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Update: Message from Visible Vote ’08: Attention Voters: Tonight’s VisibleVote08 Presidential Forum is going to be streamed live online right here. Excited? But fyi, as of now the video streaming player you’ll find here can only be executed via Windows Media Video, which is only watchable on a PC. But here’s a way that Mac users can watch all the landmark Presidential Forum action when it airs at 9pm EST/6pm PST.

We’ll all be watching online. LOGO viewers and online watchers please comment on tonight’s events.

Warning: If your sexual identity is so very precarious that a picture of 2 men who appear about to kiss will destroy your marriage or magically change your sexual identity or orientation – do not click onto this link. You have been warned. If you are a fully functioning human being feel free to view the link with all details to tonight’s Gay Presidential Forum. For Ripublicans too shy or fearful of gay issues we will post information on the gay forum here:

The 2 hour forum will be televised live on LOGO channel. For those who do not subscribe to the LOGO channel on cable, the forum will be Online.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

9:00 P.M. Eastern Time

6:00 P.M. Pacific Time

Politico thinks this forum or any recognition of human rights for gays might hurt the candidates attending tonight’s forum.

Politico also has a ‘You’ve come a long way gay baby’ article.

Politico also has a gay voter turnout story.

ABCNews has this:

The party’s enthusiasm for expanding gay rights will be on prominent display Thursday night, when six Democratic candidates — including the four who are topping national and state-level polls — participate in a forum on gay issues, sponsored by the gay-rights group Human Rights and Campaign and the gay-themed Logo cable network.

And this on this sad bunch:

Some conservative groups have begun criticizing the Democratic candidates for pandering to gay and lesbian interest groups. The Human Rights Campaign invited the Republican presidential candidates to participate in a separate forum, but the GOP contenders have so far declined.

John Edwards is still moaning and groaning about the whole darn thing:

“I personally have been on a journey on this issue,” Edwards said. “I do not [support gay marriage]. But this is a very, very difficult issue for me. And I recognize and have enormous respect for people who have a different view of it.”

[Warning: If you are a fully functioning human being the barely veiled bigotry and immaturity and outright backwardness of the site linked immediately below might cause prolonged uncontrollable laughter or prolonged sideways movement of your head so – do not click onto the link. You have been warned.]

Right wing Moonie Washington Times propaganda sheet posing as newspaper can’t bear to use the word “gay”. The Moonies prefer the quaint “The homosexual rights movement” and its “agenda”. Human Rights Campaign according to the Moonies is “a homosexual rights group”. Quaint. LOGO is “the homosexual-oriented cable channel that will provide a live telecast and Internet simulcast.” Quaint. “Organizers say the forum marks the first time that major presidential candidates will appear on TV specifically to address homosexual issues.” Quaint.

John Edwards is still moaning and groaning and wrestling with the darn issue: “One of Mrs. Clinton’s chief rivals, former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, has acknowledged wrestling with his stance on same-sex “marriage.” “I feel enormous conflict about it,” he said in a televised debate in July. “This is a very, very difficult issue for me.” Quaint.