Barack Obama (D-Rezko) is being dishonest again. Chicago politics has become the “new” politics.

Afraid to debate other Democrats, Obama’s dishonest campaign tries to sell that cowardice as an advance for voters.

In the latest hot-air-filled souffle from Obama souffle manager David Plouffe Obama tries to convince intelligent people that he will not participate in additional debates – but he might participate in forums where he does not have to muster any courage to face Hillary or the other Democratic candidates – because, get this whopper:

“Unfortunately, we simply cannot run the kind of campaign we want and need to, engaging with voters in the early states and February 5 states, if our schedule is dictated by dozens of forums and debates. Ultimately, the one group left out of the current schedule is the voters and they are the ones who ask the toughest questions and most deserve to have those questions answered face to face. [snip]

Candidate forums – where candidates appear sequentially will be considered, but we are unlikely to accept many of these. Instead, Barack will spend his time answering questions directly from voters in places like Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, and elsewhere. We simply cannot continue to hopscotch from forum to forum and run a campaign true to the bottom up movement for change that propelled Barack into this race.”

This is simple disrespect for the intelligence of voters and other living, breathing human beings. It’s called a ‘spitting in my face and calling it rain’ insult.

To be completely fair, it is possible that Obama is not a complete and total coward. This cowardly decision to avoid Hillary and other Democrats might actually be a product of intelligence. With every debate Hillary goes up in the polls and Obama sinks further into oblivion. It is possible that Obama has realized that he can’t compete with Hillary, so why bother? Lie to the voters and run away from Hillary. Hey, that might work. Nothing else has.

Of course, this cowardice makes a joke of Obama’s claim that he would meet without preconditions with rogue world leaders. If you can’t face, if you are too scared, to debate a sweet woman like Hillary how can Americans believe that Obama would ever get the better of tough dictators?

We would be laughing ourselves silly if this all was not so sad and pathetic.



Sing Along With Barack: (Feel Free To Create Your Own Lyrics)

Oh-oh, yes I’m the great pretender
Pretending that I’m doing well
My need is such I pretend too much
I’m lonely but no one can tell

Oh-oh, yes I’m the great pretender
Adrift in a world of my own
I’ve played the game but to my real shame
You’ve left me to grieve all alone

Too real is this feeling of make-believe
Too real when I feel what my heart can’t conceal

Yes I’m the great pretender
Just laughin’ and gay like a clown
I seem to be what I’m not, you see
I’m wearing my heart like a crown
Pretending that you’re still around

Too real is this feeling of make-believe
Too real when I feel what my heart can’t conceal

Yes I’m the great pretender
Just laughin’ and gay like a clown
I seem to be what I’m not, you see
I’m wearing my heart like a crown
Pretending that you’re still around


52 thoughts on “Coward-In-Chief

  1. (Copying in this from the previous thread, fits better here.)

    What a coward! They would absolutely not have gone to this extent in releasing a statement if they thought this was obviously the right thing to do, because then people would understand. But in this memo, there are numerous hidden explanations, trying to answer any criticism before the questions are asked.

    How many debates are left, where the other candidates so far has agreed to or will agree to? Lets for now say 10, then that is just 10 days he would be away from being able to meet and greet crowds in townhall style meetings. How many people are present at such a meeting? Lets say between 500 – 5000 people. That times 10 days.
    How many people has he now ‘personally’ met?
    Compare that to how many voter you can meet through a televised debate, and remember more people will tune in as the election gets closer. Will he really gain by not doing the debates and rather meet people in real? I think NOT! This is a cop out.

    He sucks at the debates and he has himself acknowledged this. He can only hope that he will minimize the blows by not attending.

    This is quite clear when he says he will ‘consider’ doing the debates where the candidates will be on the stage one by one, rather then being compared with eachother. Right there is the admission, he is afraid, why cop out if this was working to his benefit?

    He is going down, ever so slowly. And I like it, rather sadistically, I like it! hehe, (sorry)…. (but not really). 🙂

    Hillary should sign up for as many debates as possible, just to strut her stuff and show that she is not afraid. Because she rules the debates.

  2. More from the souffle campaign. from politico. Obama does not have a campaign, he has a joke factory. The previous Plouffe memo conceded that Hillary will keep her lead until at least January. It looks like the Obama campaign does not read campaign manager Plouffe’s memos.

    “Senator shadower Ryan Lizza talks to Chris Matthews about Barack Obama Sunday morning, a source tells me, and apparently suggests the Obama people are intentionally pacing the campaign so they don’t peak too early.

    “…I asked the Obama people about this a lot. When is ‘The Second Act’? You know, we saw him jump in this race and dominate things a little bit. But what’s happened since then? And they say, ‘Look, it’s just a matter of pacing. We all want these guys to engage and to be fighting every day, but it’s really about that last month of the campaign when things really heat up, and that’s when he’ll turn it on. The first six months are about raising money, and about building an organization.’ That’s their response anyway.”

    If Lizza is quoting them accurately, is it actually a strategy, or is it an effort to spin Obama’s failure to gain any ground (nationally) on Hillary Clinton?

    The show airs on NBC at 10 a.m. on Sunday in New York. Check your local listings for times where you live, as they say.”

  3. “The first six months are about raising money and building an organization.”

    What I’m told (by people attending Camp Obama) is that the campaign is focusing ALL their resources on the first four primaries/caucuses, leaving the rest of the country to uncoordinated community organization of the sort they “teach” at Camp Obama.

    This is the movement that individuals are encouraged to become a part of.

    Part of what happens at these community organization sessions is that individuals are encouraged to come forward and “tell their story…” “I’m from a mixed race family, too…” “I’ve never felt safe in a larger group environment, but this is different.” … and so forth. The other individuals attending provide support for that.

    This is a little like transactional analysis, in which the individual is broken down, becomes vulnerable, and then turns to the group to cohere. It’s the way they do it in cults, too.

    I say all this just to give a little further perspective here. Yes, clearly, nothing is working for O-Bomb-A. If he doesn’t win the first contexts, how can the movement part work?

    I’m with Gorto (above). O-Bomb-A is tanking and I’m sadistically enjoying it, too.

    P.S. You should read some of the posts by the O-Bomb-A cheerleaders at some of the other sites. Some major denial going on. All they need is pom-poms!

  4. LADem: Is that what is going on at “camp obama”? We thought they woud be conducting voter file educaton, field organization and training, and maybe even some communication track training.

    If what they are doing is a political therapy session that will get them nowhere faster.

    No surprise that they will limit their activity to the first few states. That will get them nowhere too. If they are wasting time having volunteers discuss themselves instead of doing hard political organizing and training they are in worse shape than we suspected.

    Please get more information about what goes on in these camp obama sessions. We need to learn as much as possible what they are up to. At the very least it sounds like we can all share a great many laughs.

    In a few months all these volunteers will be attending BOA – Barack Obama Anonymous – “Hello my name is Gullible McInnocent and I am a reformed Kool-Aid drinker”.

    Keep us informed.

  5. It’s true.

    Out here in Los Angeles, a recent Camp Obama was convened at a union hall in nearby Burbank. They calimed about 5,000 volunteers in Los Angeles county alone (though only About 150 were in attendance at Camp Obama). An Obama campaign field rep paid for meals on her personal credit card, as national funds were not available. I don’t remember the name, but a former labor organizer, now Harvard(?) prof conducted the “training.”

    “Movement” members then subsequently recruit friends and acquaintances to attend house party events, where they’re given booze and finger foods by the house party hosts as they receive the the Obama spiel, and their email addresses are gathered. Apparently, thus the “volunteer” rolls grow. What I heard back was that one of these was “boring,” but there was free booze!

    It all has a similar feel to the inflated numbers of contributors (for buying buttons and bumper stickers and such).

    The more I hear, the more unreal it seems. It’s like a big phony bubble that the MSM apparently keeps on trying to keep afloat.

  6. He is giving up free TV time??? The ability to reach millions of voters in all 50 states at once? The ability to spread his vision to the masses?

    I call double bullshit on him.

    LADem, I have long thought his number of supporters was inflated. Thanks for the info.

  7. Over at daily delusion, the Obama supporters are having a field day extolling the genius of the Obama campaign. I’ve seen several times the observation that the debates just make Hillary look good, and it’s time to get out of them.

    They write this without any sense of irony.

    It’s so cute.

  8. Some Obama supporters over at Daily Kos are trying to spin this development as a good thing…yeah right! But what they fail to recognize is that it’s not their fellow-Kos’ers that they need to convince. The true damage will be done by the Jon Stewart’s, Chris Matthew’s, Tucker Carlson’s and Wolf Blitzer’s of the world, starting on Monday when they start airing pieces about this to the non-Kos masses on TV.

    I can just see the Daily Show or Keith Olberman running a clip from Monty Python’s “Search for the Holy Grail” where they’re all yelling “Run away! Run away!”

    And you can bet that there will now be some college student in a chicken suit attending each and every one of Obama’s coveted 300 person meet-and-greets!

  9. O-Bomb-A cheerleaders

    regular mydd readers — is it my imagination or is the ghost of icebergslim generating sockpuppets faster than I can type? iamready, Edna Howard, caroline becker, possibly more.


  10. Joe with the Cotton Eyes: Not the Chicken suit, please… not the chicken suit. 🙂

    We actually tried getting a Youtube of the Cowardly Lion singing his song “If I Were The King Of The Forest” which ends with the Obamaesque question: “What have they got that I haven’t got — Courage.”

    But you are probably right. The Chicken suit will have to do.

  11. Hey on a trivia – does anyone here know whether Hillary wears contacts? She says in her book that she used to wear glasses and her eyes were bad. So, I am wondering if she is wearing contacts! Also does anyone know her height? Some sources say she is 5′ 8. Some say just 5′ 6. Sorry to distract you guys.
    Go Hillary Go!!!

  12. Probably wears contacts, As to height, throughout the campaign, but especially tonight, she seems a lot taller than Obama.

  13. Guess Bwak couldn’t take the “hazing.” LOL. Does anybody think this is a preliminary scale back cause he knows that there’s no way? –molly j

  14. Times has the following on their blog:

    UPDATE: The spinning has already started. A source close to the Clinton campaign fired a zinger off quickly: “So he’ll meet with dictators but not the black caucus or seniors in Iowa?”

  15. Obama is OBVIOUSLY doing this because after EACH and EVERY debate, he walks away the loser, or subsequently gets into a brawl with Hillary, and THEN subsequently walks away the loser.

    He is doing this to avoid losing, imo.

    However, this is a strategy for a loser. Obviously, the media will have fun speculating his reasons for backing out from future debates, which will make him look bad, in the short run.

    But in the long run, when the CANDIDATES accept invitations to forums, such as, (as Kostner stated) “Seniors in Iowa”, and OBama does not show up, he will loose the support of those groups. If he does show up after all, he will make himself look like a hypocrite, contradicting his commitment to NOT Debating.

    Its a lose-lose for OBAMA.


    REMINDER: Debate Tomorrow Morning. We will have a post up after midnight reminding everyone that the Iowa debate is scheduled for tomorrow morning. We will cover the debate here at 9:00 a.m. EDT. Debate lasts 90 minutes. [The debate will take place at 6:00 a.m. in Iowa but will be televised as part of the This Week program schedule a few hours later.]

    A pdf file with a list of airtimes in various cities can be found here”

    This from the NYTimes on Obama and his latest gaffe (love the campaign zinger Kostner):

    The sessions are not only time consuming, they have not been the strongest venues for Mr. Obama, who has received mixed review for his performances. (He said so himself after the first televised debate in late April, declaring: “I was a little nervous, not so much because it was my first presidential debate, but because there was a 60-second time limit on answers. My wife says it takes me 60 seconds to clear my throat.”)

  17. sandy1938: Except for all the money he has, a move like this suggests to me someone who is about to pull out of the campaign.

  18. sandy and other folks on myDD,

    please recommend ‘silver…” diary on the electroal map between Hilllary and Rudy. Hillary wins big! We need to get that one on the rec list!

    I am pretty sure iamready is iceberslim’s socketpuppet, i also suspected that Edna Howard and caroline becker are the same. Why do you suspect the same?

  19. Yeah it is a lose-lose, Sandy, which is why I think he may be thinking about exiting. Surely somebody among his advisors knows that he’s toast if he makes this news. Maybe this is just cutting the loses as it were. –mollyj

  20. DCDemocrat,

    I wonder about that too. This move on his part, in addition to being cowardly, also seems akin “taking his toys and going home.”

    I hope that when he loses the PRIMARIES, he says something NIXONESQUE like “You wont have OBAMA to push around anymore.” LOL


    TY! Will do!

  21. Kostner: Why do you suspect the same?

    Similar punctuation and grammar issues, particularly w/ comma usage.

  22. I have my OZ posted in comments of this
    story in the Caucus. You all go there a
    give hell.

    15.August 18th,
    4:11 pm Perhaps, George Stephanal0s will ask Obama
    tomorrow at the Iowa debate, if he is the cowardly lion or the scarecrow or the tin man. Perhaps all three, he has no heart, no soul, and for sure no

    — Posted by Kegs

  23. I also have the OZ post in the LA Times story
    of Oprah and BO fund raising. I mention the
    dictators also. I told them that since is going
    into seclusion, he doesn’t need the money!!

  24. Oh will the press get over Oprah-Obama fundraiser already! There are speclating if Oprah can get white house for her black friend. I mean what sort of craziness is this? White house is no “Oprah’s favourite give away for Christmas” to spread her cheer!! We know how wrong Oprah was about James Frey. Calling in Larry King Live to say truth doesn’t matter – duh? Then when tons of bricks came at her – she ran for cover and called that poor old author and stoned him in public to save herself. It was excruciating watching that episode where she pretends to be holy than thou! From then on I have no respect for her! Now here she is – and no doubt this time she is dead wrong again.

  25. DCDemocrat Says:
    Over at daily delusion, the Obama supporters are having a field day extolling the genius of the Obama campaign. I’ve seen several times the observation that the debates just make Hillary look good, and it’s time to get out of them.

    They write this without any sense of irony.

    That’s soooooooooo funny!

  26. Secret, I was thinking the same thing, between a million little pieces and the Steadman comparisons I don’t see how that particular fundraiser is going to be very helpful.

  27. see the people’s reaction for scared Obama

    1.August 18th,
    2:18 pm good riddance! If you are too scared to show up in the same forum with Hillary, it is fine with us. Good luck. Hopefully, we will see you in 8 years!

    — Posted by Ni Daye

    August 18th,
    3:00 pm So, Obama says he is willing to talk with Castro and the President of Iran, but he obviously is afraid to go head to head with Hillary except in his chosen forums. That says a lot about both Obama and Hillary.

    — Posted by Dave D

    August 18th,
    5:17 pm Go Hillary! Guess Obama is tired President Obama… laughable!

    — Posted by Troy

    August 18th,
    7:18 pm This does not surprise me at all. It seems that Barack watches the polls too and he knows he does not have the skill to think fast on his feet. It speaks volumes about his dedication, endurance and propensity for burnout.
    — Posted by Leticia P. Carlos

  28. Oh God, Obama’s campaign is going under fast. I just saw a couple of boring minutes of him on CSPAN, he’s terrible. He can’t get to any point, all he was talking about now is that he’s not perfect but we can all do better on taking lobbyist money…blah blah blah. I asked several people on Daily Delusion what were the Big Changes he was going to make…no one can give me any answer. They just repeat that he is honest and stands for change and a movement. Sometimes I feel like alot of the Obama supporters are about 12, they haven’t seen much of anything in their lives, have never followed politics, and have no sense of history. They like to call either Obama or Edwards the new RFK…?????? I don’t think they have a clue about RFK. DUH!!!

  29. Now is the time for Hillary to be really careful. With Obama’s campaign going down in flames, you can rest assured he is pulling out all the stops to STOP Hillary’s assent in the polls.

    Call in the Rovemiester… Obama may be getting private coaching from the King of Underworld Politics himself. Rove’s fave is inflamatory remarks to get under an adversary’s skin..

    So Beware, dear Hillary, be on your guard for a dirty left field Rovian trick coming tomorrow night. They need something to stop Obama’s downward spiral…

    Godspeed and Good Luck in Iowa,
    we’ll be with you ALL the way!

    Mrs. S.

  30. Mrs. Smith, the debate is Sunday MORNING. You are probably right that Hillary will be the target of attacks by the failing campaigns. Desperation.

  31. Look Obama knows a lots of Republicans and is very cozy with the current adminsitration. So, I am certain he is speaking to Rove. So – Hillary has to be careful as Mrs.Smith says! I mean for all Obama cares – he doesn’t give two hoots anymore – he knows he is going down and he may want to take Hillary with him!!
    So – beware Hillary!

  32. Hey Guys,
    I am nervous for our Hill in the debate. I hope it goes well. The attack dogs will be waiting to inflict pain today. Trying to get under her skin as they are desperate and hungry!

  33. Admin,
    I love..lovvvve the “I am a great Pretender song” thank you so much for posting the lyrics. Sang long happily!!

  34. ****************************************************************************
    Attention: – Here is a scathing article all Democrat faithfuls here should read. I had made no secret about being just a Hillary supporter and no far of Democrats. This article explains precisely why I am worried about these Democrats – bominating Hillary
    Joan Vennochi
    Democrats’ ‘can’t-win’ attitude
    By Joan Vennochi, Globe Columnist | August 19, 2007

    WHAT’S A key difference between Republicans and Democrats?

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    Globe Nation stories |
    Latest national news |
    Globe front page |
    Sign up for: Globe Headlines e-mail | Breaking News Alerts Republicans believe they can win, no matter what. Democrats doubt they can win, no matter what.

    The debate over Hillary Clinton’s electability is a prime example of the Democrats’ fatal flaw: acceptance of defeat as inevitable.

    They are running against a president with abysmal approval ratings who divided the country to win election and keeps it divided to hold on to a shrinking base. But instead of working to undermine those Republicans who want to succeed President Bush, Democrats would rather undermine Clinton, who may be their party’s nominee.

    Sure, this is an expected part of the presidential primary process. Clinton’s opponents are not ready to concede defeat, even as she solidifies her lead in polls. But something else leads Democrats to tear one another down, rather than build their party up.

    Look at the difference in how each party’s big shots go about their business.

    Bob Shrum leaves the consulting business to write a book about Democrats he advised on the presidential campaign trail; in the process, he discloses confidential information that makes his fellow Democrats look as craven as possible. Karl Rove is essentially chased from his White House policy berth. On the way out, he lobs bombs, not at Republicans, but at exactly whom you would expect him to go after: Clinton. Rove called her “fatally flawed,” but Democrats beat him to it.

    The “Hillary-can’t-win” theory was advanced in a recent Associated Press story that received prominent coverage across the country.

    Based on 40 interviews with Democratic candidates, consultants, and party chairpersons, reporter Ron Fournier wrote that “Democratic leaders quietly fret that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton at the top of their 2008 ticket could hurt candidates at the bottom.” Democrats referenced in the story worried that the New York senator is too polarizing and burdened by high unfavorability ratings.

    The “worried” include Congressional Democrats and representatives of the party’s far left. Ideological disagreement over the Iraq war accounts for some of the hostility, along with the envy and resentment that drives a lot of Democratic Party politics. Fear of standing behind a female presidential candidate also contributes to unease over Clinton.

    Democrats tend to view their nominees as the Titanic on the ticket, and treat them accordingly.

    Indeed, if Democrats worry about the electability of Clinton, who would be the party’s first female nominee, you can imagine the butterflies over Barack Obama, who would be the party’s first African-American nominee.

    Recent presidential election history accounts for that sinking, can’t-win feeling. The 2000 showdown between Bush and Vice President Al Gore was obviously a downer for Democrats. The 2004 showdown between Bush and Senator John F. Kerry was another disappointment. Different scripts, same plot: The Democratic presidential nominees snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

    But Democrats need to get over it. If they can’t get past defeatism in this election cycle, when will they ever do it? The best news for Bush in weeks is his daughter Jenna’s engagement. It doesn’t overcome the image of White House aides Alberto Gonzales and Andrew Card trying to get then Attorney General John D. Ashcroft to approve a warrantless wiretapping program, as Ashcroft rested, weak and wan, in a hospital room after surgery.

    Given Bush’s drag on the GOP, Republicans should rightly view themselves as underdogs in 2008. But, as former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee said Friday during a stop at the Globe, “Americans like underdogs.”

    Americans also like chutzpah, and Republicans have a maddening amount of that, too. It takes a lot of nerve for former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney to campaign as the candidate of change, at the same time he embraces Bush administration policies. Already in high, Rove-like gear, Romney is equating Clinton with Karl Marx.

    Republicans think positive and go negative — especially against Democrats.

    Meanwhile, Democrats fret about electability. They should stop worrying about it, and make the real case for change that Bush is handing them, complete with footnotes and bibliography, from Iraq to Katrina, from Vice President Dick Cheney to Attorney General Gonzales. The GOP presidential candidates can’t separate themselves from that sorry brief — unless the Democrats let them.

    And they just might.

  35. Los Angeles Democrat, sounds like they had quite a shivaree at that union hall in Burbank with the free booze and teach-in stuff, an inflated body count and all. I am a little surprised at the venue, because the unions I am familiar with are keeping their powder dry at this point. But I keep forgetting that we are dealing with a new kind of politics here & conventional thinking no longer applies.

  36. Hey u all
    Good morning!! I heard from 3 different sources now that the Republicans have something about the Clintons that they aren’t releasing now and waiting for her to be nominated. Something on Bill it seems. I heard this from James Brolin and today watched Bill Maher on Larry King Live saying – he worries of Hillary as the Republicans may bring a bombo out again and accuse Bill. WTF? Sorry! But, should we be worried?

  37. Hey Secret thanks for that link, I loved it!! Made much sense what they presented in that video, and it would be interesting to see who was behind it, looks impressive and rather expensive, more expensive in looks then the Clintons sopranos video.

    I must say this is the only thing that is a bit scary to me to secret. I hope Bill has behaved as a husband is supposed to. I can’t imagine what Hillary would feel and have to go through if they have ‘something’ on him.

    She would have no other option than to divorce him, I believe in order to not appear as a ‘fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me’ , if it we’re to be true.
    It has already happened twice, unfortunately.

    Of course this could also be about the only thing the republicans can hope will happen, and try to use it, or make up a story to use. Although I really believe that ship has sailed, if it where to be true, I don’t think people will really care, or make that Democratic people.
    At this point many people say they don’t care about the ‘BJ’ thing, that is a thousand times better then what we have now. And we also know for a fact that the republicans certainly is in no position to throw stones in this department! May we all hope there is no there there.

  38. Gorto,
    Make no mistake – I am a Hillary supporter but I like Bill too very much. Yes, true I would hate it if he had given the enemies more ammunition to attack him in the last 7 years or so. But, I doubt it you know? I think they will make something up. Because you really cannot think of him to do something again that can be proved. I really don’t care if he does it so long as it cannot be proved. I mean who really cares!!! BUt I am hearing a lot that Republicans have something on the Clintons. But, again it can be a little game you know – to spread this rumour to affect her candidacy then get Obama – and run on the racial thing and win votes!!!! I mean if you and I are hearing that Republicans have something on her – don’t u think Hillary herself would have heard it by now?? I think even if Bill is exposed again – she would divorce him. I sort of know that she likes him and that is good. Anyways I have mixed feelings about this whole thing. But, since I like both very much and I think they both are good together – I like them to stay together.

  39. I like him a lot too, and they make a great couple/team! I love when people get older and the ‘steam’ for the lack of a better word, wears out, and what you have left is this great companionship, friendship and admiration for eachother. That is what it seems to me that they have.

    But I am not indifferent as to what Bill may have done, I hope he has learned, but if you can’t treat someone you love right, then do right by them by saving them from the misery you can’t help but give them.
    I like them both, and respect them, but if I had to choose, I would pick Hillary as my girl, so I just would hate to see her have to go through more hardship. Anyway, let’s hope it doesn’t get to that!
    And yes, one would think the campaign is alert to any rumours regarding it all.

  40. sandy1938: I used to think that Obama had a bright future in front of him, but if this campaign really shows his talent, he’s gone as far as he can go. It’s going to require a number of years for him to repair the damage he is doing himself. I would recommend to him that before he actually tries again to be president he endeavor to create a record of accomplishment.

  41. Secret and Gorto, There was something in Howard Kurtz’s column a few weeks ago about the Repubs about to Swiftboat Hillary through Bill; there was no mention of a “bimbo” but that certainly could be it.

    I have to admit that my biggest fear about Hillary running was that he would do something to embarrass her again, as Bill Maher said. However, here’s how I resolved that: We all know Hillary is superdisciplined personally, and that’s reflected in her campaign. I really can’t believe she’d run for president knowing there’s a possibility he could wreck everything with another liaison. Also, if the Repubs have this stuff, why leak that they have it? Just keep it under wraps till they need it. It seems to me they’re trying to scare Dems into not voting for her. And her campaign has to know about anything that’s going to be coming. She advertises herself repeatedly as the one who can beat the Repub machine, so it sounds like she’s almost champing at the bit to do just that.

  42. Bet the ranch Hil has a book on Rudy. My bet is Rove advised Obama to drop out of debates because he was making Hillary look great. Rove is itching to measure himself against the very best–the Clintons. Rove response to reporters speculating that he ‘fears Obama’: ‘those guys have got to get clued in.’

    And yes, Obama fears that he will erase his future in politics by challenging Hillary now–she’s just too good. This is a concession – just keep talking the ‘Politics of Dope’, take his 20% and look to 2016.

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