Top Ten Reasons To Vote For Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton appears on the 14th anniversary broadcast of the David Letterman show next Thursday.

The 44th President to be – Hillary.

Among the “Top Ten”s that Dave’s already done:

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The Hillary Clinton Campaign has a Top Ten List of Reasons To Vote For Hillary:

10. To build a more tollerant, united America, working to achieve big goals again, with a president who’s ready for change and ready to lead from day one.

9. To restore America’s standing in the world and repair our alliances.

8. To combat terrorism, strengthen our military, and care for our veterans.

7. To restore competence and end cronyism in government, with a president who cares about and works for Americans who have been invisible to this administration.

6. To return to fiscal responsibility, move back toward a balanced budget, and safeguard Social Security and Medicare for future generations.

5. To promote 21st century scientific innovation, including stem cell research.

4. To provide world-class education, from universal pre-kindergarten to affordable college for all.

3. To create good jobs for middle-class Americans with the right investments in modern infrastructure and in new clean, energy-efficient technologies that reduce our dependence on foreign oil and combat global warming.

2. To achieve universal, affordable healthcare.

1. To end the war in Iraq.


41 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons To Vote For Hillary Clinton

  1. This is going to be interesting

    MANCHESTER – The senator whose election is credited with swinging the balance of power to Democrats in the U.S. Senate last year will be the featured speaker at the state Democratic Party’s annual Jefferson Jackson Dinner in October.

    Virginia U.S. Sen. Jim Webb defeated incumbent Republican George Allen in a hotly contested race, giving the Democrats their slim 51-49 majority in the U.S. Senate.

    The dinner, traditionally one of the party’s biggest fundraisers, is Oct. 20 at the Radisson Hotel’s Center of New Hampshire.

  2. There has been a great deal of concern about the Ripublican plan to change how electoral votes in California are allocated. Today Gov. Schwarzenegger appears to be against the proposal.

    “Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a chilly reception Thursday to a GOP-backed plan to change the way California awards electoral votes in presidential elections – a proposal critics say could tilt the outcome in favor of Republicans.

    “In principle, I don’t like to change the rules in the middle of the game,” the Republican governor told reporters.

    Schwarzenegger added he wasn’t versed in details of the ballot proposal and stressed he wasn’t taking a definitive position. But his uneasy response is likely to make it harder for supporters to build momentum and could chill fundraising.”

  3. Good morning, y’all. 🙂

    I can’t wait for Hillary Clinton to be the POTUS and to begin working on those 10 goals. You know, many of those goals were the same goals of the Bill Clinton administration as well. Eight years were not enough to complete these goals, especially when the Ripublican Congress was uncooperative and was actually doing its utmost to undermine the Bill Clinton Administration.

    Let’s give Hillary Clintons 8 years to achieve these 10 goals. You know, whatever Hillary sets her mind on, she would get them done. We also need a cooperative Congress to achieve these 10 goals. We need to work very hard to get a majority Democratic Congress elected.

    Admin, I like Jim Webb very much. The following WSJ article is one of the many writings of Jim Webb that I have read.

    Hillary Clinton’s 10 goals and Jim Webb’s populist advocacy, as expressed in his WSJ article, have kept me hopeful that the best in America is yet to come.

  4. Arnie doesn’t like to change the rules in the middle of the game? I wonder if he voted for the recall of Governor Gray Davis.

    I guess this means that Arnie has figured out that, to keep in the spotlight in politics, he can’t piss off the Democrats. Maybe this is part of a broader cultural phenomenon where Republican dirty tricks are falling out of favor. The public might finally be getting suspicious of Republican motives.

  5. Secret,

    For some reason the link you posted gave me a story about “KID NATION” the new CBS reality show?

    ADMIN, that is WONDERFUL news. If the GROPINATOR does stand up for what is right by resisting this GOP Power grab, I will have a newfound respect for him.

    Also, the support and momentum to kill this ballot measure is GROWING by leaps and bounds, thanks to Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein and Antonio Villarigosa. In fact, there are TWO counterproposals sponsored by Democrats that may make their way to the June 2008 ballot.

    This ballot measure is ONE INSTANCE where the Network of Netroots can be very useful.

  6. The crowd at Daily Delusion who usually decries the emphasis of Hillary’s supporters on the polls is positively giddy that Obama has moved up and Hillary has moved down the past couple of days in Rasmussen and Fox.

  7. No surprise there, DCDemocrat, lol. Although her lead was 16 in the last Fox poll, in mid-July, so that’s not much of a change.

  8. DCDEM- Yes DailyDelusion is now predicting a Landslide for Obama! lol. The same folks who have said it’s too early and polls mean nothing. Who da thunk?

  9. From Staff:

    In addition to their overall kookiness the summer heat is getting to them DCDemocrat. The cooler fall air will merely tighten their frazzled nerves further. By the time winter’s cold winds slap them across the face they will be in a religious frenzy, much like the religious nuts who proclaim the end of the world the following week and await the end with smiles on their faces. They need to keep repeating to themselves that victory is just around the corner, light at the end of the tunnel, or their frazzled nerves will indeed snap like dry spaghetti.

    As actual voting is about to begin and reality shines on them briefly they will detect additional plots to deny them their victory. When Hillary wins caucuses and primaries they will yelp. Mental health professionals as well as quacks willl make fortunes from the daily deluded.

    We will shed tears for them. Tears of joy and laughter.

  10. Obama,

    AARP did a poll among Iowa seniors on how can best handle healthcare:

    Hillary 23
    Edwards 17
    Obama 7

    No surprise that most people have not heard enough of each candidate. But what caught my eyes is Obama’s dismal number of 7% in Iowa. No doubt this is his weakest voting bloc. Strange enough, Obama has decided to skip an AARP forum next month in Iowa, which makes DesMoinesRegister scratch their head…

    Obama plans to skip AARP’s Sept. 20 forum in Davenport, where New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson will address about 2,400 Iowa seniors and a national public television audience.

    The decision to not attend the AARP event, aimed at issues important to people 50 and older, could nag at the Illinois senator, some Democrat activists and political observers said. AARP is a national association formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons.

    Obama also has skipped some events in Iowa and elsewhere that would have put him on the same stage as his opponents, including the Iowa Democratic Party’s annual summer banquet in June.

    That event drew five candidates and an audience of 1,000 of Iowa’s most influential party leaders.

    The AARP forum is expected to focus on issues such as health care and retirement security, top concerns for Iowa’s 50-and-older crowd.

    That group also has carried disproportionate clout in recent caucuses, according to Iowa Democratic Party statistics.

    In 2004, 64 percent of the people who participated in the Democratic presidential caucuses were 50 or older. In 2000, the figure was 63 percent.

    Iowa State University political science professor Dianne Bystrom said she would have thought Obama would have made an exception for the AARP forum.

    “He may not think that’s his political base,” said Bystrom, whose expertise includes debate strategy. “But it’s the older voters that go to the caucuses, and I think he’s really passing up an opportunity to speak to those voters.”

    64% of Iowa caucaus goers are senior, and Obama does not seem to care. I guess Obama is counting on moustache Alexor(?)’s master plan to drive out those college kids to deliver his victory in Iowa.

  11. Thanks, admin. I am annoyed with my interactions this morning, and your words were balm for my spirit. You, too, kitforhill.

  12. Just saw this linked on Hillary is getting heavily criticized for her comments about the GOP benefiting from a terrorist attack. Here’s what Matt Iglesias writes:

    This is, I think, a disaster:

    ‘It’s a horrible prospect to ask yourself, “What if? What if?” But if certain things happen between now and the election, particularly with respect to terrorism, that will automatically give the Republicans an advantage again, no matter how badly they have mishandled it, no matter how much more dangerous they have made the world,’ Clinton told supporters in Concord.”

    “So I think I’m the best of the Democrats to deal with that,” she added.

    Two points in response. The first is that I think the Democrat best positioned to deal with GOP political mobilization in a post-attack environment is going to be the one who isn’t reflexively inclined to see failed Republican policies resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Americans as a political advantage for the Republicans.

    The other is that I think there’s a pretty clear sense in which the further one is from Bush’s Iraq policy, the easier it is politically to say that the failures of Bush’s national security policy should be blamed on Bush’s failed policies. Obama has a straight shot (“this is why we should have fought al-Qaeda like I said”) and Edwards (and Matt Yglesias) has a straightish one (“this is why we should have fought al-Qaeda like I think in retrospect”) whereas I’m not 100 percent sure what the Clinton message would be. Most of all, though, I think the politics of national security call for a strong, self-confident posture that genuinely believes liberal solutions are politically saleable and substantively workable, not the kind of worry-wort attitude that says we need to cower in fear every time Republicans say “terror.”

    What do you guys think? I have to confess I’m not sure exactly where Hillary’s coming from here. This is just another statement the blogs can use to bash her.

  13. Well, I think Hillary has had kind of a lousy week. Does anyone understand this latest with the “if there were an attack” scenario? I just think that was sort of strange given the flubbed “new war” phrase.

  14. Hey y’all…Maybe somebody needs to point out to the delusionuts that historically and realistically you can tell the candidate of change, not by their positives, but by their negatives. The fact that Hill has high negatives (which I realize are falling) just means that she is the candidate of real change and that is therefore scary to some people. Does this make sense? I think it does. She’s going to rattle a few cages when she gets to the WH again.–molly j

  15. Paula, I am just readin’ your post. We don’t know the whole context for the quote…was this in response to a question, was it part of a stump speech, or what? I am not sure who Hillary was addressing here or why. I can see that Hillary’s point might be that she’s by far the one with the most knowledge on foreign policy. She also does not operate from a fear-based place…which is what the repugs do, a la shrub. I’d be interested in seeing the context for the quote. If this was a not so good Hillary week, things should be very good next week. The rapid response team of Hillary’s organization is very, very good. –mollyj

  16. I’ll see if I can find the whole quote. I’m guessing she was referring to the traditional Repub advantage on terrorism, though the blogs are saying she’s talking like a loser by assuming they have the edge. Grrr!

    I think next week will be better, too. I look forward to her Letterman appearance. I was getting spoiled by all her success, I was expecting every week to be great, lol. She is human after all! I wonder if she’s getting a bit worn down from campaigning.

  17. Hi guys, I just wanted to invite all of you to post diaries on, highlighting Hillary’s campaign. DailyKos is the most-visited political website BY FAR, and it helps if more Democrats see Hillary’s message. This site is absolutely fantastic — especially as a hub of information and statistics — but if we only post here, we are preaching to the choir. Thanks!

  18. mj:

    hillary is right to point out that if there is an attack against the US, people will get behind the GOPs. Like it or not,
    they talk about it as it exists as a potential threat whereas Obama/Edwards/ Kucinich/Gravel kind of ignore
    it to most of the time/or gloss over it.

    So saying that it exists, has a plan to address it and remaining resolute about it makes her strong; of course some moderates and those netnuts/kooks/whatever you call them will frame it differently. Also the right wing machine – like this iglesias guy will frame it as “DEMS weak on terror”!

  19. I hear ya Berkeley, I finally got my account and I’m sittin here readin’ the “boyz” on dailykos go on and on and on about Hillary’s statement yesterday. Mollyj will make her premiere over there soon. –mollyj

  20. Mp, I agree, however I do wish she would clarify her remarks with a message of courage over fear or something, some signal that she would clobber the Republicans on terror, but not by laying on people’s fears. I will await further comments by Hillary on this.

  21. berkeley vox:

    I post comments; but some of those posts are so weird…It is info-deluge…
    nobody/just a few really “talks or LISTENS”.

    I am trying keep my ID unknown there until I feel more postive about the pros of trying to discuss
    a one-way argument…..just like I rarely ever listen to those extreme right wing radio/tv shows.

  22. mp: I hear ya, too. I have to say I am somewhat intimidated by the rapid fire, i guess, i’d call it of the dailykooks.

    berkeley: I am glad to do a diary; i am just new to this blog, thing. I think the most obvious thing that these bozos over there overlook is that the person best poised to deal with anything pertaining to a foreign policy issue (as well as republican positioning) is obviously the person who a) knows the most about foreign policy and, indeed international relations, and b) the person who knows the most (and has the most experience) at battling the repugs in their unending quest for more and more power. But it seems to me that they are looking for any little thing to react against Hillary about. Does this make sense to y’all. I just need a reality check on my response and my feel for the dailykooks. –mollyj

  23. To all, Hillary is responding to a what if
    situation. What happends if there is
    a terrorism attack between now and
    the election.

    The pundits tells that the only the GOP
    candidates are tought on terrorism. That
    they know best how to respond. That the
    Democratic leadership and Democratic candidates
    are spineless and less like to defend our
    country. So they say.

    Hillary’s contention is that she is the only
    Democrat to break that sterotype. Further
    she has the “brass” to act and do everything
    necessary in defense of American.

    The left see this “war” mongering and the
    right see it as “scare” tactics. The very same
    scare tactics they use to win elections time
    and again.

    Hillary knows that there is alway the possibiltity
    for some person or group, be it domestic
    or foreign, to inject itself into the political
    process by an act of terrorism. The chances
    get better are we move further away from
    9/11. Further, every presidential election
    cycle posses an opportunity for someone
    to impact the outcome of the election. Since
    Kennedy’s election, we have had assisinations
    and attempted assisinations; we have had
    political bombings and 9/11. All have the
    same insane result, they alter the American
    conciousness. America becomes less sure
    of itself and institutes acts of self preservation.

    It is better that Hill fans understand this now
    then for it to come up later this year or next.
    Hillary is stating the obvious. No other
    Democrat has the courage to address this
    possibility. She says, don’t let it to the GOP.

  24. mp, Matt Iglesias actually is a progressive, not a right winger. I don’ think he’s a Hillary basher, though he may be leaning toward another candidate. I’m not positive about that.

    I also try to keep remembering that many bloggers are college-educated white guys, which is not Hillary’s strong suit. Her biggest constituencies are women and non-college-educated Dems.

  25. Kegs,I agree wit you, and I actually think Hillary specifically has a chance to redifine Dem’s and national security because no one really doubts her willingness to act. But I do wish she would expand on her comments.

  26. Hey, folks: Berkeley Vox is correct. We need to flood Daily Kos with Hillary to counteract its constant pull away from her.

  27. DC, I know. It’s a slaughter over there the past couple of days. However, someone pointed out that the demographics there are very slanted against Hillary, mostly affluent white guys. So, that is part of why it can get so ugly. But, I agree, we need constant counter attack.

  28. Hello folks,

    You guys are worried too much. I feel it’s amusing those sort of feeble attack against Hillary has ruffled your feather.

    Make no mistake, if there’s a terror attack, GOP will definitely take advantage. Hillary is right on. She is the best person to counter attack GOP terror card.

    Netroots are just getting desperate, I seldom read their daily bashing diary anymore. It’s always the same old posters who spout out the same old crap. Nobody is getting converted by those folks. The more they get vocal, the more desperate they sound.

    I disagree that Hillary had a bad week. It’s just usual summer slump, netroots is going to manufacture controversy and anger anyway. Just ignore them.

    Remember when Hillary refused to apologize at the launch of her campaign in NH, KOS wrote a front page to declare the demise of her campaign. Six months later, she is stronger than ever.

    Average voters do appreciate the strength and straightforwardness of a candidate. If Hillary follows netroot’s scripts, she will probably shut up her mouth forever in order to avoid those manufactured ‘controversy’ and ‘anger’.

  29. Mj- yes, it’s definitely a bunch of white guys over there..but I agree we need to have more pro-Hillary bloggers…even out the playing field a bit and support each other over there on uprates and recommends…etc….I think even some personal diaries on exactly why we support Hillary would be good in addition to policy related stuff, polls, etc…just flood it…

  30. amazing, the same clowns who discount the polls, now if there is a little movement towards obama they tout the polls from the rooftops.

  31. My mistake on Matt iglesias political leaning…my sincere apologies to him but I will
    stand by what I said about this security issue. Biden, Dodd and Hillary are the only DEMs taking this issue seriously.
    Edwards is the most hypocrital on it.
    Obama is sugar coating it.

  32. Hey, Kegs. I replied to the mortgage market crisis article on the “General” thread for you.

    I think Hillary is talking like an adult on how voters respond to security threats. It’s insane to pretend otherwise, and addressing the issue publicly takes the automatic chit out of thr GOP column and puts it back in play. That’s a bold move and one of presidential caliber. Talk about huge brass pair. Unfortunately, the netkooks don’t understand that nuance. I’d have to say if any of them realized they are the exact type of voter Rove works for in his soundbyte based propaganda (bc they fall for it everytime and never think past what they hear and really listen), they might STFU and start paying attention just out of a sense of shame.

    It’s those nutjobs that allowed the GOP to take over in 1994. And allowed Nader to fudge the 2000 election. Infantile little buttheads.

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