Update III: We’ll have a “live” post while the debate is on tonight.
Update II: “Sen. Hillary Clinton, whose greatest disappointment was her failure to reform the American health care system when she had the chance to in the 1990s, will work the health care issue on a slightly smaller scale this month – as a shift nurse at one of Southern Nevada’s St. Rose Dominican Hospitals. It’s part of the Service Employees International Union “Walk a day in my shoes” program, which has presidential candidates pulling a union worker’s shift to meet one of the criteria for winning the coveted SEIU endorsement. [snip] The Clinton event, which promises to be a media circus, illustrates how important Nevada has become in the Democrats’ nomination strategy.”

Update: Gravel has not been invited to the forum. AFL-CIO states Gravel did not answer a required questionnaire. Gravel is upset.
KO as in Keith Olbermann will be the moderator of the AFL-CIO presidential forum tonight.

Once again Obama gets a major forum in his home ground. Both Obama and Edwards should do better tonight because they will know the likely questions before the debate.

Thousands of union members, probably many from the Chicago area where we are told Obama has support, will be attending the debate.

The nation’s largest labor federation originally planned to hold its forum at McCormick Place convention center. But more than 12,000 union members want to attend.

Spokesman Steve Smith says the decision was made to move the event to the home of the Chicago Bears to ensure there’s enough room.

Some more details from the Chicago Sun-Times

On Tuesday, seven of the eight Democratic candidates will gather on a stage at Soldier Field — in the north end zone — for the AFL-CIO’s Working Families President Forum. It’s the latest in a string of Democratic forums and debates, different because the audience will be between 12,000 and 14,000 union members and their families, drawn from Chicago’s extensive labor community and union activists from surrounding states.

The forum, moderated by MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, runs for 90 minutes, starting at 6 p.m. It will be televised live on MSNBC and XM satellite radio.

Obama and Edwards will have a good idea of what questions will be asked. Hillary will be able to answer spontaneously without having to explain herself later on. Other candidates will have their research teams writing answers for likely questions.

Working men and women will ask the candidates questions focusing on issues that affect the daily lives of working families—from jobs and wages to health care, retirement, education and Iraq. Some of the questions will be submitted and selected by visitors to the AFL-CIO’s Working Families Vote 2008 website.

AFL-CIO union members in the Chicago area can request tickets to attend the forum from their local union or the Chicago Federation of Labor at 312-222-1000; members outside the Chicago area may request tickets from the AFL-CIO by calling 202-637-5297 or e-mailing Scroll down to find information about nearby hotels.

Due to federal elections law, only AFL-CIO union members and their families may attend the forum, but it will be broadcast in full for the public on MSNBC from 7-8:30 p.m. EST (6-7:30 p.m. CDT). We encourage working family activists to host friends, colleagues and family at “watch parties” to see and discuss the forum and critical issues in the 2008 election.

Expect another tag team effort from the Lazio-desperate Edwards and Obama campaigns against Hillary.

Maybe Edwards will be asked about his Bankruptcy Bill “yes” vote for which he now trys to explain away with his typical and familiar “I was wrong.”

Obama has this question among many to answer (from a commenter at the AFL-CIO website):

“i hope keith asks barrack obama why he voted against saving united employees pensions when we presented a bill to save our pensions after we went into bankruptcy… he said afterwards that united airlines was his constituent in illinois, and it was a conflict of interest for him… and when he agreed to show up at a rally in washington dc with candidates biden clinton and kucinich, why he was a no show and did not answer the phone the whole day hiding from us… it was a union rally for airline employees and other transportation workers… ask this man these questions please”

Obama and Edwards will be happy they will have advance knowledge of what the questions might be by looking at the final ten questions to be voted on.

Some of the questions Olbermann will ask the seven Democratic presidential hopefuls will come from the more than 2,200 submitted by union members at the AFL-CIO’s Working Families Vote 2008 website. You have until Sunday at midnight to vote for your favorite among the final 10 questions.

And by the way, Obama is still explaining his invasion of Pakistan remarks. Now he is trying to explain them away.


11 thoughts on “AFL-CKO

  1. Hillary needs to be cautious of KO tonight.
    KO’s girl friend or perhaps wife by now is
    Stephanine Miller. She is the daughter of
    GOP VP candidate Miller who ran with Barry
    Goldwater. Politically, she is 180 degrees
    from her father. She is an etreme left wing
    liberal and I believe an Obama supporter.
    KO often gives BO passes on his program
    by not accounting for his flip/flops. However,
    KO went balistic over the Edelmann letter
    to Hillary. That’s good.

    This appearance tonight will be Hillarys most
    difficult. She needs to show up and not get
    defensive. Hillary needs to point out that lower-
    ing health care costs as beneficial in making
    American manufacturing globally competitive.
    She is going to take heat on NAFTA and WTO but
    she needs to have a strong, a very strong,
    response. Her position on allowing union
    dues and union formation is commonly known.
    Edwards needs to be hit hard on bankruptcy
    bill. These are some of my thoughts.

  2. Stephanie Miller jokes about being married to KO, it’s not really the case. She also jokes about being married to Feingold and Cafferty too. She IS an Obama supporter for sure, voices that in her radio show. She likes to make fun of Hillary’s use of the “a” vowel..

  3. If the subject of lobbyists comes up again, I think Hillary needs to do some judicious educatin’ of the public (and perhaps BO). It is sleight of hand — or perhaps just down right disingeniousness — to say that you don’t take money from lobbyists — when you take thousands from CEO and other cooperate executives who’s money is bundled under the umbrella of a firm or corporation who do rely on lobbyists. BO likes to give the impression that the “little people” poor folks in the inner cities or where ever are funding his campaign when, in fact, it’s just big business…like everybody else. This “no lobbyist money” is a non issue and crap and Hillary needs to call them on it.

  4. Molly: You can be certain that Hillary is completely on her toes about this little game of jujitsu. My guess is that if they’re so stupid as to try something like this again, she will do something utterly devastating. I think they made a big mistake wasting that little move of their at Yearly Kos.

  5. Thanks, DCDemocrat, I am just so pissed about that. But Hillary is such an incredible debater and speaker and dang if she isn’t shrew and smart. And lord knows I have never seen anyone who can think on her feet the way she can. The commentary, by Mark Penn, was right the other day, the attacks are going to pick up on Hillary now. But she is like a T’ai Chi master. She watches the other carefully and uses the momentum of their own blows against them. Like BO’s infamous words, “I would,” when asked if he’d meet with x, y, z, etc., in the first year of his presidency without precondition. I guess he got his international relations lesson that day. Today’s tutorial is on domestic policy. And she’s already laid the groundwork for it in her press releases. I can almost hear her now. Why is there not more about this on Hillary’s site, I wonder? –mollyj

  6. Molly – You cracked me up on your typo of shrew – I think you meant shrewd. No offense, I do that all the time with typos, but this one got me – I am waiting to see what little gem hillary comes up with in response to the lobbying BS attacks from our little guys…i just talked with a guy who earlier had said he just didn’t see how Hillary can he says the opposite, he thinks she is running an amazing campaign, is so smart, and that she will definitely be the nominee. I love the Tai CHi master analogy. She’s exactly like that. You hardly see it coming, and then voila you’ve just been dissed. Obama and Edwards look so obvious and lame. I want to know these guys out……..!!!! I just think Edwards looks so dumb – he never says anything clever, has no sense of humor, and is boring….Obama just can’t shut up and still never says much…..

  7. LOL! I crack myself up, too. Sorry ’bout that. Hope if Hillary sees she knows it’s a mistake. No offense m’am. Wish we had an editing function! You know, somebody just told me Obama “is worse than Dan Quayle.” Now it doesn’t get much worse than that. You know, Hillary’s positioned herself really well for this forum. And while it will be tough they’re going to be lots of women and whole families there, too. And she wrote the book on working on behalf of children and families. Obama was still in school when Hillary was out working on behalf of women and children. Edwards…now he’s a case. He’s not presidential, is about it. He reminds me of an old populist politician running for governor of a southern state. Get it guys: no more Bushisms. No more sanctimonious pioty, either. Nobody’s running for god. This is for the most important and powerful leader in the world. We are tired of having a president who can’t go out in public. –mj

  8. Exactly Molly – I agree. And I just saw my typo that says know instead of knock. duh We do need an editing function on here. Obama reminds my of this boss I had once..a head of a Division…all pomp and circumstance, dressed well, lots of formalities, you could only see him if you made an appointment, and he had nothing on his desk ever. He was totally useless – but he looked good.

  9. Gertrude Stein once observed, “WHen you get there, there isn’t any there, there.” Not that we’re talking about anybody in particular. mollyj

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