Casualties: Barack Obama And The Battle Of Charleston

Barack Obama does not seem to know what condition his precondition is in. Late Friday, we thought the matter was settled when Obama made a declarative statement regarding his intent to hold meetings with Holocaust deniers and other rogue leaders: “My theory is you do and you do it without preconditions.”

Of course, that statement contradicted previous denials of such intent by his staff. Obama himself had pre-contradicted himself when, on the Sunday before the debate – regarding any meeting with President Chavez, Obama stated that such meeting would be “under certain conditions”

Confused yet? As we wrote, we and everyone else, thought the matter was settled when Obama made his “you do it without preconditions” statement late on Friday the 27th. However, the Obama campaign fooled us all. By Saturday, it looks like Obama flipped and flopped — yet again.

Here’s what happened according to the Des Moines Register. On Saturday, July 28 former Iowa Governor and current Hillary supporter Tom Vilsack “held a phone conference with national reporters, saying he is disappointed with Barack Obama and noted several instances of what Vilsack said were discrepancies in Obama’s recent statements.”

“Vilsack specifically noted a column in the Miami Herald this week. That column quoted Obama as saying he would meet with Venezuala President Hugo Chavez “under certain conditions.”

That’s significant because it goes to the heart of the spat between Obama and Clinton, making it appear as if Obama agrees with Clinton despite his recent comments.

“I would hope the senator would clarify his comments as to whether or not he is for preconditions or not and would cease and desist from distorting the record and comments of senator Clinton.”

Soon thereafter, surprise, surprise:

Obama’s Iowa Press Secretary Tommy Vietor responded, saying Obama never set preconditions off the table: “He never said he would invite dictators over for a cup of coffee and he said he wouldn’t let these dictators use him as a propaganda tool,” Vietor said. “What he did say was that he would be willing to meet with them.”


Is it time for Obama to Blame The Staff again?