The Gift

While the John Edwards campaign fights tangerines and his Murdoch hypocrisy and Obama fights his own words on foreign policy as well as his hypocrisy on lobbyists, Hillary is fighting the White House and its bunglers at the Pentagon.

Hillary’s latest fight with the White House:

White House deputy press secretary Dana Perino initially declined to comment on the ad, but then lambasted the spot and the senator.

“As to the merits of it, I think it’s outrageous. This is a president who, first and foremost, has helped millions of seniors across the country have access to prescription drugs at a much lower cost,” Perino said. “As to whether or not our troops are invisible to this president, I think that is absurd and that it is unconscionable that a member of Congress would say such a thing.”

Happy to be in a debate with the White House, the Clinton campaign quickly linked to the official transcript of Perino’s comments on its campaign Web site, , with the headline, “White House Attacks Hillary’s New Ad.”

Campaigning in Dubuque, Iowa, Clinton referred to the White House criticism of her “invisible” comments.

“Apparently I’ve struck a nerve, the White House just attacked me a few minutes ago,” Clinton said. “Not only have I said it and am saying it, I will keep saying it because I happen to believe it.”

Asked on NBC about Karl Rove’s parting shot at her, and about other recent attacks on her Hillary once again effectively struck back:

AM: I do have to ask you, because Karl Rove in a parting shot said that you are fatally flawed as a candidate.

HC: Well, aren’t we glad to see him go, I think is the answer to that. You know, I am thrilled to be running this campaign, and to be getting the response that I’m getting all over the country. I was in Pahrump, Nevada just today, earlier. 2,500 people. I feel very good about where I am.

AM: Well, why do you think the Republicans feel, first of all, that you’re going to be the nominee and they want you to be the nominee because you’ll be easier to defeat?

HC: I don’t think that’s what they want at all. I think that, you know, they play a lot of games. And I’m well aware of that. But I know that I’m going to run a winning campaign. And I think they know I’m going to win a running campaign.

AM: And there was an Associated Press report, quoting Democrats saying that you might pull down the ticket.

HC: Well, I’m ahead, and I’m winning, and I’m gaining support everywhere I go. And I don’t think I have any right to anybody’s vote. I have to earn every vote, and that’s what I’m doing everyday; going out and talking about what I would do as President, reaching out to people. What I have found is that in a campaign I have a real chance for people to be disabused of a lot of the stereotypes and the caricatures about me. And that’s what’s happening. So, I’m very, very confident about the direction of this campaign. And I’m looking forward to getting out and meeting as many people around the country as possible.

Hillary is fighting the White House and its cronys while at the same time running the most effective campaign, possibly ever. Is there any doubt why Hillary is viewed by Americans as ready to be Commander-In-Chief?

The White House attack was a gift. The only thing missing was the gift wrapping.


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  1. That was perfect! And Hillary put this immediately at the top of HillaryHub…so all can see. This is the kind of campaign I knew she would run. No wimpering Kerry/Edwards here lying low to contemplate for days what to do or not do. No – wham! She relishes this. She can take on the White House directly and shine a spotlight on their incompetence. While the WH debates her, little Johnny takes a bus ride, and Obama tries to explain his Pakistan blunder. Go Hillary!

  2. The White House attack was a gift. The only thing missing was the gift wrapping.

    Karl Rove’s attack was the gift wrapping!!!

  3. This is precisely the reason why I love and so many love Hillary! She can give as good as she gets. She is just so great.

  4. HI y’all, You mean BO is still trying to explain Pakistan? My god. How long do you think he will spend on that. Everytime he tries to explain it, it just gets more confusing. It reminds me of my 10th grade algebra class. They didn’t have anybody to teach it, so they got the biologist in there. Let’s just say clueless. And I never did learn any algebra.

    As for Hillary, you go girl. She is absolutely somebody who makes lemonade out of lemons. And there are a lot of lemons in the white house. I think the whole country could disappear and W wouldn’t know it. Talk about invisible. In my lifetime, there has never been a president so out of touch and who has done so much harm as Bush. I am proud of the way Hillary handles this sort of situation. It shows how much she believes in herself and in what she stands for. The fact of the matter is, there are invisible people in this country. As some of you know, I am on disability because I have a chronic type of psoriatic arthritis. It is very similar to rheumatoid arthritis except we have a skin disease in addition to psoriasis. I can tell you of people who need biologic drugs that are quite expensive and their insurance refuses to buy them.. I know people who need disability now, but most people are turned down the first time, so much so that many lawyers won’t even represent you until you have been turned down once. Bush could care less.

    Well, that’s all. I just want to say how proud I am of Hillary for standing up for invisible people. It is a wonderful ad. I showed it to my partner this morning and she burst into tears. And of course, our veterans are invisible. I learned tonight about individuals with the national guard who have been to Iraq but because they are in the guard they can’t be treated at the veterans hospitals. This makes no sense. Many veterans are suffering because of this war. Many more are to come. Keep fighting Hillary. We will keep fighting for you. –mollyj

  5. After reading the latest article from the Washington Post on Obama again retelling and clarifying his initiatives. You can’t help but notice how he talks himself into a statement and 30 sec later talks himself out of it… or blames someone else for not getting it right. Seems like circular logic to me. You begin at the beginning and 20 min later, you’re right back were you started from.

    heres the link:

    Well, thats one way to unite people. If you keep em walking in circles long enough, they’ll keep bumping into each other in a united way of course, forgeting what the point of the statement was in the first place.

    nite all,

    Mrs. S.

  6. Another big crowd…

    Council Bluffs, IA – Senator Hillary Clinton (D-New York) brought her presidential bid to Southwest Iowa on Tuesday night, and her campaign is talking up a big turnout.

    The campaign is estimating that 1,100 people showed up at the Iowa School for the Deaf, where Mrs. Clinton’s biggest applause came when she urged the President to bring the troops in Iraq home. She received a standing ovation despite the fact that she voted for the war, and has been repeatedly criticized for that vote by Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois).

    Mrs. Clinton touched plenty of Democratic party hot buttons, including a demand for major changes in health care.

  7. “You listen to the language of what people say, particularly Obama, who seems to be using a lot of John’s 2004 language,” Edwards said, noting that Obama’s media adviser, David Axelrod, worked for Edwards that year.

  8. Hillary knows how to deal with domestic policy, foreign policy and the White House. She is a staunch advocate for the American People and stands her ground against partisan attacks. She is comfortable in the spotlight and draws energy from it. I rather suspect she appreciates the attention Karl Rove pays to her, and knows exactly how to deal with it. As for the White House comments they are Bush League and it is hard to imagine how they could be otherwise. Meanwhile, it seems BO and JE are busy as well, continuing to correct past policy statements, speaking through their significant other (in JE’s case) and just trying to get noticed.

  9. I will not be around much today, but I think
    I should post a couple things to be on the
    look out for today.

    Former CIA director Woolsey has stated
    “we may have to bomb Iran.” I guess
    we are going to have another round of
    war/no war talk. More burden for our
    over extended military.

    WalMart says their customer base is in deep
    financial trouble. WalMart says their customers
    incomes are stretched to the limit. Hight
    cost of living and gas prices. Middle class being
    maxed out.

    So keep an eye on these stories today and
    the next few weeks.

  10. A simple musing:

    List #8 on Washington’s most powerful list.

    Democratic Senator, New York

    Mess with her at your own peril.”

    BTW, Rove was #9.

  11. Hi y’all, I watched the Andrea Mitchell interview with Hillary in the hospital where she shadowed a nurse. Hillary did a perfectly excellent job of explaining what she’d learned from this experience; she also answered the question about Carl Rove;s parting show to her with directness and brevity.

    I do hear lots of concerns about Hillary’s plan for health care in this country and the fact that she has not yet published her plan. Some opportunists have used this to raise paranoia about Clinton’s motives in delaying the release of her plan. Does anyone have any sense on why she’s not yet released her health care plan and when she plans to have her ideas set out for people to examine?

    Take care all. –mollyj.

  12. great come back by hillary. gave the spinless dems talkin trash behind her back plus crazy white house the slapp down.

  13. To me, Axelrod looks like a degenerate… I can only hope, Edwards at some point in time, will talk that up. Pointing out, that if Obama ever had an original idea, it would die of loneliness.

    Mrs. S.

  14. at work last night on the graveyard shift. a fellow black co-worker got into a heated discussion about obama. “he is the best chance to get a black man in the white house” yada yada yada. as a african american myself i am not as shallow to elect just anybody because he has the same skin tone. i told him 2 plus years in the senate and before that state senate does not cut it for me. 7 plus years in the senate, 8 years as first lady, and years before that fighting for our causes. she was not just a “community organizer either”. to tell you the truth if i wanted a black man in the white house i’d run my damn self instead of voting mr. obama (pretender)(rezko-d). and don’t get me started on the male shovenistic claims by other male co-workers.

  15. Terrondt,
    Good on you! I found it hilarious when you said – if you wanted a black man in the white house – you may as well run yourself. I find getting into heated arguments over people draining. I go to convert people who are a little open minded or at least easy to persuade. I do this all the time. Literally I have got so many skeptical independents now as committed Hillary supporters!
    I have had people arguing that Obama is the best candidate. All I say is – Obama is great but he needs another 15 to 20 years of experience and I am sure he has all the qualities that will make him a great President someday but not today!!
    That shuts them up. Then I slowly speak about why I think Hillary is ready today and now. It is great you know? I love among many Republicans and they have opened up and now have been listening to her and have ended up calling me up for video clips and stuff. So, it is great. So, it is literally like selling products. I rather take great pride in being a good sales person!!
    Anyways terrondt – I hope you sleep well on days you don’t have graveyard shift!!

  16. A new Q-poll has been released. Hillary beats all GOP pretenders. LOL. The momentum is definitley with her. Not much change in primaries fight. With Gore, it’s Clinton 36: Obama 21

    Aug 15 Jun 13 May 3 Feb 21 Mar 10 Feb 2
    2007 2007 2007 2007

    Clinton 46 45 40 43
    Giuliani 43 44 49 48

  17. thanks secret. it is draining. but im going to keep spreading the word about hillary and tell people look at her record and experience. not just “hope” and feel good speeches. feel good speeches and pie in the sky rhetoric are not going to put food on the table, healthcare for everyone, and have steady foriegn policy.

  18. terrondt,

    Hillary will thank you for your hard efforts. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You can’t convert everybody. In the end, it’s always a game of 50 + 1. LOL

  19. thanks kostner. by the way good numbers by the q-poll. they confirm yesturday’s arg poll. but you know the nutroots will dismiss it because their guy is losing.

  20. Hi all,

    Rasmussen just released a new NH poll, Hillary is in commanding lead.

    Clinton 37
    Obama 22
    Edwards 14

  21. YES!!! BRING IT ON!!!

    Let’s bring on the Fiscal mismanagement of the Bush administration.

    The following article was published in yesterday’s FT. It pretty much summed up the result of 6+ years of Bush’s fiscal policies — our state of the union is presently at the brink of a financial meltdown.


    Please compare and contrast the result of 6+ years of the Clinton administration:

    Remarks by Treasury Deputy Secretary Lawrence H. Summers, February 24, 1998.


    It’s a long speech by Larry Summers but it’s a must read by everybody because it EMBODIES the kind of fiscal policies and results that we can expect from a Hillary Clinton administration.

  22. whoop!! for new hamphire. hopefully we can put iowa on ice for the taking and finish it off by feb 5th. pretty please!!!!

  23. can somebody diary the lastest NH and Q national poll on dailykos. Those nuts need another dose of shock and awe.
    Headline needs to shcok them.


  24. lol, mydd nutrooters seems to don’t like the reality of obama’s position. they are in fantasy land there.

  25. Thanks, kostner, for the poll updates! BTW, CBS released a new poll yesterday with the Repub primary numbers but no Dem numbers. Maybe they’ll be out later today.

    I also went on the Web site to read more on that poll, and the pollster talked about HRC still having much higher negatives than anyone else, though her numbers are improving. Well, duh, all the primary candidates combined in both races haven’t been subject to the level of attacks/smears she has over 15 years. Let’s see if they’d still be standing.

  26. I said two days ago that Hillary was acting like the CiC, and that the WH’s antics in responding were just elevating her status as a candidate. Did they not read that? Bc why on earth would they give her a leg up by lambasting her yesterday? I mean- we know they’re dumb, but come on….Even Rove fell for it Monday. And what I love most is everytime they open their mouths, Hillary socks it to them again. It’s sorta like when I have a witness on the stand and am picking them apart and they keep lying to cover their tracks and the hole they’re digging just gets deeper and deeper.

    Terrondt, et al., I find the same problems here. I run in mostly Democratic circles, but what I have found is many of them are so angry at Bush that they want something completely different. Some of them want Richardson or Kucinich, but a lot say No-Bomb-A. They have stated his books as a major reason for their views on him. And when I ask them if they know anything about his voting record or his record in the Illinois legislature, they know nothing. They nothing about the slumlord or his wussying out on abortion bills by voting present. They know nothing about the lobbyists, etc.. BUT when they start finding out about that stuff (I have google on my cellphone) they start getting less resilient in their support of him. And now with the debates and the Pakistan gaff, more of them are looking to Hillary as Richardson and Kucinich, no matter how great the majority of their stances are, just aren’t electable.

    All I can say is I cannot wait for that expose on No-Bomb-A to come out at the end of this month. I’m buying 4 copies and circulating them as mush as possible bc if I have to hear one more person ask me, “But haven’t you read his book?” I think I will hurl.

  27. I think Illinios Senior Senator – dick durbin needs to talk to his junior senator…..
    Obama is making DEMs look weak on foreign policy and his gaffes on military mission in Afghanistan today is just another….His choice of words were too wrong for a potential CiC.

  28. I can relate to the frustrations of talking with coworkers who are not Hillary converts yet. I had a meeting the other day with 2 middle aged guys…One of them started advocating for Obama, saying of course what he said on foreign policy is right, and Hillary had too much baggage et…the other guy just goes with the flow – I just bit my tongue…but it was annoying!

  29. New poll has Hillary with a small lead on Obama, 36-33, in South Carolina (picked up from For perspective, the last poll from this firm, from early June, showed Obama leading by 3.

    As for converting people into HRC voters, I think it makes sense to simply ask them who would make the best PRESIDENT. I believe that’s the most compelling argument for her.

  30. In our separate efforts to convince friends and supporters that Hillary is the leader we need in the White House in 2008, we may encounter questions concerning the Iraq War, prompted by i) MSM distortions suggesting that she is now attempting to end the war which she initially authorized, ii) left wing distortions calling her position “Bush Lite”, and iii) right wing distortions saying first she was for it, now she is against it, will the real HRC please stand up. I have found three particular items useful in setting the record straight, and I commend them to anyone who is interested. First, her floor speech on SJR 45 (10/10/02) which proves that her intent was to support the inspection process, opposed the doctrine of preemptive attack which Bush chose before the inspection process was complete. Second, the U-Tube video of the Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing (12/7/06) where she questions the Co-Chairmen of the Iraq Study Group and raises the salient policy questions which remain with us today, namely how can we get the Irqai government to take the steps necessary to stabilize the country, and how does the Legislative Branch get the Executive Branch to adopt a more responsive policy than stay the course. Third, the press release entitled Hillary Clinton’s Plan to end the Iraq War (7/10/07) which presents a realistic, statesman-like solution to a problem, that avoids the wack a mole dilemma inherent in the current surge strategy, and avoids a Karthoum with al Sater as opposed to Olivier.

  31. I’m back!!! Edwards is closing campaign offices in
    Nevada and moving the staff to Iowa. Senator Reid
    took some shots at him for bailing out. Also, the
    labor endorsements he was looking forward to
    seem unlikely. Apparently, he is strapped for cash.
    Poor Johnny.

  32. Retort to BO supporters. Ronald Reagan gave the
    Republican keynote in 1964, the Goldwater convention.
    His first ran against Jerry Ford in 1976 and
    elected in 1980. 2 terms as CA gov before winning.
    That is a lot of experience.

    Kennedy, if I am not mistaken was elected to the US
    House in 1948 before going to the Senate. At least
    12 years of total experience.

    Both were considered change candidates. Change
    without substance and experience and the political
    moxie is useless.

    Bill Clinton had many years as Arkansas govenor
    experience, but it took him almost his first term
    to start delivering on his campaign pledges. Obama
    cannot expect Democrats to help him out and more
    the Bill did in his first 2 years. The Dems held
    congress but they didn’t help him out. The viewed
    him as being weak because of all his early contraversy.
    Obama will face the same or worse if elected.

  33. Okay. I admit I am trashed right now due to a roaring softball party, but reading this I have to add that I caught up with an old friend in from Florence, Italy where she has been studying for the last year. he brought up No-Bomb-A to me knowing and admitting all the while she knew nothing of him. When I mentioned some fallacies about what she new from the MSM, she admitted she was wrong and would look closer at this site and further research him. Partially out of respect for me but mostly knowing when she gets back in 4 months for real, she wants to be able to volunteer and send cash. I’m clearing her head this week and turning her not only to this site but also so that she can support like minded candidates who hitch their stars to Hillary. We can convert. One at a time. I’m in. how about ya’ll?

  34. It’s one vote at a time. Hillary knows this. It’s how she won Republican areas of upstate New York. Hillary will have enough time to get this done because she will get the nomination early next year and will be able to campaign for an entire year.

    We heard from many die hard Hillary opponents in the past 2 weeks. They were very pro-Obama but after his Pakistan comments he lost them completely. Most of them are trying to come to terms with their newfound respect for Hillary and cannot believe they are considering supporting her. Many have confessed their surprise at finding themselves cheering for Hillary at the debates.

    One voter at a time.

  35. Interesting about Johnny closing up shop in Nevada. I notice on Daily Kos, the Edwards lovefests are diminishing. The balloon is definitely deflating. It’s the Obama show now! Mr. Change – I am so tired of this BS change stuff, and this “Outsider” thing.
    He sure can’t go on experience – I mean who needs change without substance, skills, or a clue?

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