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Update: Message from Visible Vote ’08: Attention Voters: Tonight’s VisibleVote08 Presidential Forum is going to be streamed live online right here. Excited? But fyi, as of now the video streaming player you’ll find here can only be executed via Windows Media Video, which is only watchable on a PC. But here’s a way that Mac users can watch all the landmark Presidential Forum action when it airs at 9pm EST/6pm PST.

We’ll all be watching online. LOGO viewers and online watchers please comment on tonight’s events.

Warning: If your sexual identity is so very precarious that a picture of 2 men who appear about to kiss will destroy your marriage or magically change your sexual identity or orientation – do not click onto this link. You have been warned. If you are a fully functioning human being feel free to view the link with all details to tonight’s Gay Presidential Forum. For Ripublicans too shy or fearful of gay issues we will post information on the gay forum here:

The 2 hour forum will be televised live on LOGO channel. For those who do not subscribe to the LOGO channel on cable, the forum will be Online.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

9:00 P.M. Eastern Time

6:00 P.M. Pacific Time

Politico thinks this forum or any recognition of human rights for gays might hurt the candidates attending tonight’s forum.

Politico also has a ‘You’ve come a long way gay baby’ article.

Politico also has a gay voter turnout story.

ABCNews has this:

The party’s enthusiasm for expanding gay rights will be on prominent display Thursday night, when six Democratic candidates — including the four who are topping national and state-level polls — participate in a forum on gay issues, sponsored by the gay-rights group Human Rights and Campaign and the gay-themed Logo cable network.

And this on this sad bunch:

Some conservative groups have begun criticizing the Democratic candidates for pandering to gay and lesbian interest groups. The Human Rights Campaign invited the Republican presidential candidates to participate in a separate forum, but the GOP contenders have so far declined.

John Edwards is still moaning and groaning about the whole darn thing:

“I personally have been on a journey on this issue,” Edwards said. “I do not [support gay marriage]. But this is a very, very difficult issue for me. And I recognize and have enormous respect for people who have a different view of it.”

[Warning: If you are a fully functioning human being the barely veiled bigotry and immaturity and outright backwardness of the site linked immediately below might cause prolonged uncontrollable laughter or prolonged sideways movement of your head so – do not click onto the link. You have been warned.]

Right wing Moonie Washington Times propaganda sheet posing as newspaper can’t bear to use the word “gay”. The Moonies prefer the quaint “The homosexual rights movement” and its “agenda”. Human Rights Campaign according to the Moonies is “a homosexual rights group”. Quaint. LOGO is “the homosexual-oriented cable channel that will provide a live telecast and Internet simulcast.” Quaint. “Organizers say the forum marks the first time that major presidential candidates will appear on TV specifically to address homosexual issues.” Quaint.

John Edwards is still moaning and groaning and wrestling with the darn issue: “One of Mrs. Clinton’s chief rivals, former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, has acknowledged wrestling with his stance on same-sex “marriage.” “I feel enormous conflict about it,” he said in a televised debate in July. “This is a very, very difficult issue for me.” Quaint.


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  1. Paula,

    DCDemocrat’s email is

    DCDemo. Congratulations on your fine job on dailykos! It has generated decent traffic(over 100 comments) so far to your diary. The same diary is also hotly debated on mydd.

    We Hill fans should coordinate on writing pro-Hill diaries on dailykos and myDD on a daily basis.

  2. Kostner: I screwed up in that diary. I misquoted the article in the comments, and they focused on my mistake rather than what the diary said. I lost my TU status. I am sick of the hypocrisy over there.

  3. DC,

    I don’t usually read comments, it’s basically meaningless. I just want to put out a diary and let those bugs chew over.


  4. Hillary Clinton’s years of support and tolerance of the gay community, both as First Lady, and as a Senator, has earned her her the rock solid support she enjoys in this substantial voting block.

    According to a recent study, gay men and lesbians turned out to vote in 2005 at a rate “nearly double that of the national electorate.” (Source linked in next post). The last poll from Planet Out showed that 58 percent of gay men and lesbians supported Hillary, while only 26 percent support OBAMA.

    And the fact that she has recently been the FIRST PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE in US HISTORY to have a “gay steering committee” of over 50 leaders from the gay community, will ensure that her support continues to grow.

    HIllary will also make History tonight when she comes to THE ABBEY, West Hollywood’s largest gay/lesbian restaurant.

    Over the years, Hillary has pushed for a privacy bill of rights, supported hate crime legislation, supported domestic partner benefits, supported and expanded funding for AIDS research (Bill Clinton is also a hero in this regard), and successfully built a coalition in Congress to defeat the Federal Marriage Ammendment. She has pushed for ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and along with BILL CLINTON in 93, pushed for ending the ban on gays in the military wich resulted in this transitional policy which was an IMPROVEMENT over the previous policy. Hillary has spoken to the Human Rights campaign and accepted their invitations to their key note addresses.

    Hillary has EARNED every bit of the support she gets from gays and lesbians. Tonight, it is HILLARY who will have the HOME COURT advantage, and not because of a geographical location, but because she DESERVES it.

  5. DCDEM. Thanks for doing a great job on your diary despite the Daily Kooks hypocrisy. I think TR status is pretty tentative over there, if you’re a Hill supporter. A few of us have signature lines saying that we are Hill supporters – we are sitting ducks. But I don’t care. I am not tentative about my support for her, and i would bet there’s alot more there who are supporters, but don’t want to say so. I especially enjoy those idiots like Yoshimi, who contribute zip and just offer up negatives on totally insubstantial points related to Hillary.

  6. Here is the source for LBGT voter turnout that I cited:

    Tonights forum, will be different from previous debates because each candidate will have a full 15 minutes on the stage. I look forward to watching as John Edwards, for once, is the one who gets boo’ed.

    Its beyond me how a DEMOCRAT can “wrestle” with an issue that is very clear cut. You either support gay rights, or you dont. There is nothing to wrestle with.

    Edwards is a hypocrite on this issue, like he is on so many of his campaign’s issues. Edwards complains about “triangulation and compromise” when describing other candidates, but what is more TRIANGULATING than him saying “I dont support gay marriage, but my wife does.”

    I certainly hope that the DEMOCRATIC ELECTORATE is not worried about gay marriage being a “Wedge issue” in 2004. Lets face it. Republicans WONT vote for a DEMOCRAT at all, so its not the GOP SOCIAL CONSERVATIVES that our candidates need to reach.

    Its the rest of us.

  7. kitforhill, I think there are many quiet Hillary supporters out there. BTW, I thought it was funny when someone pointed out that a lot of the bloggers who attended YearlyKos were older white guys, not exactly HRC’s top constituency, lol.

    No offense intended to any older white guys who post here, of course, lol. 🙂

  8. Paula, no offense taken. Hillary needs more of us. Our
    wives and daughters are onboard. But the campaign
    has somewhat ignored us. There was nothing for
    fathers day up on the website. Opps! Perhaps, I
    will write about a strategy to get more of us onboard.
    Today is the not time.

  9. Kegs, I’ve seen some posters on Hillary’s blog talk about the need for more outreach to men. I assume the campaign realizes that. I guess the focus on women is because an estimated 60 percent of Dem primary voters will be women.

    Maybe Bill can help with that outreach, lol.

  10. What is it that Edwards is trying to say…?

    We meet this sort of heterocentric bull crap all the time.

    Message to John Edwards: We don’t care if you’re struggling. Get over it or get out of the way, asshole.

  11. Thanks, admin. That’s consistent with other recent ones. FWIW, it would’ve been done over the same period as the Rasmussen trend showing Obama gaining.

  12. Hi y’all, I think Hillary will do fine tonight. I agree that she will have the home court advantage. I am not sure who all will be taking part–I think just Hill, BO and JE. I think the only real controversy is over “marriage” versus “domestic partnerships.” I believe that the latter is the stance of Hillary and I think it has to do with the fact that the “marriage act” was introduced to prevent a constitutional amendment being introduced to ban gay marriage. Somebody else may have more background that I do. Please speak up if you do! –mollyj

  13. Hello,

    Question. How many of you have registered on myDD? I suggest all of you register there. We can easily push any pro-Hill diaries to rec list there.

    Today I wrote a diary on that Boston Globe story, a handful of Hillary supporters are able to push it to rec. list. It has generated great traffic.

  14. Molly, you can try to spin it the way you have, but in reality, The Defense of Marriage Act was yet another time Bill Clinton sold out the gay community. All gay eyes are on Hillary Clinton’s evolving position. For example, she has said that she supports Spitzer’s idea of gay marriage in New York. She has also said it is a state issue. As a gay man, I can say this is pretty much non-negotiable territory. We all remember how the Clinton’s repeatedly stabbed us in the back. Hillary’s got much of our support for the moment, but we will not hesitate to dump her if she tries to get too cute with what we consisder fundamental, nothing short of full equality. I hate O-Bomb-A and am a fan of Hillary’s, but there are lines that cannot be crossed.

  15. Politico has this (which means Obama will not be able to crib notes from the other candidates because he is first. Edwards, of course, will be wrestling and struggling and moaning and groaning and talking about his wife):

    “In case you’re planning to tune into LOGO tonight, the event tonight features the candidates one at a time, for 16 minutes each, in this order: Obama, Edwards, Kucinich, Gravel, Richardson, Clinton.

    Dodd and Biden send regrets.”


    As Barney Frank said “We dont need to be surrounded by political martyrs.”

    Neither Bill nor Hillary has sold anybody out. Hillary has been wise, however, to realize that the most can be accomplished by actually WINNING the PRESIDENCY, not by giving lip service to a position that the public is not yet ready to accept (ie., Mike Gravel). What good will Mike Gravel do the gay and lesbian community? NONE, since he wont win.

    I accomplishments of HILLARY CLINTON and the incremental change that she is working for on our behalf.

    I also agree with you about JOHN EDWARDS.

  17. LA DEM: Hey, I am really not trying to “spin” anything myself. I am into winning, not spinning. I was wondering if somebody had more background on this issue than I. I am also a proud member of the gay community.

    ADMIN: does this mean that there is no Q&A or that they are questioned individually?

    thanks y’all –mj

  18. MOLLY,

    Hillary was commended by the HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN for not only organizing a coalition to repeal the Federal Marriage Ammendment, but ALSO for having the foresight to come up with a strategy that ensures that this issue will not be brought up again in congress.

    And yes, originally the DEFENSE of MARRIAGE act was an effort by her husband to shut up the GOP who had control of both chambers of congress at that time. Hillary, as PRESIDENT, will most likely select judges who believe that DOMA is unconstitutional, and it will be a non-issue.

  19. Kostner, yes i agree iceberg and geek, etc are a bunch of idiots. Eternal Hope is another whacko, and Goldfish..there’s lots. Paula – that’s interesting that there were mostly older white men at Yearly Kos, because I always felt that. I am a middle aged white female and could sense a bit of the s-word there (not that all older white males fit that description of course!) i can’t the number of times, many of us Hillary supporters are accused of supporting Hill just because she’s a woman etc, despite the policies or voting record we point to. Or that she’s gotten where she is only because of Bill…

  20. Oh and by the way, I am a white female professional with a Master’s degree so I don’t fit the often repeated factoid that uneducated women support Hilary.

  21. BTW, This is kind of off the subject, but I just read the correction the N.Y. Times posted on the HRC-Obama story:

    “An article on Tuesday about the relationship between Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama inaccurately described a moment involving them while they were doing television interviews after the State of the Union address. Mrs. Clinton took a circuitous route past Mr. Obama not to avoid him, but to accommodate a television producer.”

    Gee, an effort to make HRC look petty turns out to be a lie. Big surprise!

    Also, Molly, I love your motto: “I’m interested in winning, not spinning.”

  22. ya know, i bet she has just a tad more on her mind than snubbing ole BO–Like my motto? I just made it up on the spot. –mj

  23. Sorry Sandy, I don’t agree. Frank is a politician, just like Hillary is. They need to be pressured to move beyond their comfort zone. You are also being a bit disingenuous to say that Bill Clinton did not sell the gay community out. More recently, he even conseled John Kerry to do the same in 2004. And I believe I am correct is saying that Hillary’s position on gay marriage is evolving. Good for her. She’s moving in the correct direction. I am supporting Hillary, but I am not like the Obamevangelists in their blind support of that clown.


    I don’t support Hillary blindly. But the essence of your criticism against her and Barney Frank is that they are “Acting like politicians.” OK, point conceded. But, they ARE Politicians. And they NEED to BE competent POLITICIANS in order to win elections. That is the point I was making.

    And while HILLARY did not commit what would have THEN been political suicide by ENDORSING GAY MARRIAGE, she did, in fact, push for DOMESTIC PARTNER BENEFITS and Civil UNIONS.

    And while BILL CLINTON may not be PERFECT (Who is?)on these issues, I applaud him enthusiastically for the COUNTLESS LIVES he has saved though the William J Clinton Foundation’s HIV/AIDS initiatives. BRAVO!!!

    And just imagine the potentially MILLIONS of LIVES that could be saved if HILLARY CLINTON’s promise to fund stem cell research is fulfilled!!

  25. I agree with Los Angeles Democrat. I think us supporters online need to start working together to both combat absolute falsehoods about Hillary but also to steer her in our direction. If we organize ourselves we can be a powerful little army for Team Hillary, but as supporters, together we can have a louder voice when she does something we are displeased with. Now, I think she should take a stronger stand on marriage equality. She clearly isn’t personally opposed. And, polls show a clear majority of the electorate would not oppose a candidate if they took a stand on this issue. Hillary is the first to not frame marriage equality in a religious context. That’s a good start, but I stand with Los Angeles Democrat, and I think the more organized we are the more we can participate in shaping some of these issues.

  26. Hey, everyone on this site who thinks Hillary should support marriage equality, I suggest you let her know. I have. I’d love to see a movement toward that because I think it is the right thing to do and I actually think it is a campaign winner.

  27. DC,

    Yes I believe that the proposed CALIFORNIA BALLOT MEASURE is very serious. It must be stopped.

  28. KOSTNER,

    I am new to BLOGS but I would like to support your work on MYDD. How do you find these DIARIES? How do you write one?

  29. terrondt,

    I am so glad you brought up Rasmussen. I was concerned about their daily poll article today. Hillary went back up to 40% from 38% but it was described as “little changed.” Her polling status was also described as a “solid but not spectacular double digit lead.” This wording bothered me because, although 2% is not a big jump, it is when the news yesterday was how she was below 40%. It seemed like that got alot of commentary at some sites yesterday. To be fair, if it was big news yesterday that she was under 40%, then it is big news today that she is back up.

    Also a 12% lead is substantial in anyone’s book. After reading that this morning, I was coming over here to vent but then I thought that maybe the choice of words was influenced by the underlying strength of Hillary’s support. Do the premium numbers that you get show how solid Hillary’s lead is? Or is Rasmussen just showing his true colors as a Hillary Hater?

  30. sandy1938:

    That is one killer article. So much in there. Hopefully we can get a quick post up on it after midnight.

    As for spending the whole day “in the Pink” welcome to our world.

    BTW, did you get the button yet to debut at the event tonight? Hopefully you did. They were supposed to go out late Sunday.

  31. Speaking of Hillary Haters…..

    The AP has an article by Beth Fouhy today that is getting alot of notice at some sites. The article purports to show that Hillary said the exact same thing that BO said regarding taking nukes off the table. If you read the whole article, it becomes obvious that Hillary was speaking of a specific policy of the Bush Administration on a specific foreign policy issue at a specific point in time, not engaging in a hypothetical. In essence, she was criticizing the Bush Administration and stating how her policy would be different on that foreign policy issue (Iran) at that point in time (last year). Very, very different from BO’s statement last week.

    I’m not the wisest person in the ways of politics. Is this going to become an issue?

  32. SactoDem, I’m not worried about that at all. I think it quickly dispells the notion that Hillary is itching to someone, which the MSM was only too willing to push.

  33. MP: that too is a good and funny article. Loved this on Bush:

    “Next year, we shall at last be rid of President Bush.

    His credentials were always disturbing – reformed alcoholic, born-again Christian, prey of the Neo-Conservatives and a card-carrying blockhead.”

    As to Obama, there’s this:

    “He has been busy back-peddling on his suggestion that American troops should march into Pakistan to deal with Al Qaeda if President Musharraf lacks determination.

    Presumably somebody explained to him that an act of war sure to inflame the Muslim world is not really the best way forward.”

  34. sactodem,

    don’t get two worried about polls these days. I feel Hillary has solidifed her lead due to the dust-up over the past few weeks. Polls go up and down , and the dynamics of the race is currently pretty stable. I will not sweat by a Rass. daily tracking. They used to have Obama overtaking Clinton in the past, which was an obvious outliner.

  35. ADMIN:

    Thanks for telling me that! I am going to swing by my Post Office Box on the way to the ABBEY. Thanks for sending me the button. If its there, I can’t wait to wear it tonight!


    Thank you for the informative info from RASSMUSSEN!

  36. glad to do it sandy. i was having trouble cutting and pasting the rass imfo on here. easier if i email the stuff to ya guys.

  37. Kostner,
    You spoke about how Hillary might do better this time financially that BO. Except adding 3 new people to her fundrasing what makes you think that?

    On a totally diff subject. Are you worried that Hillary is seen as a potential winner? Because if you are seen increasingly as a prospective winner then any loss in Iowa or coming 3rd in Iowa might be a set back for her and affect her momentum. So, I guess they need to temper the expectations. Don’t you think?

  38. Bloody hell!
    Look at this crap! I mean seriously are people do dumb to understand under what context she said this?

    Clinton Ruled Out Nukes in 2006
    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has implicitly admonished Sen. Barack Obama for ruling out the use of nuclear weapons in Pakistan and Afghanistan. But in a 2006 interview during her Senate re-election campaign, Clinton herself ruled out using nuclear weapons against Iran — albeit in a specific situation that was being publicly discussed.

    After a New Yorker article raised the possibility that the Bush adminstration would strike Iran, Clinton said she would “certainly take nuclear weapons off the table.”

    “This administration has been very willing to talk about using nuclear weapons in a way we haven’t seen since the dawn of a nuclear age. I think that’s a terrible mistake,” Clinton said in the 2006 interview. But earlier this week, in a Democratic debate, Clinton had refined her approach to exclude talking about hypothetical situations of any kind. A Clinton spokesman, Phil Singer, said there is no comparison between what Clinton was discussing in 2006 and what Obama said earlier this month, when he ruled out the use of nuclear force against terrorist cells in the border region of Pakistan.

    “Sen. Clinton was asked to respond to specific reports that the Bush-Cheney administration was actively considering nuclear strikes on Iran even as it refused to engage diplomatically. She wasn’t talking about a broad hypothetical nor was she speaking as a presidential candidate. Given the saber-rattling that was coming from the Bush White House at the time, it was totally appropriate and necessary to respond to that report and call it the wrong policy,” Singer said.

    — Anne E. Kornblut

  39. Hi Y’all..

    Is this forum anywhere on streaming video?

    LOGO is unavaiable in my area..


    Mrs. S

  40. Mrs. Smith: we just posted an update with a link to the website which will be streaming video. Hopefully those with LOGO or with broadband that can watch the forum will keep us all updated. We’ll post too.

  41. Obama is on. Does he only have one necktie? Same light blue tie with a grid pattern.

    First question is on role of religion. Says he opposed DOMA when he was running for senate. Says he wants equal rights for all.

    Asked how he would vote in state legislature on same-sex marriage. Obama says he is for civil union. Human Rights Campaign asks if he views civil union as “separate but equal”. Obama seems to say that he wants to concentrate on things of consequence, not “gay marriage”.

    Margaret Carlson points out that civil unions are second rate citizenship. Obama says that is progress.

    Melissa Etheridge: ‘Honored to be here’. You appear to be a great orator speaking to a very divided America – what will you do as president to bring us together? Obama says he does not like discrimination and that is why he is in politics. Says Americans are decent at their core. Our politics creates craziness. Complains he is called a hopemonger.

    Melissa: Our founding documents state we are all created equal.

    Jonathan Capehart: Homophobia in black community, how do you address that?
    Obama: I raised that issue at Howard University. And with Harold Ford at forum in Tennessee. The black community is diverse. We need to address the real issues facing the black family.

    Capehart: Youth is pro same sex marriage, why aren’t you?
    Obama: Oh, come on. I’ve got a track record. I have been at the forefront of this issue.

    Carlson: Is the gay civil rights movement at a par with the black civil rights movement.
    Obama: I don’t want to get into comparisons of victimology. There might be some parallels. But it is important not to look at the black candidate to see if he is more sympathetic.

    Obama closing statement: All candidates are better than the other party. I don’t just talk about these issues where it is convenient. I have political courage.

  42. Edwards is on. Dark blue tie with light blue spots in grid pattern.

    Melissa: Both your wife and I have breast cancer and good health care. Do you understand the health care needs of gay couples who do not have insurance because they can’t get married.
    Edwards: Those rights should be the same for straight and gay couples. I have a health care plan. Visited a gay center.

    Melissa: You have said you feel uncomfortable around gay people. Are you comfortable tonight?
    Edwards: That is not true. A political consultant said that. Did not happen.

    Melissa: I have children in school who get asked why do you have 2 mommies? Do you think public schools should teach about GLBT diversity?
    Edwards: Yes. Kids need to understand. We need to allow adoption right for gay people. Peers of kids need to understand what is happening.

    Carlson: At what age would this type of education be introduced?
    Edwards: I’ll think about it.

    Capehart: In 2004 when you were running for VP many gay people felt they were being used as a right wing football, and the Dems did not defend them. What about now?
    Edwards: Won’t happen. Right wing uses a lot of groups as footballs. My wife took on Ann Coulter. We have to stand up for what is fair, just and right. These issues should not be used to divide us. We must denounce it.

    Carlson: Do you want to respond to Ann Coulter?
    Edwards: Ann Coulte is the worse kind of public discourse. It is lowest common denominator. Don’t stand quietly by when hatred gets a foothold.

    Joe: Susan Stanton a transgenered city official in Florida was fired. What would you do with a staff member who is transgendered.
    Edwards: I will support them. We need powerful employment protection laws. I have similar experiences regarding race in which I did what was right.

    Joe: Your against same-sex marriage. What about your religion leads you to that?
    Edwards: I should not have said that. I am for equality. I understand why people feel civil unions are not real equality. I will not impose my faith belief on the American people. My heart, soul and core are for equality.

    Joe: If it’s not your faith, what is the problem at your core on this issue?
    Edwards: My position has not changed. I believe in civil unions, against DOMA, against ‘don’t ask, don’t tell”. That is where I am today. I do not support same-sex marriage.

    Carlson: visitor question, President Clinton wanted to do more on don’t ask don’t tell and could not, what would you do?
    Edwards: The president can do it. It’s not the job of the generals. I am firmly committed to getting rid of don’t ask don’t tell.

    closing statement: America owes you a debt of gratitude. We have a lot of work to do.

  43. Kucinich is on. Gold tie, dark gold spots in grid pattern.

    Capehart: you are for everything that the LGBT community. Is there anything the LGBT community wants that you would say no?
    Kuch: No

    Capehart: Why
    Kuch: I believe in equality. This is about human love. Real equality means people who love each other must have the opportunity to express that love.

    Capehart: So Obama and Edwards are not really for equality?
    Kuch: I’m saying I’m for true equality. “All are created equal” this is a foundational principle. I live it. I’m for ENDA. Greatest commandment is “love”.

    Carlson: you are so evolved. Did you feel this way as Mayor of Cleveland and as a child.
    Kuch: I fired a police chief who was anti-gay. We can lift up the nation. That’s what I am about.

    Melissa: I won’t fawn over you but that is difficult. Keep running for president until you win.
    Kuch: I was elected to congress on my 5th try.

    Melissa: We need a leader. Gay people with cancer or AIDS are helped by Marijuana. What’s your stance?
    Kuch: As a member of congress I opposed government raids against marijuana. As president I would leave it to the doctor and patient. Drugs have infected our society but it should be a medical issue not a criminal issue. I am the only candidate for not for profit universal health care.

    Carlson: How do you get elected?
    Kuch: I am at the center. I led the fight against the Iraq war and against funding. We will transform the nation. I see the world as one.

    Carlson: viewer question, I have AIDS, there is no more Ryan White funding for AIDS prevention.
    Kuch: I am the co-author of the bill of Medicare for all. A president must lead on sex education and embrace people with AIDS. Not-for-profit health system.

    Joe: You’ve been an outspoken hero. Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA), how do we pass it?
    Kuch: Barney Frank and I are trying to pass it. Discrimination can be used against anyone. Civil Unions are separate but equal, not equality. Equal protection before the law.

    Closing statement: I send you great love. We need a president to testify to that. I can’t imagine what it would be like to meet the love of my love but not be allowed to marry because of the law. I’m ready to be your president.

  44. Gravel is on in spiffy suit, red looks like herringbone tie

    Melissa: You are unusual for older white male. You support same-sex marriage. How do you convince others?
    Gravel: 5 years from now the same-sex marriage issue will be a non-issue.

    Melissa: Any gay people in Alaska?
    Gravel: yes, my friends are here.

    Carlson: Do you think same-sex marriage would win in a popular vote?
    Gravel: yes, but the leaders demogogue the issue. Hillary, Obama, Edwards won’t get their arms around the issue. We need more love.

    Carlson: You and Kucinich agree on love.
    Gravel: there is only love and fear, which we have lived under the last 50 years.

    Capehart: Why are people supporting Obama, Edwards and Clinton?
    Gravel: because they are playing it safe. I don’t want those votes.

    Capehart: Gay community question “Did we go for marriage too soon?”
    Gravel: Barney Frank said that but he was wrong. The word “marriage” has been misappropriated by religion. You are being told you are second class citizens.

    Joe: Look back, what have you done to advance LGBT rights?
    Gravel: Years ago, the Human Rights Commision of Alaska. I’m not afraid of this issue. They all say they want to lead. I stopped the draft, nuclear testing.

    Joe: Nearly 50% of black, gay men may be infected with HIV, what can be done?
    Gravel: We need to do a better job. We have to address the whole drug issue. You should be able to buy marijuana at the liquor store. Now, we fill up our prisons.

    Closing statement: I have worked all my adult life on this issue and human rights. Assert your rights.

  45. Richardson is on. Red tie with big blue squares.

    Capehart: At the CNN debate you said you would focus on what is achievable not same-sex marriage.
    Richardson: the nation is on path to full equality. Civil unions are achievable. I did not vote for don’t ask don’t tell – get rid of it. I would repeal DOMA which I voted for. Get rid of no child left behind because it blocks diversity education.

    Capehart: What about the time led to DOMA
    Richardson: I was a Dem leader and DOMA helped block a constitutional amendment. You need to build public support. What makes sense is to elect a president that can lead and get things done. States are moving a lot faster.

    Capehart: Governor as a guest on Imus you used the spanish word for “faggot”, you have apologized but should you not be held accountable.
    Richardson: I apologized. I was caught off guard. As Governor I passed a hate crimes act that included the transgendered. I have appointed gays to jobs. I have made plenty of mistakes across the board. I was there at the UN. International issues regarding AIDS. Look at my record.

    Carlson: Why did the special session on domestic partnership fail?
    Richardson: We kept DOMA out of New Mexico.

    Joe: That does count. States are moving in the right direction. If the New Mexico legislature handed you a same-sex bill would you sign it?
    Richardson: I’m in this to get things done.

    Joe: If its happening in the states, would you sign?
    Richardson: I am not there yet. I am not closed on this issue but you do what is achievable.

    Joe: Couples who are divided by immigration issues?
    Richardson: This should be included. That’s discrimination

    Melissa: Is homosexual a choice or biological?
    Richardson: It’s a choice

    Melissa: Maybe you do not understand the question.
    Richardson: I am not a scientist.

    Melissa: How can there be anything but equal rights?
    Richardson: as a latino I understand the issue of inequality. I hold these issues high.

    Melissa: How is the bark beetle infestation?
    Richardson: OK

    Carlson: Some say it is a lifestyle choice so you don’t deserve equal rights because you can change.
    Richardson: It’s a matter of equality. Gays and Lesbians are not seeking special preferences.

    Closing statement: Melissa, love your movie and admire your fight against breast cancer. I represent change. I am electable. Look at my record. See what I have done. I’ve delivered.

  46. Hillary is on. (lots of cheers). Red silk jacket, Red necklace, black pants and blouse.

    Joe: You would like to repeal don’t ask, don’t tell, why haven’t you introduced legislation?
    Hillary: We did not have a chance. It was a Ripublican congress. We are developing a strategy with a Dem congress and Dem president. Don’t ask don’t tell was a stopgap measure. 15 years ago staff sergeant dasilva would have been thrown out. We have moved ahead. Don’t ask don’t tell was an advance at the time. It has been implemented badly. Linguists and translators have been thrown out. In 1999 I saw it was not working. We are beginning to see some changes. In 1993 it was an emotional issue. We have to repeal the law. General Powell was adamantly against the policy and now is changing his mind. I look forward to changing it.

    Joe: What is at the heart of your opposition to same-sex marriage?
    Hillary: For me we have made it very clear we believe in full equality. The debate we are having is how do we get to full equality. I have also supported the states keeping jurisdiction over marriage. Two and one-half years ago we were having many referenda against same-sex marriage but now that is changing. In stopping the federal marriage amendment we gave options to the states. We need full benefits for civil unions.

    Joe: Do you sympathize with the opposition to the states-rights argument?
    Hillary: The community is doing what it should be doing. I admire the persistence. This is not yet a long-term struggle. People in the states are moving faster than the federal government. when we fought against the federal constitutional amendment we were afraid it was going to pass. We could not have defeated it if we did not have DOMA. The Ripublicans have used marriage as a political tool.

    Carlson: Will this be an issue?
    Hillary: I have not heard it yet, I have not seen it. Why because the constitutional amendment was a ploy and now people see it.

    Melissa: I have a personal issue. I came out during Bill Clinton’s inaugural week. We were hopeful. In the following years are hearts were broken. It is many years later now, what will you do to be different? Will we be left behind?
    Hillary: Appointments in federal agences, to the White House, opposing Gingrich, we did a lot. I remember when I was running for Senate and marching in a gay pride march, that was unbelievable to a lot of people.

    Melissa: why not lead now?
    Hillary: I am. To get people to be more accepting. I would feel the same way you do, you want things to move as fast as possible. I understand that. But as president I have to reverse the assault on people. It was an assault on people not just their rights.

    Capehart: Peter Pace called homosexulatity immoral. You did not say it was not, you waited until the next day.
    Hillary: I disagreed with him. What was offensive was that he was in a position of responsibility. I was focused on one aspect and I should have put it in a broader context.

    Capehart: Would you put someone on the supreme court bench who is antigay?
    Hillary: NO

    Carlson: You said “I’m your girl.”
    Hillary: I am your girl.

    Closing statement: I have tried to do the right thing for 35 years. This country has demonstrate flexibility. I come at this from friends who have come out. I want to be a president that sees this as our friends, our people. It is very personal to me. I will fight to end employment discrimination, on AIDS/HIV. To make our country better and more progressive.

  47. First quick impressions:

    Richardson skunked himself.

    Hillary was incredibly good. Frankly – Amazing.

    Edwards and Obama seemed faded by comparison with Hillary. They were OK until Hillary came on and blew them out of the water.

    Anyone agree or disagree?

  48. This is exactly why I Love..Lovvvve her

    Clinton Lashes Out At Health Care Critic
    LAS VEGAS–After years of being criticized for the failed universal health care plan she crafted during her husband’s first term in office, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) apparently has had enough.

    During a forum at the National Association of Black Journalists convention Thursday, Clinton was asked why as a candidate for president she was “still insisting” on bringing “socialized medicine” to the United States, when people were “pulling away” from similar systems in Canada and Great Britain. Worse, the questioner argued, socialized medicine hurt rather than helped poor people.

    “That was a string of misrepresentations about me and about the systems in other countries,” Clinton began. “Number one, I have never advocated socialized medicine and I hope all the journalists here heard that loudly and clearly because that has been a right-wing attack on me for 15 years. ”

    Clinton’s plan, which died in Congress in 1994,would have required employers to provide health care coverage to employees through health maintenance organizations. Insurance firms opposed the proposal, as did political conservatives who thought it removed health care — a huge portion of the nation’s economy — out of the competitive marketplace. In the minds of some, the episode sealed Clinton’s reputation as a big-government liberal.

    “Do you think Medicare is socialized medicine? Clinton asked, turning the tables on her inquisitor, who did not identify himself.

    “To a degree,” he responded.

    “Well, then you are in a small minority in America,” Clinton said to applause, before explaining that Medicare allows patients to choose their doctors even though the federal government foots the bill with money deducted from workers’ paychecks.

    Clinton then asserted that “on balance” countries with uniform national systems of health care, including Japan, Australia and Canada, offer their citizens better health care than the U.S. The answer left her questioner shaking his head in disagreement.

    “I can give you the statistics and you can shake your head,” Clinton said sharply. “You come and introduce yourself to the staff. And we’ll try to give you some information if you’re interested in being educated instead of being rhetorical.”

    –Michael A. Fletcher

  49. Hillary should just support marriage equality. It seems clear to me she is not really against it. But she is showing some degree of leadership in that she doesn’t refer to the typical religion confusion when she talks about marriage equality.

  50. Etheridge is a rabid Kucinich supporter. She deliberatly tried to sandbag Hillary with her comment about being thrown under the bus. ounds like a reminder she got from Kucinich..

    Has she forgotten how long Women fought for the Right to Vote? Desegregation? Blacks Right to Vote? Bringing Bill up was out of line..afaic!

    Fuming in my jammies,

    Mrs. S

  51. Mrs. Smith, Ethridge has said she thinks Hillary and Obama would be a great ticket barring a Gore run, so I don’t think so. And, it seemed like she really warmed up to her after she answered the question.

  52. Sorry, I didn’t read it that way…

    Etheridge also said Gore told her he isn’t going to run because “It’s too soul sucking!”…

    Sweet Dreams,

    Mrs. S

  53. just got home from work. thanx admin for the update on the forum becuase i missed it. as a married hetrosexual male i really evolved from the same-sex marrage thing. i was all fore civil unions, but not marrage but my wife got me to open up to the idea of it. let them marry.

  54. “Clinton Lashes Out At Health Care Critic”

    Secret: That was a nice article, thanks for posting it. I hope there is a video of this exchange, I would LOVE to see it, just beautiful. When she comes out swinging she does it well, I can’t wait for the general election debates, she will cream the repub, who ever he is.

  55. I’m a glutton for punishment. I just put up a diary at daily kos about why I support Hillary.

    admin: Thanks for my nifty button! It arrived yesterday.

    I’ve thought of a legal reason the Republicans can’t gerrymander California’s electoral votes. The US Constitution to gives that sole right to the state legislature. It is not the subject of a plebiscite.

  56. DCDemocrat,

    I have just read your diary “Why I Support Hillary.”

    That’s a great dairy! Thank you so much for posting it. You’re very brave indeed to post there.

  57. It was sad to see Richardson stumble in the LOGO debate….I thought he had a good chance being Hillary’s VP choice.. Or if Hillary stumbled, he would have been my choice….

    He also is one who does not do his homework!

    For my choice, besides Hillary there are not too many left as alternatives in this DEM choice. Biden is a very long choice. So I hope Hillary continues to stay strong!!!

  58. Thanks, HG.

    MP: I think Richardson doesn’t think a lot about these issues, and he was guessing what the “right” answer was. I am sure he shocked and horrified when he heard his answer was neither correct nor politic.

  59. This is off the subject a bit, but the new Rasmussen poll has Hillary up 13, 40-27. It looks like her “slide” is over.

  60. DCDemocrat:

    I read your Diary on Dailykos…..great posting….as usual, there were a lot of “nerdy” folks there.

    To continue on a theme there, talking about VP and cabinet slots….my ideal would be:

    President: Hillary RODHAM Clinton.

    VP: one of the following: – Senator Webb(VA) or Senator Bayh(IN), or Gov Strickland(OH) or Gov Bresenden(TN) or Gov Schweitzer(Montana) or Governor of Colorado or Pennyslyvania whose names I have forgotten.

    Sec. of State: Joe Biden or Hagel (reach out to republicans….yes we need to)

    Secretary of Defence: Jim Webb (if not chosen as VP)

    Attorney General: Edwards or Obama

    UN ambassador : Obama or Edwards

    Environment secretary: gov Arnold or even Mike Bloomberg…let us reach out for issues on global warming!

    Well I can dream at least for today….

  61. mp,

    I would send Obama to Pakistan and Edwards to Franch as ambassadors. One guy needs to talk to Mussaraf, the other guy needs more luxury haircut in Paris. LOL.

    BTW, did you guy see some great reviews on Hillary’s terrific performance in Vegas and HRC. Go to Hillhub, it’s worth reading. The rave review of a local Vegas paper is really heartening…

    Sen. Hillary Clinton showed many sides of her well-developed political profile during a long day of campaigning Thursday in Nevada, weaving together big themes with policy details, occasional humor and Clintonesque empathy.

    Even just six months ago, her performance as a campaigner could be uneven when on a stage in front of big crowds. Her voice had a rising and falling inflection that seemed like a barrier between her and the crowd. Her strength was in theater-in-the-round formats, her famous “conversations.”

    Thursday, though, on the stage at Bally’s, in the crammed union hall and at a house party on the East side, Clinton’s performances looked effortless.

  62. Hey y’all,

    DCDEM: I just read your diary on Hillary Clinton. GREAT!!! THank you for doing that on behalf of all of us. YOu inspired MollyJ and I have registered there. It will be a week before I can comment and start taking prisoners. The comments about why BO is better than Hillary are just laughable, even though they’re not really funny. Distorted logic. So I guess by the same logic, Eleanor Roosevelt was the same as Laura Bush. Those with logic need not apply (to support BO).

    Like a lot of folks thought Hill did very well last night. I am looking foward to reading about the rest of her evening on the HillaryHub site. Richardson didn’t do his homework on some key issues and I’d been thinking about him, too, as a VP choice. I like Dennis K so much. Enough said there. BO showed me nothing last night. Neither did JE. Mike G was Mike G and I do appreciate what he’s done in the past.

    How are the numbers looking? more later, mollyj

  63. Can somebody post the latest NH poll on dailykos? The poll is now posted on politicalwire.

    Kos nuts need another dose of ‘shock and awe’. LOL.

    Clinton 36
    Obama 19
    Edwards 16

  64. MP, Gov. Rendel of Pa.

    A lesser profile person for Sec. of State. Bill will be the traveling Sec
    of State

    Chris Matthews is blasting Hillary over Nukes. Dimwit

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