Every Picture Tells A Story

Sandy1938’s pooch “Tiny” canvasses for Hillary with Hillary Is 44 button on collar.

Tiny For Hillary

Hillary Clinton, winning from sea to shining sea.

From Pollster.com a graph of National Polls:
National Poll

From Pollster.com a graph of Iowa Polls:
Iowa Poll Graph

From Pollster.com a graph of New Hampshire Polls:
NH Polls Graph

From Pollster.com a graph of Nevada Polls:
Nevada Polls Graph

From Pollster.com a graph of South Carolina Polls:
South Carolina Polls Graph

From Pollster.com a graph of Florida Polls:
Florida Polls Graph

From Pollster.com a graph of Michigan Polls:
Michigan Polls Graph

From Pollster.com a graph of California Polls:
California Polls Graph

From Pollster.com a graph of New York Polls:
New York Polls Graph

And a verbal picture (from a comment in the previous article) by commentor OkieAtty:

For the last year, I have been a Hillary supporter. I have always admired Hillary. Not that I would have always acted as she has (i.e ML scandal), but I have admired the woman who kept her family together (much as my own mother or own grandmother in their times) and did so with as much dignity and grace as one could muster in such trying and public times. And since she has become a Senator, she has built coalitions and instead of looking for the limelight with cheap stunts, has made a quiet difference. I have examined her whole legislative record and think she has done an admirable job of pushing legislation meaningful to real people, not corporations. I admit I wanted Russ Feingold because he is closer to my own FU attitude, but the adult part of me is ready to move on to adult ideas.

But knowing Russ is unelectable and more importantly, that he’s not running and never will, I go to the absolute next best- if not better- candidate- Hillary. And I am grateful Russ isn’t running. If this were a perfect world in which he could accomplish all things real progressives promise- all things I dreamt of as a young Yellowdog, I would still be sad.

I am not.

Instead, I am proud. Just like I was at the ripe age of 18 when I volunteered at OU and in the state campaign for Bill. I see promise.

I see a candidate, like Gore who is educated beyond comprehension, and like Kerry who understands the nuances of all potential decisions. And the more I read about her, understand her upbringing, her enlightenment and subsequent activism (yes, even pre-Bill), the more I understand why she stayed with Bill after a very public embarrassment and why she is a member of certain committees that seem less than her capabilities suggest. She is strong, she is resolved to a greater idea than her individual self, and moreover, she is committed to a greater Union.

I do not know about you, but I was raised with the concept that two things were sacred- the protection of those who were without power and the power of good government. I am still after years of adulthood, years of practicing law, and years of the Bush administration, resolved to focus on the greater good of my neighbor and my neighbor’s neighbor. After much research, soul searching and observation, I have determined that “[she] is [my] girl.”

I am proud to say that. I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. I am willing to endure public ridicule. And best yet, I am willing to prostrate myself by calling out to my fellow Okies to help me in that endeavor.

So now, I call upon you guys, my fellow Yellowdogs to tell me what you know insofar as who is heading up the state campaign, where I can volunteer, who I can place other nationwide contacts in touch with and what ideas you want to see advanced.

I admit, to a certain extent, I am gushing with admiration with her. I love having the same feeling I did as a first time voter in 1991. I look forward to canvassing our state with my hammer in my passenger seat (again) for months on end to pound signs and a good Fleetwood Mac album on my radio. For the first time in my life I have a feeling of the joy I had as young pol and the certainty of my adult understanding.

I like that. A lot.


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  1. These graphs tell it all, they are the sound of inevitability for Hillary as the nominee, and the only one who can and will beat the Republicans.

    And I agree, I am so proud of her, for so many reasons, and look for her presidency to be even greater than Bill’s, which will be no easy task. And on Election Day, I will be also feeling the greatest excitement that in my lifetime our country has finally became of age. We can stand taller with other democratic countries not constrained by fears of tolerance, openness, and consensus. That the promise of equality starting with the women’s vote, as well as the civil rights and feminist movements, is finally starting to show its true potential.

    However, some of that feeling on Election Day for me may not be so mature or of high moral stature. It will also include sweet vindication for the ridiculous impeachment of Bill, the stealing of the 2002 election, and the repudiation of this disastrous war started and run by incompetents. Sweet indeed!

  2. Sorry, make that the 2000 election.

    BTW, just saw Obama on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show. Man, is he really lightweight compared to Hillary. Presidency Lite!

  3. OkieAtty: That comment rocks. Thanks. It’s odd what you write. When I first decided to sign on to supporting Hillary, I had a certain reservation that maybe it was a mistake. But every step of the way, she has shown me as she showed her classmates at Wellesley that history has been waiting for her. It’s no accident Hillary Clinton is to be the first woman president. We need her to be it, just like we needed George Washington to be the first president. History is ripe for her leadership.

  4. Well said, OkieAtty. I couldn’t have expressed myself any better than you did with my support for Hillary. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill is thoroughly elated at how well ‘momma dog’ is doing (better than he expected, maybe? 🙂 ) providing the correct responses and staying out of trouble.

    Know this, dear Hillary! We are with you ALL THE WAY!


  5. These graphs are just grand! ANd like I said last night, Okie’s letter is fantastic! Hillary is on a roll! mollyj

  6. DCDem, I had the same experience. It’s funny…most Hillary supporters I’ve run across online did not support Bush’s war. Here is the huge distinction Obama is trying to draw, and lot’s of us who were with him from the start on the war are like, so? Also, once you decide Hillary is your candidate everyone else running looks so small. I mean, let’s be honest, Hillary and Obama hardly share a tier. She’s in a tier by herself, despite some candidate dating in the early primary/caucus states.

  7. mj: I am now and have been always against this pointless, ridiculous, endless, self-indulgent war, but we have the mess we have, and there is no one more competent to address the disaster on the ground than Hillary Clinton.

    The only reason Obama is mentioned in the same breath as Hillary’s is because when you reach down the 20 points that separate Hillary from any other competitor, the first name you encounter is Barack Obama. It doesn’t mean she’s competing with him; it means she shares a line in a list of names with him.

  8. Did anyone see Barack’s episode on Comedy Central? Jon Stewart loves him! Can’t stand that anymore. Jon Stewart seems to love the losers like John Kerry!

  9. Another interest tid bit this morning:

    Over several months we have been hearing
    so much anti-Hillary crap from Chis Matthews
    and Tucker Carlson. Well, it seems both
    Matthews and Carlson are the lowest rated
    shows on MSNBC. That is nice to know.
    I wonder why? sic.

  10. Clinton in NH today talking about healthcare.

    Edwards in NH today launching his hysterical tirade against Hillary. It’s pretty amusing actually. Edwards is a sore loser.

    The Re-Launch: So is Edwards trying to re-launch his campaign? It depends on how one interprets a speech he’s giving today in New Hampshire, where he attempts to re-frame the race in a way that makes him the real change agent in the Democratic race. “The choice for our party could not be more clear,” Edwards will say, according to advance excerpts. “We cannot replace a group of corporate Republicans with a group of corporate Democrats, just swapping the Washington insiders of one party for the Washington insiders of the other.” He also will say, “The choice we must make is as important as it is clear. It is a choice between looking back and looking forward. A choice between the way we’ve always done it and the way we could do it if we dared… It is caution versus courage. Old versus new. Calculation versus principle. It is the establishment elites versus the American people.” This, it seems, will be the argument that Edwards plans to use against Clinton for the rest of the campaign. At a minimum, consider this the new stump speech.

    *** Hillary And Health Care: Interestingly, as Edwards argues for the candidates to think big and bold, Clinton also is in New Hampshire today, where she delivers a speech on health-care quality. It’s her second health-care address — the first one was on costs. She has still to unveil her entire health-care plan. No doubt the Edwards camp hopes the fact that both he and Clinton will be New Hampshire on the same day will make the contrast he is trying to create easy for the media to pick up on.

  11. Q released a PA poll. Clinton’s lead is astonishing, Obama is fading fast. Clinton is the ONLY candidate who beats all GOP contenders. So much so for Obama and Edwards’ ‘electability’..

    Clinton 42
    Gore 13
    Obama 12
    Edwards 8

    Clinton 46
    Rudy 44

    Rudy 45
    Obama 40

    Rudy 45
    Edwards 43

  12. So those “low info” voters Hillary is attracting, turns out they have good reason to support her. She acknowledges them: http://thegarance.com/archives/650
    She’s acknowledging those who won’t go to college and calling for more resources and opportunities for these young people. She’s also attracting new caucus goers in Iowa.

  13. From Open Left:

    I hope this works:

    Two General Election Maps
    by: Chris Bowers
    Thu Aug 23, 2007 at 00:52:21 AM EDT

    Taking the most recent poll from each state in the country from sources like Polling Report, Rasmussen and Survey USA, I have been able to piece together maps showing the state by state general election between both Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, and also between Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney.
    Clinton 335-203 Giuliani

    New Republican States: Connecticut
    New Democratic States: Arkansas, Iowa, Florida, Kentucky, New Mexico, Ohio, Virginia. Plus four congressional districts in North Carolina.
    States within three points: Florida, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Virginia

    Clinton 430-108 Romney

    New Republican States: Oblivion
    New Democratic States: Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Louisiana, New Mexico, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia. Plus seven congressional districts in North Carolina
    States within three points: Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas

    Now, Clinton’s advantage over Giuliani is narrow in a number of states, and her lead of Romney is fueled, to a certain extent, by her much higher name recognition. However, it is important to keep in mind that Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani are the two frontrunners for the Republican nomination right now, and that Hillary Clinton is supposedly the least electable Democrat of the four early state candidates in double digits. To put it another way, this is supposedly the worst-case scenario for Democrats right now. On top of this, what do you think will happen to either Giuliani or Romney’s numbers when, for nine consecutive months next year (February 6th through Election Day), they are on every media possible, every day, arguing that we don’t need to withdraw any troops from Iraq?

    There is a lot of room to spare for Democrats right now, and even room to grow further. The second map is a realignment, and it is possible no matter who the two nominees are. I don’t think it is possible to have a moderate realignment, mainly because moderates are not aligned in the first place. Progressive is the most favorable ideological term in America right now, and the winds are clearly blowing from right to left. The question is whether or not as a movement we have the political wherewithal to make it happen.

    Chris Bowers :: Two General Election Maps

  14. Secret, I’d like to see Hillary on “The Daily Show” sometime. I’m sure she has an open invitation; I’m guessing her campaign is careful about certain formats at this point, though she will be on David Letterman next Thursday and Ellen DeGeneres’ show the following week. It looks like her campaign is comfortable enough with having established her gravitas to allow her to “let her hair down” now, lol.

    As for Obama, we all need to remember he’s a very charismatic guy, in person and on the stump.

  15. From Talking Points:

    Jim Webb Going To New Hampshire In October
    Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) will be keynoting the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, which is being held this October 20. Expect the speech to be widely viewed and analyzed as something of an audition for the vice presidential slot on the national ticket.

  16. From Survey USA, via Talking Points.

    Clinton (D) 52%, Giuliani (R) 40%
    Clinton (D) 53%, Thompson (R) 40%
    Clinton (D) 51%, Romney (R) 42%

    Clinton (D) 47%, Giuliani (R) 44%
    Clinton (D) 50%, Thompson (R) 41%
    Clinton (D) 52%, Romney (R) 36%

    Clinton (D) 46%, Giuliani (R) 46%
    Clinton (D) 48%, Thompson (R) 45%
    Clinton (D) 49%, Romney (R) 42

  17. great diary admin. hillary was for the past 2 years my 1st by far. i really had no second but if hillary did not run maybe gore. i should be supporting my hometown senator chris dodd but seriously does he ever have a shot? i was so crushed when gore did not win 7 years ago. but im am not in love with gore as much as the nutkooks who hated him years ago.

  18. I vaguely remember writing that last night. It might have been all the red wine… j/k Admin, thx for the repost. I’m blushing…. (of course that could just be all that wine) 🙂

    Kegs, thanks for the re-post on alignment issues. That was quite good. It makes the SC numbers I saw yesterday make sense. I’d still like to see polling on Bwak in FL since his Cuba speech. I suspect he’s losing ground/steam there.

    I caught Bwak on CSPAN at 430 this morning. Boy, is he a yawn. He was talking to the VFW about veterans healthcare. I’m not sure they even applauded when he tried to be tough and get his anger on. Lots of rhetoric. No plan. We should get a group of protesters together and play “Great Pretender” or “Big Shot” everytime he speaks somewhere.

    As for the Daily Show, I love Jon Stewart, but to be honest, I burnt out on that show and Colbert Report about 15 months ago. I watch Scrubs now. Or Law and Order reruns (who knew there were SO many?)

  19. I agree that Obama and Edwards don’t even compare to Hillary. I am disappointed in Jon Stewart – he’s smarter than that. Maher is an ass…he always puts down Hillary and loves Edwards. Frankly – I think Maher is a total sexist pig! There was a great diary on KOS today from a doctor who knows Hillary saying amazing things about her! He was speaking to women’s reproductive rights and “abortion care” issues. He got a great response even from the “undecideds”. I love seeing the charts showing Hillary in the lead – Edwards and Obama are starting to look almost ridiculous trying to compete! Edwards on his bus tour road show…he’s such a joke. Never says anything new…same old crap. And Obama has got to be the most boring thing since….well maybe Kerry.

  20. Hey Kegs I love that article and the pictures, they just show it like it really is, I’d like to see someone refute this one!
    I especially love this quote: “To put it another way, this is supposedly the worst-case scenario for Democrats right now.” Not that I believe that, but it sure is good. 🙂

    Good poll numbers as well. but I am concerned about the Rasmussen and RCP poll today, Hillary is down, any thoughts? She hasn’t received a lot of good press since the ABC debate, not her best performance, and she raised the bar quite a bit after her first debates being above all. As well as a few weird comments in speeches etc… a blip? or something else?

    I feel like terrondt here, concerned with every poll not showing her in a major lead. (no offense meant terrondt 🙂 )
    I know things will go up and down until election time, but I prefer up!!
    And I was hoping she would reach the magic number of 50 soon!

    On a side note, I read somewhere that there will be no video or microphones allowed at the Oprah Obama thing, could be a bit odd, but I must say I like it. Stories if there are any good, will be leaked to the press anyway, but at least we won’t have to have some ‘great’ bwak moment splashed across the screens.

    As some political pundits were saying at the time Obama made his nuke comment, “let me scratch that”, he was lucky there were no video of him saying it, as that would have been played everywhere!
    Which sucks for us, tho, hehe.

  21. Does anyone understand the al-maliki issue? Apperently, Hillary sided with Levin on this and the nutroots are in an uproar.

  22. mj: Those people are completely spinning out of control. Hillary could say the ocean is wet, and there would be no end to the vitriol expressed about her environmental positions. It is sinking in that she is going to be hard, very hard, to beat, and they are getting viciously desperate in their attacks.

  23. A new low for Edwards. In a hard hitting speech today in NH, Edwards lashed out President Clinton with Rush Limbaugh’s talking points:

    “The American people deserve to know that their presidency is not for sale, the Lincoln Bedroom is not for rent, and lobbyist money can no longer influence policy in the House or the Senate.”….

    Gosh this phoney is sinking a new low, ‘Lincoln Bedroom’…. I have nothing to add. This pretty boy definitely needs some whipping…

  24. Gorto:

    Don’t worry about the polls, its the overall
    trend. BTW, many colleges opening this
    week and in large area if country its back
    to school. The sample base is a little more

    Also, with hurricane Dean, floods in parts
    of the country, & mine collapse in Utah, political news has been bumped from the headlines.
    The Rove assault gave Hillary better press
    than any debate could.

    You have Edwards in New Hampshire today flagging
    down people and Rove is afraid of him. And
    re-re-re starting his campaign. The press
    is so bored at this point, that they are making
    up conflict. They are more interested in
    the horse race and not, I repeat, not the

    Hillary I see took a couple day of R & R. Today,
    its health care in New Hampshire.

    BO can’t even keep the Obama girl in his
    camp; she is going to vote for Hillary.
    So, relax.

  25. mj, I had a detailed post Maliki the other day.
    Maliki was elected as a buffer between the
    Bush projected PM and the Iraqi parliment.
    He has one goal, to keep the status quo
    in order to have American military do what
    the Iraqi govt can’t. And that is to
    stabilize Iraq.

    The nuts wants us out regardless whether
    its Maliki or someone. If Maliki is outed,
    the Hillary, Levin and others will find it
    necessary to give a new PM a chance
    to organize the government. Hence, more
    delays in troop withdraw. I can’t make
    it any simpler.

  26. New Iowa poll from Strategic Vision:

    Among 600 Democrats, Sen. John Edwards runs at 23%, Sen. Barack Obama at 22%, and Sen. Hillary Clinton at 21% in a statewid caucus; Gov. Bill Richardson trails at 14%, Sen. Joe Biden at 5%. All other candidates receive less than five percent each.

    Before anybody gets worried, lol, I checked past SV Iowa polls on pollster.com, and they always have Hillary third, sometimes trailing Edwards by a decent amount, so this is good for Hillary. It’s the closest she’s ever been to the top in their Iowa polls.

    As for Edwards’ Lincoln Bedroom remark, that’s pathetic. Like that’s going to appeal to Dem primary voters. What a dumbass.

  27. Edwards’ Lincoln Bedroom remark will backfire on him terribly. There’s always a riot by a guy called ‘Steve M’, an Edwards supporter.

    Does Edwards have brain?

  28. from mydd:

    The problem with our government is lobbyists getting to write the legislation.

    The problem is industry insiders getting appointed to jobs where they supposedly “regulate” their own industry.

    Big-money donors getting a meaningless perk like having their picture taken with the President, or spending a night in the White House, these things are the least of our worries. In fact, I WANT the reward for making a big contribution to be something meaningless like this.

    And bringing up the Lincoln Bedroom, in particular, is a completely disgusting allusion to a grossly trumped-up right wing smear from the 90s. I didn’t like it when Obama’s people did it and I sure don’t like it when my own candidate does it. Edwards is going to lose my vote if he keeps going down that road, and there’s plenty of legitimate ways to attack Hillary without reading Rush Limbaugh’s scripts.

    —-Steve M.

  29. Well, I think we should leave. Hillary also said in the same statement we should immediately begin removing troops, so I’m still confused. I know Maliki is a Bush puppet, but not sure how his outser has us leaving sooner. I’m not bothered particularly, just confused.

  30. Kegs- Great take on the al-Maliki position. That was sorta my inclination. But there’s also the whole “known quantity” thing playing in there. I do think you are right and I think the current stories are being planted by Bush’s people so they can get exactly that- further delay.

    Anyone see what the new Sec. of Army said about long deployments today? He wants deployments essentially shorter due to suicide, divorce, etc. concerns, but he wants Congress to let him do his job w/o telling him how with firm funding limts conditioned upon set deployment/rest times. Nice to hear him stand-up for his soldiers.

  31. i just got home from running errands. i was in the pay aisle at my local walgreens when the clerk looked at my hillary 2008 button and ask” your for hillary huh, why her we allready had a clinton in the white house.i replied to the effect we need to get rid of the bush mess in the white house. what about obama?” i replied he doesn’t have enough experience for me. she answered that obama seems to be a good family man. i replied that does not mean he will make a good president does it. the man behind me laughed. she is a regug from the sound of it. they hate hillary so they tout “what about obama?” theme.

  32. lol, on the highway on occasion i drive next to or behind a car barring the clinton 2008 bumper sticker. i try to honk at them and show them my bumper sticker. they usually honk back. anybody else share my experience. if so tell your little story on run ins with pro and anti hillary people.

  33. LOL Terrondt.

    In California, I get the “Hillary is unelectable” crap when I talk about her positively (not too many GOP in my neck of the woods). My standard reply is “That was what they said in New York” and then I put my head down and stare at them from ABOVE my glasses. That usually shuts them up, real fast. lol

  34. From Taylor Marsha:

    Edwards Jumps the Shark.

    It’s getting ugly. First we had Obama talking about Clinton as “Bush-Cheney lite.” Today we have a new twist and it isn’t into presidential territory.

    Who said this?

    “Wake up America. The White House is not for sale; the Lincoln bedroom is not for sale.”
    Republican Bob Dole said it in 1996.

    How about this:

    “I believe they have had moved that sign the buck stops here from the Oval Office desk to the buck stops here on the Lincoln Bedroom. And that’s not good for the country.”
    George W. Bush spewed this crap in 2000. As most everyone knows, the Lincoln Bedroom smear became a Republican standard against the Clintons.

    During the 2000 presidential campaign, George W. Bush sanctimoniously accused Clinton of “virtually renting out the Lincoln bedroom to big campaign donors.” He condemned the use of the “hallowed” chamber for political payoffs.

    Selling Lincoln bedroom disrespectful, by Helen Thomas

    In 1997, Ann Lewis had to go on “The News Hour” to address the attack that became a continual talking point from wingnuts: For two straight days President Clinton denied there was any improper use of the Lincoln Bedroom and other White House functions in raising campaign funds for his 1996 re-election campaign. Jim Lehrer leads a discussion with Ann Lewis, assistant to the President, and White House Deputy Director of Communications, and three regional commentators who disagree with the President’s view.

    Fast forward. Now how about this beauty. Who said it?

    “The American people deserve to know that their presidency is not for sale, the Lincoln Bedroom is not for rent, and lobbyist money can no longer influence policy in the House or the Senate.”
    Rudy Giuliani, right?

    Nah, Mitt Romney, that’s got to be it!


    It’s John Edwards in a speech he gave today in New Hampshire.

    This is how an email from NBC First Read characterized the speech:

    The Re-Launch: So is Edwards trying to re-launch his campaign? It depends on how one interprets a speech he’s giving today in New Hampshire, where he attempts to re-frame the race in a way that makes him the real change agent in the Democratic race. “The choice for our party could not be more clear,” Edwards will say, according to advance excerpts. “We cannot replace a group of corporate Republicans with a group of corporate Democrats, just swapping the Washington insiders of one party for the Washington insiders of the other.” He also will say, “The choice we must make is as important as it is clear. It is a choice between looking back and looking forward. A choice between the way we’ve always done it and the way we could do it if we dared. It is caution versus courage. Old versus new. Calculation versus principle. It is the establishment elites versus the American people.” This, it seems, will be the argument that Edwards plans to use against Clinton for the rest of the campaign. At a minimum, consider this the new stump speech.
    They just left out the Clinton money quote Edwards used today, which is straight out of the right-wing playbook. There are plenty of ways to come at Clinton on the issues, especially Iraq. But if this is the Edwards re-launch, I hope it makes a turn into better territory. Because between Obama’s “Bush-Cheney lite” and Edwards talking about “The Lincoln Bedroom is not for rent,” I’ve got to say that these guys sound positively desperate.

  35. Paula, on JustHillary.com, they have a
    campaign schedule. It’s upper right hand
    of home page.

    BTW, John Warner, r-va, just announced
    he wants Bush to start the withdraw 9/15/07.

  36. Well, ok, then Kegs, that makes sense because Hillary also just called for the immediate withdrawal of troops. I noticed that her saying that has hardly been noticed by the press.

  37. The changes are part of the sampliing error.
    If numbers dropped into the teens for several
    cycles, then worry. As long as thing are
    statiscically stable, one or two points, don’t

  38. mj, Hillary’s in New Hampshire, the statement
    probably came from her senate office. Relax
    everyone, please. She had to wait for
    Warner to make his statement. He just
    came back from Iraq. Something is brewing
    on the GOP side and Warner has probably
    briefed other senators on his trip. I suspect
    other GOPs will join in over the weekend.

  39. Gorto: A lot of the RCP average reflects the Rasmussen variation. The race is unchanged. It’s normal statistical fluctuation within the margin of error.

  40. No, Kegs, she said it yesterday, when she made the remarks about Maliki: “Our best hope of fostering political progress in Iraq is to begin the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops.”

  41. mj, Hillary’s call for withdraw is a presidential
    political statement. Warners call is as
    the ranking committee republican and former
    chairman. Actually, this is more news
    worthy. The candidates calls are important
    but Warners has immediate political ramifications.

  42. Oh, Ok. I’m actually glad they are both calling for it. I get what you are saying about the immediate political ramifications with Warner, I just find it interesting because Hillary called for it yesterday but not Obama or Edwards.

  43. Hillary will probably comment on it today
    up in New Hampshire. BA and JE are
    off in their own world. Please don’t
    get offended by what I’m about to say.
    But, BA and JE speechs and talks I now
    consider as “verbal masterbation.”
    Please take on offense.

  44. Hillary winning the canine vote too.

    We will eventually do a post “Furry Friends” with pictures of other species endorsing Hillary. For now, you can enjoy Sandy1938’s “Tiny”. Feel free to send in pictures of your furry friends endorsing Hillary for inclusion in our future “Furry Friends” post.

  45. Warner is calling for Bush to start the
    withdraw at least 5,000 troops. He is
    trying to get Bush to break the log jam.
    He is trying to preserve GOP’s standing
    in the senate. Wow!

  46. The other shoe has already dropped. GOP
    lobbyist group by Haley Barbour has circulated
    emails to congress to support a change in
    PM in Iraq.

  47. Oh, boy. There’s another Barack is great, Hillary sucks diary on daily delusional. I never say anything because Obama supporters are such wimps, but I way prefer Hillary to Obama. I find him pompous. His devoted fans at dkos think the sun sets and rises with him, It’s funny. Hehehe.

  48. OMG ADMIN!!!!

    Thanks for Making TINY a STAR!!!! He has one of those big Hollywood egos, so I do not intend to show him!

  49. foxnews poll has hillary ahead by 13 points. as for edwards, he is so far behind nationally but only iowa he is in the hunt. a one state candidate. he is desperate.

  50. mj: Viralvoice at Daily Delusion had this very humorous analysis of Bwak’s strategy:

    “The reason I share this math is mainly to show Obama supporters to take national poll numbers with a huge grain of salt. Because toward the end of 2007, Obama’s numbers are going to start rising in those polls, and if we start dancing around like somebody else’s supporters and trying to insist he’s got this in the bag, picking Vice Presidents and that sort of thing, then our guy will become the frontrunner-to-stop. That’s not where Obama wants to be.

    “He has to keep expectations down until Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina and possibly Michigan vote. Then it will be time for rejoicing.”
    Cloud Cuckooland write large.

  51. DC, Oh, I get it, Obama is playing the expectations game. He actually wants to suck in the polls. LOL. These people are unbelieveable.

  52. TERRONDT, lol

    BTW…all are welcome to post pics at my “HILLARY PHOTOBUCKET” if you want to find a place to park your Canine pics so that the staff of this website can post them here. I created it just for this site!!!

  53. hey guys what is up with the obama girl drama? obama’s daughters saw the video and got upset, so obama after all this time poo poo the video. now obama girl looks like she is supporting hillary? hurt feellings becuase obama downed the ad after 2 months? just a funny sideshow.

  54. TY MJ!!!

    He is actually an ENGLISH PIT BULL, but I agree, he looks more like a pug. Either way, just like the rest of the family, he is a huge Hillary supporter!

  55. I swore to put Politics aside while on Vacation BUT…

    Look at those polls in New York and California, the biggest electorial states. Hillary’s lead is quite impressive. I honestly believe that while Hillary should maintain its campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire, regardless of what happens there in the primaries, once California and New York weigh in, she is our nominee. Congrats to Hillary in advance!!!

  56. PS..

    And as a Southern Californian, when I bring up her name to AVERAGE people they basically like her. The HARD LEFT wants to paint her as unelectable. But the average people here just like her, and remember what a great job she did as First Lady.

  57. you hit it right on the head sandy. the hard right and hard left hate her. but they are a tiny fringe though. but very loud and vocal. the illusion they have widespread support.

  58. Just watched MSNBC. Gosh, Edwards was ridiculed … I can’t believe he decided to throw in that ‘Lincoln bedroom’ stuff on the fly.

    The prepared transcripts did not have that line. Gosh, looks like he’s looking for trouble.

  59. guys, the democratic party in cafifornia and around the country better caimpaign hard against the gop trying to divide up 55 electoral votes. raise money and put up ads. this could be real trouble.

  60. Tiny is looking good Sandy!

    Kegs and others…thanks for calming me down.
    Don’t know if it is a bit of fear, or if I am just disappointed that she is not just climbing and climbing up to 50.
    I know, I need patience, and stay cool, calm and collected!

    terrondt, great stories, I love hearing how people outside of the blogosphere feels as well.

  61. GORTO and Secret, TY!!!!!

    TINY is a ham. He cant resist the media. He was born in Hollywood, and he adores the limelight!! hehehe.

    In any case, both Tiny and myself can pick a winner!! We know Hillary is going to win. It will be fun!

  62. Check out Hillaryclinton.com now, Top 10 reasons to support Hillary for President!

    And may I add, what a lovely picture of her! She does have a great smile!

  63. Edwards is grasping at straws. The VAST overwhelming majority of those on the list that stayed in the Lincoln Bedroom were old friends of the Clinton’s from Arkansas (370) and Chelsea’s friends (72).

  64. Kegs,

    “John Warner, r-va, just announced he wants Bush to start the withdraw 9/15/07.”

    The Congressional Republicans are running scared that their losses in 2008 will be even larger than in 2006. They want it to at least LOOK like they are bringing troops home to get past the next election.

  65. In Pennsylvania, Al Gore–a fella who isn’t even running–is beating both Obama and Edwards. I think BO and JE had to have experienced “that sinking feeling” when that poll was released.

    I do think that both of them are getting more vicious as their poll numbers go lower and lower, but I’m not even worried about it anymore. It is just sad.

  66. Well, that an votevets started an ad campaign focused at Warner today asking him to protect the country not Bush. Warner is a good guy, though. He looked truely anguished. I think this signals the end of Bush’s support in Congress.

  67. SactoDem, you’re right, that Pennsylvania poll also tells a big story.

    Gore is NOT running. Gore is a parking lot for future Hillary supporters. Voters go from supporting either Obama, Edwards or undecided into the big Gore parking lot. They sit in the parking lot for a while and then they drive to HillaryLand.

    The Obama and Edwards campaign should be placed on suicide watch now that a non-candidate is beating them and Hillary’s poll numbers remain very high.

  68. Admin: So, at the next debate, should we put an podium with nobody behind it to symbolize Al Gore the noncandidate? I got it…he’s sort of a place holder for Hillary. They go there, hang out a while, and then move on.

    I thought the new flyer for Hillary looked awesome and I immediately printed one off. One hint: it needs to have the web page on it for those of us who want to hand them out personally to people. They may want to go to the website and look around to join up.

    I was IMing with a friend today and she asked me about the race and what I thought about John Edwards. I told her…though in more diplomatic language than I use here. And then I told her I was supporting Hillary and why. She then said, “do you think she can win” So this is a question foremost on people’s minds. Surprises me,a ctually, I thought we were passed that. I told her she was way, way ahead in the polls. I really think I got a vote today! Now I am addicted and I want more…….-mollyj

  69. By the way, I, too, remember the Lincoln Bedroom business from Bill’s presidency. I really do think John Edwards is a sleeze bag for bringin’ up the republican party line to try and get at Hillary. Talk about negative campaigning and campaigning not on the issues. He’s the sound of despair.

    My dog Bear has already begun a letter about how he could contribute to Hillary’s campaign and it has nothing to do with him skipin’ a rabies shot. –mollyj

  70. MollyJ, that’s funny. The moderator could ask the unmanned podium questions, then everyone could just sit there in silence for a couple of minutes, because apparently Al Gore’s non-answers are more attractive to voters than Obama an Edwards actual answers. Hehehehehehe

  71. I just read BO is having 3 on 3 basketball tournaments in some cities to get people familar with who he is…Pleaze….mollyj

  72. Yesterday when Jon Steward asked Obama – about clinton – Obama conceded that she is extremely capable and very smart and has been involved in the Clinton administration.

    See – this is the grudging respect Hillary commands even with her opponents!!!

  73. Well…about John Warner….I think he is making a small concession. I will wait and see because in the past he has saids one thing but never VOTED to make any decision about troops except for their home stay amendment offerred by Jim Webb.

    Also as the Armed Services chairman from 2203-2006 he was derelict in his duty for proper oversight.

    So I welcome his announcement with some hope but EXPECT him to more!

  74. Oh…I need a spell checker…2003-2006..is when John warner – Elizabeth taylor’s ex -hubby in charge of the armed services…

  75. I’m kind of bummed Hillary’s lead isn’t bigger in the Fox News poll. Could her last debate performance be hurting her? 🙁

  76. Hey Paula, Try not to worry…We are weeks out from the first primary. We haven’t even seen her highest numbers yet, I bet. As more folks get to know her, things will get better. And look at all those nice little charts up at the top there showing her high leads almost everywhere. Listen, I truly believe that Hillary’s gonna do this. I’d never bet against a Clinton (H or B) in any election. I was tellin’ people way back when that he’d be PRez the first time and lots of folks had to eat crow! Don’t be bummed…Order that button or bumper sticker or call a friend. It’ll be okay. –mollyj

  77. Paula,

    I feel the same way whenever there is a slight change in the polls. I start to get anxious, and I, just like you was disappointed in the new FOX NEWS poll.

    However, I am reassured by the strength of her campaign, and the overall trend. I hate to compare a political campaign to the STOCK MARKET, but..

    Those that invested in companies in the 90’s with a solid infastructure and record of QUALITY did better on their investments than those that invested based on trends. For example, Disney has always been a SOLID company, and whether or not their stock goes up or down in the short run, it rebounds. Krispy Kreme doughnuts, was inflated and exaggerated, and while in the SHORT RUN it looked great, the stock price was not based on the solidity of the company.

    The reason I make this comparison is because, to me, it is very similar. Hillary Clinton doesnt need a GREAT SPEECH or WINNING SOUNDBYTE at this point to move her ahead in the polls in the short run. Her solid infastructure, excellent campaign and track record can withstand the momentary highs and lows of the political primary cycle imo.

    Thats one of the main reason why I am trying not to get too invested in the day-to-day polls. Granted, its always validating when the POLLS show a big spike for Hillary, but I realize that its the OVERALL trends that are most important.

  78. Sandy, That is so well stated! It makes a lot of sense, hard as it is to ignore the little hiccups that the polls do. I honestly believe that there has not been a better qualified candidate for Prez in my lifetime (even Bill). And you are so right about her campaign. From everything I can tell, going back many years, Hillary has just always had this ability to campaign, to organize, strategize and motivate others. I am sure she’s learned even more over the years because her staff just seems superb. She’s so well qualified, so much more so than anybody else running. So it’s this incredible combination of things that are already in place. I am excited for you that you are involved in the California campaign. I’m doing what I can on a local level and by letter writing and emailing. All our voices are needed, but I truly believe it’s going to happen. –mollyj

  79. JoeFriday: this caught our collective eyes:

    “Barack Obama has ten Washingtonians each committed to raising at least $50,000. Some are well known figures, including former Federal Communications Commission chairman William E. Kennard who is now with the Carlyle Group…”

    Carlyle Group? Incredible.

  80. Thanks, everyone, for bucking me up, lol. 🙂

    I was also just thinking of something Hillary’s pollster, Mark Penn, said a few months ago: No candidate who’s been between 35 and 40 percent for an extended period of time has lost the nomination. That’s very reassuring!

  81. admin,


    I missed that. I stopped reading when he started mentioning Obama.

    In case anyone needs a short refresher course on the ‘Carlyle Group’, check out the following article. The last paragraph will blow you away. (NO PEEKING !):



  82. MollyJ, the 3 on 3 basketball games are designed to attract young African Americans for voter registration. Especially in urban areas. I say it speaks volumes about two things: the lengths candidates will go to for an original idea on how to make contact with traditionally difficult potential voters demographics (what do they call it micro-campaigning or something?), and 2) how poorly Bwak is doing with young African Americans. Bball gives him some street cred with a demographic that thinks he’s a bit too white.

  83. Joe Friday, that is a disgusting sentence to have to read.
    Thanks for posting, something about it all is rather fishy!

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