Every Picture Tells A Story

Sandy1938’s pooch “Tiny” canvasses for Hillary with Hillary Is 44 button on collar.

Tiny For Hillary

Hillary Clinton, winning from sea to shining sea.

From Pollster.com a graph of National Polls:
National Poll

From Pollster.com a graph of Iowa Polls:
Iowa Poll Graph

From Pollster.com a graph of New Hampshire Polls:
NH Polls Graph

From Pollster.com a graph of Nevada Polls:
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From Pollster.com a graph of South Carolina Polls:
South Carolina Polls Graph

From Pollster.com a graph of Florida Polls:
Florida Polls Graph

From Pollster.com a graph of Michigan Polls:
Michigan Polls Graph

From Pollster.com a graph of California Polls:
California Polls Graph

From Pollster.com a graph of New York Polls:
New York Polls Graph

And a verbal picture (from a comment in the previous article) by commentor OkieAtty:

For the last year, I have been a Hillary supporter. I have always admired Hillary. Not that I would have always acted as she has (i.e ML scandal), but I have admired the woman who kept her family together (much as my own mother or own grandmother in their times) and did so with as much dignity and grace as one could muster in such trying and public times. And since she has become a Senator, she has built coalitions and instead of looking for the limelight with cheap stunts, has made a quiet difference. I have examined her whole legislative record and think she has done an admirable job of pushing legislation meaningful to real people, not corporations. I admit I wanted Russ Feingold because he is closer to my own FU attitude, but the adult part of me is ready to move on to adult ideas.

But knowing Russ is unelectable and more importantly, that he’s not running and never will, I go to the absolute next best- if not better- candidate- Hillary. And I am grateful Russ isn’t running. If this were a perfect world in which he could accomplish all things real progressives promise- all things I dreamt of as a young Yellowdog, I would still be sad.

I am not.

Instead, I am proud. Just like I was at the ripe age of 18 when I volunteered at OU and in the state campaign for Bill. I see promise.

I see a candidate, like Gore who is educated beyond comprehension, and like Kerry who understands the nuances of all potential decisions. And the more I read about her, understand her upbringing, her enlightenment and subsequent activism (yes, even pre-Bill), the more I understand why she stayed with Bill after a very public embarrassment and why she is a member of certain committees that seem less than her capabilities suggest. She is strong, she is resolved to a greater idea than her individual self, and moreover, she is committed to a greater Union.

I do not know about you, but I was raised with the concept that two things were sacred- the protection of those who were without power and the power of good government. I am still after years of adulthood, years of practicing law, and years of the Bush administration, resolved to focus on the greater good of my neighbor and my neighbor’s neighbor. After much research, soul searching and observation, I have determined that “[she] is [my] girl.”

I am proud to say that. I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. I am willing to endure public ridicule. And best yet, I am willing to prostrate myself by calling out to my fellow Okies to help me in that endeavor.

So now, I call upon you guys, my fellow Yellowdogs to tell me what you know insofar as who is heading up the state campaign, where I can volunteer, who I can place other nationwide contacts in touch with and what ideas you want to see advanced.

I admit, to a certain extent, I am gushing with admiration with her. I love having the same feeling I did as a first time voter in 1991. I look forward to canvassing our state with my hammer in my passenger seat (again) for months on end to pound signs and a good Fleetwood Mac album on my radio. For the first time in my life I have a feeling of the joy I had as young pol and the certainty of my adult understanding.

I like that. A lot.