Invisible Vote

Update II: Here is a little example of how Big Media spins stories against Hillary. Politico tried to be clever and instead showed its stupidity: No points for figuring out why Hillary picked Iowa for her first ad. Not only is she trailing there (or running roughly neck-and-neck with Edwards and Obama, depending on which poll you read) but she had to put out a fire this spring when an aide suggested she essentially ignore Iowa. No mention that, duh, Iowa is the first state to vote in the nomination process nor that Obama has been advertising there nor that Edwards has started a 7 day bus tour of Iowa nor that Obama will be in a 5 day bus tour, nor that there is a big debate this coming Sunday in — Iowa. Instead Politico chose to misinform its readers by impllying that Hillary is now trailing in Iowa (all the latest polling information shows Hillary surging and in first place) and drudging up an old memo.

Update: The link above is to Hillary’s new Iowa ad. It is a lovely ad featuring Iowa voters — which should play well with Iowans.

We have had some Big Media requests for comment on yesterday’s AP article claiming a Hillary nomination would be a drag on the downballot state races. We tend to agree with First Read that the Rove story has stepped on this drag of a story so we almost left our commentary to the comments section. We decided to respond to the AP story because this is always a favorite theme of Big Blog Naderites. It’s also Big Media stenography, not reporting, or in any way insightful.

The AP article by Ron Fornier quotes nameless fainthearted Democrats without identifying their self-interests or ties to candidates running for president. Some of these confused “leaders” claim to support Hillary. If they think Hillary will be such a disaster why would they really support Hillary? Or are they lying to a reporter to help their chosen candidates? The article does name and quotes acid remarks by Andy Arnold, Chairman of the Greenville, South Carolina Democratic Party but leaves out that Andy Arnold is an old Edwards friend and backer. You should have warned your readers of Andy Arnold’s ties to John Edwards in order to really inform them, not misinform them Ron.

Here are some more quotes from a previous Andy Arnold interview

“Every Democrat running on that ticket next year would lose – because he’s black and he’s top of the ticket. We’d lose the House and the Senate and the governors and everything,” said Ford, who is black.

He drew widespread criticism for his comment and later apologized.

But the AP interviews suggested the view is prevalent among blacks, along with concerns across racial lines about whether Obama has enough experience to be president. Greenville County Democratic Party chairman Andy Arnold hears it frequently among blacks, who are supporting Clinton in greater numbers in recent polls.

“A lot of the African-Americans are with Hillary because I think they don’t believe white America is ready for a black president,” said Arnold, who is white and uncommitted in the race. “They want to win and so in a way, I think it is a barrier to him. And it may be more so in the South where the remnants of the old South are still in the older folks mind. They just can’t believe in their right mind that white folks will elect a black man president, so let’s not put ourselves through that agony.”

Hey Ron, Andy doesn’t seem too happy with Edwards either!

“I think Senator Edwards, fairly or unfairly, has come across in this campaign to some as being less than authentic,” said Andy Arnold, chairman of the Greenville, S.C., Democratic Party.

The Bible of Big Media (The Hotline) amazingly has this comment: “AP reports that Dems see HRC as a drag on downballot races. Didn’t losing Dem cands say the same thing about Gore and Kerry?” We will add, they said the same about Dean and every Democratic candidate.

Even as Hillary defeats all Ripublican candidates, according to the latest polls, the narrative pushed by some elements of Big Media, aided and abetted by Naderites and Big Blogs is the canard that Hillary can’t win or will hurt others. Since the Hillary Can’t Win canard has been effectively dispatched the canard du jour is the drag on the ticket canard. [See also Texas Tough and Hillary Can’t Win, Again]

As noted in a comment by Admin in the previous post:

“Obama’s name on the ticket will almost certainly boost the number of African-Americans at the polls, so Democrats finally have a chance to pick off a state or two in the South, right? Wrong. According to Thomas F. Schaller, author of Whistling Past Dixie, an uptick of black votes in the South is usually offset by retaliatory voting from whites. And while Obama is not positioning himself as a Sharpton or a Jackson, postracial campaign themes won’t matter much in places where GOP voting is still wedded to racial hostility. Schaller doesn’t call it a “blacklash” for nothing.”

The AP article also noted the Obama “problem”.

Obama has much lower unfavorability ratings than Clinton, though Democrats say he may have his own problem _ that of race. It’s hard to measure the impact of being the first party to put a black at the top of the ticket, Democratic leaders said.

So Democrats you should give up. Hillary is a drag, Obama is a drag, and Edwards did not win his own home state in 2004 and is way behind Hillary and Obama in the Carolinas in 2007. So give up Democrats, go home. Forget that Hillary beats all Ripublicans in the polls. Go home and worry and whine.

For the record once again: any Democrat nominated by the Democratic Party will be attacked and attacked viciously, relentlessly, dishonorably, and unfairly. But Hillary will fight and fight effectively. Hillary will not be swiftboated and then wait weeks to respond. Hillary will not be swiftboated.

What will quickly and effectively unify the Ripublicans?

One word: weakness.

The Ripublicans are now discouraged. They know Hillary will unite the Democratic Party and run an intelligent and courageous and effective and successful campaign. Hillary will deflate and demoralize the Ripublicans because they know she will win.

The Ripublicans will unite and be happy and encouraged if they think they can win. If they smell blood in the water, or fear, or inexperience they will unite into one angry pack and gnaw and bite and chew on Democrats everywhere. They will attack the weak, run away from the fearless and strong.

Democrats will not let fear choose their nominee. The united Democratic Party will win with Hillary.


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  1. too bad, it’s incovenient for me to turn on the audio while in the office.

    Those scenes look gorgeous though!

  2. terrondt,

    Don’t worry. There’s no need to second guess what Hillary’s strategists are trying to do here. There are lots of possibilities. One guess is that Hillary is going to launch an exciting tour next week, also a debate in Iowa over the weekend. She wants to build some momentum.


    Can somebody diary this ads on dailykos?

  3. That’s a great ad. I live it! 🙂

    Dems shouldn’t fret too much about Hillary’s favorability. Polling data is suggesting that Dems are going to win BIG in ’08. That’s according to a polling article that I’ve just read at RealClearPolitics:

    In a newly released strategy memo, pollster Stan Greenberg lays out 12 reasons he believes the Democrats are heading towards “a very big election” in ’08. Here is the pdf link:

    Dems, independents, and even Republicans are fed-up. They will come out to vote for Dems. Women who’ve never registered to vote before will come out in unprecedented numbers to pull the lever for Hillary. Hispanics love Hillary, they will come out to vote for her. African Americans love Bill Clinton. They will come out to vote for Hillary. Asians — Indians, Pakistani, Arabs, etc., they all love the Clintons. They will come out to vote for Hillary and the downstream Dem tickets. Even conservative Protestants will come out to vote for Hillary now that Billy Graham has said very nice things about her.

  4. Not on point here, but I wanted to get this out here since I was so angry with that anonymous hit piece in the AP this weekend saying senior Democratic strategists are worried about Hillary’s “high negatives.” Her negative polling has consistently come down over the last nine months. Further, she has made great strides recently with her positive debate performances, but more than that- she is engaging Bush directly on the issue of the military. No other candidate is doing that. In other words, she is acting like a leader as opposed to a meme repeating talking head in a bad suit.

    First, with the Edelman letter wherein Gates had to retract Edelman’s bogus assertion that asking questions (i.e. doing your job as Senator) is helping the terrorists. Now, she has asked Bush directly to clarify his position on the draft since his office floated that story this weekend about reinstituting the draft via his advisor, Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute a/k/a “The War Czar.”

    Hillary is doing a good job of separating herself from the field with her high exposure questioning of Bush on Iraq. It takes care of any questions regarding her ability to be CiC and whether or not she is a fighter. In other words, she’s going right up to Bush and hitting him square on the chin. That will translate well with voters who are tired of the same ole, same ole from our current roster of officials regardless of party affiliation. Actually, I think she will start to better with Independents and we’ll see good numbers there thru December. Some of the softer leaning Republicans may even come over to the dark side.

    Anyhow, point is: she’s positioned solidly enough to keep throwing jabs. It makes her look tough and conserves her campaign funds since she’s getting free publicity and not having to pay for it like No-Bomb-A. My guess is she has someone scared and that’s why the anonymous story was floated this weekend. I take that as a good sign. They’re scared of her and none of them have the credibility to come out publicly.

    I say to them: bwak, bwak, bwak, bwak, bwak…..

  5. Obama got a lesson by ordinary citizen in NH. Boston Globe is reporting… Hilarious.

    HANOVER, N.H. –Presidential hopeful Barack Obama tried out a small, intimate campaign event Monday — and got a warning not to act too much like a politician for his trouble.

    News Alerts “We’re having this experiment because we’re getting these big crowds at a lot of our events,” Obama told eight voters — and three times as many newspeople — invited to a restaurant.

    “We’ve been blessed to have some terrific crowds at these town hall meetings, but most of the time I’m doing most of the talking and not doing enough listening.”

    The Illinois senator sounded a familiar theme, that he is an outsider to Washington and to politics as usual. He called lobbyists the enemy and their donations corrupt.

    “If they’re spending a billion dollars on lobbying over 10 years — they’re averaging 100 million dollars a year — that carries weight in Washington. The congressmen will deny it, but they’re not spending it just to provide good information,” he said.

    But Maggie North of Claremont told him he risks becoming part of the usual political scene if he keeps being drawn into well-publicized spats with rivals.

    “You can be it,” she said. “But you’ve got to stop — excuse me for being blunt — you’ve got to stop getting involved in the way people are fighting each other, chewing you up a little more.”

    “That’s what you do when you run for president,” Obama responded, getting a laugh.

    North told him later, “I expect so much more from Democrats than I’m getting.”

    Obama said infighting among the candidates is part of the process.

    “Some of that’s OK, it thickens your skin. … Putting you through the paces like that is part of the hazing that’s required for the job,” he said.

    North wasn’t persuaded.

    “What happens when you engage in that is you become like everybody else,” she said.

    After the session, Obama made an impromptu stop in Claremont before heading for campaign stops later Monday in Keene and Nashua

  6. “Hazing”, is he a frat boy? “Thickens your skin,” your
    hide should be sufficently thoughen before you seek
    the job of CIC. It looks like he knows he is not ready
    for prime time.

  7. CHICAGO, IL: Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen.Barack Obama was greeted by noisy protestors as he arrived to speak at a fundraiser organized by his South Asian supporters in Chicago. They were protesting his recent remarks about his willingness to launch unilateral military strikes against Al Qaeda havens in the Waziristan area of Pakistan.

    A group of about three dozen, mostly Pakistani-Americans, angrily chanted, “Obama, hypocrite,” “Peace, Not War,” and held placards that read “Obama equal Osama,” “War is Not the Answer,” “Pakistan is Not Our Enemy.”

    Sen.Obama sneaked in through the backdoor of the Mysore Woodlands Restaurant on Chicago’s famed Devon Avenue and claimed that he has been misrepresented by the media. He said those who are protesting his remarks haven’t read his exact remarks and were instead relying on twisted reports.
    Obama said that he did not advocate outright military action but that in case the Pakistani government was unable to take out known Al Qaeda targets in its territory, then the American military could launch targeted attacks. He added that full precautions should be taken to avoid any civilian casualties. He said his foreign policy will focus on diplomacy with all (even the enemies), troop pullback from Iraq, closing of Guantanamo Bay prison, and increased funding for education programs worldwide. At the same time, tough action needs to be undertaken against hardened terrorists. In response to a question about US support for Indian military action against militants and separatists he once again underscored that diplomacy should be the top priority.

    After his explanation some Pakistani community leaders and an Urdu newspaper editor tried to pacify the protestors by telling them that Obama had clarified his views and that he was misrepresented by the media. Obama accepted to meet the protestor’s representatives inside the fundraising venue. But the protestors demanded that he come outside and apologize for his comments. “Sen.Obama made his shameful comments in a public venue. He should feel no shame in coming out and apologizing in public,” yelled one protestor from a megaphone. The protestors also urged others not to go inside the venue and labeled those who went inside to meet the senator as “traitors.” Tense scenes were seen at the protest site as Obama made his quiet exit once again from the backdoor.

  8. Now BO is blaming the media!! He should check the
    video tape. The media has been covering for him.
    He better not complain too much, they will stop
    carrying his water. sic

  9. OkieAtty, You make a great point about why that AP story came out when it did. Also, Hillary will certainly galvanize the Dems if she’s the candidate. The article seemed to forget that important possibility.

  10. Hi guys,

    I just caught a bit of MSNBC’s talk of Rudy’s candidacy. The media and GOPers seem to ferment a narrative that they want to find somebody who can beat Hillary.

    I believe this is a very nice narrative that will benefit Hillary tremedously. The more they talk about Rudy or Romney is the only one who can beat Hillary, the more invincible Hillary apppears to most democratic primaries voters.

    When democratic primaries voters feel the GOPers really fear Hillary the most, they will more likely nominate her!

    Great news! Remeber Kerry? Only one who can beat George W. Bush?


  11. New CNN poll, who can bring change? Hillary!

    CNN has released some new poll numbers today, and this one seems surprising:

    Obama is presenting himself on the campaign trail as the candidate of change, but only 27 percent of the Democrats we questioned say the senator from Illinois is most likely to change the country. That’s second to Clinton — 40 percent of those polled say she’s most likely to bring change.

  12. Fully 59 percent of those questioned in our new poll say Clinton has the right experience to be president. Only 9 percent feel that way about Obama. Meanwhile, 47 percent say she would be the strongest leader, and 46 percent say she is the most qualified to be commander in chief.

    Obama is presenting himself on the campaign trail as the candidate of change, but only 27 percent of the Democrats we questioned say the senator from Illinois is most likely to change the country. That’s second to Clinton — 40 percent of those polled say she’s most likely to bring change.

    So what are Clinton’s weak points? One appears to be honesty. Just 28 percent say that Clinton is the most honest candidate, compared to 24 percent for Obama.

    The other is likeability: 34 percent say Obama is the most likeable candidate, topping Clinton on that measure by three points.

  13. Today on Lou Dobbs, the question of Hillary’s likeability vs. electability was vetted with their panel. No one doubted her electability, and long time Republican adviser Rollins said the big story here is how much her likeability has improved since the beginning of the campaign, presumably as more and more people around the country get to know her. Separately, the CNN political analyst Bill Schneider noted her 17% lead among women, and that she has strong support among many men as well, to which we all know to be a fact. This obviously comports with some of the opinions expressed above, but it is good for the country as a whole to see msm finally acknowledge the truth of the matter.

  14. Wonderful political ad. It touches the lives of so many Americans today, tells them that they count and after this nearly 7 years of being told that they were on their own, help is on the way for them and the country. In sum, the ad is effective on the merits and it has the added advantage of being true.

  15. New American Research Group poll
    Democratic primaries

    August (July)
    Clinton 36 (38)
    Obama 21 (25)
    Edwards 16 (16)
    Richardson 7 (7)

    Looks like Obma is closer than ever to Edwards. LOL.

  16. Yes kostner, Obama is catching on to Edwards, he better watch out!

    Admin thanks so much, I received my button today! I will wear it proudly!

  17. it kills me when these obama supporters claim the gop will not be as motivated against him than hillary. wtf , anybody with a d next to there name will be trashed by the gop machine. they think obama is all of a sudden going to attract gop and right leaning? god the honest truth i had this republican co-worker gave a ominus reason he is not voting for obama. his name rhyimes with a infamous name i won’t repeat. you guys get the point. do i agree?, no. but these gop voters are not going to all of a sudden flock to obama.

  18. Kostner: Sometimes on daily kos, you see exchanges between Edwards and Obama supporters about their duking it out for position. I always giggle. Either they’re excited that their candidate is not losing as badly, or they’re delusional that second place means their candidate is COMPETING with Hillary.

  19. Did anyone else see that CNN’s political ticker story titled “Clinton Concerned about Military Draft”, has been changed to, “Clinton, OBAMA Concerned about Military Draft.”? I think it’s pretty funny.

  20. Realist, that’s because No-Bomb-A never had an original idea in his life. Like Edwards on healthcare, No-Bomb-A rides on Hillary’s coattails.

    Thanks, Admin, for my buttons. You rock! I gave one to my receptionist who also adores Hillary. Here in the buckle of the Bible Belt, the idea of Hillary as CiC is slowly, but surely catching on. We will wear them with pride.

    BTW- will someone tell Elizabeth Edwards to shut up yet?

    I respect her opinions and think she has a right to them, but at some level she is reinforcing the meme that Edwards is weak. I know it’s an unfair meme based on his association with Kerry in ’04 during the Swiftboat horror, but if he wants to come out swinging, well then swing, damnit. Don’t have a girl (and I’m a girl) fight your battles. Bill’s not fighting Hillary’s. Why should Elizabeth fight John’s?

  21. Elizabeth Edwards is loosing it. It is sad to see and hear
    it. I’m wondering it is the campaign coming unglued or
    just Mrs. Edwards.

    BTW, I’m not certain which pundit said it last night, but
    Hillary’s ad is the only tv ad that doesn’t take aim
    at any of her rivals. This morning, Joe Scarbarough
    called it “morning in Chapaqua.” A positive recollection
    of Reagan’s “morning in America.”

  22. Also, on Morning Joe:

    Andrea Mitchell again examplified the art of not knowning
    her facts when she was being condescending toward

    She thought the confrontation with a reporter over
    health care was at the YearlyKos. The implication
    being that she doesn’t have any liberal support. The
    incident took place with a jounalist at the

    Black Journalist convention in Las Vegas. The jounalist,
    sic, was a conservative who thought Medicare was

    It is a minor point, but the MSM keep getting minor
    points wrong about Hillary. The cumulative effect is
    they convey a false impression to America.

    So, Andrea Mitchell, if your watching, you need to
    apologize to Hillary live on TV. You make mistakes

  23. Questions for Sunday’s debate moderated by George Stephanopoulos can be submitted by the public at the below link:

    The questions have to be submitted by Thursday, August 16 at 12 a.m. EDT.

    We think George should at least ask Obama about his conflicing statements on rogue leaders and his switch of words from the Pakistan speech to the words he changed when Dodd questioned him. It would also be good for George to get the definitive statement on Obama’s attacks on other Dems and whether he thinks those divisive tactics are “new politics”. Lots of questions for Obama too on Rezko and lobbyist money he actually accepts but denounces at the same time.

  24. ABC News will likely ask Obama about his very latest and newest gaffe:

    “he Democratic field is beginning to turn its full attention to Iowa, with ABC’s “This Week” debate coming on Sunday. But before Obama gets into town, he’ll be explaining another foreign-affairs comment. Referring to US efforts in Afghanistan, Obama, D-Ill., said in New Hampshire, “We’ve got to get the job done there and that requires us to have enough troops so that we’re not just air-raiding villages and killing civilians, which is causing enormous pressure over there.” The Obama campaign says the candidate was referring to recent concerns voiced about “collateral damage” in US military operations. But the comments came shortly after he was publicly warned by a voter to stay positive in his campaign, and his remark “could add fuel to the criticism against him,” per the AP’s Philip Elliott.”

    More on Obama’s latest gaffe and his “new politics” here

    “While Obama doesn’t accept money directly from federal lobbyists, he is not above benefiting from the broader lobbying community. He accepts money from firms that have lobbying operations and has tapped the networks of lobbyists’ friends and co-workers. Obama, a former state senator from Illinois, has long accepted money from state lobbyists. One of them, Concord, N.H., lobbyist Jim Demers, attended an Obama event in Keene earlier Monday and is a top adviser to the campaign.”

  25. Looks like Edwards supporters and Obama supporters are having an intense pie fight on dailykos over Matt Stoller’s comment.

    Could it be because the poll shows Edwards is catching up a little bit? Today’s Rass. also shows Edwards jumping to 16 points.

    I love it when they start to fight. LOL.

  26. Andrea Mitchell and Greenspan supposedly gave money to Hillary’s campaign, so it’s really weird that she is spreading misinformation. In fact, there’s been discussion that Andrea shouldn’t be on these panels, since she’s clearly supporting a candidate. DCDEM – I got TU status for a whole 3 days, and now I don’t have it?? I had no hidden comments or anything, what’s up with that? Are they just targeting Hillary supporters. Did you guys see Harold Ford and Markos on Russert? I thought Markos was such a total sleeze ball, he took real cheap shots at Hillary. After saying at Yearly Kos, that he thought all the candidates were great. Just another sleazy Pol if you ask me. Anyway, Hillary just keeps hitting it out of the park! Her new ad is fabulous!!!

  27. Just saw these state polls on

    Among 800 likely voters, former Sen. John Edwards edges out former Mayor Rudy Giuliani (46% to 44%) and leads former Sen. Fred Thompson (47% to 41%) in national general election match-ups (conducted 8/8 through 8/9).
    Among 500 likely voters in Ohio (conducted 8/8 in partnership with FOX Television Stations, Inc)

    Clinton 43%, Giuliani 44%
    Clinton 44%, Thompson 43%
    Clinton 44%, McCain 41%
    Clinton 48%, Romney 36%
    Among 500 likely voters in Colorado (conducted 8/8 in partnership with FOX Television Stations, Inc)

    Clinton 40%, Giuliani 50%
    Clinton 45%, Thompson 45%
    Clinton 41%, McCain 44%
    Clinton 43%, Romney 44%
    Among 500 likely voters in New Hampshire (conducted 8/8 in partnership with FOX Television Stations, Inc)

    Clinton 44%, Giuliani 40%
    Clinton 47%, Thompson 36%
    Clinton 45%, McCain 35%
    Clinton 45%, Romney 40%
    Among 500 likely voters in Florida (conducted 8/9 in partnership with FOX Television Stations, Inc)

    Clinton 49%, Giuliani 44%
    Clinton 53%, Thompson 40%
    Clinton 52%, McCain 38%
    Clinton 57%, Romney 35%

    Overall, pretty positive for Hillary. Interesting that her worst state is Colo., where her internals aren’t that good, according to that AP article on the wimpy, back-stabbing Dems. But she doesn’t need Colo. to win the general election anyway. Remember, of all these states, Kerry only won NH.

    Also, I hadn’t heard Mitchell and Greenspan gave money to HRC; he’s a conservative Republican.


    HILLARY CLINTON is taking a detour from the serious rigors of political campaigning and sitting down for a chat with one of daytime’s funniest females!

    In what will be her first daytime talk show appearance since setting out on her presidential campaign, the Democratic frontrunner will be a guest during the season premiere of “The ELLEN DEGENERES Show” on September 4, the AP reports.

    Ellen has been in strong support of a woman taking the white house in the next election, though she has also voiced support for other candidates.

    Hillary appeared on Ellen’s show previously, in October 2005. During her visit, the chatty senator joked about hitting the NY club scene with the Emmy-winning host, a departure from Hillary’s typically more reserved, professional demeanor.

  29. I’m glad she’ll be on Ellen DeGeneres’ show. Earlier this year, she had Bill Clinton on, and I loved it. Hillary’s also going to appear on David Letterman Aug. 30, I believe. I’m for anything that lets her have a little fun, lol.

  30. kitforhill,

    That’s a false report, Andrea Mitchell and her husband did not give money to Hillary. They were spotted dining in the same restaurant in CO where Hillary was having a fundraising event. That report was corrected.

  31. Ok thanks Kostner…i knew I heard this and was trying to find the background on it. Oh well, and I was starting to like Andrea!!

  32. Thanks terrondt. Those numbers on whether Obama is experienced enough to be commander in chief are deadly. Add these numbers to the CNN numbers and Axelrod must be pulling his mustache out.

    57% in Ohio and 58% in Florida think Obama is NOT experienced enough to be commander in chief. GOP will eat him alive. Are they jumping out of windows from Obama headquarters central in Chicago today?

  33. admin

    All those numbers are on Rass. page. His internals are horrible across the board. Here’s more.

    Is Barack Obama experienced enough to be Commander-in-Chief?

    Yes: 28%
    No: 57%
    Not sure 15%

    Yes: 23%
    No: 58%
    Not sure 19%

    New Hampshire:
    Yes: 31%
    No: 52%
    Not sure 17%

    Yes: 27%
    No: 51%
    Not sure 22%

  34. It looks like the Hillary ad has struck a nerve. Bush’s
    mouthpiece went balistic of her criticism of the “invisible”
    Americans. The truth hurts. The administration
    doesn’t get it; not now or ever!! That is why Decocrats
    are very engaged in this election cycle. And most
    importantly, that is why Hillary is leading in the national
    polls. She is holding truth to power.

  35. From Staff:

    The question for Obama after these disasterous polls, terrodt and kostner, is how can Obama fight the understanding that he is too inexperienced to be commander in chief? that’s going to be tough. Obama will need more than $50 million in ads to convince voters that they are wrong and that he is experienced enough to be commander in chief.

    How do you convince people that you indeed have the experience after they determine that you don’t have the experience? Any job hunter knows how difficult a task it is to change a prospective employer’s mind once they have sent you the “no thanks but we’ll keep your resume in our files” letter.

    Maybe Obama can convince voters (but not Michelle) that he knows how to fight stubborn stains in the laundry, but to convince Americans that he is ready to lead the free world, the American Government, the Executive branch and be commander in chief of the armed forces of the biggest military in the world, not to mention NATO and all U.S. alliances – is going to be a tough job.

    First Obama has to be clear which of his position statements of his many statements he stands behind regarding preconditions, nuclear use, invasion/attack of Pakistan. Don’t hold your breaths.

  36. The departure of Karl Rove as noted in yesterday’s blog is an interesting development, and one can speculate on the reason why it is happening now as many have done so. What fascinates me however is the role he played in the formulation of domestic policy as opposed to campaigns. The three primary examples are open borders, privatatization of social security, and special protections for religion. I had assumed, erroneously perhaps, that the specific intent of these policies, resisted by large segments of the population, was to benefit a small group of Bush cronies. However, I am beginning to realize based on new evidence (Atlantic Magazine) that the real thrust of these polices was to reshape the electorate, in terms of its demographics and values in order to create a permanent Republican majority. The unintended consequences of this hubris was to divide his party, and undermine public support. I agree with in one sense Admin–he was overrated. But the damage he did to the country on the policy side, as opposed to what he did to John McCain in South Carolina in the 2000 primary must be regarded as his (and Bush’s) lasting legacy, in my opinion.

  37. White House criticizes Clinton ad

    AP Photo/Tiffany Brown



    The Clinton Campaign

    Text of Clinton campaign memo

    Latest News
    Clinton papers: Unlikely before 2008
    Suit advances against Clinton supporter

    White House criticizes Clinton ad

    Clinton to run first TV ads in Iowa

    Clinton a drag? Dems fear her negatives

    Buy AP Photo Reprints

    Campaign Interactives
    The Money Game: Latest Facts and Figures

    The 2008
    Presidential Hopefuls

    Iraq? Global Warming? Gay Marriage? See Where the Candidates Stand

    The Virtual Campaign

    CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) — The White House on Tuesday assailed Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton for criticizing President Bush in her latest television ad, calling her statements “outrageous.”

    The 60-second spot, which began running Tuesday in Iowa, intercuts scenes of the candidate interacting with voters and talking about challenges facing many working people.

    “If you’re a family that is struggling and you don’t have health care, you are invisible to this president,” the New York senator says in the ad. “If you’re a single mom trying to find affordable child care so you can go to work, you’re invisible too.

    The ad also argued that U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are “invisible” to Bush.

    White House deputy press secretary Dana Perino initially declined to comment on the ad, but then lambasted the spot and the senator.

    “As to the merits of it, I think it’s outrageous. This is a president who, first and foremost, has helped millions of seniors across the country have access to prescription drugs at a much lower cost,” Perino said. “As to whether or not our troops are invisible to this president, I think that is absurd and that it is unconscionable that a member of Congress would say such a thing.”

    Happy to be in a debate with the White House, the Clinton campaign quickly linked to the official transcript of Perino’s comments on its campaign Web site, , with the headline, “White House Attacks Hillary’s New Ad.”

    Campaigning in Dubuque, Iowa, Clinton referred to the White House criticism of her “invisible” comments.

    “Apparently I’ve struck a nerve, the White House just attacked me a few minutes ago,” Clinton said. “Not only have I said it and am saying it, I will keep saying it because I happen to believe it.”

  38. The commentators on MSNBC this evening were surprise
    the Bush administration is taking on Hillary. By doing
    so, they feel, the Bushies, have elevated Hillary
    to the status of an incumbent. This is furthering Hillary’s
    status by taking on the administration and not having
    to challenge her oppenents.

    Who would have thought that on August 14, 2007,
    Hillary is not only fending off her democratic challengers
    plus the assults and insults of the Bush administration.

    Don’t mess with her guys!!!!!!!!

  39. It is indeed great that white house has attacked her. As she said she has touched a nerve there. And a lot of people are going to look at her as the Democrat who has the stature to get a response from White house. You know? I was so happy to see it!!!!

  40. Kegs and my other Hillaryis44 friends, check out this post on talkingpointsmemo:

    It was November 1966. Richard Nixon was struggling to do the near impossible: achieve a second Presidential nomination after losing to JFK and then to Pat Brown for Governor of California.

    Nixon was not given much of a chance. He was a “loser” and the most polarizing figure in American politics.

    But Nixon assembled a staff, campaign across the country and tried to make his nomination in 1968 seem inevitable.

    And then suddenly, the unpopular President from Texas, LBJ, did Nixon a favor. After Nixon criticized Johnson’s war strategy, Johnson, during a televised press conference, lost it.

    He blasted Nixon, calling him a “chronic campaigner, whose only concern was picking up a few votes.

    The Nixon camp could not believe their luck. They had succeeded in getting under LBJ’s skin. By responding to Nixon’s attack as he did, LBJ elevated Nixon to the Presidential level, right where Nixon needed to be. He was, of course, elected in 1968.

    Now Hillary Clinton is no Nixon, thank God.

    But the Bush/Rove White House today did the same favor for her that LBJ did for Tricky Dick.

    section break

    Team Hillary this week started sticking it to Bush and Rove with the sole intention of getting under their skin and provoking an attack that would make her seem like the anti-Bush, the Democratic standard bearer, the inevitable nominee.

    They succeeded. And although Hillary still has a tough road ahead of her in achieving the nomination, let alone the White House, this week’s episode demonstrates that there is an upside to Hillary’s polarizing history.

    She drives Republicans nuts.

    She causes them to lose their sh*t.

    And, when they attack her as they did this week, she causes pretty much all Democrats to want to rally behind her. I think that is because, although not all of us are Hillary fans, we know that the Republicans despise her because she’s an “uppity woman”, a liberal, a “sixties” person, a symbol of the diversity that is the Democratic party.

    It’s like what the Democrats used to say about Grover Cleveland (I’m old), “We love him because we hate his enemies.”

    And that is why, despite her negatives, Hillary would win against the Republicans. Their hatred of her will galvanize support among Democrats and independents (especially women).

    Yes, she has high negatives. But watch THEM drive her negatives down. Being the #1 target of the most despised administration in history (and of their strident right-wing acolytes) is the one asset no one can take away from Hillary.

    They will never hate anyone as much as they hate her. The irony is that their hatred will, if she is nominated, elect her.


  41. secret,

    Obama goofed again. Hillary is drawing huge crowd of 2,500 in NV and 800 in IA today.

    From politicalwire:
    Over the course of a long campaign, a couple of foreign policy flubs can explained away. But three or four Dean-like stumbles within the course of a few weeks have just nailed Barack Obama, early in the campaign, into a box he’ll be hard pressed to bust out of.

    To recap: first he said he’d meet with the world’s worst dictators in his first year, no preconditions. And what was particularly puzzling to me: Though he pretty clearly lost the exchange to Sen. Clinton, he seemed to think he won it — and then pressed his case for a solid week. (I actually think he got trapped in a meta-battle, in which he was trying hard to demonstrate to donors and the public that he can fight bareknuckled with Clinton and give her a black eye. And that, in turn, would have proved he can be just as tough as her in the face of Republican general election attacks.) It didn’t work.

    Then came the threat to bomb Pakistan; to me, anyway, he was correct to say this — but in the public mind, in the wake of the first misstep, it wound up looking like a candidate reactively struggling to define himself.

    Then came the casual comment that we’d never use nuclear weapons along the Pakistan/Afghanistan border. This too might have been defensible, but it was followed by his “scratch that” dissembling — and a very adult taking to task by Hillary.

    And now we have the latest:

    a puzzling statement that in Afghanistan, our military is “just” bombing villages and killing civilians. Well, yes, it may be partially true — but you cannot win an argument when you start out by appearing to malign U.S. troops.

    I had pretty high hopes for Obama. But these unforced errors are getting painful. An existing vulnerability is suddenly much more pronounced. And if you were scripting this, you could hardly make Hillary look more Presidential with less effort of her own

  42. Gosh,

    Hillary’s ad is now a huge hit. Two hours ago, there were 48,000 hits, now it’s over 63,000.

    I can’t believe it.

  43. Hehe, and now it’s at 93.000 and growing, I love it.

    Love the music, and I keep watching it over and over, I like it more every time.

    Specially the line “Americans from all walks of life……”
    It gives me a feeling of looking back at this woman who has been through so much, now all grown up, experienced enough to be President now. A

    nd to imagine a young fellow like barack to cut in line and snatch it, just pisses me off, hehe.

    I don’t always like to listen to the elders, I often find them(no offense meant to anyone) old fashioned, conservative and out of touch.
    But in some instances, we NEED older, experienced people to lead us. Not someone with fresh ideas, doesn’t matter how good they are, if you don’t know how to implement them, they aint worth much at all. 🙂

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