to EE, (who I still like even though she is becoming a lose cannon), its just politics. I am sure once the primary is over EE and Hillary will get along fine. In fact, if imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, I am sure Hillary is flattered by EE. I will never forget when the incumbant governor of ARkansas was making a speech (Bill Clinton was running for Governor) and HILLARY showed up by surprise and said “Give me a break” and then proceeded to explain why the incumbant was a hypocrite.

    EE is trying to be the NEW HILLARY. But we dont need a new one. We are happy with the REAL ONE. And she is running for President now.

  24. wbboei, about Rove and the car: as a parting joke on Rove some White House staffers wrapped his car in Saran Wrap and placed an Obama sticker in the back.

  25. sandy,
    You are right, hillaryis44 definitely deserves a GOLD STAR !

    Regarding EE, her husband will soon be history…

  26. WB, oh I am sure you are right. My point about EE is that she is modeling her role in EDWARDS campaign after HILLARY CLINTON. She is imitating HILLARY’s involvement in Bill Clinton’s campaign.

    In actuality, Elizabeth Edwards would probably make a better President than her husband (12 years from now).

    She can learn how to handle herself as President from the Pioneer who comes before her, HILLARY CLINTON, just as she learned how to handle herself on her husband’s campaign trail from HILLARY.

  27. Hey, I remember a similar thing with Hillary showin’ up when one of his opponents for gov was shovelin’ out a pile of it against Bill. And she had some things to say about his accusations. I shouldn’t let Liz get me all riled. And those sorts of thngs Hill and Bill can handle in their good ways (if they even need handlin’).

  28. And also….

    I hope EDWARDS does decently in the primaries. I want Hillary to win a three-way race, not just a two way race between herself and OBAMA. I hope Edwards stays until the end of the Primaries.

    EE is smart for trying to breath life into Edwards struggling campaign. There is no chance of Edwards winning, but it would be fun if Hillary gave Edwards a cabinet position, like SEC OF LABOR. (She can leave Obama in the Senate for another decade to get more experience)

  29. But just to clarify..

    I dont condone the content of EE’s attacks. I just find it sort of complimentary that she is trying to immitate Hillary’s style. Her attacks are unwarranted.

  30. We missed this line from Hillary’s Letterman appearance. In the middle of laughter about her having been a Republican (Letterman says “people are gasping” then Hillary says “I think someone just fainted in the 3rd row.”

  31. I just loved Hillary on Letterman. Wont it be nice to have a President with a sense of humor and personality? I am sick of Bush’s blunders and strained conversation. Granted, that is not why I am voting for Hillary, but dang, it will be nice to have a President who is comfortable in her own skin.

  32. molly, congrats on making the latest hall of fame nominee list. good poll out of michigan. GO HILLARY GO!!!!

  33. admin,

    the ‘naderites and nominees’ have been put on as a diary on ‘openleft’. The entire article was also pasted as comments to Chris Bowers’ frontpage section. However, he deleted it.

  34. Kostner you just gave us all the biggest laugh we will have all Labor Day weekend, if not all fall season. Surprised about the posting, not surprised by the deletion. “OpenLeft” is really “ClosedMind”. Naderites hate the truth.

    UPDATE: Just in case the excuse by the closedLeft staff is that the post was made without permission of this website, permission is hereby granted. Someday maybe the big antiwar activist Matt Stoller at that closed mind site will post all his rabid pro-war comments that he wrote before the Iraq war.

  35. Hey y’all, I just read that on mydd but I’ll look closer to find the deletion other than the obvious of your nominees. I just saw a post over there I wanted to respond to (‘nuther one beside’s HG’s great “case study” y’all should go look at HG’s diary). –mollyj

  36. admin,

    actually i stated the article was copied from hillaryis44. The account has been suspended. Guess we’ll have to create another one to spread some truth to Bowers.

  37. admin,

    we hope you’ll be able to dig out Matt’s rabid pro-war comments, I’d love to confront him in the future.

  38. admin,

    It appears that ‘Naderites and Nominees’ article triggered Bowers to pen an illogical frontpage garbage ‘What I Want In A Presidential Candidate’ .

    This guy is delusional, he believes every candidate wants to kiss his big fat white ass. Any candidate who’s willing to touch him is probably going to taste a kiss of death to their chance…

  39. Kostner, it just gets better. Are you really saying that now they are banning accounts on a site called “OpenLeft” for posting a response that they invite responses to? As we wrote before they should change the name from “OpenLeft” to “ClosedMind” or maybe just admit the truth and rename the site “NaderiteLeft”. What about “PINOleft”? After Hillary wins the nomination and then election they will be known as “NothingLeft”.

  40. Hey Kostner, That’s right. I’m gettin’ all these guys confused. The Hillary bashers just seem to run seamlessly into one another. I saw bower’s frontpage article. Started to reply then thought I’d relax and eat some fried chicken. I will get me another post together for one of these blogs. First I’m gonna check the news and polls and such and see how our girl is doin’ today. By the way, I found the whole letterman show Hillary spot on one of these blogs and it was great to see. –mollyj

  41. A diary decimated EE’s Pino nature is now on myDD…

    The most bizarre episode of this democratic primaries is that two male polticians constantly tell us ‘I am the most likable one’, ‘I am the pretty one’. You have to wonder whether they are actually contesting for Mr. America or the President of U.S.A?

    This sort of narcassic and self-indulgent personality, especially from two men has turned me off tremedously. I guess that’s also why voters don’t take these two seriously, and constantly give them low scores in strength and leadership category.

    Rasmussen has just updated their ‘likeability’ ratings, let’s take a look at where those I-am–the-most-likable candidates stand for the time beging.


    Biden 31%/40%
    Clinton 49%/49%
    Dodd 26%/35%
    Edwards 48%/44%
    Gravel 14%/30%
    Kucinich 22%/40%
    Obama 46%/47%

    To be fair, Rasmussen’s numbers are quite volatile, and I won’t put too much stock in one particular data set. However, these numbers should at least give Mr. likeables’ supporters some pause?

    To believe EE’s assertion that his husband is so beloved by those right wingers, I suggest you guys venture out to freeperland and take a peek at their reaction to EE’s attack against Hillary…

    WARNING: Rinse your brain before in and rinse your hands afterwards…

    —-FREE Republic link—

    If there’s any doubt whose bidding EE is doing, read this…

    If only we can get Elizabeth to pound Hillary on her Illegal campaign contributions from criminals and foreigners from Japan.

    It would be hard for media to ignore it then… Perhaps sending Hillary illegal campaign contribution information to media is the wrong approach, send the info to her rivals!
    We know xxx have no problem eating their own…

    Does she think or believe that her wimpy husband would be less polarizing than Hillary? This is what is known as an argument from ignorance. The only reason that Edwards isn’t motivating Republicans to attack him as they do Hillary is because no one in their right mind thinks that he will be the Democratic nominee.

  42. Kostner, What I see when I hear somethin’ like is that fish slimin’ process our girl talked about on Letterman. –mollyj

  43. Stoller left his pro-war pieces at every Big Blog. Now that he is a big anti-war guy he pulled a Stalin and has been erasing all the embarrasing evidence.

  44. Thanks to DCDemocrat for putting me up there, gotta find em on Dkos and show my gratitude. I try to defend Hillary’s record and campaign against the many misconceptions out there.

    I am usually under rigso/rigo or some form of that. Whether it’s youtube, dkos, mydd, news comment sections, etc… I try to support Hillary, and others should as well, if you are active online we need your help to counter the often misinformed Hillary haters!

  45. you like me! you really like me! *sniff*

    blogging is a contact sport on Daily Kos, and we could hold meetings in a phone booth, there are so few of us there. gotta know who your friends are, and watch your back. things are getting weird as the obama and edwards people have been sidling toward the lifeboats the last few days.

    let them spin. we will win.

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