Sunshiny Days

Update: From Sandy1938 in our comments. As pointed out there are many training sessions in many states to help organize for Hillary. Participate. Help Hillary. The Time Is Now. Now here is Sandy1938’s comment especially for those who doubt the deep deep enthusiasm for Hillary:

LOL, you are correct! I didn’t get home until 2:30 AM and I was going to post then, but it was I had to work at 8AM.

I will write more later. My friend and I had the TIME OF OUR LIVES last night. We met so many nice people, and exchanged phone numbers. One woman I met gave me information on going to a training class this SATURDAY, to do volunteer grass roots work for HILLARY. This is the first time I have been this politically involved since 1992!!!

As for HILLARY, she was GREAT!!! Absolutely AMAZING. The place was MUCH more crowded than I imagined it would be (I normally hate crowds but it was so moving to see so many people so excited about HILLARY).

During the debate viewing, everybody cheered for HILLARY, and it was like a ROAR. People respectfully listened to other candidates (except for Bill Richardson who got a big “BOO” when he made his gaffe.)

I didnt try to go up and meet her. The crowd was just too thick. My friend and I had a hard time with that, but it certainly wasnt her fault for being POPULAR!!!

And I mentioned this site to people at the ABBEY, and hopefully we will have some new members!!!!!! I got stuck in traffic so unfortunately I couldnt get to my PO in time to get my pin.

It was a MOVING and EMOTIONAL NIGHT. HILLARY handily won the DEBATE, and the CROWD Reaction was GREAT. I am looking forward to participating tomorrow morning in the TRAINING to do grass roots volunteer work.

I will mention this site there as well!!! A lot of people last night had never heard of it.


So much good news, again in a very short space of time. What other campaign, Democratic or Ripublican can boast such broad support and achievement? Good times [The video of Hillary at Visible Vote – the “gay” forum is posted at the end. Best line in Part II is Hillary talking about the assault on people, don’t miss it.]:

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is on board:

Mayor Gavin Newsom on Friday plans to join other California Democrats in endorsing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s bid for the party’s presidential nomination, according to one of his political advisers.

The mayor is scheduled to lend Clinton his support during her afternoon visit to the Golden Gate Park construction site of the California Academy of Sciences, billed as the world’s most ecologically friendly museum.

“Mayor Newsom has had a long-standing relationship with Sen. Clinton based on respect for her commitment to the things that matter to Democrats, like education, health care and the environment,” said Peter Ragone, a Newsom campaign consultant.

California State Senator Kuehl endorses:

Sen. Hillary Clinton got some good news as she lands in California today: State Senator Sheila Kuehl has endorsed her candidacy and a new Rasmussen poll shows her with a strong leader.

Kuehl’s endorsement is huge. She is perhaps the most progressive Senator in the state and the leading voice on health care reform. The endorsement comes on the day of the LGBT debate in LA today.

“Our country is ready for change and I strongly believe Hillary Clinton is the candidate with the experience to lead our nation forward,” said Kuehl in a Clinton campaign press release. “I have confidence Hillary Clinton will represent all Americans and all communities and I am proud to support her candidacy.”

Rasmussen poll:

Hillary at 40%, Obama 27%, Edwards 11%

Hillary not a gamble in Vegas:

Sen. Hillary Clinton showed many sides of her well-developed political profile during a long day of campaigning Thursday in Nevada, weaving together big themes with policy details, occasional humor and Clintonesque empathy.

Never did she look more at home, though, more effortlessly herself, than when counterpunching on health care.

At her first Nevada event of the day, on a stage before hundreds of black journalists gathered for their national convention at Bally’s, an apparently conservative questioner accused her of favoring socialized medicine like that of England and Canada and asked why she would support a program that would be so bad for impoverished black people.

“Oh man, there are so many misrepresentations there I need more time to answer,” she said. The notion that she favored socialized medicine was a myth of the right wing, said the candidate whose greatest failure in public life was the defeat of her health care reform plan. That setback, during her husband’s first term in office, is credited with helping Republicans seize control of Congress in 1994.

She expounded on the failures of American health care and its need for reform.

Then the swift kick: “See my staff and we’ll get you some more information if you’re interested in being educated instead of rhetorical,” her voice sharpening and rising slightly.

Yes, even the New York Post:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton was the winner of last night’s gay-rights presidential forum – even though she seemed “tortured” over gay marriage, a panel assembled by The Post said.

Some in the group of eight gay New Yorkers – undecided voters who gathered in the Union Square-area apartment of furniture-gallery owner Evan Lobel to watch the debate over a Chinese-food dinner – said they even saw, for the first time, a hint of her husband’s vaunted political charm.

“You saw a little bit of Bill in her,” said Michael Evans, 26, who lives in the West Village and said he’s not a Hillary fan. “It was like, Wow! She’s empathetic. She’s not totally evil.” [snip]

But all said they were impressed with Clinton’s performance – noting the moment she turned to the crowd to single out a gay member of the military whom she knows. “She’s really brilliant at the way she works the audience,” said Jo-Ann Shain, of Flatbush, Brooklyn, who watched with partner Mary Jo Kennedy.

The two were plaintiffs in the historic gay-marriage lawsuit in the Big Apple in 2004.

Sen. Barack Obama and former Sen. John Edwards both tanked with the panel, with several saying the Illinois senator seemed “green” and the former North Carolina lawmaker seemed “inauthentic.”

Time Magazine:

Emotional (in a good way), bookish (again, in a good way) and apparently at ease, Hillary Clinton answered even the hardest questions engagingly. Called her opposition to same-sex marriage “personal” without the defensiveness that Obama, Edwards and Richardson all displayed. Attuned to her audience, she bashed George Bush, Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich, pointed out the first Marine wounded in Iraq sitting in the crowd and, rather than responding strictly to the panelists, addressed the full room with major doses of Clintonesque eye contact. Was focused and empathetic during an emotional exchange with questioner/rocker Melissa Etheridge about the Clinton administration’s incomplete efforts on homosexual rights. Remains the nomination front runner with another strong performance.


Hillary at Visible Vote – Part I:

Hillary at Visible Vote – Part II