Life On Mars

According to Joop Houtkooper of the University of Giessen, Germany the “soil on Mars may contain microbial life.”

Earlier explorations of Mars had detected no life signs.

But Joop Houtkooper of the University of Giessen, Germany, said on Friday the spacecraft may in fact have found signs of a weird life form based on hydrogen peroxide on the subfreezing, arid Martian surface.

His analysis of one of the experiments carried out by the Viking spacecraft suggests that 0.1 percent of the Martian soil could be of biological origin.

That is roughly comparable to biomass levels found in some Antarctic permafrost, home to a range of hardy bacteria and lichen.

Inspired by Joop Houtkooper we decided to seek out signs of life on the microbial level in the Obama and Edwards campaigns.

We set our political electron microscopes on maximum and proceeded with our examination.

We first uncovered a latter-day Woodstock Summer of Hate on the Big Blogs. The Naderite weeds are in full bloom. These hayfever Naderites are pollinating the Big Blogs with their loathing of all things rational. In 2000 they deplored “Al Bore” and decided not to vote for him based on their very very very high principles. They are still very very very high minded even as they fill their pockets with Ripublican money and deride Hillary and Bill Clinton and swear to repeat the 2000 Naderite travesty. The Naderites believe what the satirical Onion newspaper wrote in January 17, 2001, as a total joke. The Naderite Big Blogs believe, along with Bush, that:

“at long last, we have reached the end of the dark period in American history that will come to be known as the Clinton Era, eight long years characterized by unprecedented economic expansion, a sharp decrease in crime, and sustained peace overseas. The time has come to put all of that behind us.”

Bush swore to do “everything in [his] power” to undo the damage wrought by Clinton’s two terms in office, including selling off the national parks to developers, going into massive debt to develop expensive and impractical weapons technologies, and passing sweeping budget cuts that drive the mentally ill out of hospitals and onto the street.

During the 40-minute speech, Bush also promised to bring an end to the severe war drought that plagued the nation under Clinton, assuring citizens that the U.S. will engage in at least one Gulf War-level armed conflict in the next four years.

“You better believe we’re going to mix it up with somebody at some point during my administration,” said Bush, who plans a 250 percent boost in military spending. “Unlike my predecessor, I am fully committed to putting soldiers in battle situations. Otherwise, what is the point of even having a military?”

On the economic side, Bush vowed to bring back economic stagnation by implementing substantial tax cuts, which would lead to a recession, which would necessitate a tax hike, which would lead to a drop in consumer spending, which would lead to layoffs, which would deepen the recession even further.

Wall Street responded strongly to the Bush speech, with the Dow Jones industrial fluctuating wildly before closing at an 18-month low. The NASDAQ composite index, rattled by a gloomy outlook for tech stocks in 2001, also fell sharply, losing 4.4 percent of its total value between 3 p.m. and the closing bell.

Asked for comment about the cooling technology sector, Bush said: “That’s hardly my area of expertise.”

Turning to the subject of the environment, Bush said he will do whatever it takes to undo the tremendous damage not done by the Clinton Administration to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. He assured citizens that he will follow through on his campaign promise to open the 1.5 million acre refuge’s coastal plain to oil drilling. As a sign of his commitment to bringing about a change in the environment, he pointed to his choice of Gale Norton for Secretary of the Interior. Norton, Bush noted, has “extensive experience” fighting environmental causes, working as a lobbyist for lead-paint manufacturers and as an attorney for loggers and miners, in addition to suing the EPA to overturn clean-air standards.

Bush had equally high praise for Attorney General nominee John Ashcroft, whom he praised as “a tireless champion in the battle to protect a woman’s right to give birth.”

“Soon, with John Ashcroft’s help, we will move out of the Dark Ages and into a more enlightened time when a woman will be free to think long and hard before trying to fight her way past throngs of protesters blocking her entrance to an abortion clinic,” Bush said. “We as a nation can look forward to lots and lots of babies.”

Noting the Naderite spawn, we continued our search for even non-carbon based life forms in the Obama and Edwards campaigns.  We were saddened to detect no lifesigns in Iowa for Obama, though there was a promise of activity from Edwards.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s decision to opt out of all but a handful of appearances with his opponents this fall means an influential Iowa audience will lose the chance to judge him alongside his rivals next month.

Obama plans to skip AARP’s Sept. 20 forum in Davenport, where New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson will address about 2,400 Iowa seniors and a national public television audience.

The decision to not attend the AARP event, aimed at issues important to people 50 and older, could nag at the Illinois senator, some Democrat activists and political observers said. AARP is a national association formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons. [snip]

Obama also has skipped some events in Iowa and elsewhere that would have put him on the same stage as his opponents, including the Iowa Democratic Party’s annual summer banquet in June.

That event drew five candidates and an audience of 1,000 of Iowa’s most influential party leaders.

Obama does not plan to attend a candidate forum Monday in Cedar Rapids to discuss fighting cancer. The forum, hosted by Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Foundation, will include Clinton, Edwards, Richardson and Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich. A Republican event Tuesday will include Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

The AARP forum is expected to focus on issues such as health care and retirement security, top concerns for Iowa’s 50-and-older crowd.

That group also has carried disproportionate clout in recent caucuses, according to Iowa Democratic Party statistics.

In 2004, 64 percent of the people who participated in the Democratic presidential caucuses were 50 or older. In 2000, the figure was 63 percent.

Of course Iowa is hostile territory for Obama since it has all those dumb old voters over 50 years of age.

“everybody knows a lot of 50-, 60- and 70-year-olds that don’t have good judgment, because they keep on making the same mistakes over and over again.”

Our search for life in these campaigns continued through the pages of Time:

Once questions have been raised about your foreign policy judgment, it’s not easy to put the genie back in the bottle. [snip]

Whatever it may be saying publicly, the Obama campaign knows its man stumbled in recent weeks on foreign policy and that he needs to start over. But he is not backing away from the idea of changing U.S. foreign policy either. “Barack’s judgment on the war has been good. New thinking without judgment just leads to mistakes.”

Time was no help. We proceeded to examine a quotable mustache:

A top adviser for Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) said Friday that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), the front-runner for her party’s presidential nomination, is obsessed “with what she calls the Republican attack machine.” “I think we need a candidate who is obsessed with unifying this country again,” said Obama adviser David Axelrod. He added that Obama could break “the sort of decades-long battle we’ve had over this jagged divide — red state, blue state, American against American — and try to bring people together and attract disaffected Republicans and attract independent voters so that we could build not just a victory, but a governing coalition in this country.” Axelrod also took a swipe at former Sen. John Edwards (N.C.), who is third among Democratic presidential candidates in national polls. Edwards, the party’s vice presidential nominee in 2004, said this week that the country needs more than rhetoric about change in what was viewed as a jab at Obama.

The quotable, but soup-stained mustache, was no help. The Ripublican attack machine is real and living candidates and living campaigns need to prepare for their onslaught.  We persevered in our search for signs of life. The Washington Post, we surmised, might have at least fossil remains. Alas, we only found more Naderite slogans and Naderite thinking:

Toiling behind Hillary Rodham Clinton in most national polls, her two main rivals in the 2008 Democratic presidential field, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and former North Carolina senator John Edwards, are increasingly seeking to contrast themselves with the New York senator.

The sharpest attacks are coming from Edwards, who in a speech in Hanover, N.H., on Thursday took several thinly veiled swipes at both Clinton and her husband’s administration. Invoking the 1990s controversy over the Clintons’ allowing major campaign donors to stay overnight at the White House, Edwards declared, “The Lincoln Bedroom is not for rent.”

Oh, how the Naderite Ripublican PINOs love that Lincoln Bed they are all rolling in. Of course the “Lincoln Bedroom” was yet another Ripublican construct long since debunked. The Naderite ventriloquist dummies persist however in their slurs.

In distinguishing themselves from the front-runner, Obama and Edwards are portraying Clinton as yesterday’s news. Democrats looking for a restoration of the 1990s have aspirations that were “rooted in nostalgia,” Edwards said, while Obama says he’s part of a new generation that will change politics.

Clinton’s communications director, Howard Wolfson, said in response to Edwards’s comments that “angry attacks on other Democrats won’t improve Senator Edwards’s flagging campaign.”

Howard Wolfson is such a kind man. He described the opposition as a “flagging campaign” instead of diagnosing rigor mortis. Such kindness, such Jane Austian condescension. Howie bought tears to our microscope laden eyes. The Washington Post analysis continued:

One of the challenges for Edwards and Obama is that the leading Democratic candidates have few major differences on policy, with all supporting changes to the health-care system, withdrawal of troops from Iraq, and more federal efforts to combat global warming.

Clinton is not only well known but well liked by Democrats. A recent Pew poll showed 88 percent of Democrats have “favorable” views of her, and 38 percent “very favorable,” both higher numbers than Obama and Edwards scored. “Hard-edged attacks can cut both ways, particularly if you’re attacking someone with an 88 percent approval rating among Democrats,” said Stephanie Cutter, a Democratic strategist.

No life signs there. Perhaps in New Hampshire we would detect signs of life.

“I would agree with you that experience doesn’t affect wisdom — we do know that,” responded a woman who was among about 75 squeezed into a home. “But by any stretch of the imagination, it would be a leap of faith to vote for you just because of the lack of years of experience.”

She asked how he would choose the staff and advisers who would help him make decisions. Obama answered that he would surround himself with competent people with integrity and independence — like Abraham Lincoln, he said. He pointed out that Lincoln also was a former Illinois legislator who faced great skepticism about his experience. “I guess that was a leap of faith, too,” Obama said.

Obama has less than four months to persuade skeptical voters to make that jump. His campaign says part of the challenge is getting those who know a lot about Clinton to learn more about Obama.

In New Hampshire, the campaign has set up book clubs to read Obama’s autobiographies and three-on-three basketball tournaments — the candidate’s favorite sport. He is meeting personally with voters who have yet to make up their minds.

Book clubs to read books written by the candidate – how Oprah.

And poor Lincoln. Lincoln, who fought in the Mexican wars, had a long career on the national stage as a respected voice and advocate on national tariffs and abolition of slavery, among other issues in the growing nation he helped expand as a youth, founder of the then honorable Republican Party, Lincoln, the great Lincoln – employed with such tawdry comparisons.

Sickened by that spectacle, the abuse of Lincoln’s good name, we checked the Nevada papers

“The American people deserve to know that their presidency is not for sale. The Lincoln Bedroom is not for rent,” Edwards said to applause, referencing a Clinton-era controversy in which high-dollar donors were allowed to stay in the White House’s famed bedroom.

He said the past isn’t going to solve today’s problems or “a corrupt a corroded system.”

“Those wed to the policies of the ’70s, ’80s or the ’90s are wedded to the past, ideas and policies that are tired, shopworn and obsolete. We will find no answers there,” he said.

Clinton served as first lady during most of the 1990s.

Edwards later said he didn’t mean to target Clinton during his new stump speech.

“Going back doesn’t move us forward and we need to move forward,” he told reporters beside his campaign bus.

Edwards said voters have a choice: “Either move forward boldly into the future for our children … or the alternative, which is to stay in the same stale direction, which we’ve been traveling in the recent past.”

Edwards’ speech, his toughest yet against his top rivals, sought to draw clearer lines between himself and better-polling Democrats.

“Small thinking and outdated answers aren’t the only problems with a vision for the future that is rooted in nostalgia,” Edwards said. “The trouble with nostalgia is that you tend to remember what you liked – am I right? – and you forget what you didn’t. It’s not just that the answers of the past aren’t up to the job today, it’s that the system that produced them was corrupt – and it still is corrupt.”

Edwards said voters can’t simply “replace one group of corporate Republicans with a group of corporate Democrats, just swapping the Washington insiders of one party for the Washington insiders of the other.”

No difference between Democrats and Ripublicans. Lord Nader could not have said it better.

By the way, we found more life on Mars than we did in the Obama and Edwards campaigns.


64 thoughts on “Life On Mars

  1. USAToday has an interesting article about the “golden boys” of the last election season.

    The story about Newark Mayor Booker, NY Governor Spitzer and Massachusetts Governor Patrick should be a warning sign to the Obama Chicago campaign:

    Other analysts say that some politicians are partly to blame for their stumbles because they positioned themselves as outsiders or visionaries who would shake up the status quo. “They portray themselves as knights in shining armor,” says Elizabeth Hull, a political science professor at Rutgers University. “So they set themselves up.”

  2. Nice write-up, the Obama’s botched ‘joke’ needs to get more attention. I’ll try to write something on netnuts’ land later.

  3. im annoyed at i tried to stream hillary at the forum but it was interrupted by bush and vick. you would think they would still be recording the forum for later?

  4. LOL, this is just great admin, kudos!!

    Terrondt I agree, I missed Hillary and I am dying to see it, as people say she was good. Even a few at Huffpo were impressed with how knowledgeable she was.

  5. Now, that is funny! I detect more life in Gravel’s than Edwards’ campaign these days. A shame, too. Edwards really had an opportunity to lead on certain issues, but instead chose to go the low road with the same guy who started the furor over his haircut. Anyone know the name of the Bwak tell-all? I need to pick up a few copies.

    As for Dodd- the more I hear, the more I like him. I would seriously like to see him in charge of something big, but there’s the whole balancing at of losing his expertise and leadership in the Senate and him maybe being the Secretary of Commerce or heading the SEC which could do wonders for fighting corruption. I still see Richardson as Secretary of State. I Bwak as wandering aimlessly around DC with his tail between his legs come this time next year.

  6. Yes, Dodd is fine; and I can understand him getting the fire-fighter’s support….he spoke eloquently to them as did Hillary but he has had a good relationship with them for 26yrs.

  7. Edwards must be very unhappy with the Firefighters lost endorsement. Edwards banked his campaign on getting union support in Nevada and in Iowa. His campaign however never functioned. Gerald Ford and James Brown and the John Edwards campaign were buried Christmas week 2006.

    Gerald McEntee will endorse in Iowa soon. Hopefully AFSCME will walk with Hillary. Sure looks that way.

    With Hillary in the top tier everywhere Obama and Edwards have to be concerned that the lower tier guys will creep up to challenge them, further dividing the non-Hillary vote. We might soon have Hillary in the top tier, a second tier of Obama, Edwards, Richardson and Dodd (sounds like a band).

  8. admin,

    I am actually secretly rooting for Edwards these days. LOL.

    I really want him to catch up a little bit with Obama. They are basically vying for the same PINOs and Naderites of democratic party. It’s better to split those votes evenly between these instead of letting Obama taking the lead.

    I’d rather Hillary take on Edwards than Obama. He is much easier to crush. He does not have money, no solid constituency such as African Americans in large states SC, CA. Even if Hillary stumbles a little bit in early states, it’s far easier for her to recover and beat Edwards on Tsunami Tuesday!

  9. Looks like Obama’s writting off Iowa. This cancer forum has generated lots of buzz, great news for Hillary. Moustache Alexora’s strategy… Gosh…

    Can anybody provide a video link to this forum?

  10. Admin, gladys and the pips.

    Hey, did you all see this article about bill’s new book?

    It’s interesting, because, much like Elizabeth Edwards does for John, he is saying some of the things for Hillary that she can’t say herself while running (the dolts on kos never seem to underdstand the art of holding back for a GE):

    On her health care plan in the 90’s: the effort “was killed by politics, not the plan’s particulars.”
    “Since 2000, all the cost and coverage problems have worsened,” he writes, arguing that the country may soon be ready for a major health care overhaul.

    On the environment: On climate change, “The country has refused to take serious action,” Clinton writes, complaining that “too many politicians have been resistant to implementing proven strategies to reduce emissions.” (Personally, I take “proven strategies” to mean CAFE standards/regulation. Always loved Bill’s way with words)

    On Clinton years v. Bush years: Clinton said air quality standards improved, 90 percent of children were vaccinated against serious diseases, and 40 million more people had access to safer drinking water.(some crackpot on mydd is trying to blame autism on HRC because of vaccines)

    Interesting. I’d say, as with Hil, Bill’s experience trumps EE’s and MO’s charisma. Of course, so does his charisma. I definately support BC for First Lady.

  11. Memories,

    Recall when O bomb a appeared at the March 26, 2007 Healthcare forum by SEIU?

    “Those blogging from the event were “surprised” Obama would come to a health-care forum with only “basic principles” and no “concrete offerings.” The Blogometer is not used to reading negative things about Obama, but as we move from already enthralled crowds to yet unconvinced audiences who want more than “platitudes,” can Obama keep the magic alive?”

    Hillary did great at that forum too.

    The clear winner today was Hillary Clinton. Period. No one came close to her passion, energy and details, as well as the humor and, yes, humility she brought to the subject at hand: health care. After the health care defeat she suffered during her husband’s tenure it’s clear she has come to terms with the issue as well as cultivated a sense of humor about her mistakes.

    The big loser today was Barack Obama, who wasn’t at all prepared.

    But don’t take my word for either judgment.

    An African American man sitting next to me in the bleachers wearing an SEIU shirt said he liked Barack Obama but he “wasn’t prepared” today, because he didn’t even have a plan ready. The look on his face said it all. He wasn’t ready, he continued, but he just “had to come.”

    Here is Hillary at the March Healthcare forum in March 2007:

    This is a 22 minute video:

  12. Kostner, I agree that it would be nice if Edwards caught Obama and took over second place. According to today’s Rasmussen daily tracking poll, he’s within the MOE of Obama. If Edwards moves into second place, there will be a lot of free media coverage about it, I would guess, and it’d be a major setback for the Obama campaign.

    I’m more than confident that Hillary will beat the entire field, but Obama has more cash and therefore can make more negative ad buys.

  13. let’s face it, though these nutkooks won’t admit it they have not supported a democratic nominee in at least 3 cycles(1996,00,2004). im convinced most all voted for nader or wrote. u can read thru the lines, they cant stand bill clinton(1996, they voted against clinton’s vp, and voted against kerry). so they allways trash mainstream candidates. they love to say “oh i voted for kerry not nader”. bullshit. naderites all the way.

  14. I agree terrondt the nutroots haven’t supported a mainstream candidate for a while. NOW – they want Gore…but didn’t in 2000. They are sooo fickle, and don’t have a clue how an election is won, no brain cells about the fact that you have to balance how liberal you look and actually winning the GE. But they’d rather go with losers. I remember that Health Care forum, and I agree Obama was clueless. Hillary had the issues down cold. The boys are just not up to the job. I don’t think Obama has a clue what he’d do as President.

  15. Does anyone have a link to a recent article (can’t remember the author’s name–female I think) about the double standard in how the media covers Obama vs. Hillary? It was a look at how he seems to get a “pass” on his comments but Hillary does not. His recent comment on “people over 50 and lack of judgement” would have led all the nightly news broadcasts today if it had been said by Hillary don’t you think?.

    Will this continue now that we are entering the heat of the primary race? Or will the media finally start paying attention and give a critical look at Obama as well as Hillary? Just wondering…I didn’t pay that much attention to media coverage during the Kerry primary season so I’m curious if this is the norm or are we really seeing a strong bias towards one candidate here…

  16. I agree, AmericanGal. They absolutely coddle him. It’s bizarre. Maybe he gives them lot’s of access. The media loved McCain on 2000 for that reason.

    Of course, there is always a double standard where Hillary is concerned. Take Kos, for example. Just today he was saying he would vote in the primary for Richardson, Dodd, Obama or John(he didn’t say what order), over Hillary because Hillary was “mushy” on Iraq, hadn’t taken responsibility for her AUMF vote, and would hurt down ticket. The accuracy of any of the 3 of these characterizations is highly debateable. But, also, he seems to be conceding he’s voting against Hillary. Pathetic. And, he doesn’t say “I think so and so would make a better president than Hillary.” Only that he’d vote for so and so over her in the primary. It’s bs.

  17. The look on his face said it all. He wasn’t ready, he continued, but he just “had to come.”

    I think that’s why he’s skipping the panels/forums. Doesn’t want to do the prep work.

  18. mj: some crackpot on mydd is trying to blame autism on HRC because of vaccines

    Must be an Edwards supporter. The trial lawyers are hot for potential damages.

    Note that I have no evidence one way or another on the issue, but I do know the trial lawyers are taking it more seriously than anyone else.

  19. HillaryLandRocks, it is a Edwards supporter. I should not have said crackpot. It’s just frustrating. But, the juy is far from in regarding vaccines and autism, but even if that were the case, it would not be Hillary’s fault.

  20. Hillary made a big public appearance today and again the sun is shining. The bile on the Big Blogs this past week is replaced today with several articles proclaiming Hillary’s lead in the polls against Ripublicans.

    Politico’s Ben Smith was vacationing in Latvia and has a picture of a Latvian with a Hillary sticker on his briefcase.

    There is also this very good bit which turns things on their head. It’s about Hillarycare:

    After citing a Gallup poll that has Hillary as the most trusted candidate on health care,

    Smith debunks the argument

    “she doesn’t even have a plan yet” seems as weak as the attacks earlier this year that Obama had no white papers. It’s the easiest attack in the world to answer. He got some white papers. She’s been rolling out planks of a plan, and will obviously have one by the time the first vote is cast. (There are times when Edwards’s firstness, as on the war, seemed to move the debate. But here, he and Obama have similar hybrid plans, and Hillary’s is likely to come from the same place in the wonky Democratic consensus.)”

    Ben Smith then strangles Edwards and has a Lance Armstrong jab at Bwak Obama:

    Today, Edwards repeated another attack:

    “I think the lesson from that, my lesson, is not the same as hers,” Edwards said of Clinton. “Her lesson is give them a seat the table. I think if you give the drug companies, insurance companies and their lobbyists a seat at the table, they’ll eat all the food.”

    As the Times reported at the time, a central feature of HillaryCare was that she shut the lobbyists out. Those complaints about secrecy came from lobbyists. Per the Times:

    While welcoming the A.M.A.’s offer on Wednesday to support some of the President’s proposals, the [White House] officials said they were determined to limit interest groups to a peripheral role. That approach means that these groups will not know enough about the program being assembled to offer specific practical suggestions. As a result spokesmen and lobbyists for many health-care professionals worry that their concerns will be ignored.

    So the argument may be that the lesson she learned from that experience was to talk to lobbyists — that’s basically Michael Moore’s charge — but it seems like a bit of a hard case to make politically.

    ALSO: Lance Armstrong grumbles that other candidates who lost family members to cancer didn’t show up at his forum.”

  21. i does not bode well for obama to chicken out on these forums. he is fluffing off millions of potential voters. i don’t get that at all. maybe he feels sharing the stage or losing to hillary is too much to bear. the forums and debates reach many more people than just ads. i call it free media.

  22. Hey, mj: You wrote, “The dolts on kos never seem to understand the art of holding back for a GE.” NuevoLiberal, who is a Gore hold-out but often (though not always) level-headed, started waving Lamont in front of my face as the wonderful thing that would be happening to Hillary if she had been pure on Iraq from Day one. I pointed out that Lamont lost the general election, and I got a lesson about how losing is winning and winning is losing. My head was spinning at the end of that little lecture on the nature of The Truth.

  23. “There is no difference between Bush and Gore.” –Ralph Nader, 2000.

    I do hold Ralph Nader, the Naderites and other left-wing ditto heads, who smeared Gore with this and other lies, to be responsible in part for the Iraq War and for all the catastrophic results of the Bush administration.

    From today’s RealClearPolitics:

    Progressives Unite! Against Democrats?

    Hmmm… The tyranny of left-wing ditto heads is remarkably similar to the tyranny of the right-wing ditto heads.

    Tyranny = dominance through threat of punishment and violence.

  24. Hi terrondt,

    You’re absolutely right. I caught a bit of MSNBC’s report on this forum. It’s almost like a race between Edwards and Clinton. If this pattern continues, I’m sure moustache Alexro will ‘retract’ their promise to not participate in such forums, debates.

    This is really a dumb dumb decision for them. Anyway I’m pretty happy!

  25. Obama is limiting debates and forums for two reasons:

    1) Spend more time in fund-raising

    2) Figure out what others have to say on any issue and then use some ideas and refine them later – as his; he changes words , themes, etc….but he has done this more and more…especially in debates!

  26. 3) practicing for his geography test and,
    4) studying his vocabulary; (he learned the word obsessed from Hillary and has been posting it every since)

    evenin’ y’all it’s mollyj, just planning my next post to dailykusnuts,

  27. The pretense of Obama declaring himself as a Democrat is rapidly revealing itself to be a LIE. He is rallying his base, the Republicans, out in the open now. Luger, Rove, Powell, Bush pioneers and every other republic politico who hasn’t been arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior, is supporting Obama and are helping the fraudulent Republican posing as a democrat challenge our only HOPE, Hillary!

    Whats to be done about this?


    Mrs. S.

  28. HG — I 100% agree with that rcp article. I can’t wait until the primary is over — nobody will pay attention to them except for a few atm withdrawals here & there.

  29. DC, NuevoLiberal told me she was a Hillary supporter two years ago but then she found out about the DLC. Gee, the blogosphere gives way more prominence to the DLC than it deserves. It’s effing nuts. She’s not fricken Harold Ford. Not by a long shot. Notice alot of people are not for a particular candidate just obsessed w/bringing down Clinton.

  30. Some excerpts:
    War monger Stoller opposing an antiwar Democrat who is not 100% in agreement with his totalitarian viewpoint.

    “There is something strange going on in the progressive blogosphere these days: instead of uniting against Republicans, progressive bloggers like Matt Stoller have decided to declare war on every Democrat who they consider not to be progressive (read anti-war) enough. Seemingly frustrated that there are actually Democratic Congressmen that do not necessarily always vote along party lines – but make up their own minds – they have decided to ask their readers to make profiles of so-called “Bush Dogs” (Blue Dogs and New Democrats) as to be able to target them in the coming years, and to replace them with progressive, left-wing Republicans.”

    “An example of a so-called Bush Dog they are targeting is Brian Baird. Baird opposed the war against Iraq from the get-go but believes that since the US went ahead and attacked anyway, it should persist and be successful. He believes that the surge might be paying off, at least to a degree, and that – therefore – the troops should not be withdrawn soon. So, Open Left and Daily Kos have decided to target Blair – they are writing negative posts about him, etc.”

    “Of course, Baird is not the only victim. Once one pays attention to what is happening, one also sees that they are targeting Hillary Clinton. Obviously not to replace her, but instead to make sure that she does not win the nomination. Besides attacking Hillary straight on, the left-wingers of the Daily Kos, Open Left and MyDD, also seem to have declared Bill Clinton their enemy. Their new best buddy? Al Franken.”


    “This prospect should – as far as I am concerned – scare the hell out of everybody who thinks that some independence of thought is actually a good thing. We have seen some of this being done by conservative bloggers and activists, but never on the scale as we currently see (it being done by progressives). The intention is clearly to stifle all dissent, and all debate. Whether one is a Democrat or not, and whether one is more progressive than conservative, and left-of-center is irrelevant to these people. Nor do they seem to care that the voters voted these people into office in the first place. They have decided that they are enemies of the Democratic Party (even though they are Democrats themselves) and therefore enemies of the people.”


    And so, slowly but surely, these people are destroying the Democratic Party. The average American does not favor truly progressive policies nor does the average American think highly of the anti-war crowd (led by Kos and Stoller). They might have their fair share of groupies, but so did other totalitarians in the past. These people are totalitarians because they do not accept any dissent. It is not as if policies are up for debate: they have made up their minds about certain issues, everybody else must agree. If they do not, they have to be targeted. More, Chris Bowers, Matt Stoller and “Kos” are now even making themselves unpopular among local Democratic activists. These activists basically tell Stoller and Bowers to bugger off. They know what is happening in their districts, they know what to do. National activists, they argue, do not have any idea what is going on in certain districts and/or states.

  31. Although NuevoLiberal is not like that. She’s actually sensible. It’s the FPer’s who have created this mythic prominence of the DLC.

  32. I have something positive to say about Obomba: I do like how he doesn’t give the netnuts the time of day.

    Every time I see a diary from the simpering Edwards clan at dailykooks, I laugh.

  33. Obama says he is not ‘attacking Hillary’, he is just ‘drawing distinctions.’ What better way to ‘draw distinctions’ than face-to-face with Hillary in a debate?

    I hope we spend some time on the conservative blogs promoting Hillary. I think The Daily Kult is useless–just an online megaphone for left wing extremists and the mirror image of Fre Republic. Town Hall is a good place, very conservative but much more open than Free Republic. I blog there that Hillary is a total badass and the ‘Ultimate Security Mom’.

    A lot of grudging admiration for Hillary on the right is ripe for conversion, or at least pacification. Like Rich Lowry, who compares HRC to Terminator 3 (ultimate badass). Watching Hil in the debates, Lowry’s like a kid watching Frank Griffey Jr. at the plate. “Watch this — she’ll hit this out of the park.”

    “I will never support her”, Lowry says. Guess what, Rich? You just did!

  34. This may sound like statin’ the obvious but besides facism, this is a real class thing. These are people who can afford not to compromise. This is so different from say, the ’68 race, and ’72, when the democratic party was moving even futher toward the left; but it was philosophically based, I think. I don’t want to get us as stirred up in fear as those paranoid poops but it sounds like such a dangerous crowd. AL Franken? Well now that’s a great role model for future generations. Scary shit.

    OkieAtty: I never have never had bbq in Hot Springs except maybe once when I was lil so I didn’t have the pleasure to partake in that institution. Once I-30 was complete we mostly went to LR…the Shack. Hot Springs was in the closest wet county (Garland) ‘cept for the bootleggers so it had its own special purpose. Oh for the good ole days –mollyj

  35. An Edwards vs. Hillary race…? I just don’t get his appeal. He has less political / government experience than any other person running, Republican or Democrat. He has no executive experience whatsoever. And he screws up his face to talk out of the side of his mouth.

  36. MP- Check out my take on the mortgage crisis ideas of the candidates on the “General” thread. I’ve been saying for a longtime that Bwak is a ripoff artist. He’s never had an original idea in his life.

    MollyJ- McClard’s really is all that. I drive in from my town, Norman, just to get it. I kept seeing BBQ specials on TV about teh best BBQ in teh nation and it was nearly always listed. Having grown up around both Carolina and Texas BBQ, I know my stuff and that is some GOOD stuff. It sure doesn’t hurt Bill used to have it flown in. I have tried several times unsuccessfully to get it shipped here, but I guess having a power over the free world helps. 🙂

    BTW- The general attack mode people have over Hillary reminds me of the early days with Bill. Everyone will come around as she keeps employing the same tactics- KEEP ON MESSAGE. She keeps doing it and everyone else’s message is attack Hillary. Voters sense the difference especially in long primary seasons like this one.

    Keep the faith.

  37. OkieAtty. Obomba is a ripoff artist. If I were runnin’ I would say as little as possible about my initiatives until I was in the same room with the guy on live tv. I just read a long ass diary on Kos by one rabid anti Hillary kook. I don’t know what to say sometimes. I am following this primary closer than I did with Bill’s race, first time around, but I do remember all the negative stuff. I just can’t get over how people disparage Hill’s experience…do they really think Laura Bush is Hill’s equal in terms of experience. That’s just a fanatasy.

    Oh Ark bbq beats the hell outta NC (and I lived in both states just about the same amount of time). No contest. I should order some sauce from McClard’s and drop in next time I’m home.


  38. Gosh,

    What happened to Obama? Today’s Rasmussen tracking shows Edwards has pulled even with him! Rasmussen is all over the map though, it’s still great to see the pending pie-fight between Obama and Edwards supporters on dailykook…

    Clinton 40
    Obama 18
    Edwards 18

    Some new head-to-head matchups in MO, PA, and IL. Hillary beats all GOP contenders.
    Those polls are compiled for local TV station, it’s going to be good news for Hillary.

  39. That’s right Kostner, watch out for the drama between those 2. If the Rasmussen daily numbers get duplicated by other national polls Oama will be forced by funders to start firing people. Can he fire himself? Seriously, who is to blame for such a dramatic flameout? Clearly Edwards is rising a bit in the polls but what is getting Edwards and Obama to close in on each other is Obama’s collapse.

    When Obama’s comments about 50, 60, and 70 year olds gets circulated Obama will be lucky to come in 4th in Iowa.

  40. I always expected Obama to fade ingloriously in the primaries. Watching his collapse before the primaries would be sweet vindication.

  41. Thanks for the update, Kostner. I think our girl is doing well and that with three months left, Bwak is giving up in Iowa and concentrating on the South. The downside of using that strategy is, the first primary gives a bigger boost to the winner. If he doesn’t win Iowa (he won’t) and places third (as he is likely to do now), he’ll be behind Edwards who conceivably get a small boost. Edwards seems to be polling within a few points of Bwak in the southern states, so Bwak could lose even more ground there in traditional Super Tuesday states.

    Edwards has given up Nevada and it’s completely Hillary’s at this point to lose. Bwak is taking a huge risk giving up free airtime at a time when he most needs it. Voter polls show although he has some name recognition now, voters still don’t know him or his stance on the issues which is most important during the primary season. All the ad buys in the world will not work if voters don’t get an opportunity to either question him directly like in some of the recent debate formats and townhalls, see him on TV answering questions or read his answers in the newspaper. Seeing how many rural areas still do not have adequate broadband service, he’s taking a huge risk concentrating his effort on the Internet savvy. Old folks in Deleuth still vote and do so often and early. College kids with hangovers don’t think about absentee voting a month in advance and are even less likely to drive home to vote when they have finals or midterms. Unless Bwak has the most fantastic GOTV absentee voting plan in human history, he just can’t make it work at this late date no matter how much the media hypes him.

    MollyJ, I think McC’s sauce is fine, but the chopped beef is dy-n-o-mite. So is the pork. Plus, they’re really nice there. They saw me walking my Boston one day and gave him a giant pork shoulder bone to gnaw on on the way home. He was in hog heaven. As for Carolina BBQ, I love it. And I like Texas BBQ. Actually, I just like meat. Especially meat cooked on an open flame. I’ll be in KC in October and my first stop will be Authur Bryant’s. I can’t wait.

  42. I saw that. I also saw your nice comment, DCDem. Way to throw them a bone. 🙂 And what was the whole argument about Hillary’s lead being due to better name recognition? The guy was just a VP candidate 3 years ago….

    I would rather face off against Edwards. It’s plainly obvious from his stated positions that he is a socialist. That plays well with moderates and conservatively leaning Independents who’d turn to Hillary for a viable option. I wish someone would tell him opening the candy store to everyone just because you have the keys isn’t good government.

  43. Amazing isin’t it DCDemocrat? The very people who deride polls as either incorrect, not important, too early, etc. etc. when Hillary is winning — They love to write about polls when their candidates rise nose barely above water level.

    Unlike some, he had way over more time than anybody for fundraising, gaining support,
    learning poverty from hedge funds and still little time to get a normal visit to get a hair cut…
    .he has to get his hairdresser to visit him on emergency basis! $400 and no time to check his
    campaign records.

    I tell ya’…do you thing he will have time for YOUR needs without taking money from you? …..

  45. A number of people here have written about Obama giving up on Iowa. Is that really true? Is it because he’s ditching the AARP debate, or is there some other reason?

  46. They don’t even realize you are poking fun at them, which makes it doubly funny. The theories of how to defeat Hillary that they come up with are even funnier. Hillary is polling more than both of them combined and they are rejoicing as if this is good news. Can’t wait for Dodd and Richardson to enter double digits somewhere just to read what the fevered imaginations of these Big Blog Boobs will come up with. They are entering LaRouche territory with their complex theories of how their candidates will beat Hillary.

    If they were not so hate filled they would be very funny. Someday they will understand your jibes. Right now your wry humor is going over their heads.

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