Sunshiny Days

Update: From Sandy1938 in our comments. As pointed out there are many training sessions in many states to help organize for Hillary. Participate. Help Hillary. The Time Is Now. Now here is Sandy1938’s comment especially for those who doubt the deep deep enthusiasm for Hillary:

LOL, you are correct! I didn’t get home until 2:30 AM and I was going to post then, but it was I had to work at 8AM.

I will write more later. My friend and I had the TIME OF OUR LIVES last night. We met so many nice people, and exchanged phone numbers. One woman I met gave me information on going to a training class this SATURDAY, to do volunteer grass roots work for HILLARY. This is the first time I have been this politically involved since 1992!!!

As for HILLARY, she was GREAT!!! Absolutely AMAZING. The place was MUCH more crowded than I imagined it would be (I normally hate crowds but it was so moving to see so many people so excited about HILLARY).

During the debate viewing, everybody cheered for HILLARY, and it was like a ROAR. People respectfully listened to other candidates (except for Bill Richardson who got a big “BOO” when he made his gaffe.)

I didnt try to go up and meet her. The crowd was just too thick. My friend and I had a hard time with that, but it certainly wasnt her fault for being POPULAR!!!

And I mentioned this site to people at the ABBEY, and hopefully we will have some new members!!!!!! I got stuck in traffic so unfortunately I couldnt get to my PO in time to get my pin.

It was a MOVING and EMOTIONAL NIGHT. HILLARY handily won the DEBATE, and the CROWD Reaction was GREAT. I am looking forward to participating tomorrow morning in the TRAINING to do grass roots volunteer work.

I will mention this site there as well!!! A lot of people last night had never heard of it.


So much good news, again in a very short space of time. What other campaign, Democratic or Ripublican can boast such broad support and achievement? Good times [The video of Hillary at Visible Vote – the “gay” forum is posted at the end. Best line in Part II is Hillary talking about the assault on people, don’t miss it.]:

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is on board:

Mayor Gavin Newsom on Friday plans to join other California Democrats in endorsing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s bid for the party’s presidential nomination, according to one of his political advisers.

The mayor is scheduled to lend Clinton his support during her afternoon visit to the Golden Gate Park construction site of the California Academy of Sciences, billed as the world’s most ecologically friendly museum.

“Mayor Newsom has had a long-standing relationship with Sen. Clinton based on respect for her commitment to the things that matter to Democrats, like education, health care and the environment,” said Peter Ragone, a Newsom campaign consultant.

California State Senator Kuehl endorses:

Sen. Hillary Clinton got some good news as she lands in California today: State Senator Sheila Kuehl has endorsed her candidacy and a new Rasmussen poll shows her with a strong leader.

Kuehl’s endorsement is huge. She is perhaps the most progressive Senator in the state and the leading voice on health care reform. The endorsement comes on the day of the LGBT debate in LA today.

“Our country is ready for change and I strongly believe Hillary Clinton is the candidate with the experience to lead our nation forward,” said Kuehl in a Clinton campaign press release. “I have confidence Hillary Clinton will represent all Americans and all communities and I am proud to support her candidacy.”

Rasmussen poll:

Hillary at 40%, Obama 27%, Edwards 11%

Hillary not a gamble in Vegas:

Sen. Hillary Clinton showed many sides of her well-developed political profile during a long day of campaigning Thursday in Nevada, weaving together big themes with policy details, occasional humor and Clintonesque empathy.

Never did she look more at home, though, more effortlessly herself, than when counterpunching on health care.

At her first Nevada event of the day, on a stage before hundreds of black journalists gathered for their national convention at Bally’s, an apparently conservative questioner accused her of favoring socialized medicine like that of England and Canada and asked why she would support a program that would be so bad for impoverished black people.

“Oh man, there are so many misrepresentations there I need more time to answer,” she said. The notion that she favored socialized medicine was a myth of the right wing, said the candidate whose greatest failure in public life was the defeat of her health care reform plan. That setback, during her husband’s first term in office, is credited with helping Republicans seize control of Congress in 1994.

She expounded on the failures of American health care and its need for reform.

Then the swift kick: “See my staff and we’ll get you some more information if you’re interested in being educated instead of rhetorical,” her voice sharpening and rising slightly.

Yes, even the New York Post:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton was the winner of last night’s gay-rights presidential forum – even though she seemed “tortured” over gay marriage, a panel assembled by The Post said.

Some in the group of eight gay New Yorkers – undecided voters who gathered in the Union Square-area apartment of furniture-gallery owner Evan Lobel to watch the debate over a Chinese-food dinner – said they even saw, for the first time, a hint of her husband’s vaunted political charm.

“You saw a little bit of Bill in her,” said Michael Evans, 26, who lives in the West Village and said he’s not a Hillary fan. “It was like, Wow! She’s empathetic. She’s not totally evil.” [snip]

But all said they were impressed with Clinton’s performance – noting the moment she turned to the crowd to single out a gay member of the military whom she knows. “She’s really brilliant at the way she works the audience,” said Jo-Ann Shain, of Flatbush, Brooklyn, who watched with partner Mary Jo Kennedy.

The two were plaintiffs in the historic gay-marriage lawsuit in the Big Apple in 2004.

Sen. Barack Obama and former Sen. John Edwards both tanked with the panel, with several saying the Illinois senator seemed “green” and the former North Carolina lawmaker seemed “inauthentic.”

Time Magazine:

Emotional (in a good way), bookish (again, in a good way) and apparently at ease, Hillary Clinton answered even the hardest questions engagingly. Called her opposition to same-sex marriage “personal” without the defensiveness that Obama, Edwards and Richardson all displayed. Attuned to her audience, she bashed George Bush, Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich, pointed out the first Marine wounded in Iraq sitting in the crowd and, rather than responding strictly to the panelists, addressed the full room with major doses of Clintonesque eye contact. Was focused and empathetic during an emotional exchange with questioner/rocker Melissa Etheridge about the Clinton administration’s incomplete efforts on homosexual rights. Remains the nomination front runner with another strong performance.


Hillary at Visible Vote – Part I:

Hillary at Visible Vote – Part II


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  1. Hillary is first! She got so many rave local reviews. It’s just fantastic. Democratic party will no doubt commit political suicide if they don’t nominate this lady! However, I don’t underestimate their stupidity…

    Can somebody post the latest NH poll on dailykos? The poll is now posted on politicalwire.

    Kos nuts need another dose of ’shock and awe’. LOL.

    Clinton 36
    Obama 19
    Edwards 16

  2. Just for fun. Who do you believe will do well in GOP’s IA straw poll tomorrow.

    I predict Romney will crush his competitors by a huge margin.

    Huckabee will do surprisingly well.

  3. Hopefully Sandy1938 will give us a report about last night at the Abbey. We suspect that Sandy1938 is, um, recovering from last night.

    We posted at Hillary Headlines a bit of a news account about last night.

    Here is a fuller account. Starts with:
    “What. A. Night. When Hillary Clinton took the stage last night at The Abbey, it was like being at a rock concert and she was our rock star. I hope she never forgets this incredible night and the raucous reception she got because I don’t think any of us ever will. I was near the stage, probably about 10 feet away, and made a lot of friends because we were crammed in tight! She greeted a giddy crowd that was just beyond itself with excitement.”

    “I think I just might have found one of the answers to the energy crisis,” Sen. Clinton joked after one too many persons called out and interrupted her flow. “I am excited to see this level of intensity and involvement. But, it’s a long way to the election.” The front-runner for the Democratic nomination had come straight to The Abbey in West Hollywood after participating in a presidential forum on LGBT issues – the first of its kind – sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign and Logo.”

    More Hillary:
    “I thought it was so significant and historic that such an event was held tonight,” she said. “Part of the job of the next president – namely, me – will be to bring our country back from the disastrous policies of the last six years…I know America can do better. I want us to believe we can make progress together….If we don’t change course, we will not recognize our country.” She had the room in the palm of her hand pretty much before she even got there but what was so impressive was how well she did with the crowd, reacting and being in the moment.”

    “I don’t think it’s overstating things to say that it felt like we were part of history, being there on that night where our issues were front-and-center and being with the candidate who could very well be the first female president of the United States.”

    Sounds like a great party:
    “We had watched the televised presidential forum on LGBT issues earlier in the evening on screens The Abbey had installed for the occasion. It was only during Clinton’s portion that the room was really quiet and people were 100 percent paying attention. Barack Obama was first on but we were being let into the venue then and missed part of it. Not sure why they did not begin letting people in until 6 p.m. since the forum started right then. John Edwards was impressive, according to most of the people I was standing with but Bill Richardson did not seem to go over too well and commited the major gaffe of the night when he said he thought homosexuality was a choice. Not. A. Good. Answer.”

    “People liked what Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel had to say but I must say, it only seemed to matter what the big three – Clinton, Edwards and Obama – had to say. And, as expected, none came out in favor of gay marriage. Some came close but they were so careful. So careful that it seemed less clear after they answered why they opposed it except for the unstated obvious: too politically risky. Still, some of us thought it would have been a great opportunity to make that leap but it was not to be, not last night.”

    “I chatted up former California Gov. Gray Davis later on (Sen. Clinton acknowledged him from the stage) and he told me this: “I thought she was terrific tonight. She was very human, very real, very connected to the audience.” Then I asked the 60-something Davis how he manages to look so young and he joked: “Because Arnold’s got all the problems!” I’ll share my photos of the event later today…gotta get some sleep now!

  4. admin & other Hill fans,

    Do you recall that idiot ‘Christ Bowers’ we mentioned briefly the otehr day. He is jsut so dumb. He first invented the famous ‘Clinton poll inflation theory’ back in March or sth, then he ditched that theory saying the polls may be actually right; Two days ago, when the new IA poll came out, he suddently claimed maybe his ‘Clinton poll inflation’ theory was partly right, at least in Iowa. You know what, today, he comes out again to tell us his theory is totally wrong.

    It’s just hilarious. Go to Open Left and read his junk, Gosh. Here’s some excerpt.

    Her advantage is also not a mirage of unlikely primary voters, as I suggested during The Inflated Clinton Poll Theory from April-May on MyDD. Gallup recently produced data screening their national polls for several different levels of likely voters, and found no significant negative drop for Clinton in the tighter screens:

    Clinton only drops two points relative to Obama in a tighter voter screen. Given Obama’s relative strength among Democratic leaning independents, that number is probably more than erased by the states with “closed” primaries, where Democratic-leaning independents are unable to vote (such as New York and Pennsylvania). While Clinton may be doing better among less likely caucus goers in Iowa, that does not appear to be the case nationally. While voters who are actually undecided disproportionately choose Clinton when pushed, even that shows that Clinton has a significant advantage among undecided voters, that further suggests the strength of her position. In short, the Inflated Clinton Poll Theory appears to point to a negligible difference in polls, rather than a significant one.

  5. From Staff to Kostner,

    the Big Bloggers have no credibility left. Stoller like a good Stalinist removing all his pro-war comments from blogs lost his credibility a long time ago in the Clark campaign. Bowers with his psuedo-intelletual ramblings and theories – none based on reality. Kos, shutting down discussions of impeachment, election fraud and any mention of his collaborator friend and inspiration Jerome Armstrong for fleecing people of money in pump and dump schemes. These people are the past. They had some influence in the wild west days right after Howard Dean flared in the early 2004 primary season.

    But the Bowers and Stollers and Koses are running on empty. They no longer matter. Big Media still pays them attention but that too is coming to an end. YearlyKooks got very little press coverage. Big Media now realizes that the YearlyKooks and DailyKooks types are the same old same old. The Internets has passed them by.

    The only influence the Big Blogs have is with other Big Blogs. Their grand theory was that the Big Blogs were the avant garde. As Big Blogs went, they proclaimed, eventually all would follow.

    But the Big Blog theorists were and are wrong. As the Big Blogs go, they go alone. No one follows.

    Bowers pushes his nonsense theories because he wants to somehow demonstrate that Big Blogs matter and influence. They don’t. they are only talking to themselves. They are not reality based.

    We are reality based. And it’s killing them.

  6. BTW, Ben Smith at Politico has an item showing Obama’s flipping and flopping on DOMA.

    “ABC has an item up citing a leading conservative legal scholar, Douglas Kmiec of Pepperdine, as the authority on the claim that Obama’s support for the full repeal of the Defense of Marriage act makes the “spread” of same-sex marriage from state to state more likely.

    (Bracket for a second Obama’s tortured position on DOMA — as Chris Crain documents, he has said he opposed it in 1996, though he also reported supporting opposing its repeal in 2003, and his staff has since said he actually changed his mind [to supporting its repeal] during his Senate run.)”

  7. I wonder if Bowers has actually taken the time to familiarize himself with Iowa caucus goers. They are a quirky bunch. I actually think Hil would be doing better in early primary/caucus state polls if she wasn’t doing so well nationally. I think voters in those states are rejecting being basically told by the broader electorate who to vote for. They’ll come around.

  8. Kostner: The curious things about guys like Chris Bowers is that they go ahead and analyze these polls obviously lacking a basic statistics course. People say the most incredibly naive things, and Bower’s Inflated Polls Theory bore absolutely no relationship to what polls do (or even claim to do.)

    On a very happy note, my pro-Hillary diary at daily kos today was extremely well received. Even some of the most vehemently anti-Hillary voices on the blog recommended it. I hope that it means that people are beginning to come around.

    Finally, I did not see the debate last night, so thanks, admin, for those YouTube clips. I have but one word: majestic. This woman is so ready to be resident.

  9. Kostner, do you know why Bowers lets that Jenifer Fernandez Ancona post without any reference that she works for the awful votehope 527? Yes, Mr.Clean has his very own 527, not that he condones them or anything(yeah right). I mean, she makes all these comments as though she were just a supporter with no vested interest beyond her like or dislike for a particular candidates. That seems in bad taste to me.

  10. DCDem, your post was just what the doctor ordered. I think there is at least some silent support for Hillary and when someone posts something positive you see people start to go out.

  11. DCDem,

    I’m proud of your job! Yup, just as mj said, that diary was just what patients needed. LOL.


    do you write diary on kos nutland?

  12. thanks, mj & kostner. tigercourse also did a very substantial diary today setting Hillary’s record straight for kossacks.

  13. MP, Gov Rendel in PA.

    Sec of State will be a lesser known person. Bill
    will be defacto Sec of State

    Take a lead from Bill: Sen Cohen, Rep ME was made
    Sec of Defense, perhaps Hegel???

  14. How about Bill for Secretary of State? It would take a lot of gumption to make that appointment but the man is a walking NGO. He has goodwill all over the world. It would be good for America.

  15. Kegs, I hope Tweety will have someone on from her campaign to defend her. She was addressing a specific issue (Iran) when she made the nuke remarks, whereas Obama was doing it hypothetically.

  16. Admin: Thanks for the pin. I gave it my 94 year old father
    at his assisted living today. He is wearing it proudly. He follows Hillary news on his Mac. There will many votes there for
    Hillary as opposed to Biden, the hometown son. So
    keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!

  17. ADMIN:

    LOL, you are correct! I didn’t get home until 2:30 AM and I was going to post then, but it was I had to work at 8AM.

    I will write more later. My friend and I had the TIME OF OUR LIVES last night. We met so many nice people, and exchanged phone numbers. One woman I met gave me information on going to a training class this SATURDAY, to do volunteer grass roots work for HILLARY. This is the first time I have been this politically involved since 1992!!!

    As for HILLARY, she was GREAT!!! Absolutely AMAZING. The place was MUCH more crowded than I imagined it would be (I normally hate crowds but it was so moving to see so many people so excited about HILLARY).

    During the debate viewing, everybody cheered for HILLARY, and it was like a ROAR. People respectfully listened to other candidates (except for Bill Richardson who got a big “BOO” when he made his gaffe.)

    I didnt try to go up and meet her. The crowd was just too thick. My friend and I had a hard time with that, but it certainly wasnt her fault for being POPULAR!!!

    And I mentioned this site to people at the ABBEY, and hopefully we will have some new members!!!!!! I got stuck in traffic so unfortunately I couldnt get to my PO in time to get my pin.

    It was a MOVING and EMOTIONAL NIGHT. HILLARY handily won the DEBATE, and the CROWD Reaction was GREAT. I am looking forward to participating tomorrow morning in the TRAINING to do grass roots volunteer work.

    I will mention this site there as well!!! A lot of people last night had never heard of it.

  18. No, after bobby kennedy served as AG, nepatism laws
    were tighted up for the executive branch. That is
    why Hillary could not take a formal position with
    her committee for health care.

  19. Those ar egreat endorsements, but she’s got a long way to go. I’d also be cautious of the NY Post’s ood write-up—— it’s got Murdoch’s fingerprints on it possibly.

  20. Further, Sec state is in the line of presidential succession
    being the first of the cabinet. He can’t under any
    circumstances be line again for the presidency.

  21. It was amazing wasn’t it yestreday? Did anyone speak with her? Wished her well and said how well her campaign has been going so far. She said – well..still a long time to go!
    Oh – it was superb!!

  22. thanks admin for posting the video. hillary did great as always at these debates/forums. i think etherige was a little harsh maybe bitter. but you can’t always get 100 percent of what you want. that’s the basic number one problem with hard left liberals and nutrooters. if you are at say 90 percent with them they accuse you of not doing enough. will hillary as president do everything i want her to do? no, hell even of she do 60 to 70 percent i will do cartwheels becuase it would be a whole lot better than the bush crowd we have now.

  23. Kegs: It is conceivable Bill Clinton could be president again, at least theoretically. The 22nd amendment says no one can be ELECTED president twice. If you want to construe the amendment literally, he could succeed to the presidency as many times as he can arrange it.

  24. Hey y’all, I am sitting here thinkin’ how incredible these last few days have been for Hillary and I hope things are going as well as I think they are. First we have the incredible
    debate in Chicago. I hesitate to call it a debate…it had more of a rock concert feel to it. But Hillary just did a fabulous job as most everybody, myself included said, despite the fact that she didn’t have a home court advantage. And then last night, at the LGBT forum, she was incredible again in a totally different setting. It was so great to see so many people saying, right away, Hillary won! Hillary got an “A” from time. It’s great for people to see her in all these different types of settings, because it shows how adaptable she is. She can take her message anywhere and be comfortable. She can get boos and keep going. And last night, when Melissa Etheridge asked her a really tough question, she amazed a good many people by how she responded. As a former Arkansan, and as someone who had family members who were around Hillary as First Lady, I can only say what a pleasure it has been to see Hillary get to this point. It’s not at all surprising because she has always been intelligent and caring and committed to important issues. BUt it is just so great that she’s gotten to this place in her career. As DC DEMOCRAT said above, she is so ready to be president. That is so true. All I can say is that she is more ready and more qualified than most of the people who’ve been in that office in my lifetime for sure.

    Thank you Sandy for posting your report from last night. It was great … absolutely great… knowing that somebody I know from this site was actually in the audience. I kept looking for people with pink buttons on. I would’ve given just about anything to have been there. Thanks admin for posting the clips.

    Just in case there is anybody here who hasn’t see the video clip of Hillary in Nevada in front of the conference of African American journalists, I think it was, needs to see it. Somebody asked her, in essence, why she wants to bring back “socialized medicine.” In a nutshell, she explained why it wasn’t socialized medicine….It really, really gives you a sense of just how committed she is on health care.

    Well, I could go on and on. I am so glad for this site. –mollyj

  25. Can someone upload in youtube the video of hillary breating the crap out of that smear about socialized healthcare?

  26. Kostner,
    what is your opinion of Hillary’s night at the LGBT forum?? Don’t you think she outdid everyone?

  27. When is Hillary going to release her plan for universal health care?? I think that she is trying to wait because the right wing hogs are going to try and smear it. Everybody is anxiously awaiting and I am positive once she releases it, the competition will be creamed. Does it annoy anybody else when John Edwards gloats about his health care plan being first? He even said it during the LGBT Forum? I don’t care if it’s first, I want it to be the best.

  28. The point is – it doesn’t matter who got the plan out first. As she has said it many times – there are only few way you can do the plan and everyone will have the same plan. The point is who has the will to make a political consensus on this issue. She says she has that! So, that is the point! Edwards can shout for all he wants – no one gives a dime. He is the sore looser of this race

  29. ***********************************************************
    Gosh toe-curling is not the word – when I read it I just couldn’t believe it!!!

    Mr. Obama also said he is not taking the black vote for granted, but argued he could do more than anyone else to change politics and race relations if he is president.

    “The day I’m inaugurated the racial dynamics of this country changes immediately, with Michelle as the first lady and images of me playing with Sasha on the White House lawn,” Mr. Obama said, referring to his wife and one of his daughters

  30. Secret,

    I think she did outdo everybody in the ‘debate’. I mean she defended her husband’s policies in a persuasive way. She really showed empathy and true connection with the audience in her answer to the last question.

    If you read the review of a focus group published by NY post, those people did feel she’s one of them, one guy even thought she started to show President Clinton’s trademark warmth and empathy.

    In the end, this so-called ‘debate’ means very little. However, the series of debates, interview, forums so far have really given Mrs. Clinton an unique opportunity to peel off her negativity due to 15 year’s smear campaign by right wingers. People said in the beginning she could not change those people who disliked her. They are absolutely wrong. She is making stride!
    Look at her negativity numbers, they are falling fast both nationally and at state level. The lastest Q-polls in PA, OH and FL have shown her favorables rise above 50 points and unfavorables down to low 40s. These are remarkable achievements in a rather short period of time.

    I really believe she is almost certain to be the next president IF she wins the nominee. At this point of time, I am more worried about democratic primaries. The lefty nuts have a tendency to commit political suicide by nominating those people who are unable to win general election.

  31. YES….It bothers me….alot…I have heard him say a version of this at the National Urban League. I don’t believe that it is true. Only someone who didn’t live through the 1960’s in a southern state (like I did) would say something like that. Talk about naive….and arrogant. “All I have to do is get elected and “poof” the dynamics of race relations changes.”-I’ll probably be banned for saying this but I honestly don’t think he has a clue about what the civil rights movement was about and I don;t think he fully understands race relations in this country. –mollyj

  32. I agree, Kostner.

    He’s a loose cannon. No real coherent policy…no real substance to his ideas. No history….it’s like he came outta nowhere.

    Hillary is making every effort to make sure people understand her ideas. I watched another clip of her today where she was endorsed by the San Francisco mayor. She gives a 5 or 6 mintue extemporaneous speech on the environment and sustainability. I haven’t heard BO talk that coherently….ever. Her talks are filled with ideas and specifics. And everytime she has posted a new platform she invites people to send in their ideas. I am really impressed with that and I almost always do write back.

    It is so tempting to join this campaign. I feel something I haven’t felt in years about a campaign. It almost feels like a movement as much as a campaign. Hillary is phenomenal.

  33. I hope democrats will not be fooled into Obama’s silly ‘hope’ trap. I really believe he is a sure loser.

    His anit-war, ‘I am the smartest kid who know everything’ rhetoric is getting tiresome. If he repeats this line, I believe it will hurt him in the end.
    He has no clue about human psychology. An overwhelming majority of people supported the idea of invading Iraq in the beginning. Although many now may regret it, they do not like a politician to chide them everyday in a demeaning way ‘see, I’m smarter than you’…

    Dean used this strategy to constantly drum up how ‘smart’ he was, he was a big loser in the end. It did not work in 2004, it certainly will not work in 2008.

    The other thing is that the situation in Iraq is very fluid to say the least. It appears the U.S. troops causualties are in decline over the past few weeks.
    Several polls seem to suggest that public opinion start to sway back to ‘pro-war’ direction a little bit. To focus your candidacy entirely on anti-Iraq war is a recipe for disaster. Obama is doing exactly that. Everytime when people bring up a foreign policy question, his only answer is ‘I’m anti war from the beginning’. He is an absolute disaster for democratic party.

  34. Kostner, I agree, he’s a one issue candidate. Remember the quote, “All sound and fury signifying nothing.” that’s him. I look at all of Hillary’s plans and am just amazed. And to hear her speak is amazin because she really knows this stuff. When you see the clip and watch her educate the dumb ass reporter, you really do know, for sure, that she knows more about the subject than anybody else in the room. It’s like watching somebody talk who’s written a doctoral dissertation on a subject. Only it’s a lot more interestin’.–mollyj

  35. Kostner,
    True that there are some imporvements in Iraq so, there is no way BO can ride to success on a general election. But, I am so alarmed about the “lefty nuts” – nominating someone who cannot win GE.
    Both BO and Edwards cannot and will not win GE.
    I mean – even I won’t vote for the party if they get nominated!!!
    Hillary is the only one I can think of who can win from Democratic side. No one absolutely no one can win the Presidency on the Democratic side other than her!
    I am getting increasingly nervous as primaries approach. These lefties have a knack to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!!!

  36. Secret,

    I agree with your assessment. Those lefties are really nuts. You are absolutely right. Obama/Edwards’ pie-in-sky, deficit spending plan really scares me to death. Do you want another Carter style disaster following George W.’s disaster? Obama/Edwards presidency will make Jimmy Carter’s disaster look like kindergarten.

    As long as democratic party controls the congress, and make sure wingnuts will no be appointed to supreme court, I really don’t believe an Obama/Edwards presidency is better than Rudy/Romney’s administrations.
    All those guys are phoney, and hypocrites. And I can’t imagine picking up either one of them.

  37. Truth is, I often think about JImmy Carter’s presidency when I see Obama. If I am remembering correctly, JImmy ran as a “washington outsider.” In fact, he was really, really proud of that fact. When you are outside of the beltway, of course, and don’t know how to work the system, you are doomed. I am grateful to all of the good things President Carter has done for the world, but his presidency was nothing but frustrating. It would be exactly that way again with Obama/Edwards. –molly j

  38. Molly,
    As much as I would like to be clinical – I am rather involved in this race. I did not want to be so emotionally invested in Hillary and the more she proves herself – the more afraid I become of the leftist nuts. I think – gosh this woman is the best and here is the evidence how could they do it to themselves.

    But, I must say – Unlike Carter – Obama/Edwards are not going to win the election. I will most certainly not vote for either nor any democrat – I would rather support a Mike Huckabee than Obama. No way will I ever that arrogant and empty headed person

  39. Secret: Do I sound clinical? If I sound clinical, it’s just an accident. I’ve never been so invested in a race in my entire life. I wouldn’t vote for Edwards or Obama either. Mike must seem awfully personable to appeal. He’s as different from Hillary as night is to day. Fortunately, that won’t happen. Hillary is going to win. I knew Bill would win the presidency both the first and the second time. All sorts of nay sayers were tellin’ me “no way” and I persisted; I just knew it in my gut. I have felt from the get go that Hillary could do it and I believe she will do it. She seems like she was born to be President. We’ve got to all help, though, and I am looking for opportunities to make a difference. I am not in a big or early primary state, though. I swear if I could I’d hit the campaign trail! –mollyj

  40. Molly,
    Thanks for writing back. No I did not mean to suggest that you were clinical. I just hated to be this involved as it would rather be devastating if she is not nominated! What a blow that would be! But, as you say hopefully she will be nominated! You know as Kostner says once she is nominated – then certainly she will be the President! But, these leftist are rather unreliable you know? I certainly contribute for her campaign in every way I can.
    Again thanks molly!

  41. The below article is from the LA Times written
    by Bruce Bartlett, a conservative columnist.
    I am somewhat surprise at the growing
    respect Hillary is getting from the Right.


    Hillary: the right’s choice?
    Clinton’s free-trade economics and posturing on security could endear her to conservatives unimpressed by the GOP field.
    By Bruce Bartlett
    August 10, 2007

    Is hell freezing over? One might think so after reading recent comments from editors at National Review and the Weekly Standard, America’s leading conservative magazines. Over the last 15 years, both magazines seldom have passed up an opportunity to excoriate Hillary Rodham Clinton as some kind of crypto-communist.

    No more. Today, Sen. Clinton is rapidly becoming not merely acceptable to many right-wingers but possibly even their candidate of choice.

    Listen to Kathryn Lopez, editor of National Review Online, who was blogging live during the AFL-CIO Democratic debate Tuesday in Chicago: “In response to more than a few answers tonight — on Iraq, on China — I’ve said, ‘She sounds reasonable.’ ”

    Lopez wasn’t being facetious. She seemed, in fact, disturbed by her unexpected positive feelings toward Clinton. “That’s really hard to admit,” she wrote. “I still have both ‘Clinton Hater’ and ‘Vast-Right-Wing Conspiracy’ cards in my wallet.”

    Lopez needn’t worry. Her boss, National Review Editor Rich Lowry, also has had strangely respectful thoughts lately about Clinton. In a July 27 column, he expressed genuine admiration for her political skill, especially in managing to placate the left wing of the Democratic Party on Iraq without repudiating her vote for the war nor making herself patently unacceptable as a potential commander in chief. It was “brilliant politics,” Lowry conceded.

    Clinton’s unwillingness to pander to her own party’s base on Iraq has won her grudging respect from another unlikely source as well: William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard. On Aug. 7, he was quoted in the Washington Post saying that compared with Sen. Barack Obama, who is trying to energize the left to raise his falling poll numbers, she is looking quite presidential.

    “Obama,” Kristol said, “is becoming the antiwar candidate, and Hillary Clinton is becoming the responsible Democrat who could become commander in chief in a post-9/11 world.”

    What’s interesting is how quickly the right’s view of Clinton has evolved. Just in May, I published a National Review column that simply noted that she clearly is the most conservative of the three major candidates for the Democratic nomination — and for that, Pat Toomey of the right-wing Club for Growth called me “crazy.”

    The motive for my original article was a calculation that a Republican can’t win the presidency next year; none of the party’s candidates look strong enough to overcome the handicaps that President Bush has imposed on them. Therefore, I had no choice but to size up the Democrats from a conservative point of view. Which one is least bad?

    On economics, Clinton seemed likely to be a rerun of her husband’s administration: fiscally conservative, free-trade-oriented, pragmatic. She confirmed my conclusion in a May 29 speech on economic policy. In it, Clinton said, “There is no greater force for economic growth than free markets.” That’s about as good as any conservative can hope for from a Democrat.

    Clinton’s voting record also shows that she is far from the most liberal member of the Senate. According to the National Journal, she ranked 32nd last year, with a rating of 70.2 (100 being perfectly liberal). Obama, by contrast, was significantly more liberal, with a rating of 86.

    Of course, Clinton is far more liberal than any of the major Republican candidates and few, if any, conservatives will vote for her should she get the Democratic nomination, which seems increasingly likely. But I’m starting to see the makings of a rapprochement between Clinton and the “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

    This could have important political implications. There are lots of different ways to fight a battle. At one extreme, one can fight to the death like a trapped rat; at the other, one can offer only token resistance. Not long ago, I thought most conservatives would have employed the trapped-rat option at the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

    But at least a few conservative opinion-makers are ratcheting downward their level of resistance. They are coming to terms with the growing likelihood that she will be our next president and concluding that maybe it is something they can live with.

  42. guys, i don’t have a doubt in my mine that hillary is going to be the nominee next year. i am confident in her has a candidate and in her organization. but like life in general, nothing is 100 percent sure she will get the nomination. now my point. what will i do if obama is the nominee? i have to say if i asked that question 6 months ago in a hearbeat i’d say i’d vote for the dem nominee even if obama. now seeing how low and dirty he have become to our hillary i find myself wavering. my wife have been saying all along her 1st choice is hillary and 2nd choice is obama so she is fine with it. but im so much a hillfan if she does not get the nomination i will be very crushed. i have voted democratic since 1988 on(since i turned 18 feb. of that year). if push come to shove for the life of me and cannot and will never vote gop for president nor will i skip a election. so i would pull the lever however painful for obama. i cannot contribute by voting repug or 3 party in 2008. but im 95 percent sure i will not have to make that painful choice of voting for a punk like obama. hell, edwards,biden, my home state senator chris dodd, and richardson would be much better than mr. pretender(obama). he is my 3rd to last choice. gravel and kuchinich no way in hell. any thoughts guys?

  43. Another statement to show what an arrogant little moron Obama is
    His Democratic rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton, who spoke to the journalists Thursday, was the object of Obama’s wit at several points. Asked if he would consider her as a running mate, he said she would certainly be among those on the short list.

    “Clinton is on the short list for president too,” he added.

  44. when clinton win this nomination i hope she will not pick obama. there will be pressure from the nutroots to do it but she can win without him. please no richardson. he is just a horrible candidate. he has the resume but he just don’t cut the mustard for me.

  45. terrondt,

    I admire your commitment towards democrats. I wish I had your principles. But, I am an independent. I like Hillary period. I never hated Barack. But, now I do. I loathe and despise him deeply. I think he has shown that he has a an ugly steak to him and aims to hits below the belt. He is an ignorant and arrogant creep! If Barack is nominated – there is just no way he will win the GE. As usual that will teach the Democrats and the ultra lefts another lesson.

    Let’s put it this way – I will be so bitter at the leftist nuts for not nominating Hillary I will not vote them no matter who is the nominee other than Hillary!

  46. Terrondt,
    Even if she graciously asks him to run as her VP. This creepy guy is bound to refuse it. I mean this guy thinks he is some great person. What an idiot! A total creation of Media and some overblown media personalities like Oprah. He is nothing more than that!

  47. i respect your views secret. this f’ing guy makes you yell at the tv or computer every time you see him. im sick of his “i opposed the war from the start” comment every time he speaks like wtf everybody with 1/3 a brain knows that already.

  48. secret, she is 19 points ahead in the realclear politics average. she is ahead a bit in iowa plus ahead in new hamphire,. it will take the biggest upset in history since harry truman in 1948 for her not to get the nomination.

  49. Thanks for understanding terrondt,
    I was watching his show on TV and got worked up and his snipes at Hillary. I just needed to vent. Yes, true about the war but I think when he says that I check on myself if I had gone deaf because I don’t hear it anymore. I suppose I had learnt to block it. But, it is his whole attitude that irritates the crap out of me. He isn’t modest you know? He is too full of himself and he has no record to show it even. Compared to him Hillary with all her experience is so down to earth and modest. She doesn’t go around with her head so blown up saying – Hey look at me I am so big. This show I am watching now – this guy shamelessly says about himself – I am such a phenomenon! Can you believe that? This is what really turned me off about him. The attitude.
    Anyways terrondt – let’s hope Hill wins the nomination – so none of us have to make the agonizing choice!

  50. terrondt,
    So, you are 37 are you? How funny to guess that out!
    Anyways glad to see Gavin Newsom endorsing clinton. He was sticking up for her with Chris Matthews even in 2005 – and Chris Matthews was giving him a hard time about Hill not supporting Gay marriage. But, this guy neverthless stuck up for her!

  51. terrondt,
    Thanks for nothing the polls. Yes, I am no more looking at National polls. Even though they built momentum. I am looking at Iowa and NH and SC – the traditional states that go first. I won’t worry too much now. I think around Nov is when people will start making their minds up. So, we have another 2 months to pass by.
    Boy I would be a mess – if she looses the nomination! We are a funny bunch! No campaigns would be so worried for their candidates when the candidate is the front runner – isn’t it?

    See how well we all want her to do that we worry the more she does well – the more we worry that she should win! And we are cautiously optimistic at each polls!!

  52. yup, age 37. newsom is a great endoresment. good liberal cover from him. mathews, i dont get him. one minute he is anti-war dove liberal. the next he tears into her like a right winger.

  53. yeah secret, maybe im too poll i check rassmussen, realclear politcs, and tpm cafe every morning for the latest pollnumbers.

  54. yeah the stress of following hillary’s caimpaign is immense on my part. sometimes my wife worries about me. only next feb. 5th and then nov. 2008 i will be able to

  55. terrondt,
    I get Chris Matthews very well. He dislikes Hillary and that is right form the start. He loves BO. Because, they like to create a President you see? They don’t want an already powerful candidate then media has no role to play know?
    Also – he takes anyside to show Hillary bad. If Hillary is hawkish then he will be the liberal anti-war dove.
    If Hillary is being anti-war – he will tear into her like a right winger.
    So – you can never win with this guy because he is terribly biased. I just switch channels when he comes on with Hillary subject.

  56. im african american by the way, that said i get sick and tired of people assuming he is my candidate. hillary is splitting the black vote evenly with obama now, will she outright win them. maybe not but she will have a huge chunk that will be with her. i have to admite without hillary in the race obama snags 95 percent. african american woman is key also becuase she is leading heavily.

  57. terrondt,
    Thanks for telling that you are african american. Because most of my friends who are african-americans are also divided on the issue with women supporting Hill and men pulling for BO. I hope she manages to poll decent numbers with african-american voting block. But, you are right it is rather irritating when people sort of assume that you support him purely on race. That is ridiculous. He could have done himself a favour and not got into the race you know? Imagine if he clocked up his experience and then contested 10 years or so from now? Also for his senate race – Hillary and Bill went for his fund raising and helped him out. Here he is throwing mud at her. I just that it is premature for him to have jumped in the Presidential race.

  58. Well, I am ready to throw a challenge to John Edwards….and if he wins my challenge, I will throw my support to him.

    The best test for his detailed health plan is to take it to his own congressional house and senate members and senate of the two states closest to him. – North Carolina(lives) and South Carolina(born). If gets support of 50+% from the house members and 60% from the senate without any changes then I know that the plan will pass if he gets into the office. I know he will have worked hard to build a consensus!

    A president sets a strategic vision for a policy……not details of a plan…..

    On another note on health plans, I learned that some key unions in 1993 also did not want Bill’s health policy…they are kicking thenselves now! These unions then were more intent on asking their employers to get them health plans. now employers are saying it is too much burden for them to cover employees. So the unions also need to realise who will work to get a consensus between all parties. In fact some say they need a doctor’s union. to make this happen..what a concept that would be!

    So any lobbyists/actvists fighting for nurses, doctors, employers, employees, the sick and old….keep on fighting to get a health plan…..

  59. I am with you guys…Hillary is so damn good, talented, and so ready to be President…There is no one better, period. Obama who was my 2nd choice has now moved to the bottom, with Edwards (who i really don’t like) moving to 2nd place. Obama is the most arrogant, ignorant egomaniac i’ve seen in a while. I’ve been voting Dem since I could vote and I’ve never been excited like this about a candidate…Hill! I will be devastated if she doesn’t win, and I will be working on the campaign in some way that I can. I wish I didn’t have to work and could just go do that. I knew she was good, but had no idea just how amazing she is. She answered Melissa E. the other night, and she knew that was going to be a challenge. But she doesn’t back away from any challenge, she stood her ground but was also empathic, respectful and understanding.

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