Punch Line

Big Blogs and Barack Obama became Big Media jokes this past week.

First, the Big Blogs and their Big Blog convention this past weekend revealed why their self-proclaimed “reality based community” is not reality based at all and why Big Blog self-infatuation polls have Hillary at single digit support. Big Blogs are not reality based – they’re demography based:

Still, there was opportunity for lots of hand-wringing about how the blogosphere is not all it should be. The blurb for one forum, called “blogging while female,” noted, “The blogosphere was supposed to be a place where gender didn’t matter and voice was all. So what happened?”

Several attendees noted that it was the whitest group they’d ever been in. It was fairly male, too, and surprisingly gray. Bloggers said that while their biggest stars, like Daily Kos namesake Markos Moulitsas, tend to be in their 20s and 30s, the foot soldiers are often in their 40s to 60s.

Big Blogs further became jokes by running away and stomping out issues at their convention such as impeachment (Bob Fertik claims he was not allowed to organize an impeachment forum) — and — THE IRAQ WAR.

The Hotline almost equated Big Blogs with the best of the old Soviet media which would ignore big issues and discuss the insipid:

Sometimes the best way to tell when a Dem WH ’08 has made a real gaffe is to see which incidents the netroots don’t address at all. With both the Pakistan and US administrations condemning Barack Obama’s recent thoughts on using unilateral US force in Pakistan, one would think the issue might come up in the Yearly Kos presidential forum. And indeed, Pakistan did come up. But Obama conspicuously was not asked about it and chose not to offer an answer. The crowd at the forum was largely behind John Edwards anyway, and Hillary Clinton’s refusal to disavow campaign funds from lobbyists ruled the headlines. But the Obama campaign better beware; in less hospitable forums than a blogger conventions, he will be pressed on the issue.

As to Obama, he became a punch line for Comedy Central (which, in fairness, has also poked fun at this website). Comedy Central’s “The InDecider” is running ads on the internet. The first story they highlight is “Stay the Hypothetical Course — Barack Obama refuses to redeploy imaginary troops from Pakistan.

Comedy Central links to the unfunny article about delusional Obama still trying to explain what he meant, one more time, after yet another clarification, leading to another clarification.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is standing by foreign policy comments that sparked anger in Pakistan and attacks from his opponents.

Obama told a group in Nevada he didn’t think he’d made a mistake in suggesting he would use military force in Pakistan if necessary to hunt down terrorists.

He also sought to clarify his assertion that the use of nuclear weapons in such an attack would be “off the table.” Obama says “every military expert” knows it would be better to use conventional weapons in that situation.

The latest to try to explain what Obama meant was Greg Craig who tried to explain what Obama meant after Samantha Powers tried to explain what Obama meant after Obama tried to explain what Obama meant. It did not work. Obama is still explaining and still digging.

Greg Craig, a former State Department official under Clinton and now a top foreign policy adviser to Obama, spoke to us at some length, and in the interview, he clarified some of Obama’s recent comments.

For instance, the Wedneday speech where Obama said he’d chase down terrorists in Pakistan without government approval has been somewhat misinterpreted, Craig said.

Craig did his best, but seemed to dig a bigger hole when supporting an attack that even hothead neo-con Donald Rumsfeld thought was not wise.

He said it shouldn’t be viewed as a threat to Pakistan or proposing an “invasion” of the country, as rival campaigns and others have suggested. Instead it was meant to be a rebuke of President Bush’s policies.

Obama said in the speech that it was a mistake not to have launched a strike at the 2005 meeting attended by Al-Qaeda operations chief Ayman al-Zawahri, a move rejected by Donald Rumsfeld because too large a force was required. However, Obama was only saying it was a mistake to have missed the opportunity altogether given the unusually good intelligence.


As a TPM commenter wrote: “If Obama would just speak clearly himself, he wouldn’t need so many press agents and spokespersons to clarify things over, and over again.”

Another TPM commenter wondered “Is there anyone in the Obama camp that can tell the truth? Anyone?”

Obama can think the self-interested Big Blogs, when they put blinders on and ignore issues such as the invasion of Pakistan or is it an attack on Pakistan or is it only an unilateral attack in Pakistan, can protect him in the nearly impossible event that he would get the nomination. But the Ripublicans have now made it clear they see Obama as a weak lamb ready for the slaughter.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who leads the GOP candidate field in Iowa, said, “In one week, he went from saying he’s going to sit down, you know, for tea, with our enemies, but then he’s going to bomb our allies. I mean, he’s gone from Jane Fonda to Dr. Strangelove in one week.”

Big Blogs have been an unfunny joke for a long time. Ripublican candidates for president and their policies and party are a malevolent joke. Ripublicans fear Hillary. Ripublicans don’t fear Edwards or Obama. Ripublicans ignore as insignificant, John Edwards. Ripublican clowns have turned Obama into their punchline.


44 thoughts on “Punch Line

  1. Surprising, the confab in Chicago has had
    marginal play at best. Yesterday, in my
    local Gannett paper, it was on page 6. It had Hillarys picture and 6 column inches. Not
    much for what was considered to be a major
    political event.

    Yes, there were articles but the debate over
    lobbyist seems not to have registered with the
    average voter. Further suprising, there
    wasn’t even an editorial today.

    I think this event being on the first weekend
    in August appears to be a non-event. By
    this I mean, there are only two more weeks
    of vacation left. Back to school preparations
    are underway. Congress was still in session.
    Too many distractions to make this a pivatol event. Bloggers talked to bloggers, big deal. Unlike a televised debate, the public was not in tune to what was going on. In the future, the event folks need to find a convention time that can draw the public’s attention.

    The analyzies I find most interesting was done
    by Salon.com. Hillary’s stance may have
    neutered the bloggers. Essentially, it prevents
    the liberal blogs from rallying around one
    candidate and exercising what power they
    in a unified manner. As I said yesterday,
    Hillary went in leading, she left leading and
    her persona intact. Net results, a win!!

    The Salon article:


  2. Berkeley,

    Can you post the new Gallup poll on dailykos?

    Clinton 48
    Obama 26
    Edwards 12

    “New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has significantly widened her lead over Illinois Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination,” USA TODAY Washington bureau chief Susan Page writes.

    She tells us that according to the latest USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, Clinton’s support among Democrats and independent voters who “lean” Democratic stands at 48%. — up eight percentage points from three weeks ago.

    Obama’s support: 26%, down two points. In third: Former North Carolina senator John Edwards, at 12%.

    It’s probably not surprising that strategists for the two top Democrats have sharply different takes on the news.

    “People are seeing her as the one ready to be president,” Mark Penn, Clinton’s chief strategist, told Susan. Bill Burton, Obama’s spokesman, dismissed the findings. “National polls may go up and down before people actually start voting, but their irrelevance will not,” he said.

    Susan, in a story that will be posted later this evening at USATODAY.com, will also report that on the Republican side, “the race was stable: Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani at 33%, former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson at 21%, Arizona Sen. John McCain at 16% and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney at 8%.

    The survey was taken Friday through Sunday. It has a margin of error of +/- 5 percentage points for the responses on the Democratic and Republican races.

  3. So glad to read your discussion of how overrated the “big blogs” are. My experience is that, like O-Bomb-A, they suffer hubris, nestled, as they are, at their computers set-up in their parent’s baements. They sure are good at self congratulations!

    Regarding O-Bomb-A and the big blogs, it makes me envision those three monkeys – one with hands over eyes, another over ears, and another over mouth.

    It will be a rude awakening come primary / caucus day(s) when O-Bomb-A is soundly rejected. I can’t wait. He’s so smarmy and arrogant I want to puke.

  4. Wow, I can’t believe she’s at 48 percent in an eight-candidate field! That’s phenomenal.

    Get ready for the Obama attacks to escalate; it’s his only chance now.

  5. Berkeley: we don’t have accounts at DKooks or MyDuD or any of those other fine blogs. Feel free to post if you wish or still have not been tarred and feathered over at those tolerant sites.

    And Paula, Mark Penn has an analysis up at the Headquarters site which says this: “The polls went up for Hillary and the open attacks on her have begun. Related? In politics it usually is.”

    And guess what – the Obama campaign has issued an email statement saying: Ignore those polls! and the little dog too!

  6. Los Angeles Democrat,

    “He’s so smarmy and arrogant I want to puke”

    That is exactly how I feel – the thing is he isn’t even worthy of his arrogance. You know how some people have attitude and you tend to over look them because they have the substance to back it? The case here is so completely different. He is an empty rhetoric – his self serving speeches just annoys the hell out of me.

    I can’t wait for the day to see his fall.

  7. Hello Hill fans on dailykos,

    Looks like Hillary has converted at least diehard netroots. LOL. Not bad, keep up the good fight there!!

    Sen. Clinton gets my nod
    by AJsMom [Subscribe]
    Mon Aug 06, 2007 at 05:24:07 PM PDT
    I watched Senator Clinton at the YKos via video and I have to say how impressed by her I was.
    Quite honestly, she was not my first choice, but after listening to her and checking her voting record, she is now my choice for President.
    Please read on…

    AJsMom’s diary :: ::
    Senator Clinton was chastised at the YKos by others on the panel about her taking Lobbyist money. She was honest and forthright in her answer. She didn’t straddle the fence on state vs. federal lobbyists.
    She stated she would not refuse to take money because a lot of the lobbyists represent good people.

    People like teachers and nurses, those that work in the nursing home industry, union people.
    In short, honest joe’s that need a voice in Washington

  8. Hey folks, Good to see all of these postings. I really was impressed by how Hillary answered the lobbying question, as is apparent in the post by AJsMom. That Hillary doesn’t dance around difficult issues trying to say what she does or doesn’t mean, or trying to figure out what she should or shouldn’t say, she went right to the heart of it: Lobbyists represent the whole country. And it is true. Yes, there are big businesses who have scads of lobbyists; that is the country that has been created, and something that must be addressed. But there are many lobbyists represented people with disabilities, for examples, or the earth, itself, or wildlife (Sierra club). Almost every professional association has a lobbyist. Lobbyists really do represent firefighters, police, nurses, doctors, and massage therapists. THe National Education Association does a great job of helping to inform our government what is and isn’t working in the schools. SOmetime, I want somebody to address Obama’s strong support in the business community. He may not be getting money from lobbyists per se, but he is certainly getting money from people who have influence, and he is also getting money from people associated with major industries and companies that have scads of lobbyists at their disposal. His dishonesty on this issue is the ultimate hypocrisy…just something to keep in mind when the “kicking back” from the Obama campaign starts in earnest. –molly j

  9. Obama criticized Hillary on lobbyist that
    represents corporations. But BO will
    gladly take money from “fat cat” CEOe
    like media mogul Oprah. Yes, Oprah is
    a “fat cat” with assest of over 1 billion.
    The sometimes ill-informed bloggers on
    the left don’t know how to distinguish
    lobbyist from another.

  10. The Mark Penn poll summery on HillaryHub.com
    had an interesting number embeded in the
    text. From the conservative Hotline poll,
    Hillary’s national favorabilities went up to
    57% from 48% in the previous poll. This
    is amazing. She now leads on candidates
    of both parties in that catogory.

    In another matter, this is a plea for all Hillary
    fans to mobilize tomorrow. This tuesday,
    MSNBC will have another round of political
    talk starting at 9:00 and go throughout the
    day. They will post an 800 number to call in
    to rasie questions and/or comment. We
    need Hillary supports to be active tomorrow
    and let them know how we feel.

  11. Kegs,

    Can you post a diary on mydd and dailykos on this? I’ve used up my privilege for today. BTW, I found the diary put out by hillhub sums up the sentiment why people feel Hillary’s answer to lobbyist is so refreshing and honest. I should not always trust right wing host, but Tucker and Pat were gushing over how refreshing and how courageous Hillary was on their show. At least, media is not buying the crazy blog talking points that this is somewhat a screw-up…

    More on that Hillary diary…

    It’s been a decision a few months in the making, but I have chosen to throw my support behind Hillary Clinton for president. Being the feminist I am, I wanted to really pay attention to all of the candidates and not simply support Hillary just because she’s a woman. So I’ve watched debates, read countless articles and spent some time on each of the candidates’ websites.

    I’ve decided to support Hillary for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I agree with every single one of her positions on women’s issues and she’s the only one of the top three democrats who actually calls out support for women among their top issues on their website. Yes, I know there are tons of other issues that are important, but Obama and Edwards don’t seem think women’s rights are important enough to call out, even while the Supreme Court is steadily chipping away at them. That was a huge negative for both of them in my mind.

    Secondly, there’s a lot of crap (in my opinion) being spouted by both Obama and Edwards about how they’re going to completely change the government by eliminating lobbyists. Give me a break! If they really mean what they are saying, how can they be so naive? Yes, it sucks that our country’s government is influenced by these groups, but thinking that they alone would be able to change this is a load of bullshit. Any change that is made is going to need to come about slowly and will need the cooperation of congress, not just a loudmouthed president. In addition, there is proof that both of those candidates DO take money from special interests even though they say the don’t. So that was another big negative for both of them.

    Finally, everything that Hillary has said in debates and on her website just seems to me to be honest and well-thought out. She’s not preaching to everyone that she can change the country in the day, but that she has strategies for being able to work with others in our government to gain compromise ultimately make progress. And that’s really what it’s all about.

    To me Obama and Edwards seem exactly like every other male candidate for president – making a lot of promises that in no way will they be able to keep. I honestly believe Hillary will be able to keep most of her promises and that’s why she’s earned my vote.

  12. I wish Team Hillary would expose Barack Obama’s hypocracy and flip-flops on the war in Iraq!! In 2002-03, he said that he was adamantly against the war, but when he enters the U.S. Senate and actually has a say-so and voting power, he votes for EVERY SINGLE Iraq War Appropriations Bill. Then, when he announces his candidacy for president, he votes against the emergency supplemental. If you are against a war, you don’t vote to fund it, period. So, Barack was against the war, before and after he was for the war. And the fact that he paints himself as the I was against this war, it’s a dumb war, etc. is totally pathetic. I just wish the facts would come out. This is why the war in Iraq vote isn’t a deciding factor because at one point everybody with a legit chance voted for the war. We have to deal with the reality that we are in Iraq and Hill will deliver. I think Obama is trying to backtrack on the initial vote because she actually has a plan to get us out.

  13. kostner, I love the post from the woman who decided to support HRC. I, too, feel, the attacks from Obama and Edwards on the lobbyist thing may backfire because holier-than-thou stuff turns people off. A “screw-up” would’ve been pandering to her audience, like those two did.

  14. I’ll post the phone number shortly after 9 am
    tomorrow. I think you email quesitons and
    comments as well. I’ll find out that info

    As for the Kos and Mydd, I would hold off
    stirring the pot with those folks just yet.
    Chris Matthews, Tim Russert and Andrea
    Mitchell (all hosting an hour each)
    will have to confront the USA Gallop Poll
    cited above. That is big news along with
    Hillarys favorables above 50%.

    Some of the folks on Mydd this evening are
    clinging to a thread (sic). I don’t want read
    on the net of a mass laptop toss as they panic.
    They seem to be very frajil.

    I have been trying psych Hillary’s supporter
    that she needs 51% by October 1. It is now
    within the magin of error in the Gallop poll.
    In an analysis on Mydd, they are finally coming
    to the conclusion that Democrat leaning
    independents are the basis for Democratic
    victory in ’08. We here have known this
    for months. It is not news. That is the
    basis for her GE strategy alongside the
    primary. I can’t wait to Chris Matthews

  15. Hi y’all, I really liked reading the post of the woman who decided to support Hillary as well. And I really appreciate those of you who are posting on other sites. And doing all you can to support Hillary. On this lobbyist thing: Edwards and Obama are both being inexperienced and naive. It can’t be said often enough: to think we can just put an end to corporate lobbying immediately is ridiculous. This is just grandstanding on their part because their only chance right now (since they have no substantial platform of their own, is to try and take Senator Clinton apart. They are in for a real surprise. She is truly not afraid of confrontation. She will tell the truth and she’s so much smarter than both of them. She’s got a better team and she’s a very saavy, tested leader. As has been pointed out here, she’s scoring points with conservatives just by telling the truth. Hang in there everybody! –MollyJ

  16. i noticed too on Kos that more people are beginning to see the light, and starting to support Hillary or at least consider that. I agree Obama is smarmy and arrogant, yick….can’t wait to see this guy fall on his face. Who’s your Mama Obama? OPRAH!!!! Russert’s polls yesterday showed that I think nationally Hillary by far was favored on experience and leadership ability, with Obama coming in at 7%. The commentators were saying he just wouldn’t get the votes with that number. duh. Hillary came out lower in likeability and honesty….pahleeze. Did you guys see the picture of the Obama and Edwards on Huffpost – almost looks like they were becoming VERY close. Misery loves company I guess.

  17. Washingtonpost has an interesting Hill article, but I suggest not to post on dailykos or myDD. Nuts will go crazy! LOL.

    BTW, Foxnews is going crazy on Obama stuff day in and day out….

    Clinton’s Foreign Policy Balancing Act

    Advisers close to Clinton (D-N.Y.), who confirmed that she personally inserted the lines, said it illustrated her approach to running for president these days — as a deliberate practitioner of foreign policy, with an eye toward the general election and the realities of governing if she becomes president.

    That has been the subtext of her fights with Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in the past few weeks. Clinton called his willingness to meet with leaders of hostile states “irresponsible and naive” after the Democratic debate in South Carolina two weeks ago, then responded coolly to his statement last week that he would not use nuclear weapons against terrorist cells in Pakistan.

    Refusing to say whether she agreed with him on the specific question, Clinton said she did not “believe any president should make blanket statements with regard to use or nonuse.” Although many experts said Obama was fundamentally correct that the United States would not use nuclear force in the region, Clinton’s answer seemed more attuned to a general election campaign and a future presidency.

    Much has been made of Clinton’s slow rhetorical shift from authorizing the war in 2002 to attacking it now. Less scrutinized have been her maneuvers along the way to try to avoid the trap that befell Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) in 2004 — being “for the war before he was against it,” as his Republican rivals mocked.

    From her position on the Senate Armed Services Committee, Clinton has developed something of a “third way” of talking about the war, by emphasizing the future and what she would do as president. Some of her advisers refer to her as “antiwar and pro-defense,” a stance skewered by advisers to Obama, who has said that he is the only viable Democrat who opposed the war from the beginning.

    Since her trip to Iraq shortly before announcing her candidacy, Clinton has focused on the future in that country, and over time, questions about her original vote for the war appear to have faded somewhat. Although she was mildly booed at the Yearly Kos convention in Chicago over the weekend, rival Democratic strategists said they have been frustrated by their inability to capitalize more on Clinton’s war vote

    Clinton advisers say they see her rising on parallel tracks: among liberals who believe her when she says she would end the war, and among centrists who believe she is “tough enough” to defend the country. A recent Washington Post-ABC News poll showed Clinton ahead among Iowa voters on four key attributes: her ability to handle the situation in Iraq, strength as a leader, experience to be president and having the best chance to win in November.

    Advisers to Clinton believe that her recent foreign policy moves have only made her more competitive, and they point to substantive steps she has taken, including introducing legislation requiring the Pentagon to report on its planning, co-sponsoring legislation to deauthorize the war and challenging Undersecretary of Defense Eric Edelman to explain whether the Pentagon had a strategy to withdraw troops.

    Perhaps most impressed by Clinton’s ability to balance running in a Democratic primary and looking ahead to competing against a Republican are Republicans themselves.

    “I think primary politics has its own magnet, and if you allow that magnet to pull you too hard and too far it can certainly put you in a bad position if you do get the nomination,” Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) said in an interview last week, shortly after the back-and-forth between Clinton, with whom he serves on the Armed Services Committee, and Obama over nuclear force.

    “I think Senator Clinton, for the second time, seized on statements [by Obama] that probably would not play well in the general election,” said Graham, who supports Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) for president.

    William Kristol, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard, sounded more effusive. “Obama,” he said, “is becoming the antiwar candidate, and Hillary Clinton is becoming the responsible Democrat who could become commander in chief in a post-9/11 world.”

  18. Huffington Post must be besides itself tonight.
    After ignoring all of the polls showing Hillarys
    improved standing, they are actually posting
    the Gallop. Surprise, Surprise, (sic).

  19. Obama is really annoying me. Self righteous and acting like he has all the answers. Obama can’t fill the shoes of Jesse Jackson, and he wants to be president? give me a break

  20. Obama looks like a hypocrite when he attacks Hillary for accepting campaign contributions from lobbyists, when he does the exact same thing if the lobbyist happens to be registered in Illinois. He looks like Rick Lazio when he confronts her in a sharp accusatory tone at the nutroot convention. These are the unmistakable signs of his desperation. As I reach for a dramamine pill, my thoughts turn to Edwards. Seems he was all set to make a big deal about Murdock until someone (probably his better half) told him that he received a big chunk of change from one of Murdock’s publishing companies for a book on poverty (obviously not his). Oh what tangled webs we
    weave when first we practice to deceive. Say good night John.

  21. Jr., Obama loves to present a false dichotomy on the Iraq War. First, he claims that she voted in favor of the war and that is simply not true. What she and a majority of her colleagues voted to do in the so called Iraq Resolution was to empower the President to take military action if and only if inspections failed. Bush however chose to disregard that limitation, pull out the inspectors, and launch premptive military action–which is why this is truly Bush’s war. Second, Obama claims he has been against this war from the beginning, and implies he would have voted against it if he had been in Congress at the time. However, before he decided to make this a campaign issue, he freely conceded that he did not know how he would have voted if he had been in Congress at the time. In short, Obama position puts me in mind of something Oscar Lavante once said about Doris Day: I knew her before she was a virgin–or in his case before he decided to make this an issue.

  22. There is this completely self-congratulatory and delusional diary at daily kos on the recommended list that Yearly Kos undid Hillary. It’s breathtaking, the arrogance of these people. When the poll was published yesterday that showed Hillary at 48, I was delighted to put up a diary about the result as a tonic to their delusions.

  23. good morning guys. the good polling news keeps pouring in the last weeks. but it’s still a long way to go. LET’S NOT LET UP. GO HILLARY GO!!!

  24. yeah dc democrat. on mydd u can post poll and poll confirming clinton’s growing lead and still they grasp at straws on rationalize it or dismiss it as nothing. they won’t stop until the final results are in the winning of the nomination and it won’t stop there. they will say she will lose the general election until the last magic 270 electoral vote is counted in hillary’s favor. they will not stop. these nutcases are what they are NUTCASES.

  25. The Obama camp is holding on to 2 particular

    1. They are relying on the Battleground Poll

    2. The campaign burn rate. Thats the rate
    of funds being consumed to that of monies

    Ann Lewis in on MSNBC right now.

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  27. damn, sorry kostner. you allready posted the nc poll. im gonna stop this cut and paste thing. i seem to allways post the whole damn page rather the one item i want. the last time i will do. sorry guys for taking so much space.

  28. man, i can’t wait until feb 5th or even better nov 2008. im going to gloat, celebrate on every nutroot blog there is. i cant stand these haters on those blogs. when hillary wins this, no humble pie for me. anybody else agree. I CAN’T WAIT!!!! GO HILLARY GO!!!!

  29. ARG puts out a new poll in GA and MO, perhaps meaningless though.

    Clinton 35
    Obama 25
    Edwards 17

    Clinton 40
    Edwards 22
    Obama 15

    Not sure if there’s any trendline.

    I generally find Obama’s numbers (including head-to-head matchups vs. GOP contenders) in battleground states are pretty weak across the board. This really does not bode well for his ‘electability’ argument.

  30. kostner, is seems the national polling numbers are now being felt in the state polling now. good news around.

  31. I just had to post this comment from an Obama supporter in reacting to HRC’s big lead on foreign policy issues:

    “I don’t doubt that at this snapshot in time Hillary is seen as better on these issues but I think that has little or nothing to do with the spat Hillary and Obama have just engaged in. It’s simply perception among an uninformed lot. What I do dispute vigorously is the idea that Hillary’s internal numbers on these specific questions indicate that she has got the better of Obama on these spats rather than simply being the general perception people have of the candidates. I strongly doubt that the disputes have moved the internal numbers you sight in her direction, especially when the NBC poll showed Dems agreed with Obama’s position more than hers. Indeed, I doubt most people polled even know that this is Obama’s position. No doubt, Obama needs to solidify these numbers but that’s the whole point of fundraising. He will blanket Iowa, NH, and SC with ads to fix the perception as best he can.”

    Of course, the numbers moved all by themselves!! There can’t possibly be an other explanation, right? Keep digging, dude.

  32. Hey, Kostner:

    I was so fried by that diary that Yearly Kos had derailed Hillary’s chance for the nomination that when I saw the chance to write about, “Hillary is 48,” I jumped at it. I meant it to be a poke in their eyes, and it worked perfectly. They were so delusional that the dose of cold water rally made them suck their breath back in.

  33. Paula, let’s just hope the Obama campaign is so self-delusional they believe what that poster wrote. Obama will have to spend every penny he has raised thus far just to explain what he meant these past few weeks.

    We linked the other day to an article with a picture of Obama with a nuclear explosion coming out of his head. That picture will require tens of millions of dollars to dispute.

    In the latest post Staff links at the very end to some of the many articles from today with Obama trying to dig his way out of the hole he dug.

  34. The MO poll is very important. MO has a
    strong union base. They supported Gephart
    for years. So, that is good news for Hillary.

    The issue with BO’s campaign is not
    battle-ground states but Battleground
    Poll. It is a special poll setup between
    Dems and Repubs. They work together
    to determine the interreptation of results.
    This is the only major poll that seems
    more sympathic to Obama. He leads in
    some face to face match up better than
    Hillary according to that poll.

    This is the response you should give
    BO and Edwards supporters: If your
    candidate was pulling ahead in these
    polls, you would be overwhelmed with
    joy. Because they have not had any
    sizeable movement they can only try
    to ignore the facts.

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