Muddy Waters

Pottawattamie. Pottawattamie. Pottawattamie. Pottawattamie. Pottawattamie. It’s “pronounced pretty much the way it is spelled.” Five times Obama tried to say Pottawattamie “getting it right on his fifth attempt following some help from the audience.”

Now let’s help with this one: Rezko. Rezko. Rezko. Rezko. Rezko.

The inability of Obama to pronounce the name of Iowa’s eighth largest country  county reminded us that Obama is also incapable, or is it unwilling, to pronounce the name of the man who helped Obama purchase his own house. That is why we were so confused by Michelle Obama, who sleeps under that Rezko roof.

Introducing her husband, Michelle Obama stressed the importance of family values during the stop here, although it was unclear whether she was suggesting previous occupants have been lacking in that area. “If you can’t run your own house, you certainly can’t run the White House,” she said.

What does this befuddled Rezko House Spouse mean? Maybe Michelle has forgotten her own role in the purchase of her Spouse’s Rezko House. Maybe Michelle wants all of us to forget about Obama’s Log Cabin. Maybe Michelle wants us to forget the Obama campaign continuing stonewalling of newspapers seeking answers to the Obama connection to now indicted Antoin “Tony” Rezko.

We will refresh your memory Michelle:

His problem here now is now a second order problem, which is, how do you explain this sort of thing? And he hasn‘t explained it very well well. Partly there is a hypocrisy problem, but he also has come out and said my mistake was allowing this guy to help me with a real estate deal and do something that appeared to be a favor. Well, it didn‘t appear to be a favor, it was a favor. If this guy had hadn‘t interceded they wouldn‘t have been able to guy his $1.6 million house. And so now he finds himself, pretty soon he will have a third order problem which is to explain what he said in the second time—that the problem came around. So, you know, it is becomes a tar baby—

The lesson here Michelle is that People who live in Rezko Houses Should not Throw Stones.

Meanwhile, lunkhead hubby, as Michelle implies was busy swimming in dirty water.

Democrat Barack Obama, who accepts special interest money and played poker with lobbyist pals as an Illinois lawmaker, acknowledged Thursday that he swims in “the same muddy water” that corrupts Washington, but he pledged to reform the system if elected president.

Presidential rival Hillary Rodham Clinton “doesn’t recognize the problem,” Obama told The Associated Press.

“I have a bunch of friends who were state lobbyists. The fact of the matter is … I played poker with them, so I don’t think that lobbyists are evil,” said the first-term Illinois senator. “I just think they’ve got an agenda and you got to be clear about that, and not pretend that they don’t.”

“Why else are they getting hired and making all this money unless they’re actually getting something done?”

Tell us more, Barack Obama (D-Rezko) about what money buys. Can you say “Rezko” and “House”? Or is that Pottawattamie?

Obama meanwhile was called a hypocrite by hypocrite Edwards whose hedge fund is doing dirty business in New Orleans.

Obama said Thursday he was not being hypocritical.

“I haven’t gone around blasting Hillary” for accepting lobbyist money, Obama said in a 20-minute interview after touring the popular Iowa state fair with his wife and two young children. “What I said is she doesn’t recognize the problem.”

“My argument is not that we’re perfect. I suffer from the same original sin of all politicians, which is we’ve got to raise money,” Obama said. “But my argument has been and will continue to be that the disproportionate influence of lobbyists and special interest is a problem in Washington (and) in state capitals.”

Who is he kidding? He has not been attacking Hillary? On this issue? At YearlyKooks? Is Obama detached from reality or merely lying once again?

“The argument is not that I’m pristine, because I’m swimming in the same muddy water,” Obama said. “The argument is that I know it’s muddy and I want to clean it up.”

This reminds us of the story of the priest convicted for embezzlement and pedophilia. After the conviction a now 80 year old whore confronted the priest. The old whore was a parishioner of the convicted priest’s church and went regularly to church and religiously confessed and did her penance. The old whore was angry. How, asked the old whore to the priest, could you dare judge what I did as needing penance when you were doing much worse things?

“Do as I say, not as I do” said the priest.


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  1. I have a bunch of friends who were state lobbyists. The fact of the matter is … I played poker with them, so I don’t think that lobbyists are evil,

    especially when they let you win.

  2. It’s just gross to watch Elizabeth Edwards and now Michelle Obama smear Hillary for her husband’s bad deeds. Shame on these women. Which democratic women are going to appreciate this tactic? It’s sexist.

  3. HillaryLandRocks: Don’t know if you are joking but recall poker games is how former Senator D’Amato used to “raise funds”. That’s a great way to go green.

    Would love to hear what Obama won in those “poker” games with lobbyists. Maybe he got a side yard for his house.

  4. I know a county executive that spent a year
    in Lewisburg Fed Prision for playing poker with
    3 building contractors. He used to win a lot
    of hands. The sad fact was, he was a great
    guy and a great poker player dispite those
    extra loosing hands by the contractors.

  5. Thanks for the correction Berkeley.

    BTW, that line by Michelle Obama could be read another way. Considering how she used to regularly insult Barack and his housekeeping skills (the ant stories, the misplaced socks, the mess he makes, shirts everywhere, etc.), maybe, just maybe Michelle is saying that Obama is not ready. Michelle has made it clear Obama can’t run his own house — did she just tell us something?

  6. Hi,

    Interestin development, check out ABCnews story on Edwards. He is getting very very aggressive. He’s starting to realize he has to go AFTER OBAMA, not just CLINTON. You need to go to #2 to get to #1.
    I can’t imagine how dumb his campaign has been these days.

    Edwards said in an interview with ABC News aboard his campaign bus that Obama’s statement that lobbyists would “have a seat at the table” under his administration misunderstands the nature of their power over Washington business.

    “I disagree with that,” Edwards said on board the “Fighting for One America” bus, as he and his campaign entourage traveled between campaign stops in Iowa. “The idea that lobbyists for insurance companies, drug companies, oil companies, are going to voluntarily give away their power is a fantasy. I don’t think it will ever happen. I think the only way we’re going to bring about change is to take them on head-on, and to defeat them.”

    “I do not believe you can bring about change by being nice and compromising,” Edwards said Thursday at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines. “I mean, the insurance companies and drug companies and oil companies and their lobbyists have been running the government in Washington. And the only way change is going to occur is if we take them on directly and beat them

  7. Edwards’ attack on both Clinton and Obama is good news for Clinton. He’s basically trying to disguish from Obama.

    We have to be focused. Edwards has no chance, he has little money, no significant support among African Americans, Latinos and other minority groups which is extremely important in democratic primaries.

    Obama is the real threat. As long as both of them are bickering back and forth, it will lessen the pressure on Clinton.

  8. Love the reference to “YearlyKooks.”

    Say, did you ever discuss Michelle “She’s No Jackie!” O-Bomb-A’s $100,000+ raise at her corporate hospital administrator’s job after B.O. won his Senate seat?

    Or how about Michelle B.O.’s landing that plum seat (with all its perk$$$ on another corporate board (again, after B.O. won his Senate seat)? If I recall right, she then acted to shut down a manufacturing plant to “get some corporate experience.”

    These two are such con artists, it’s only natural that, with the extended campaign season, the general public is catching on.

    These two

    These two

  9. “If you can’t run your own house, you certainly can’t run the White House,”

    What a rude thing to say, and from a woman. A wife of a candidate, a DEMOCRATIC candidate! No ma’am! That’s not cool.

    When I was younger I had this belief that the worst thing in the world was to cheat on someone. Now that I’m grown up, I’ve learned that life ain’t just black and white! I respect Hillary tremendously for staying with her husband and working it through. It seemed the right choice, also for Chelsea. She did what she thought was the right thing to do, for herself, her family, and in accordance with her faith. Respect!

  10. You said it Gorto. And, are we to take it from Michelle that she didn’t vote for Bill? Because it seems a bit of a double standard to vote for the guy who cheated and then hold it against the spouse who didn’t. I wish women in this country would wake up and stop letting the wives of Obama and Edwards make sexist arguments against Hillary Clinton. It’s completely inappropriate.

  11. The bad news for Edward tonight is that
    his hedge fund was involved in evicting
    34 homeowners in New Orleans. He claims
    he was not aware it. Now he has to
    divest from the fund. There is something
    wrong with his poverty program. Screw
    the guy that you want serve. How do you
    say, “two faced.”

  12. LosAngelesDem,

    we have been too polite to mention Michelle’s history. The Rezko hospital industry connection in which Michelle is at the center of we have not delved fully into. The pay raises and her statements about money being a major concern of hers we have also been too polite too polite to mention. Her role at the Chicago Landmarks commission we have been very polite about too. Her connection to Chicago politicians we have been too polite to discuss. As MJ notes, did Michelle and Barack vote for Democrats for president or did they not? – that too we have not discussed. Michelle’s corporate board money – after Barack became a U.S. Senator – we have been too polite to discuss. Healthcare conflicts Michelle might have with the Obama plan we have not explored.

    If Michelle wants to open those doors by these nasty insinuations, if Michelle wants to discuss spousal histories, we will walk right through those doors.


    Not that she needs it, but more good Hillary news from Arkansas:

    “Gov. Mike Beebe will endorse New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a former Arkansas first lady, next week in her bid for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, sources said Friday.

    Sources close to Clinton’s campaign told The Associated Press that Beebe would make the announcement at an event Monday in the state Capitol. The sources spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid pre-empting Beebe’s public announcement.

    Clinton has already won the backing of top Democrats in Arkansas, where husband Bill Clinton served 12 years as governor before beginning two terms as president in 1993.

    Attorney General Dustin McDaniel is chairing Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the state and she has won the endorsement of four of the five Democratic members of the state’s congressional delegation.

    The senator, who headlined a fundraiser for the state Democratic Party earlier this summer, plans to return to Arkansas on Monday for a series of fundraisers in Fayetteville and Little Rock. She also intends to privately meet with Democratic state legislators about her bid.”

  14. With all his lovey-dovey talk regarding how to govern – thinking he can sweet talk Ripublicans – we can only imagine what a VP nominee Obama would do in a debate against the Ripublican VP nominee. Would he sing Kumbaya and say Democrats are as responsible as Bush for the Iraq War? Would he blame Democrats equally with Ripublicans for the mess of an economy, the squandering of the hard-won Clinton surplus?

    We need a fighter for VP.

    Novak (Novak is probably wrong, we think Webb):

    “WASHINGTON — Anticipating that Sen. Hillary Clinton will clinch the Democratic presidential nomination, some supporters are beginning to argue against her principal rival — Sen. Barack Obama — for vice president.

    They maintain that Obama provides no general election help for Clinton. As an African-American from Illinois, Obama represents an ethnic group and a state already solidly in the Democratic column.

    This school of thought advocates a Southerner as Clinton’s running mate. The last time Democrats won a national election without a Southerner on the ticket was 1944. Prominent Democrats from the South are in short supply today. The leading prospect: former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner.”

  15. Yes people need to hear that name, loud and clear, just in case there is any doubt that OBAMA is not the saintly innocent he proports himself to be: REZKO.

    Not to get off the subject, but I have written about a GOP Power Grab in California that could potentially split up CAlifornia’s 55 electoral votes by congressional district. The good news is, all leading DEMOCRATS in California, including Feinstein, Boxer and Villagrigossa are supporting a counter initiative, and are counting on the grassroots to help.

    Please check out the “CALIFORNIANS FOR FAIR ELECTIONS REFORM” webpage url that I will link in the NEXT POST. You dont have to be a Californian to get involved, as BOXER states, because this GOP Power GRAB could have a major and permanent detrimental effect on the DEMOCRATIC PARTY in ALL future elections.

  16. Here is the link I promised…when you look at the website, take a look at HOW MANY congressional districts would go RED under the GOP proposal. There are potentially 20-22 electoral votes in 2008 that this GOP measure would put at risk for Democrats.

  17. Check out these comments Mike Huckabee made about the Clintons. Wow!

    “You know, I’ve never hated the Clintons. I still don’t, I have great respect for them. He made a lot of mistakes — a lot of personal ones — but you know something that I think should not be forgotten. There’s two things about Bill Clinton I tell Republicans, it drives them nuts, but here it is.

    “Number one, don’t get it lost on you that a kid out of a very small, Southern rural state aspired to be President of the United States. This kid came from a dysfunctional family — alcoholic abusive father. And yet he didn’t just aspire, he was elected president of the United States not once, but twice. That is an affirmation of the system. And it’s a wonderful testament to give to every kid in America that no matter where you’ve come from, you’ve got an opportunity to do something extraordinary.

    “The second thing, and this’ll really wrangle, again, some of my Republican colleagues. Bill Clinton and Hillary went through some horrible experiences in their marriage, because of some of the reckless behavior that he has admitted he had. I’m not defending him on that — it’s indefensible. But they kept their marriage together. And a lot of the Republicans who have condemned them, and who talk about their platform of family values, interestingly didn’t keep their own families together.”

    Saw this on

  18. BTW, like some of the posters here, I actually like some of what Huckabee says. I heard an interview with him on NPR and was quite impressed.

    And I agree entirely with what he say about Bill and Hillary.

  19. PAULA,

    AMEN and ^5 to Huckabee for that comment. All marriages and relationships go through good times and bad times. The CLINTONS got through their dark period, and made the choice to stay together and pull through. I admire that so much. I cant think of any type of FAMILY CRISIS that one could go through than they did. But they pulled together, for better and for worse, and got through the hard times. They truly represent “FAMILY VALUES”

  20. It is interesting how Obama and Edwards use their spouses as attack dogs, while Hillary’s spouse says he likes all the democratic candidates, and she says we should not attack eachother but present a united front against the Ripublicans. Two obvious conclusions emerge: i) first, we now know who the real uniter is, and it sure aint Obama, and ii) second, with that one catty comment Michelle has fallen off her pedastal, and all the kings horses and all the kings men . . . very dumb thing for her to say . . .

  21. wow – there is Mike Huckabee. This is why I like that man. The only republican candidate – who can speak some sense. Go Hillary GO!!!!

  22. Hi all –
    About Michelle’s comment – someone have to remind this snooty woman that – they did run white house and very successfully at that for 8 years!! So – no point saying “if you can’t run your own house – you certainly can’t run the white house” – Has Michelle been to white house yet? Catty is not the word. She is Obama’s attack dog like Liz is for Edwards!! She comes across as cheap and power hungy! Shame on you Michelle!!

  23. Now when Hillary wins the nomination – the republicans will use the same like
    “if you can’t run your own house – you certainly can’t run the white house”
    Well – we will see that then – let’s stay put on winning the nomination first!

  24. wbboei, if Michelle was directing her remark at Hillary, it’s ridiculous. She sounds like a RW Repub; does she think that kind of tacky broadside will actually appeal to Dem primary voters?

  25. President Clinton makes case for Hillary!

    RENO, Nev. (AP) – Former President Bill Clinton said Friday his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, is more qualified than any other candidate in his lifetime to be the next president.

    The New York Democrat and former First Lady knows more about education and health care than her rivals, has played a leadership role on the Senate Armed Services Committee and is poised to help restore the nation’s standing around the world, Clinton said.

    “In my lifetime, I have never had a chance to vote for anyone who is better suited to serve – given the demands of the time, based on experience and proven ability to produce results – than my wife,” he told a crowd of more than 2,000 at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center.

    Clinton dismissed those who argue a woman cannot be elected president. He said that while Democratic Sen. John Kerry carried New York in 2004, President Bush had more votes in 40 of the state’s 62 counties but that in those same 40 counties Sen. Clinton carried 60 percent of the vote.

    “In a die-hard red state, she keeps winning and winning big,” the 42nd president said. “She’s the best prepared and she’s clearly very electable. The main thing is she’d be the best president.”

    Clinton carried Nevada both times he won the presidency, but President Bush has won it the last two times.

    The former president appeared at the campaign rally – his first political appearance ever in Reno – after speaking at the 10th anniversary of a Lake Tahoe environmental summit he convened in 1997. Party faithful waved signs that read “America’s Ready for Madam President,” “It’s time to make history,” and “Clinton 42 and 44.”

    Clinton urged Nevadans to make the most of their new status at the front of the primary election process by turning out at their presidential caucuses set for Jan. 19. He also urged working people to contribute small amounts of money to her campaign.

    “I’m trying to help Hillary’s campaign get 100,000 donors by the end of September to give her $5 or $10,” he said.

    Clinton said his wife is the only senator from New York ever to have served on the Senate Armed Services Committee. He said she would help “restore America’s standing in the world.”

    Around the world, “every single political leader I talk to says, `I hope your wife wins. We want the world to like America again,'” Clinton said.

    “This is the first election in my lifetime where a substantial number of Americans will actually cast their vote based on what they think the rest of the world will think about America,” he said.

    He criticized six years of what he called superficial economic growth under the Bush administration, “40-year high corporate profits and until last week an all-time high in the stock market” while at the same time “squandering a projected $5 trillion surplus I was going to use to get us out of debt.”

    Instead, President Bush has “turned it into relentless tax cuts for upper income people like me who don’t need it,” he said.

    Clinton said he enjoys campaigning without having to “be against” any of the other Democrats.

    “I like them all. We just have to elect the person we think will be the best president.”

  26. Former President Bill Clinton is headed to the Reno area this evening.

    About 1,200 people are at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center, awaiting his arrival.

    “I want to see President Clinton,” said Pete Duran. “I admired him when he was president. He did a lot to move the country forward, and I haven’t seen that lately.”

    Clinton will speak this evening at a campaign rally for his wife at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center.

    It will be the first time President Clinton has campaigned in Northern Nevada. His stop is part of U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton’s “Ready to Lead in the West” tour.

    Bill Clinton’s other visit to Northern Nevada was 10 years ago when he announced a $50 million program to protect Lake Tahoe’s environment.

    The campaign rally coincides with Bill Clinton’s return to Lake Tahoe to commemorate the 10th anniversary of that summit. He also will appear at a private $10,000-per-person fundraiser for the Nevada Democratic Party.

  27. Sources tell The Associated Press that Governor Beebe will endorse Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton next week in her bid for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

    Sources close to Clinton’s campaign say Beebe will make the announcement at an event Monday in the state Capitol. The sources spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid pre-empting Beebe’s public announcement.

    Clinton has already won the backing of top Democrats in Arkansas, where she was first lady as Bill Clinton served 12 years as governor. Attorney General Dustin McDaniel is chairing Clinton’s campaign in the state and the New York senator has won the endorsement of four of the five Democratic members of the state’s congressional delegation.

    The senator from New York headlined a fundraiser for the state Democratic Party earlier this summer. She plans to return to Arkansas on Monday for a series of fundraisers in Fayetteville and Little Rock. She also intends to privately with Democratic state legislators about her bid.

    Beebe said Wednesday he planned to attend a fundraiser for Clinton but was mum on whether he would back her presidential campaign.

    Senator Mark Pryor and Congressmen Marion Berry, Mike Ross and Vic Snyder have publicly backed Clinton’s presidential bid. Senator Blanche Lincoln has not endorsed anyone in the presidential race.

  28. Michelle Obama comes across as desperate – fear she said was killing her that her husband may loose. And then she became a vicious attack dog by insinuating that Hillary couldn’t manage her marriage how can she manage the country!! What a silly arguement was that.

  29. M.O. is a complete nuts. I think her speaking style is pretty annoying. I hope she explodes on national TV and that will do permanent damage to O.B.’s campaign. She is close.

  30. Kostner,
    She looked yesterday like she was going to have a nervous breakdown. I am sure if she goes on like this – she will explode. Goody! That will be dent Obama’s campaign. Yes is insane! Saying “Please..please I beg you – support my husband because he is SPECIAL

  31. Oops before I finished I entered!

    Anyways – Yes – MO is crazy woman – watch out! she sounds desperate, frustrated on the verge of nervous breakdown. I just can’t get over her style of speaking.

  32. Admin, I am intrigued with your idea of Webb as vp. He is a true Jacksonian Democrat, blue collar, tough, patriotic, Naval Academy (68), USMC, combat commander, navy cross, author, statesman, could bring alot of Regan Democrats back home where they belong at election time. As Vice President, he could play a key role in managing the Iraq problem to a proper resolution. It may well be that he a bit rough around the edges, and candid at times to the point of being blunt, i.e. “That’s between me and my boy Mr. President”, but it would be fun to watch him put his Republican counterpart in short pants like he did to the repugnant Lindsey Graham a few weeks ago over the Iraq issue.

  33. Well, if they don’t beat all…’lizabeth and michelle. It sounds like Michelle’s got her own glass house she ought to be thinkin’ about. I agree this is just so sexist it’s sickening. It’s fine to support your spouse, but there are ways to do this without being catty and rude. It makes me sick to death to think of a much less qualified man becoming president over a very highly qualified woman. There simply isn’t anyone in this race – Republican or Democratic- that is more qualified to be president than Hillary Clinton. She has been working steadily to help people and to learn and to gain experience, locally, nationally and internationally, since she was a student. It infuriates me to see and hear the candidates (BO and John) and their wives not running on the issues but running Hillary into the ground. In the end, this is only going to hurt them, however. It makes people like me more determined than ever to do everything I can to help Hillary get elected.

  34. Wbboei:

    Webb is an economic populist from the south. This is how Edwards should have run instead of as a captive of the nutroots.

    Webb can represent progressive values well in any debate as the Dem nominee (unlike say an Obama who would be flummoxed and confused and all too willing to conciliate).

    Webb was also Secretary of the Navy under Reagan. Although a Democrat who beat the “unbeatable” George Allen it would be difficult to attach the usual Ripublican attack labels to him. A loss of Virginia’s deep south electoral votes would be a loss to the Rips.

    Webb is not a typical Dem. Webb could easily tour the southern states carrying the Dem banner. His Iraq war vet son also would be a big help. Webb campaigned with his son’s boots on in his winning election campaign. A fiery Reagan Democrat as VP on the Hillary ticket sends a message more powerful than words.

    His auful comments on women in the miltary academies would be erased if he ran with a woman on the top of the ticket. Webb’s very presence would alleviate any concerns men have about voting for the first woman president.

    Keep your eyes on Webb.

  35. Admin, one other point: I think it is entirely possible that Kay Bailey (Hutchison) will end up being the Republican candidate for Vice President. She is a party loyalist, hails from an important state, has been putting her name out for the job and would provide gender diversity to their ticket. Also, a Hillary-Webb could conceivably put Texas in play, and in that case there would be more than one reason to say we’ve come a long way baby.

  36. True Webb is an economic populist. His recent
    vote on immigration reform, sic, needs to
    square with Hillarys.

    The one thing I’m impressed with him more
    than anything else, he is not a fraid to
    speak his mind. Now that can cut two ways
    and be a problem. However, I think he can
    bring a great deal to a Clinton/Webb ticket.

  37. I will support whoever HIllary picks for VP…Its just that WEBB, on Social Issues would be a hard pill to swallow. Maybe Hillary can civilize him though. LOL. If anybody can, it would be her.

    I still must admit, that Clinton/Richardson would be my personal favorite. However, I understand the need to work on breaking up the GOP stronghold on the south. And Webb does have some good ideas, and gave an excellent response to Bush’s State of the Union address.

  38. I must admit I don’t know a whole lot about Webb, but from what I’ve seen, I’ve liked. But what is his experience? Would people call him inexperienced since he just got elected to the senate? Or does a different kind of experience way up for that?

    On a ridiculous side note: Isn’t he rather short? It shouldn’t matter, but we know that ‘looks’ is everything. The infamous image of Bush on that carrier, Bush as a ‘cowboy’, Bush as a ‘dimwit’! (sorry, couldn’t help myself) Hillary is short, but she is also a woman, would look nice with a talk dark man by her side, just figuratively speaking.:)

    I’ve also heard many speak of Evan Bayh, how about him? Don’t know much of him either, but they are on the Service Arms Committe together. I saw a clip of them traveling together to an army hospital or something in Germany, he looked nice standing always two steps behind her. He looked like he could play ‘¨second fiddle’ just nicely! 🙂 hehe. Anyway, what about him?

  39. Sandy, I had been thinking Richardson all along myself, as have alot of other people. Note the debate question to him on whether he would accept a vice presidential position and his response that he would rather be governor of New Mexico. Given his background and important contributions to the country, lets just say I can appreciate the response but am skeptical. The strategic advantage of Webb is the southern strategy Admin mentions which has been used so effectively by Republicans since the time of Nixon. It could force them to play defense on their own 10 yard line. Think of what that would mean not only in the south but the rest of the country.

  40. Gorto, Webb was Reagan’s undersecretary of the Navy so no one would call him inexperienced. I don’t think he will be the nominee, however.

  41. Important development, Obama chickens out of debates

    According to Marc Ambinder, the Obama campaign has circulated a memo stating that it will accept no more invitations to candidate forums where the candidates appear together on the stage due to “scheduling” reasons.

    His schedule will, however, allow consideration of forums where candidates appear one after the other and he is not subject to head-to-head comparisons.

    Go to Atlantic Online, there’s a full report.


  42. Kostner, nice find.

    I have posted the memo below.


    As we head into the fall, the campaign is entering a new more engaged phase that will give voters an even greater sense of Barack’s message of change and require the campaign to make decisions that balance the important role of debates and maximize time to run the kind of campaign we need to.
    We have just been thru a period of three debates/forums in six days and the outlook for the future holds more of the same. And, because of likely calendar movement, once we get past Labor Day the Iowa caucuses are less than 120 days away.

    So far, Barack has attended seven Democratic debates and nineteen candidate forums. There are five remaining sanctioned DNC debates, which we are committed to attend and two Iowa debates normally held in January, which are being held in December, which we are also committed to attend. We will also be attending the Univision debate in Florida on September 9. This means that by the end of this year, Obama will have participated in a total of 15 Democratic debates.

    The debates have been important moments for our campaign, demonstrating clearly that Barack Obama is the candidate who will bring about the greatest change to our broken politics. Looking at the first sanctioned DNC debate in South Carolina, Obama was scored the clear winner by undecided voters in South Carolina and New Hampshire.

    Unfortunately, we simply cannot run the kind of campaign we want and need to, engaging with voters in the early states and February 5, if our schedule is dictated by dozens of forums and debates. Ultimately, the one group left out of the current schedule is the voters and they are the ones who ask the toughest questions and most deserve to have those questions answered face to face.

    Therefore, after this week, we will only be attending the five DNC debates through the sanctioning period of December 10, Univision, and the two Iowa debates previously mentioned. Candidate forums – where candidates appear sequentially will be considered, but we are unlikely to accept many of these. Instead, Barack will spend his time answering questions directly from voters in places like Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, and elsewhere. We simply cannot continue to hopscotch from forum to forum and run a campaign true to the bottom up movement for change that propelled Barack into this race.

    After the sanctioning period, there will undoubtedly be a large number of debates scheduled in the early states and in February 5 states. We will make decisions on those as we get closer, but will clearly be doing a healthy number of debates after the sanctioning period.

    Many friends and terrific organizations are sponsoring or planning to sponsor debates and forums. So this is not an easy decision for us to execute. But it simply won’t work to navigate this one by one. We felt we needed to make our approach clear and consistent.

    I think this approach will be better for the voters and the campaign.


    Obama explaination for skipping campaign forums.

  43. Kostner/Kegs: This is quite a development. Isn’t it true that the original debate format was mutually agreed to between the campaigns and the DNC? If so, then were the other parties consulted about this change in commitment, or was it done unilaterally? If the purpose of this change is to accomodate a demanding schedule, then how praytell are his scheduling demands any different from the other candidates? If the voters have been left out of the current debate process which he agreed to then who does he think asked him the meet without preconditions questions which highlighted his foreign policy experience, or rather the lack thereof. In that sense he is right: they do ask the toughest questions, and it is best from his standpoint that the answers not be compared to those of other candidates and broadcast across the world. If I were to speculate, I would say Kostner’s explanation (above) makes far more sense than Axelrod’s.

  44. Wow, what a coward! They would absolutely not have gone to this extent in releasing a statement if they thought this was obviously the right thing to do, because then people would understand. But in this memo, there are numerous hidden explanations, trying to answer any criticism before the questions are asked.

    How many debates are left, where the other candidates so far has agreed to or will agree to? Lets for now say 10, then that is just 10 days he would be away from being able to meet and greet crowds in townhall style meetings. How many people are present at such a meeting? Lets say between 500 – 5000 people. That times 10 days.
    How many people has he now ‘personally’ met?
    Compare that to how many voter you can meet through a televised debate, and remember more people will tune in as the election gets closer. Will he really gain by not doing the debates and rather meet people in real? I think NOT! This is a cop out.

    He sucks at the debates and he has himself acknowledged this. He can only hope that he will minimize the blows by not attending.

    This is quite clear when he says he will ‘consider’ doing the debates where the candidates will be on the stage one by one, rather then being compared with eachother. Right there is the admission, he is afraid, why cop out if this was working to his benefit?

    He is going down, ever so slowly. And I like it, rather sadistically, I like it! hehe, (sorry)…. (but not really). 🙂

    Hillary should sign up for as many debates as possible, just to strut her stuff and show that she is not afraid. Because she rules the debates.

  45. He’s getting hammered and deservedly so, in the Atlantic’s, comments section. Here are a couple of good ones;

    “I see. So Obama is willing to consider forums where candidates appear sequentially, but not those where he is compared side by side with the experienced candidates.”

    “Clearly the Obama camp has realized that their candidate looks inexperienced compared to Biden and Clinton. Obama is a typical Hollywood production, good looks and glitz but vacuous of serious content.”

    “And, releasing the memo on a Saturday afternoon. They surely weren’t trying to slip this one through unnoticed, right? So, he’ll meet with Castro and Ahmandinejad, but Clinton is too much for him to handle?”

    “National press corps members covering the California Democratic Convention told me that Obama was the only candidate who regularly refused to schedule press conferences at other places they’ve covered. Same was true at the convention in San Diego.

    While in some ways I like Obama, I would be leery of supporting a candidate who is afraid to face the public and the media to answer off-the-cuff questions and to engage in debates with his opponents. This is a strong field of Democratic contenders and there are other good choices who have shown they can rise to the challenge instead of dodging appearances where hard questions may be asked.”

    “I wonder if “his schedule” would allow him to debate the Republican nominee?”

    “In other word’s Obama can’t handle the debates. He’s making too many gaffes. Therefore, Obama will only read off the script put in front of him. Smart move!”

    and this;

    “Nixon was savaged for being inaccessible in ’72. Bush has been attacked for it as well. Why do some now applaud Obama for the same thing?”

    You gotta love it!

  46. How does BO expecto win a GE, when there
    are at least 3 debates? This is a startling
    admission that he lacks the ability to think
    on his feet. If the MSM doesn’t hit him hard
    on this, then you know for sure that he is
    their boy.

    Of course, this was release on a Saturday,
    a slow news day that will not get much coverage.
    Perhaps, George Stephenololus will ask him
    tomorrow if he is the cowardly lion or the
    scarecrow or the tin man. Perhaps all three,
    he has no heart, no soul, and for sure no

  47. This comment was posted at the NY Times
    following the story:

    “So, Obama says he is willing to talk with Castro and the President of Iran, but he obviously is afraid to go head to head with Hillary except in his chosen forums. That says a lot about both Obama and Hillary.”

    — Posted by Dave D

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