Hillary Clinton: Still Pretty In Pink

Update II: More debate reviews:

SURVEY USA POLL — AMERICANS ‘WENT IN THINKING HILLARY CLINTON WOULD MAKE THE BEST PRESIDENT…CAME OUT OF THE DEBATE EVEN MORE CONVINCED’: “Americans who watched the YouTube Democratic Debate 7/23/07 on CNN went into the debate thinking Hillary Clinton would make the best President of the 8 Democrats on stage, and came out of the debate even more convinced, according to an exclusive SurveyUSA poll.” The poll found Hillary won the debate by a large margin. [Survey USA, 7/23/07]

DES MOINES REGISTER’S YEPSEN — HILLARY ‘COOL AND COGENT’: “She’s cool and cogent and bears up well under discussions about her being a woman and what she wears. Male politicians, journalists and YouTubers who focus on that just help her rally support from other women.” [DesMoines Register, 7/24/07]

DONNA BRAZILE — HILLARY WAS ‘SPECTACULAR…IN COMMAND OF THE FACTS’: “I thought Senator Clinton had a great answer when she said when she said we must withdraw our troops safely, carefully and in an orderly fashion so I thought Senator Clinton not only gave a great answer to that question but overall her debate performance was spectacular. She was in command of the facts. She understood the issues.” [CNN, 7/23/07]

TIME’S JOE KLEIN — ‘A GOOD NIGHT’ FOR HILLARY, ‘JUDICIOUS AND PRESIDENTIAL’: “Hillary Clinton–a good night….Clinton’s pointing out that the groundwork had to be done was, dare I say it, judicious and presidential…” [Time, 7/23/07]


ANDREW SULLIVAN — ‘HILLARY WINS AGAIN…SHE DESTROYED THE OPPOSITION TONIGHT’: “Her response to the dynastic question – a difficult one – was the first time she has ever brought a smile to my lips…You know how much I hate to say this: but she destroyed the opposition tonight: out-classing it, out-debating it, and avoiding the usual pitfalls. I wish it weren’t so, but it’s what I saw. If she keeps this up, it’s hers.” [Andrew Sullivan, 7/23/07]

MICHAEL CROWLEY’S NEW REPUBLIC — ‘BOTTOM LINE: GREAT NIGHT FOR HILLARY’: But the one who stood out was Hillary. She shows really impressive poise and confidence, and didn’t lose her stride even in the face of offbeat questions about her gender and voter fatigue with the Clinton and Bush families…Bottom line: Great night for Hillary. [New Republic, 7/23/07]

BILL PRESS — HILLARY WINS: “Forceful, in charge, good sense of humor.” [CNN Scorecard, 7/24/07]

CNN’S BILL SCHNEIDER — HILLARY WINS: “Clinton had a very strong performance.” [CNN Scorecard, 7/24/07]

WASHINGTON POST — HILLARY SOUNDED ‘AS SHARP AS SHE HAS IN ANY OF THE PAST FOUR GATHERINGS: “Sounding as sharp as she has in any of the past four gatherings of the candidates, eagerly joined an exchange over immediately withdrawing troops from Iraq. She repeated her promise to end the war, adding: “But we want to do so safely and orderly and carefully.” [Washington Post, 7/24/07]

CHICAGO SUN TIMES’ LYNN SWEET — HILLARY ‘HANDLED EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE WITH CALM CONFIDENCE. SHE EXUDED STRENGTH AND HUMOR: As in previous debates and forums, Clinton deftly handled everything and everyone with calm confidence. She exuded strength and humor. She made no mistakes. [Sun Times, 7/24/07]

WASHINGTON TIMES — HILLARY WAS ‘CONVERSATIONAL…GOT BIG CHEERS’: “Mrs. Clinton was quick to note each questioner’s name and seemed conversational in her answers. She got big cheers in response to a question about whether her election would represent the change voters want because it would mean 24 consecutive years of presidents named either Bush or Clinton. ‘Well, I think it is a problem that Bush was elected in 2000,’ she said.”[Washington Times, 7/24/07]


Update: CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: “This debate was Gladys Knight and the Pips.”
Washington Post’s Anne Kornblut obsessed with cleavage (not her own).

John Edwards might not have liked Hillary’s jacket, but we thought she looked fine. We like Pink.

David Gergen on Anderson Cooper 360:

GERGEN: …. and even though the rest of the candidates were better, the fact that Hillary Clinton continues to deliver a superior performance I think is really beginning to set in now and making it much tougher to beat her. She is chipping away at the stereotype of being cold and strident. In these debates she’s gradually becoming warm and more gracious, and I must tell you I think these debates are helping her a whole lot.

Campaign Headquarters has the reviews:

NBC NEWS’ CHUCK TODD — HILLARY’S RESPONSE WAS A ‘COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF ANSWER’: “Clinton is always focused on the general election when it comes to foreign policy questions. Her answer on who she would meet with in terms of controversial foreign leaders was an example of how she’s having a better time selling experience than anyone else on that stage. That was a Commander-in-Chief answer. Obama’s answer was fine but she found the hole in his answer (propaganda) and filled it brilliantly.” [MSNBC’s First Read, 7/23/07]

NBC NEWS’ DOMENICO MONTANARO — HILLARY ‘USED THE PENTAGON LETTER TO HER ADVANTAGE’: “Clinton again has used the Pentagon letter to her advantage. She is flexing her newly found anti-war muscles and the letter has been her Creatine — so to speak.” [MSNBC’s First Read, 7/23/07]

HUFFINGTON POST’S JOHN NEFFINGER — CLINTON ‘STRONG ENOUGH TO BE COMMANDER AND CHIEF’: “The challenge for any woman candidate is to appear strong enough to be Commander in Chief. Hillary has thoroughly checked that box. You never hear the word “weak” used with her.” [Huffington Post, 7/23/07]

HUFFINGTON POST’S JOHN NEFFINGER — CLINTON ‘CLEARLY IN COMMAND OF THE ISSUE’: “She’s clearly in command of the issue. Very strong on the policy elements of this. It’s interesting to hear her discuss military operations in that level of detail.” [Huffington Post, 7/23/07]

WASHINGTON POST’S CHRIS CILLIZZA PRAISES CLINTON AS ‘STRONG AND STEADY’: “Clinton is, well, Clinton. Strong and steady.” [The Fix, 7/23/07]


ABC NEWS’ RICK KLEIN — HILLARY ANSWER ABOUT DIPLOMACY WAS THE STUFF OF ‘EXPERIENCE’: “That was an interesting division between Obama and Clinton on whether the president should meet with the leaders of rogue nations. Obama’s answer was strong, but Clinton’s was the stuff of — wait for it — experience.” [ABC News, 7/23/07]

ABC NEWS’ RICK KLEIN — ‘CLINTON IS JUST AMAZING IN THIS FORMAT’: “I’m sick of saying it myself, but Clinton is just amazing in this format. Really nice answer about why Congress isn’t acting faster to end the war.” [ABC News, 7/23/07]

ABC NEWS’ RICK KLEIN — HILLARY’S ANSWER ABOUT HER GENDER WAS ‘CONCISE AND RIGHT-ON’: “Experienced and strong leadership” — there’s the Clinton message. Like in previous debates, her answer was concise and right-on.” [ABC News, 7/23/07]


24 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton: Still Pretty In Pink

  1. i just got home from my night shift job. just thought i check here for the reviews. our girl did great!!!! GO HILLARY GO!!!!!!!*

  2. Hillary, as usual, looked like the only one running for President of the United States.

    The most sorry excuse for an answer was John Edward’s attempt to flip flop on his stance on Gay Marriage. I don’t care what your wife wants John. She is not running for President. She is not going to be making policy decisions. You are. And your position on the subject reminds me of George Bush’s.

    I loved Hillary’s answer on meeting with the leaders of foreign countries. Her answer shows that she has given a great deal of thought to how to handle this, while the other candidates just gave a knee jerk response, promising what they thought the audience wanted to her.

  3. admin,

    Did you see that SurveyUSA Instant poll, Hillary is the overwhelming winner. Surprising results to second question, Obama did really poorly in this ‘commander in chief’ question.

    Regardless of who you may vote for, which Democrat won tonight’s debate?
    Hillary 39%
    Obama 15%
    Biden 14%
    Edwards 10%
    Not sure 9%
    Richardson 4%

    Regardless of who you may vote for, and regardless of whether or not you would vote for a Democratic candidate for President, which Democratic candidate would make the best President of the United States?
    Hillary 43%
    Biden 14%
    Edwards 13%
    Obama 11%

    They sampled over 700 who watched debate, including democrats, GOPers and independents. Hillary is strong across the board, lots of interesting internals.

  4. what’s up with those focus groups on cnn and fox? totallly laughable and unscientific. they could not find 1 person after the debate that thought clinton won? mostly all obama. makes u wonder they leaned mostly to obama anyway.

  5. I can’t find the link to the website but Obama was given the most time to speak at the CNN debate and was allowed to respond to most questions while the others were not. Is he Anderson Cooper’s favorite? I didn’t think Hillary was given as much air time at all and she clearly wasn’t called on as often, even when the question was something that she should have commented upon (for example No Child Left Behind). I also noticed that in the commentary leading up to the debate CNN commentators were constantly saying there were two frontrunners. I guess that memo sent around by the Obama campaign trying to say he is the frontrunner due to the amount of money raised was taken seriously there or Cooper just has a clear bias.

  6. ABC News’ The Note has this:

    “You might have missed it if you were fixing your hair or cleaning your guns, but mid-way through last night’s Democratic debate, the clash we’ve all been waiting for finally occurred — sort of. But when Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., was done delivering his best jab of the night (his first direct hit of the campaign, and the one he’d been waiting weeks to deliver), Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., was standing tall as ever.

    “Obama’s line was designed as a gentle yet pointed zinger, a way to draw out the sharpest distinction that exists between the two Democratic front-runners. “The time for us to ask how we were going to get out of Iraq was before we went in,” Obama said, a stone-faced Clinton at his side. That might have been the takeaway line of the night (“Obama Blasts Clinton over War”) but then two things happened.

    First, the (generally successful) YouTube debate format yanked the forum back to other topics. And then Clinton showed just how dangerous she is on a debate stage. Obama said he’d be willing to meet with the leaders of rogue nations such as Cuba, Iran, and North Korea — offering his trademark Freshness — but Clinton shot back with a dose of Experience: “I don’t want to be used for propaganda purposes,” Clinton said. Writes Dan Balz and Anne Kornblut of The Washington Post, “she offered a more measured response, one that suggested she believed her rival had been naive in his answer.” The Obama camp says Obama meant to say he would have underlings attend the first meetings — just like Clinton would — but it’s hard to me-too this one after the moment has passed.

    Obama and former senator John Edwards, D-N.C., showed their frustration with Clinton’s persistent front-running status; the intent was apparent when Obama said the country needs more than a “change in political parties,” and Edwards bemoaned “triangulation.” “Sen. Clinton was clearly the target for her closest competitors,” ABC’s David Chalian writes. “Both Sen. Barack Obama and former Sen. John Edwards attempted to paint themselves as candidates who represent change and the future and Sen. Clinton as the candidate who represents the past.”

    And this great line from Clinton per The Note too:

    Leave it to Clinton to sum up the night — albeit unintentionally. “I believe that there isn’t much doubt in anyone’s mind that I can be taken seriously,” she said.

  7. Obama’s laughable damage control (debate do-over baff), from frist read of MSNBC:

    From NBC’s Domenico Montanaro
    Former Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said on a conference call with reporters that she thought Hillary Clinton’s answer at last night’s debate on meeting with dictators “showed she had an understanding of the whole process. It is necessary to have lower-level people make the initial contact to clear the brush away.”

    During last night’s debate, Clinton said she would not meet with dictatorial leaders “without preconditions” in her first year as president. In contrast, Obama answered that he would.

    The Obama campaign today sent out a memo, claiming Clinton “reversed herself last night, disagreeing with Senator Obama’s assertion that we should use every tool at the president’s disposal to address problems before they become threats.”

    They include as evidence an April quote from Clinton in which she said, “I think it is a terrible mistake for our president to say he will not talk with bad people.”

    When asked about this, Albright responded, “She made very clear it was essential to do the pre-diplomatic actions” by sending lower-level envoys first. “She didn’t say there would be no engagement. For me, and I’ve been involved in this, she showed a nuanced and sophisticated understanding of how this process works. She did not change her position.”

  8. There just stomping mad over at daily kos today. There is a tremendous surge suggesting that John Edwards vanquished all comers. Meanwhile, in the real world, there is a consensus that Hillary won the thing hands down.

  9. kostner, I just saw that First Read piece a few minutes ago and thought the Obama campaign’s memo amounted to grasping at straws. BTW, someone posting on Hillary’s campaign blog said something about Obama winning postdebate polls (though the poster disagreed). Other than those strange focus groups, does anyone know what he/she is referring to? Perhaps online polls?

  10. Terrondt, I listened to Mark Penn’s comments on the conference call this morning. I understood him to say that the New Hampshire focus group was comprised of independents and undecideds, in other words it did not include democrats. The undecideds are a small section of the voting group, less than 10%. He did not address the FOX poll, but if it was conducted by their favorite son Frank Luntz it reflects the Republican agenda of Shawn Hannity et. al. who desperately want to rally their base by attacking Hillary, and hope to run against someone who wants everyone to get along, rather than someone like Hillary who will fight for the people of this country, who Bush has abandoned.

  11. Paula,

    No, there is only ONE scientific poll conducted by SurveyUSA. I don’t know if you noticed that I copied a commentary before debate from dailykos on how they selected the ‘focus group’. It’s a complete farce. Let me copy that again here.

    For the record, I’m copying the following from kos.

    Ok I gotta tell you (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by: Lois, libertyisliberal, cjallen
    My best friend just got a call from CNN letting her know that she is going to be one of the people that they call right after the debate tonight for their ‘instant poll’. She’s been told not to speak with anyone between 7-930. She got picked after she answered a robocall yesterday from them.

    Now I should tell you about my friend. She’s a preoperative transexual with AIDS, and she is also under medication for AIDS realted dementia, that works most of the time, altho she goes thru manic phases.

    She also, during the robocall, gave neutral marks to all of the candidates except Biden, who she will never forgive for ‘kissing Thomas’ ass” during the confirmation hearings almost 20 years ago, Richardson, because he ‘used to be a Republican’ and Dodd ‘just because’.

  12. Staff writes to DCDemocrat: you must have not gotten the memo. Don’t you know that they are a “reality based” community? Hillary is now at 9% support there, up from her usual 3-6%. Some reality world they have. Soon she will hit double digits at 10% in their “reality” community.

    Kos, the pasha from Berkeley, is back from his “european vacation” and living in his bubble world of delusion asks “Are we contrarians or visionaries?” Visionaries! Haven’t laughed this hard in a while. They really do think they are somehow leaders. Soon they will be running ahead of the parade demanding to lead the parade. Bowers had another of his loopy posts the other day. These people really think they are leaders. They bring to mind all the Napoleons to be found at mental institutions.

  13. wbboei, Who was that Mark Penn conference call with? The media? Hillary supporters? I’d love to read a transcript or learn more. Thanks.

  14. admin,

    Yup, kos is living in a big bubble. But there’s still some value to his little blog for Hillary. They can be used as attack dogs in general election, can motivate those left loonies to donate money.

    I actually believe it’s much more cost-effective to attract those left loonies than winning some GOPers. The trick is to maintain the balance, and you don’t want those loonies to occupy your office as Cindy did yesterday, LOL.

  15. Bower is a big loser. His ‘poll’ analysis turned its own head. A couple of months ago, he proposed a new ‘Hillary-national-poll-inflation’ theory after spending countless hours ‘cracking’ the numbers. He dropped that theory maybe a month ago.

    Hilarious. What’s his new website? These ultra leftists are just like freepers.

  16. admin: I agree that they are far afield from The Real(TM), but they do have power to gum up the works. I propose that when Hillary is de facto nominee, and they seek to run ahead of the pack to pretend to be its leader, we let them have their delusion.

  17. Paula, try Jonathan Mantz, Hillary for President, info@hillaryclinton.com. There have been four calls prior to this one, which dealt with policy issues like foreign affairs (Secretary Albright), education (Bruce Reed), and one on medical coverage (which I missed). Also, there was a prior one with President Clinton and Terry McAliffe. I do not know if there was a transcript of the Penn discussion. I made some notes on what Mark said, but it would be much better to let his own words speak for themselves. Good luck.

  18. Hillary’s advisor Wolfson will go on O’Reilly to defend dailykos. According to dailykos:

    Hillary Clinton Communications Direct Howard Wolfson will go on O’Reilly’s program (8 p.m.) to debate him on YearlyKos. It appears this is no longer operative. Hillary appears invested in the netroots, which is a great thing for all of us.

    I like this play!! You use one big loser to play with another big loser. LOL.

  19. Paula, to the second part of your question, the call was with Hillary supporters. However, on the policy centered calls, there were people with significant experience and credentials in the particular fields, so the discussions have been substantive and informative. They have the feel of a high level briefing to them, and they give insight into how Hillary will draw on the best minds in this country to get us back on the right track. Suffice it to say they are at the opposite end of the universe from a press conference by Tony Snow, or the evasive non-sequitirs of his boss the Great Decider.

  20. I just left Hillary’s web page. She needs less than 9,000
    sign up to reach 1 million supporters. Lets spread the

  21. Kegs, your suggestion is up on the new post called “Barack Obama’s Blunder.” last sentence.

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