Naderites and Nominees

UPDATE:  Don’t forget, Hillary on Letterman’s show tonight.  Lots of good news too pollwise and endorsements.


Big Blog owners are beginning to unmask themselves. They are Naderites.

These Naderites, like Lord Nader himself, want egotistical personal power and let the common good be damned. These Naderites want Democrats to follow their lead to ruin. These Naderites are a self-absorbed bunch of losers who want Democrats to obey them.

Many good Democrats listen to these Naderite Big Bloggers unaware of their true intent. These Naderites, embedding themselves in Democratic ranks are PINOs only interested in personal aggrandizement. They pose as Democrats. They pose a real danger to Democrats. They must be fought.

In the 2000 election race, Naderites called Al Gore “Al Bore”. These Naderites claimed Al Gore and Democrats were no better than Republicans. These Naderites claimed that there were no differences between Democrats and Republicans.

These Naderites, due to their self-interested desire to hurt Democrats, inflicted George Bush on the country. These Naderites are up to their old tricks.

Much like the Satan in John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost, these Naderite Big Bloggers would rather “rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.”

One particularly foolish Naderite who conjures up idiotic scenarios regarding polls and how they spell doom for Hillary is Chris Bowers. Bowers has been plying his dishonest theories and mad interpretations of reality for a long time. Yesterday he unmasked himself as a twisted Naderite. Here is some of what the destructive clown wrote:

Back in the spring, I engaged in a few email conversations with a number of prominent pollsters and election analysts asking them what they thought of my Inflated Clinton Poll Theory (see here and here for more on the theory). In virtually every conversation, whether or not someone agreed with the theory, there was nearly universal agreement that Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers would not rise during the course of the campaign. The consensus was that, after fifteen years in the national focus, the Democratic primary and caucus electorate had already made up their minds on Hillary Clinton and thus, not unlike an incumbent, her current poll numbers represented her ceiling. This was actually a line I was telling people since at least June of 2006, when the very first Iowa poll was released showing John Edwards in the lead.

As Hillary’s popularity increased and was reflected in the polls, Bowers and his foolish theories (“Inflated Clinton Poll Theory”), which were not really theories but mad delusions, were recognized to be totally wrong. Even Bowers was forced to concede the incorrectness of his “Theory”.

Bower’s quickly concocted more, disguised as scientific, lunacies to undermine the very notion of genuine Hillary support by the voters. He posited four reasons for the impressive Hillary bloom reflected in the polls: (1) Bowers first decried the end of the “incumbent rule” whereby incumbents (Hillary) were in fact able to increase their poll numbers; (2) Bowers’ second reason which should tell him something but he is too dense to recognize it, is that Edwards and Obama have dropped in their favorability with Americans. Duh; (3) the third Bowers reason is what he terms “the right-wing stereotype of Hillary Clinton” was shown to be false when the public actually saw and met the real Hillary in action. Bowers of course is so dishonest he does not mention the Naderite stereotype of Hillary created by people like him.

Bowers then aims, at for him, the reason above all other reasons for Hillary’s popularity – where Naderite and right-wing stereotypes and ugliness meet: Bill Clinton.

Bowers demonstrates how popular Bill Clinton is with Democrats and how strong that tie of affection is. Bill Clinton is seen by Bowers and other Naderites (and the right-wing) as the reason Hillary rose in the polls in Iowa after their joint tour of the state. Note to these dolts: in a campaign the candidate is responsible for what happens. Hillary could have decided, as many pundits had advised, not to campaign with Bill Clinton. Hillary wisely choose to listen to Bill Clinton’s wise counsel. Even if the notion that Bill Clinton is the mastermind of the campaign, or Mark Penn, or Hillaryland, or whomever – the ultimate responsibility is Hillary’s. It is her campaign. Same is true with the Obama campaign. While we know that Axelrod has been a disaster for the Obama campaign – the ultimate responsibility is Obama’s – who appointed Axelrod and from whom Axelrod derives all his authority.

Bowers then states: “Bill Clinton might be the ultimate Democratic primary campaign weapon for any candidate.”

Having made his initial postulates Bowers then proceeds to even uglier Naderite assumptions: “Within the netroots, Hillary Clinton might have the highest unfavorable numbers of any Democratic candidate, but Bill Clinton has the highest very favorable numbers.” Bowers states that Hillary is unpopular with the “netroots” but does not define what he means by the “netroots”. Bowers relies for his conclusions on a worthless poll of self-selected respondents which is more than a year old – well before Hillary’s impressive debate performances. In other words, on a pure garbage poll more than a year old Bowers builds his latest Hate Hillary theory.

For the record, we here at Big Pink distinguish between the netroots (politically active people online) vs the Nutroots (politically self-interested Big Bloggers and their Naderite friends). The more than 1 million Hillary supporters online to us constitute the netroots as well as the supporters of many truly progressive organizations and other candidates, even Hillary opponents. The real netroots is comprised of more than that small cluster of Bowers’ friends which we appropriately call the Nutroots.

Continuing with the lunacy in a, let’s call it what it is, male chauvenist pig way – Bowers uttlerly dismisses Hillary as the main factor for the rise of Hillary. The Naderite writes as only a true Naderite proudly can:

“This is going to be particularly tricky for any non-Clinton candidate to overcome, especially during the final two weeks of the campaign when Bill will probably be by Hillary side the entire time. One strategy would be to openly take aim at the past, and at Bill Clinton’s record. The only candidate who seems to have waded into these waters so far is John Edwards:

“Small thinking and outdated answers aren’t the only problems with a vision for the future that is rooted in nostalgia,” Edwards said in the prepared remarks. “The trouble with nostalgia is that you tend to remember what you liked and forget what you didn’t. It’s not just that the answers of the past aren’t up to the job today, it’s that the system that produced them was corrupt _ and still is.”

This vile Naderite actually suggests attacks on Bill Clinton and his wonderful record of accomplishments as a viable political strategy. This vile Naderite wants an attack on Bill Clinton in order to preserve what he mistakenly believes are the Nutroots’ big accomplishment – Howard Dean as chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

It will take a lot more than one speech for any candidate to develop a narrative that Democrats should not look to the past for “outdated answers.” I am starting to think that if any Democratic candidate has a chance of defeating Hillary Clinton for the presidential nomination, they will have to start making the argument that many of the problems we have faced as a country under the Bush administration were caused, at least in part, by the way our political system operated in the 1990’s and earlier. Unless there is a repudiation of the 1990’s, it is hard for me to see how anyone except Hillary Clinton will end up as the nominee. Even if she has not hit her poll ceiling, Hillary Clinton is still basically the incumbent in this campaign. If Democratic voters are happy with the way the Democratic Party has operated for the last sixteen years, why wouldn’t they just decide to vote for more of it? Right now, Bill Clinton is asking them to do just that and, if the results of recent Iowa polls are any indication, that appears to be a persuasive argument to a significant percentage of Iowa Democrats. Unless other campaigns start arguing in terms that more overtly repudiate the past sixteen years of Democratic Party leadership, I think we should all expect the direction of the leadership of the Democratic Party to remain more or less unchanged in the future. In fact, whatever gains we have made with Howard Dean as DNC chair, and in terms of the increasing progressivism within the Democratic rank and file in Congress, could actually be wiped away.

This is Naderite self interest in its most naked form. This vile Naderite proposes an attack on the past sixteen years of Democratic Party leadership. The only two-term president elected as a Democrat is to be attacked by these vile Naderites. The very thought processes and people who with their own hands bought George Bush into the White House now want Democrats to attack the much loved and hard working two term Democratic president.

Down with the Naderites.

Please note, later today or very early tomorrow, we will post a list of nominees to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is composed of those of you who venture into the hate swamps of Naderite strongholds to defend Hillary. Defending Hillary in those hate swamps is usually a thankless job. Hillary supporters do thank you – all of you.

Keep up the fight.


59 thoughts on “Naderites and Nominees

  1. I had an interaction today with a Kossack who calls the unprecedented peace and prosperity of Bill Clinton’s administration a lucky historical break. Breathtaking. We have ONE, exactly ONE, Democratic president in 26 years, and all the good things he did was just a stroke of luck. On the other hand, in this same string, the Nattering Naderites of Negativism blamed every mishap that occurred in the country during Bill Clinton’s presidency on Clinton’s malfeasance. Really? What kind of Democrats (DEMOCRATS!) could possibly believe that?

  2. Remember DCDemocrat when Bill Clinton used to say to his detractors on economic issues ‘If you find a turtle on a post, it did not get there by accident.’ Bill Clinton and Democrats paid a heavy political price for the economic policies which they had to fight for (Bill’s first budget remember passed by 1 vote). Those policies eventually became the crown jewel in the Clinton presidency.

    These Naderites who attack Bill Clinton have no sense of history or decency. After 2000 it is amazing that anyone falls for their snake oil.

  3. What I find confounding is that their hero is the very guy I so desperately wanted to become president in 2000, Al Gore. If they had backed him when they had the chance, the nightmare of the last seven years would never have occurred.

  4. Got an e-mail from Hillary’s campaign saying that in addition to Hillary being on Ellen Sept. 4, Bill will be on Letterman that night, too. And he’ll be on Larry King the next day. Cool! 🙂

  5. Elizabeth Edwards: Clinton less electable

    WASHINGTON, Aug. 30 Elizabeth Edwards says her husband is a better Democratic presidential candidate because U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton would bring out the Republican base.

    “I don’t know where it comes from,” Mrs. Edwards told Time magazine. “I don’t begin to understand it. But you can’t pretend it doesn’t exist, and it will energize the Republican base.”

    Former Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C., trails Clinton and U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., in the polls. His wife has been playing a major role in the campaign, drawing media attention with her attacks on right-wing firebrand Ann Coulter and criticizing Obama and Clinton.

    “Their nominee won’t energize them, Bush won’t, but Hillary as the nominee will,” Elizabeth Edwards said. “It’s hard for John to talk about, but it’s the reality.”

    In her interview with Time, Mrs. Edwards also echoed earlier comments that her husband was not getting as much attention because he is competing against the first woman and first black presidential candidates thought to have a good chance of nomination and election.

  6. that’s what these fraudsters are. naderites,pinos, and closet rightwingers. also i saw on foxnews the obama camp returning 7,000 bucks of that fundraiser in question. that will shut the nutkooks up on that.

  7. Terrondt, the good in all this is that as they get more desperate with the reality of Hillary becoming the nominee they are unmasking themselves. Attacks on Bill Clinton is the latest desperate ploy. They are essentially Naderites. We can expect attacks from Fox News and the right-wing press. The danger is when attacks come from self-described Democrats who are really Naderites. Also dangerous are Big Media outlets perceived to be Democrats, like the New York Times. So it is good when these Naderites get exposed well before the general election when they can cause genuine damage the way they did in 2000.

  8. You know, somebody needs to remind EE what southerners like us do when someone is doin’ somethin’ we don’t like. I am so sorry that she is ill but this is so wrong of her to go around tellin’ lies thinkin’ that nobody is going to call her on it because she’s sick.-mollyj

  9. So, anybody here hear shampoo and set man say that he was gonna ask Americans to sacrifice their SUV’s? I wonder what the carbon footprint is of a big recreational boat, like the kind you go deep sea fishing in? Or what kind of carbon footprint a big ass mansion leaves? mollyj

  10. LOL, molly that is sooo true and phoney of john(pretty boy,toothy smilin, and blow dried hair)edwards. 2 americas my eye.

  11. that’s just the two Americas he’s not in! Talk about priviledge. If it weren’t for PRes CLinton I’d be ashamed to be a southerner.

  12. It bugs me all those Naderites, PINOs’ websites are actually funded by democratic party leaders. Think about it. All the ads money go to these Naderites.

    When Hillary wins the president, there should need to be lots of house cleaning to do, including get rid of those Naderites and PINOs.

    Not a single dime for those sites. Democratic party needs to fund website which advocates main stream value.

    Remember Hillary on letterman tonight.

    EE is a disgusting human trash. I’m so sick and tired of Edwards hiding behind her skirt.

  13. kostner:

    icebergslim got busted at dkos. A user ‘Alinghi2010’ posted a diary and just a few minutes later icebergslim posted a tip jar as first comment. Probably had multiple browser windows open and was logged in under her various personas.

    True, the writing style is different, but I always did think that the iceberg persona was forced.

  14. guys, im workin the graveyard shift tonite, but i will record the letterman show on my dvr. i will post my take on it in the morning. i do remember like it was yesturday when hillary when on the show in 2000, her 1st run for the us senate. she did great!!!!!


    During the NBC Nightly News, even though they first stated that many of the campaigns had to return or turn away various contributions, and they cited Obama, Edwards, Romney, and Giuliani, they then had Charlie Cook on to say:

    “Any hint of impropriety just hurts Senator Clinton more than any of the other candidates, because of past history”

    Of course, he means because of past BAD JOURNALISM and the regurgitating of Fake RightWing Media propaganda by the SCLM.

    Not to mention that for the longest time, Cook kept saying the Republicans were going to hold on to the Congress in 2006.


  16. DES MOINES — Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton defended her electability Thursday in the face of charges from her opponents that she is a divisive figure who would be a risky general election candidate.

    She said this kind of attack is based on a caricature of her, not the reality of her public service.

    “What I’m finding as I travel around the country, certainly throughout Iowa and elsewhere, is that people are giving me a fair chance. They’re getting to know me, not some caricature, and they’re making their judgments based on who I am,” Clinton said in an interview with the Lee Enterprises Des Moines Bureau.

    She spoke by telephone from New York, where she was getting ready for an appearance on “Late Show with David Letterman.”

    Clinton, a U.S. senator from New York, leads national polls, though she is in a close race in Iowa with former Sen. John Edwards and Sen. Barack Obama.

    Edwards’ wife, Elizabeth Edwards, told Time magazine this week that “hatred” of Clinton by Republicans will inspire the party’s base if Clinton is the nominee.

    Clinton said she intends to show she is the candidate most ready to be president and “best prepared to beat any Republican that they happen to nominate.”

    Anita Wendt of Sioux City doesn’t need convincing. Wendt, a retired teacher and wife of state Rep. Roger Wendt, said Clinton has the best combination of competence and personality in the Democratic field. Both she and her husband have endorsed Clinton.

    “She is a very warm and caring person and she has such an ability to listen to what you are saying,” Wendt said.

    This week, Clinton’s campaign said it would give to charity a $23,000 donation from a California man, Norman Hsu, after the campaign learned that Hsu has an outstanding arrest warrant for fraud.

    “This is something that I think caught everybody by surprise,” Clinton said.

    Hsu has given to Democrats across the country, including a $4,500 donation to Iowa Gov. Chet Culver. The governor said Thursday he would give the donation to charity.

    Clinton said her campaign closely scrutinizes its donors and will refund any donation if there is a good reason to do so. She said she hopes Hsu will “take steps to address the issues he faces.”

    Also this week, Michigan has taken steps to move its primary up to Jan. 15, which would potentially shake up a nominating calendar that now begins with the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 14. This is the most recent of several attempts by states to move their contests up to January.

    Clinton said she won’t commit to campaign, or not campaign, in those states until the situation is clarified. But she said this doesn’t change her opinion that Iowa’s first-in-the-nation status “should be respected and preserved.”

    Next Monday, Hillary and Bill Clinton will attend Labor Day celebrations in Sioux City and Des Moines. Hillary Clinton said this is part of her campaign’s attempt to mix big events with more intimate ones.

    She said this is a challenge because many of her events in smaller venues are overwhelmed with spectators.

    “I’m very grateful that so many thousands of Iowans have shown up to see me at the events that we’ve planned to have large crowds and I’m equally thrilled to have the small, intimate settings that we’ve been able to do. We’ll continue to do both,” she said.

  17. i get a big kick on th anti-hillary forces on this “electability issue”. THEY are the ones unelectable for the PRIMARIES. u have to get nominated before the gen election right? pathetic.

  18. Good post, Joe Friday. She sent the money back immediately, which is all she can do. Oh, and answer 10,000 media questions on it, which she did calmly and clearly.

  19. I think that it is an attempt just to get people to keep saying the same untrue story long enough so that it become true. Hillary isn’t “hated by a majority of people. Most people don’t even know her and want to get to know her.” mollyj

  20. Oh, I found the diary. I don’t think that is Slim. She has some issues with grammer. I put a tip jar in for someone because I didn’t know it wasn’t allowed as well, once. I think that is all she did.

  21. Didn’t E. Edwards already have to apologize once to Hillary, for saying that Hillary’s “joy” was fake, or something silly like that? Glad to see Bill Clinton keeps it classy, by saying that he likes “all” of the other Democratic candidates, and doesn’t have to be “against” any of them.

  22. Mollyj, next time you post a diary, post the first comment as a tip jar, like “tip jar +/-“. Then people rec the comment if they like the diary.

  23. molly: like mj says. People accrue mojo at daily kos and get the privilege of becoming a trusted user who can distribute troll ratings. If someone receives enough troll ratings, their accounts can be banned. Trusted users also are allowed to read hidden comments. In a way, it’s very silly, but it is a part of the culture of the place.

    It’s a very serious offense at daily kos to maintain multiple accounts. icebergslim has been accused on other web sites of having multiple accounts. The blog nick for this practice is sockpuppetry. If one has multiple accounts, one has sockpuppets.

  24. mj: I went and looked at Alinghi2010’s rating. Alinghi2010 rates only very infrequently, and there was only one tip for icebergslim about a week ago. Moreover, while slim is incredibly emotional, erratic, and disorganized, Alinghi2010 is very thoughtful, poised, and organized. I can’t believe they are the same poster. I have reported it to admin at dkos, and they can check into it.

  25. Ok, cool. Hmm….I wonder what the deal is, but for the reasons you laid out, unless the Slim persona were totally phoney(and that would just be creepy) they couldn’t possibly be the same.

  26. DC,

    You’re right. Slim is quite a bizarre figure. She now has another ‘socketpuppet’ on myDD, ‘iamready’. She is erratic and disorganized.

  27. To try and get this to post right away … put the dkos url in front followed by a backslash:


    note the tip jar was posted just 4min after the diary.

  28. kostner: I once confronted her about her erratic behavior. She replied, “I’m keeping it real.” I can only laugh. Reality slaps her in the face every day without phasing her in the least part.

  29. I see you found it. I agree that this user has impeccable grammar as compared to ibs, but then again, who doesn’t?

    Still amazes me that this character was right there when the diary was posted, opened it, read it, then posted a tip jar, all within 4 minutes of diary submission.

    She’s got more faces than iamready on mydud — they mostly just recommend and comment rate.

  30. Oh, and since when doesn’t iceberg comment in an obama diary? Funny how she disappeared after somebody called her out.

    unless the Slim persona were totally phoney

    How hard could it be?

    Girlfriend, Obama best get a stepping, for those polls. For Real. Period.

  31. They performed heroically.”

    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton told CBS funnyman David Letterman this evening that the message American troops should take away from the Iraq War is that:

    “They performed heroically. That they did everything they were asked to do. It’s important that every American understand that. They were asked to get rid of Saddam Hussein and bring him to justice and they did. They were asked to give the Iraqis free and fair elections to chart their own future and they made that happen. They were asked to give the Iraqi government the space and the time to make these political decisions — that they can only make, and they did that as well. I believe that we should be very proud of the way our young men and women in uniform performed, and we should make it absolutely clear that we are going to take care of them when they come home.”

    We just got a transcript of her pre-recorded appearance, which airs at 11:35 p.m. ET tonight, from the folks at The Late Show with David Letterman. (AP Photo/CBS, by J.P. Filo.)

    A few other things Clinton had to say, serious and funny:

    • “There are no good options (in Iraq) — that’s one of the problems we all have to just accept. But I think we need to begin to withdraw our troops now, bring them home, make it clear they are not going to continue to referee a civil war. We’ve got to put much more pressure on the Iraqi government — which has not lived up to its responsibilities. There is no military solution, and the political side of the equation has been neglected by the government in Iraq and to some extent by our government, here.”

    • Campaigning with her husband, is “a lot of fun. He’s such a tremendously effective natural campaigner, and he loves doing it. We had a great time over the 4th of July. We’re going out again over Labor Day to Iowa and New Hampshire. And it’s fun for me because he has just an incredible wealth of information about campaigning and yet he’s never competed as I’m now doing, the first time in the Iowa Caucus. So, it’s a lot of his old experience, plus some new ideas and experiences.”

    • On Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho and his disorderly conduct guilty plea after being arrested during an investigation into lewd conduct at a Minneapolis public men’s restroom: “I think it’s a very sad, I think it’s a very sad story. You know, I’m just wishing the best for him and his family. I think obviously the Republicans and the voters of Idaho will make a decision about what happens in his future.”

    • Of Letterman’s jokes over the years about her pantsuits: She capped the “Top Ten” list that she delivered with a joking “threat.”

    Top Ten Hillary Clinton Campaign Promises

    10. Bring stability and long term security to The View.
    9. Each year on my birthday, every American gets a cupcake.
    8. You’ll have the option of rolling dice against the IRS for double-or-nothing on your taxes.
    7. Having trouble getting a flight and Air Force One is available -– it’s yours.
    6. My vice president will never shoot anybody in the face.

    5. Turn Gitmo into a Dairy Queen as soon as possible.
    4. For over a century there have been only two Dakotas –- I plan to double that.
    3. We will finally have a president who doesn’t mind pulling over and asking for directions. Am I right, ladies?
    2. I will appoint a committee to find out what the heck is happening on Lost.
    1. One more pantsuit joke and Letterman disappears.

  32. Hey kostner, thanks for posting that. Sounds like she did great!

    HillaryLandRocks, True. For real. Could be. Period


  33. Just found a hilarious Edwards diary on mydd. EE’s skirt is not wide enough to hide all these folks….

    Dems-please get behind Edwards-please
    by wesg01 [Subscribe]
    Thu Aug 30, 2007 at 07:00:07 PM PDT
    Yes I am begging you. Please please please get behind Edwards for Prez 2008. He is the only candidate the Dems have that can win. Hillary and Obama will be eaten alive by the Rove/Repub Scum machine.

    Edwards can actually beat these guys.

    WE CANNOT AFFORD ANOTHER 4-8 years of Republican Prez rule.

    Please please please please please please please please please.

  34. We catch up with the Presidential hopeful at the “Late Show.”

    ET caught up with HILLARY CLINTON backstage at the “Late Show” with DAVID LETTERMAN.

    Hillary says about Dave, “I love coming here, I really enjoy him and his show,” and she confesses: “He makes me laugh.”

    And is Dave’s studio really as notoriously cold as everyone says it is? Indeed, Hillary says, “It is cold enough to hang meat.” She says that could be an advantage, however, saying, “It does keep everyone awake because you’re shivering throughout the show.”

    She says she’s really enjoying being on the campaign trail with her husband, former President BILL CLINTON, saying it brings her back to the days when he was running for office: “I had so many wonderful memories of our campaigning for him back in ’92.”

    And ET asks the important question: Will Hillary be giving up pantsuits anytime soon?

    Don’t count on it! The Presidential hopeful says that wearing pantsuits “is so practical for me. I never know where I’m going to be.

  35. Sounds great, y’all. Guess I’ll have to be gettin’ a tv or I will never make it through this campaign. Thanks for tellin me about the tip jar. I know about sockpuppets from another web site message board that I will be soon helping to moderate. It’s not a blog, though some people treat it that way. I know Hillary is gonna do great campaigning with Bill and this shit with Hsu will be over by and by. She will weather it. –mollyj

  36. Yes, she inspires confidence, doesn’t she? You just know she’s going to handle it.

    I loved it when she looked at Paul and said, “has he been talking about my pant suits?” and Paul goes like, “no comment.”

  37. Hillary was great on Letterman. I know we all like her for her ideas and experience, but I must admit, she does have a GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR and HIGHLY LIKEABLE personality too.

  38. The name “TarHeel” on MyDUD should get inducted to the “Hall of Shame.” He posts a daily journal of Hillary Hate that is so transparent. First, he says she is unelectable. Now he implies that it doesnt matter that she is electable, because she wont do what is right (evidently, what he wants). I am so sick of reading his diaries and remarks. He is a typical Naderite, and many people on that site call him on his crap.

  39. good morning hillfans. sandy i see this coming. the more closer to her being nominated and elected they will move away from the unelectable theme and switch to other excuses. she will never like her.

  40. ‘TarHeel’, just like lots of lonely old grumpy male, has an unhealthy obsession with Hillary. It’s actually pretty scary. He needs to seek some help.

  41. I thought Hillary was great on Letterman!

    BTW, that MYDD pro-Edwards diary is hysterically funny. As if Hillary would be “eaten alive” by the GOP smear machine. Hellooooo!!!! She’s not only already survived it, she’s thriving, lol.

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