What’s Left?

Strategically speaking, what is left of the opposition to Hillary?

This past weekend Hillary defanged the remnants of the divided opposition to her at the Big Blogs. The Big Blogs thought she would never dare speak to them and that if she did they would destroy her. The opposite has happened. Hillary remains unscathed.

Her supposed big opponent from long ago, John Edwards, is reduced to small potatoes insider complaints regarding fundraising. He too has been neutered as an opponent. Fairly or not he is viewed as a hypocrite regarding hedge funds, his house and his hair cuts at campaign expense.

Her latest supposed big opponent, Barack Obama, has squandered his entire campaign message.

Obama was supposed to be the “clean” and “fresh” advocate of “new” politics. Instead Obama has been exposed as a peddler of anonymous memos, a close friend of an indicted slumlord, and a smear artist.

Obama was supposed to be the antiwar candidate. Now he is known as O Bomb A (check out this article which actually uses this appelation we coined months ago. Also Check out the picture of Obama with a nuclear explosion coming out of his head.)

What is left of the strategic opposition to Hillary?


46 thoughts on “What’s Left?

  1. While it is great that Hillary has outmanoeuvred all her opponents and is seen by the electorate as Presidential and deservedly so – we still have 5 months to go for the Primaries. One must never underestimate the opponents – and these 5 months will be more intense.

    There is no doubt Hillary and her campaign would know more than any of us how to deal with it. But, I hope that she manages to stay focused and not get distracted by any dirty little tricks played by
    O-Bomb-A – I mean Guy has demonstrated that he is a politician who can go as low as one can imagine! Especially so as he is getting desperate.

    But so far cannot see any opposition to Hillary other than say some new Democrat jumping in the race. At this point that seems unlikely!

    Go Hillary Go!!!

  2. On a completely different topic – Can I ask you guys a question??

    Can anyone find out who owns this site? I hope not! Because today I saw ABC making reference to this site and probing into who owns it. The other day on MSNBC – they were saying they have done everything “legally” possible to find out who owns it.

    I hope they cannot find it even if they try through illegal means?

    Any computer savvy person here? I hope that they leave this site alone!! We are a great little community of Hillary supporters – who believe that she is the best qualified for the job at this point in time of our history.

  3. Watching ABC GOP debate. Wow, Obama is like a punching bad, everybody is mocking him. LOL. This guy is unelectable.

  4. Mrs. Smith,

    I dont know, it’s over here. Maybe you can go to ABCNEWS website, there might be some clips.

    Looks like Obama is being made into some sort of cartoon character. LOL.

  5. The ABC debate was the “This Week” programs
    with Stephonopolus. From the clips I saw
    they pounded his foreign and military comments.
    I think these guys would rather have BO
    in the GE then Hillary.

    Former PM of Pakistan Bhuto was also
    critical of BO. She and Musurif are trying to put
    to gether a coalition government going
    forward. BO’s comments don’t help.

    MP, your earlier Edwards health care
    comment was great. Your boiled it down

  6. i was watching the GOP debate a bit too…Huckabee actually had some sane answers, the other guys were muddled at best. McCain still saying how we need to give Iraq more time. Tancredo’s a real nut job….Yes Obama is the latest punching bag…he’s killled his chances. I used to say the guy had potential and all that, now I think he’s toast for the foreseeable future. Go Hillary! i can’t see how anyone beats her, but I agree nothing should be taken for granted. And I know she won’t.

  7. While HILLARY has done a great job of distinguishing herself from her DEMOCRATIC opponents, the real test will be in the General Election. I know I am getting ahead of myself, but there is ONE California Ballot measure that is causing me some concern….

    The Republicans in the California State Legislature are preparing a Ballot Measure for June 3, 2008 that would SPLIT California’ electoral votes by region. If it passes, it is is likely that 20 of California’s 55 Electoral votes will regularly go to REPUBLICANS. If this ballot measure passes, it is doubtful that the USA will ever have a Democrat as President again.

    Is there anything we can do to prevent this from happening?

  8. Ouch! I clicked on the link to the article that used “O Bomb A.” The last line in the first segment… “Sorry Obama, do-overs are for the state senate.” Now that hurts!

    I saw the first hour of the GOP debate on “This Week.” The best line was Romney’s, paraphrased, “[Obama] wanted to talk to our enemies, sit down and have tea, last week…and he wants to bomb our friends this week. ” The audience roared. I laughed too, it was a great line.

    Seriously, while watching that debate, a thought occurred to me. Unless Guiliani wins the primaries, we may see a major political realignment occur because of Hillary’s candidacy. Pro-choice, moderate, traditional Republicans have nowhere to go in their own party. Hillary is a moderate; she could attract them.

  9. sandy 1938,

    Typical Republicans! Since they are a minority in both houses of the California legislature, I anticipate this has no chance of passing. However, I am no expert, either on the inner workings of California politics or on the legal path this measure must take to get on the ballot. Even on the ballot, it would have to pass with a majority of all voters voting in that election. June 3, 2008? That would be a special election, right? I don’t know…but as a California voter, I will find out more about it!

  10. sandy 1938,

    Thanks for informing me about that potential ballot measure. Jonathan Alter has an article in the August 13th 2007 edition of Newsweek called “A Red Play for the Golden State.” He is against the Republican shenanigans and states that there will likely be a court challenge if it does make it on the ballot. At this point, however, it seems to be just in the talking stages. I agree with you, we need to be on the lookout for this initiative and where it is going.

  11. sandy,

    I am actually more nervous about primaries than general. I believe Hillary is almost a shoo-in to the white house if she gets the nomination. I watched GOP side.None of them is for primary time. Romney is slightly better, but he also has lots of baggage. The really charming and ‘electable’ guy is Huckabee, but he has no chance.

    On the other hand, I’m sort of terrified by those utral leftists in democratic party. They are unpredictable, and they like to dig grave. I predict if they nominate a candidate other than Hillary, that guy will be a sure loser in general election.

  12. I’m not that worried about the primaries, Kostner. I am worried about the DNC next Summer being hijacked by some of the more fringe elements of the party. Kos’s event this weekend highlights some of that.

    If you check out the major liberal blogs this weekend, you’ll see that they’re slamming Hillary for the lobbyist question. I thought her answer was honest and nuanced. Edwards took a cheap shot at her, and No-bomb-a hopped on for a free ride like the opportunist he is. She handled herself well in hostile territory and showed she wasn’t afraid of appearing at a potentially difficult event that is currently very publicly under attack by Murdoch’s minions. Edwards is still a threat, but No-bomb-a is having to raise the stakes in order to make headway before December’s first primaries. He has to break away now. Besides, the money won’t go far unless he beats Hillary and Edwards both and that doesn’t appear possible at the moment. And given that he’s moved to being more attackdog-like in public in recent weeks, you can be sure he won’t settle for second on the ticket- besides- his poor performance on military and foreign policy questions and the Pakistan gaff now make him a huge liability for any candidate to bring on as a VP candidate.

    It’s all or nothing for him.

    Guys, please do not forget Hagel and Bloomberg are still out there as potential candidates. Bloomberg has a lot of baggage with his sexual harassment issues, but Hagel still has Diebold connections. It’s time to start hammering the voting system problems- not just the current CA proposal to split the electoral votes, but the compromised integrity of the systems themselves and Hagel’s connections to it.

  13. Watching the GOP debate, I have to agree Huckabee is charming, sincere and very articulate. Maybe Little Rock, Arkansas breeds charming people! I have never been to Arkansas. But he has no chance.

    And I take my hats off to Ron Paul for his beliefs and commitment.

    But neither will he go far.

  14. My advice is stay focused on the primaries. Obama has to go for broke. He’s already attacked Hillary insinuating that she sold out to lobbyists on health care reform. I truly admire Hillary for having the courage to state her position truthfully and not talk out of both sides of her mouth like so many politicians. He’s gone on the attack before and he will do so again. But he is vulnerable, too, of course. –MollyJ

  15. Yes, stay focused on O-Bomb-A for now. Must keep an eye on CA electoral reforms by the Republicans. Once Hill wins the nomination then she will then deploy all her resources for general election – but we still have a race to win.

  16. mp,

    It really buffles me that Huckabee has gained no traction whatsoever. He has the conservative credentials, but he also has the appeal to middle-class & independent voters. He has executive experience as a governor, and his personal life is squeaky clean. He is charming and very articulate. I predict he is the strongest general election candidate on their side. Unfortunately, they are touting a bunch of old, stupid and boring losers such as Rudy and Thompson.

  17. Hey all,
    Yes, Huckabee was quite charming and articulate – I hope he doesn’t become the GOP nominee. LOL

  18. Normally, with a candidate so far out in front so early, one would be extremely anxious. Example President Paul Tsongas, President Gary Hart, President Howard Dean, and so on. However, given who Senator Clinton’s number one campaign advisor is, my concerns are down to a mild twitchiness.

    As to this morning’s Republican debate, after Congressman Ron Paul lamented that the invasion of Iraq was illegal, that Congress never declared war, that the occupation is a failure and is destroying our military, Willard Romney exclaimed “Has he forgotten about 9/11?”. Obviously Willard certainly HAS forgotten that Iraq was not involved.

    RightWing zombie propaganda never dies.

  19. Joe Friday,
    You are right about feeling uneasy about a front runner so early with a huge lead. But, you got to understand that Paul Tsongas, Gary Hart, Howard Dean were all built on hype and grassroots much like Obama that may switch off or turn to another candidate anytime and is volatile. But a candidate like Hillary has strong supporters and has always had consistent support. So, I wouldn’t worry about her early lead. The fact that she has been able to keep up the lead for the last 6 months is evidence enough!

  20. politico has a rare article on Huckabee’s debate performance….

    At the session’s start, only one participant picked Huckabee as the candidate they wanted to win. Nine chose former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney; eight were for former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani; five were for the absent Fred Thompson; two were for Sen. John McCain of Arizona; and the remaining candidates were picked by one or none.

    But when it was over, Huckabee had 14 votes, compared with 10 for Romney, three for Giuliani, one for Fred Thompson and one for Rep. Duncan Hunter of California.

  21. Secret I agree…Dean and the others and Obama were built on hype and grassroots..Hillary has a lot more depth of support plus her campaign skills are far superior. i also agree Huckabee was by far the best on the debate, I could actually stomach this guy’s answers – they made sense and were thoughtful – Romney looks like a complete vapid and empty suit with a big Mormon smile, – I love how he flipped on his flop of Pro-Life …what a baffoon…and Guiliani says nothing of import…Tancredo is a nutty, mean right winder…People are slamming Hill today on her lobbying answer and Edwards is out there playing on this..like he never received lobby money, but I think it’ll backfire, and I don’t think this issue is that important to the average voter.

  22. Secret, I think Joe Friday meant he’s not concerned with HRC’s early lead because she’s not like Gary Hart, Howard Dean, etc.

    I’m with kostner, though, in seeing the primaries as potentially more difficult than the GE.

  23. Obama’s campaign suffered major setbacks the past 2 weeks, and Hillary has reached an all-time high in Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll (24 points now, over Obama, who is a distant second and fading fast).

  24. Good article for Hillary by Pulizer Prize winning journalist Michael Goodwin New York Daily News posted on Just Hillary website today.

  25. kitforhill ,
    I hope Huckabee doesn’t get the GOP nomination. Because, I even could stomach his answers – so, obviously he would be more acceptable to the Independents in GE. I hope empty suit Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani wins.
    That said – yes primaries are the concern as of now. Why worry about the next one when this is yet to be won!!

  26. Hey gang,

    I was just being flippant in regards to Tsongas, Hart, and Dean. I guess that didn’t come through clear enough (tough to display sarcasm without italics). But in general, if you’re way out in front long enough, everybody starts coming after you. The other Democrats get frustrated and start taking pot shots at you, and if the Republicans think you’ve got the nomination locked-up, they will all start taking pot shots at you before they even have a nominee, joined by the Fake RightWing Media, and of course the SCLM (So Called Liberal Media) will pile on because what they really want is a horse race, so EVERYBODY is shooting at you.

    But as I posted, I’m not as worried as I normally would be, given that her preeminent campaign advisor is the best political strategist I’ve seen in my lifetime, and probably long before that.

  27. good morning hillfans. i tried unsuccessfully to link my rassmussen premium service of obama’s favorable and unfavorable ratings history for kostner a few days ago. i linked partial poll ratings instead. ARGH!!!!! anyway i watched meet the press sunday and as allways they infuriate me every week. they in passing report the recent 20-point lead hillary has but still doubt her chances.

  28. guys, every 4 years there is allways a so called “fresh face very liberal” candidate that gets a lot of media attention and threaten the frontrunner. mcarthy in 1968, kennedy in 1980, hart in 1984, hart again in 1988(the rice scandal), tsongas in 1992, bradley in 2000, and dean in 2004. carter is one a the very few insurgents who made it thru but if you know history hs was no liberal. mcgovern was very liberal but go trounced in 1972. so obama peaked several monthe ago and since the debate season started his support started to slide. the more they seee him. the less they like.

  29. Terrondt,
    How are you? Long time – no see!
    About Obama – remember him saying – “To know me is to love me”
    But the reality is as you say – The more the know him the less they like him!
    Go Hillary Go!!

  30. hi secret, i have been on but not as much as i should be. i work the graveyard shift. i try to post my 2 cents worth in the mornings and before i get to work at 10pm. anyway keep the faith and fight. GO HILLARY GO!!!!!!

  31. Hi terrondt,
    You work graveyard shift? I was doing that last year – now shifted to morning ones! Yes, I hope everything goes well for Hillary – Hope to see you more around here!!!

  32. thanx secret. it seems the california gop is trying to pull a fast one on dividing the electoral votes. we have to keep an eye and get ahead of that if it makes the ballot next year.

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  34. Terrondt:

    It seems the rass tracking poll is bouncing
    around in the margin of error. Can you
    confirm that?

  35. tracking polls are known to do that. since they interview around 250 to 300 per night it fluxes more often from a single standard 500 to 1000 single poll. i think each night it adds 250 to 300 new interviews then drops the oldest night of polling i think. that whats explains the fluctuations of each day’s polling. it is tricky. if somebody knows more about tracking polls work please let me know.

  36. terrondt, I hope the MSM keeps underestimating Hillary, because they’ll look like fools when she wins the nomination the GE, lol.

  37. terrondt: It’s the nature of statistics that all samples have a margin of error. It’s actually, the standard deviation of all the standard deviations in the sample. Statisticians call it, “the standard error.” In theory, the larger the sample size, the more the sample distribution should approach a normal bell curve and the smaller the error should be. Statistically speaking, today’s Rasmussen is exactly the same as last. They almost certainly describe the same population.

  38. I think the action is in the general. But Hillary is brilliant enough to campaign on both levels at the same time. Making a fool of Obama helps her in the general.

    I think this is why she took the shot at Obama (‘irresponsible and naive’) when people said she should coast on her debate win. With one little lovetap on Obama’s ego, she (1) exposed Obama as a fraud and (2) stopped the leftward drift in the Democratic race that would hurt her in the general. (3) Post-Bush, Repubs are worried even a clown like Obama might win, and crazy as they can be, they’re not fond of the idea of Al Queada colonizing the U.S. while Obama shuffles through his talking points for the right answer. (4) Hillary forced Obama to remind the public we are still at war with Al Queada, while using Obama to show how Presidential she is. She can’t afford to wait until the general to show how strong she is on national security.

    Boy, this woman is good.

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