Good Polls Day, Good Debate Night

We’ll have live debate coverage on the website tonight.

Lots of polls in recent days, especially today, with lots of good news for Hillary Clinton. Expect lots of new eruptions of EHS. In particular, the Washington Post poll out today (see right hand column) has lots of good numbers for Hillary and also demonstrates how much stronger her support is getting.

As the new ABC News/Washington Post poll makes clear, the Democratic race is very much in the control of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., who sees her support hardening and holds a 45-30 edge over Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. Former senator John Edwards, D-N.C. — a distant third in the new poll with 12 percent — essentially occupies his own tier, as the only other Democrat registering above 3 percent.

If you’re not named “Clinton,” there’s not much to like in these numbers, particularly how stubborn they seem to be. That’s the national landscape that greets Democrats when they gather tonight at 7 pm ET in Charleston, S.C., for the debate that’s most likely to throw a few screwballs their way (and makes the YouTubing of American politics semi-official). It’s the first debate sanctioned by the Democratic National Committee, but these candidates already know each other quite well, and it looks like it’s time to get personal.

Tonight is the CNN Youtube Debate at 7:00 p.m. (EDT). Expect attacks on Hillary says ABC News:

Will Edwards play the aggressor, catering to the liberal base he’s done so much to court? (Yes, if his wife and his campaign manager have anything to do with it.) Will Obama muster the chutzpah to utter Clinton’s name when offering his verbal jabs? (Doubtful, but you know he wants to.) Will anyone other than Mike Gravel do anything even close to memorable? (Perhaps, but it probably won’t matter.)


The tussle yesterday on CNN suggests fireworks could be launched tonight. Edwards campaign manager David Bonior attacked the Clinton record (his and hers) on health care and NAFTA: “With all due respect . . . the Clintons did not deliver on health care,” he said in an exchange billed as a debate preview. Rep. Artur Davis, appearing on behalf of the Obama campaign, also took on the front-runner: “As much as I admire the Clintons, people are hungering for a new discussion in this country, and they want to look forward,” said Davis, D-Ala. The exchanges “could signal that the often courtly tone of the race thus far is about to give way to a more confrontational, negative approach,” writes the New York Sun’s Josh Gerstein.

Club 44 is back for Debate night:

The most viable female presidential candidate in U.S. history is building what amounts to a separate organization devoted to winning women’s votes. As she pursues the Democratic nomination, the scale of New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s outreach appears unprecedented. Monday night, 400 women plan to hold house parties to watch the Democratic candidates debate — twice as many parties as women had for Illinois Sen. Barack Obama on June 24.

TPM is reporting that Hillary and Jim Webb and Evan Bayh and Robert Byrd are on the job:

Ratcheting up her war with the Pentagon, Hillary Clinton is joining with Senators Jim Webb, Evan Bayh, and Robert Byrd to demand that the Senate Committee on Armed Services hold hearings to determine the status of the Pentagon’s contingency plans for withdrawal with Iraq.

New York Times reports on the Oprah vs. Maya Angelou dueling endorsements.

Fasten your seatbelts. Desperate candidates do desperate things.


4 thoughts on “Good Polls Day, Good Debate Night

  1. My prediction is that Edwards will try some gimmicks to attack Hillary, but he’ll get bitch slapped badly in the end.

  2. batten down the hatches. hopefully it will stay positive but edwards or obama might attack out hillary in desperation. it will backfire. GO HILLARY GO!!!!!

  3. Elizabeth Edwards was interviewed after the debate. All she did was ramble on and on elaborating tired soundbytes up one side and down the other. She looked terrible. Really exhausted and perhaps on heavy pain medication. She made little sense trying to augment a few talking points made by her husband tonight. If anything it was a scrambled ramble… She needs to rest. She is not gaining any ground for husband John, with nonsensical attacks on Hillary, that overall, do more harm than good .

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