How To Defeat Hillary Clinton, Part II

Seven male Democrats and the entire Ripublican Party want to know how to defeat Hillary Clinton. Big Media has been trying to answer that question for much longer than a decade too. Publishing houses have tried to divine an answer as well.

Last week, tired of subtlety, Newsweek magazine issued an SOS distress signal in the form of an article called How to Go After Hillary.

The Newsweek article, confused as it is, provides one truthful but difficult item for Naderites, Big Blogs and Hillary’s opponents to swallow:

“There’s a reason she hasn’t lost an election since she ran for president of the student council in high school. She does her homework; she doesn’t do gaffes. Anyone running against her would be wise not to count on an implosion. So if she won’t do herself in, how can she be beaten?

After that mild but accurate introduction, the article, as well as the defeat Hillary strategies it suggests, collapse. Most of the suggestions are frankly stupid. For a real “defeat Hillary” strategist the tiny nuggets of useful information are buried deep in the assumptions made by the losers called in by Newsweek to give advice on defeating Hillary. Why did Newsweek decided to interview losers who are so self-unaware?

(1) The first suggestion by Newsweek is to “Give Susan Sarandon a call.” The premise is that there is such a vast number of anti-Hillary anti-war voters out there that what is needed is a courageous celebrity to show these anti-Hillary anti-war voters how strong their numbers are. The source for this suggestion is an antiwar 2006 Senate primary opponent of Hillary. This Naderite still deludes himself with the “if only” notion that he ever had a chance to beat Hillary. Lessons for Obama and Edwards: the wonderful Susan Sarandon is not going to save your campaigns. The very popular Oprah is not going to save your campaigns. And by the way, anti-war voters support Hillary.

(2) The next loser up to bat is a liquor store owner in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn who also happens to be the chairman of the Conservative Party in New York – Mike Long. Mike’s suggestion is “Keep the electricity going.” The premise here is that “when Sen. Clinton walks into a room, her star power creates a glow in the air. “But as she performs, the light gets dimmer and dimmer,” he says.” Lesson to Hillary opponents: don’t listen to Mike. Mike obviously has not seen the debates and how Hillary’s light grows and grows. Mike is still recovering from the thrashing Hillary gave to Ripublicans and Conservatives in New York State last year. What was it Mike? 67% of the vote for Hillary? Advice to Mike: Keep away from the product you sell when talking with reporters.

(3) Advice here is “Stay behind your podium.” The point of this advice is that “When Rick Lazio invaded Mrs. Clinton’s personal space during one of their debates in the 2000 Senate race, he made her look vulnerable.” The writer misses the real lesson here and sells the advice as “a vulnerable Mrs. Clinton is a popular Mrs. Clinton.” Lesson to candidates: the real lesson is don’t throw a punch that will knock you, not Hillary, out.

(4) “Don’t lose Page 10.” The premise: “Jeanine Pirro’s campaign for Clinton’s Senate seat in 2006 never recovered after she lost part of her announcement speech. As the cameras rolled, she let 32 excruciating seconds of silence tick by while she looked for it.” The real to lesson candidates: Not good when your opponent exudes competence.

(5) “Study Mike Gravel.” The premise here is that losers have nothing to lose. The hope is that a loser candidate has “an opportunity for someone to stand out as genuine—and attract voters—by sprinkling in some of the freewheeling, popped-his-lid style of the former Alaskan senator.” This is another piece of advice from Hillary’s 2006 primary election opponent. Being a genuine clown still makes you a genuine loser. Lesson: don’t listen to this guy – he is a loser. Losers are by definition, um, Losers.

(6) “Raise money, duh!” Here’s Hillary’s 2006 primary election opponent again. Look at his delusion, he “believed his positions were more popular than Hillary Clinton’s among Democrats—but since he raised only $250,000, no one knew it. Or who he was, for that matter.” Lesson: money is important guys, but it’s not the only thing. In 2000 Hillary’s opponents raised and spent more money than she did but Hillary still won by 12% of the vote. More Lessons: For Edwards and the other cash hungry, you need money guys to get your message out. To Obama who has cash but little else: Cash is meaningless. Cash is useless if you don’t have the experience and support and team and intelligence to utilize that cash to communicate why you should be elected.

(7) “She voted for it before she was against it.” Here’s the premise from our liquor salesman: “Long suggests reminding voters that she has been on “all four sides” of the Iraq War issue.” The 2006 primary election opponent agrees with this loony tactic. This PINO, this Naderite “thinks Barack Obama, particularly, should do more to exploit her Iraq vote. “When she says, ‘We can all agree this is George Bush’s war,’ it’s so false!” says Tasini. “You don’t have to be abusive, but you can say, ‘With all due respect, senator, you voted for the war, you supported the war. And voters need to take that into account for how you’ll make decisions in the future.’” Lessons for candidates: Guys, this is actually a really big secret but we will clue you in. Most Americans in 2002 supported the Iraq war. When you accuse Hillary of being wrong in 2002 and now switching sides you are actually insulting American voters. Get a clue. This is a major insight. You should pay us for this piece of advice.

Moreover, the American voter wants to get out of Iraq now, not refight the 2002 vote. Also guys let’s get real here. Edwards co-sponsored the Iraq resolution and Obama has voted exactly like Hillary in the Senate. Help Hillary in her fight to deauthorize the war and in her fight with the Pentagon. You might get some good press.

(8) “Don’t be like her.” The conservative liquor salesman says Ripublicans must “pick a candidate whose views are different enough from Clinton’s in order to motivate the base.” The Ripublican opponent who lost 67% of the vote to Hillary in 2006 suggests this laugh riot advice: “When candidates run away from their core beliefs they are destined to lose. If you are a Republican, run as one.” Hey, guys, Hillary got 67% of the vote – and the Ripublican was very Ripublican in his views. If anything you should note that running as a Ripublican does not help. Lesson for candidates: Maybe getting some cleavage will help.

(9) “Get a good daughter.” “When she showed up it had the perfect effect. She humanizes her.” And the fact that she’s somebody’s mom makes it more difficult to go negative on her, he says. “At the end of the day she’s a mother and look at the child. No one can throw stones there.” Lesson: Adopt Chelsea.

(10) “Be grateful just to compete against her and you may get an invite to the White House.” “Nonna Noto, now at the Congressional Research Service, ran against Sen. Clinton in the Wellesley student government elections in the spring of 1968. She has vague recollections of the race but says she was lucky to become Hillary’s vice president.” Lesson for candidates: Consider being the Senate President. As Hillary’s vice president you get to be Senate President. Second lesson: did you notice how she won the student government presidency at Wellesley and in her High School. Hillary has a long, long history in politics. Nothing is tougher than those student elections. Some of you were on football teams and Law Reviews. How many of you have been presidents before?

The thrilling conclusion to How To Defeat Hillary Clinton, Part III — coming soon.


28 thoughts on “How To Defeat Hillary Clinton, Part II

  1. The problem for the people who oppose Hillary is that there is only one way to stop her: that is to get more votes than she does. And that is not going to happen.

  2. I absolutely love your article, a perfect mixture of truth and mockery.

    BTW, I have a new proposal for all regular commentators here. Each one of us need to write a diary on dailykos everyday to promote Hillary and debunk all the lies spouted by her enemies.

    From my own experience at myDD, I believe one small step can really make a change, and we need to shake up those ‘undecideds’ on blogsphere. When I first joined mydd, it was very hostile to Hillary. But a couple of Hillary supporters are very devout and focused on our message. We write one or two pro-Hillary diaries per day, and you can see the change there. These diaries have generated excitement, attracted more Hillary supporters and have advanced our cause.

    When we write diaries about Hillary on dailykos, we need to focus on our strategy, which for the time being is to project Hillary’s ‘presidential’, ‘front runner’ and ‘winner’ stature. We don’t need to write those mindless daily summary similar to Edwards’. From my experience on Mydd, two types of diaries will fill the void of dailykos and achieve our strategy.

    1) polls
    When a favorable poll comes out, Hillary supporter should immediately write a diary on dailykos in order to generate excitement and momentum. You can feel there’s a poll vacuum on dailykos because many posters are still in Edwards/Obama’s corner. Of course they will avoid any polls which are predominately good news for Hillary these days. This is very important, good polls do shake out the fence-sitters, at least make them want to join a winning team. Just give you an example, Friday’s SC poll diary generated lots of comments on Mydd. One Edwards supporter conceded it’s very likely Hill would get the nod. Unfortunately, when I looked at dailykos, there’s no diary on this poll at all, opportunity lost!

    2) Cite a Hillary-centred news article. This does not take a lot of effort, but can be very effective. Another example on myDD. Diaries on Hillary’s battle against Pentagon, Des.’s great interview with Hillary have generated lots of conversation on myDD. Again, when I look at dailykos, nothing, zip, opportunity lost again!

    We can always get some hint what to write from Hill44. I believe if we first focus on these two types of diaries, we are certainly going to generate lots of conversation about Hillary on dailykos.

    One small step a day, we can certainly make a change. Remember, the propaganda frontline, if you don’t try to occupy, the enemy will!

    I still don’t have an account at dailykos, will try to get one soon.

  3. I just read that Newsweek article you linked to. It’s such a dumb article. Why the hell did they pick up a bunch of big, big losers to offer ‘advice’ on how to beat Hillary? Dumb beyond imagination.

  4. DCDem, do you think the opposing candidates will figure out that what you wrote “get more votes than she does” is what this is all about? Do you think by August of 08 Obama and Edwards will finally figure out that this is about getting delegates? When will they figure it out? So far they have wasted over half a year stumbling around while Hillary mobilizes her campaign nationwide.

  5. admin: I am not sure what game Obama and Edwards are playing, but it isn’t a winning strategy.

  6. mydd is getting better with hillary supporters but the haters on that blog will attack with venom at us hillfans. we are still vastly outnumbered. still chuggin along in there though.

  7. I’ve been following blogs for a while, but new to this diary thing.
    Just joined MyDD and will soon on DailyKos.
    I can see a change tho, I think we need to make the diaries interesting so that not only Hillary supporters come to read them.

  8. terrondt: I’ve never posted on mydd. I thought that most of the people who posted there also posted at daily kos, and daily kos has kept me busy enough. People on daily kos certainly are reconciling themselves to Hillary, but some of them really cling, against all reason, to some sense that Hillary is Satan Incarnate. I had an interaction with one poster last evening and this morning where the poster observed that “someone who doesn’t see the danger in Hillary’s enmeshment with Murdoch doesn’t have the sufficient gravitas to recognize John Edwards presidential qualities.” I replied that she was describing most Democrats, but I complimented her on her own aristocratic sensibilities.

  9. DCDemocrat,

    Sign up to mydd, we’re making it a better place for Hillary. I haven’t seen your diaries on dailykos. Again, when we write diaries on dailykos, we need to make them interesting, it does not matter what sort of venom the enemies will spout out in their commentaries. It matters a great deal that we have a voice.

    Again, we need to focus on writing polls and Hillary-friendly in-depth features published by major newspapers. I sensed there’s a vacuum on these topics there, and the reason is simple: the enemies do not want to talk about polls since they are losing and they do not want their peers to get dispirited, and do not want ‘fence-sitters’ to jump on Hillary bandwagon.

    The poll diaries on myDD are very effective in generating the ‘momentum’ .

  10. kostner: I rarely write diaries anywhere. If I write something, I want it to be something new, something missed by other people, and in a moment when I have time to write it. That rarely happens.

    There’s a new poll out at The Washington Post. Hillary, needless to say, is still the person to beat.

  11. DCDemocrat,

    I found it’s a waste of time to write ‘thoughtful’ diaries to those brain washed and misguided Obama/Edwards diehards. The correct strategy is to make them dispirited and shake out those ‘fence sitters’. That’s why I believe writing polls and ‘Hillary juggernauts’ type of diaries are far more effective on those ultra liberal blogs. Ultral leftists are used to being losers. They are fainthearted. The best way to finish them is to give them a dose of reality medicine.

    BTW, a new FL poll has just come out. More good news to Hillary. In head-to-head matchup, she narrowed gap with Rudy to only 2 points. Obama has some terrible match-up #s, he’s trailing Rudy by almost double digits.

  12. Poll diary, here’s an example of poll diary. Any Hill supporter who has an account at dailykos is welcomed to copy this diary there. Those kossacks need to face the reality.
    That site is ridiculously silent on polls.

    New FL poll: Clinton 36%, Gore 14%, Obama 14%

    A new FL Quinnipiac poll has been released this morning, Hillary continues commanding lead among democratic primary voters. Lots of interesting internals. aseID=1085

    July 23 (June 27)

    Clinton 36 (38)
    Gore 14(13)
    Obama 14(15)
    Edwards 9(8)

    Very little movement in democratic primary. The interesting numbers came from head-to-head matchups. Hillary has improved her numbers across the board, Obama’s numbers are stagnant, and he’s trailing Rudy by a wide margin.

    July 23 (June 27)

    Clinton 44 (42)
    Giuliani 46 (48)

    Clinton 46 (44)
    McCain 40 (43)

    Clinton 48 (46)
    Thompson 39 (41)

    Obama 39 (39)
    Giuliani 47 (47)

    Obama 42 (42)
    McCain 38 (42)

    Obama 42 (43)
    Thompson 39 (41)

    Here are some favorability numbers that Obama/Edwards like to tout.

    Clinton 49:44 (47:47)
    Edwards 40:32(37:32)
    Rudy 57:27(54:28)
    Obama 45:25(44:19)

    Two observations:

    Favorability numbers do not necessarily translate into strong polling numbers, Rudy has the best favorable ratings and the net fav/unfav. gap has actually widened a bit over the past month, but Hillary is catching him fast in head-to-head matchup. Gore also has very strong favorable number in this state, but he still loses to Rudy by a much wider margin than Hillary. It seems voters are tired of `beer buddy’ this time around, and they want a competent leader, that leader is Hillary Clinton. This does not bode well for Obama’s `rock star’ candidacy.

    Obama’s favorable ratings are stagnant. We often hear the argument from his supporters that the more people know him, the more they will like him and vote for him. Obama himself also blurted out this egomaniac statement `to know me is to love me’. Okay, let’s take a look at his numbers. From April 2007 to July 2007, his `haven’t heard enough’ number has dropped from 39% to 28%, his favorability has barely inched up from 42% to 45%, his unfavorable number has increased from 17% to 25%. Is it time for him to reconsider `to know me is to love me’? Hillary’s favorable ratings, on the other hand, have been improving steadily despite little changed name recognition

  13. Please see the Florida poll diary on myDD. Any Hill support willing to copy that diary to dailykos? I don’t have an account there yet, Dailykos needs polls to wake up those fence-sitters.

  14. For the record, I’m copying the following from kos.

    Ok I gotta tell you (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by: Lois, libertyisliberal, cjallen
    My best friend just got a call from CNN letting her know that she is going to be one of the people that they call right after the debate tonight for their ‘instant poll’. She’s been told not to speak with anyone between 7-930. She got picked after she answered a robocall yesterday from them.

    Now I should tell you about my friend. She’s a preoperative transexual with AIDS, and she is also under medication for AIDS realted dementia, that works most of the time, altho she goes thru manic phases.

    She also, during the robocall, gave neutral marks to all of the candidates except Biden, who she will never forgive for ‘kissing Thomas’ ass” during the confirmation hearings almost 20 years ago, Richardson, because he ‘used to be a Republican’ and Dodd ‘just because’.

  15. DCDemocrat, I love your response to that Daily Kos person! BTW, I can’t for the life of me figure out why people are fixated on the fact Murdoch had a fundraiser for Hillary during her last Senate campaign. A poster on brought up the Murdoch thing, and I just had to reply – politely, of course, lol.

    kostner, I wonder if that latest Rasmussen poll reflects a boost she got from the Pentagon brouhaha.

  16. i write only comments on mydd, rarley on daily kos anymore. the new polls coming out today are great!!! go hillary go!!!!!!!

  17. I think you’re right Kostner on the types of diaries we need on Kos. They need to be more frequent, on the polls and the winning trends on Hillary, not necessarily thoughtful and definitely not like Edwards diaries. I think we Clinton supporters are a little too apologetic on Kos, but we need to post diaries on the winning Hill campaign daily. Some people are coming around but there’s still those that just repeat triangulation, corporate, and Murdoch and know nothing else. Clinton supporters on Kos are much more articulate and thoughtful overall, but who’s surprised?

  18. kitforhill,

    Glad you agree with me. When you look at the voting pattern of dailykos, almost 35-40% for Edwards, whose ‘new’ ideology is pretty much on the fringe. There’s not much you can change those who are borderline socialists, Naderites.

    The vacuum is definitely polls and MSM ‘juggernaut’ type of pro-Hillary articles. No debate needed there.

    For instance, today somebody finally put out that ABC poll, and it has generated enormous traffic. Let’s face, political junkies are poll driven. They like winner. The main purpose we Hill supporters post on dailykos is not to win those diehard. Our strategy should be focused on ‘Hill is the winner’ theme, we hit this message again and again. Eventually those fainthearted ultra-liberals will on Hill wagon. If they don’t, that site will at least be less hostile to Hillary.

  19. BTW,

    Another reason to post ‘winning’ diaries on dailykos more frequently is to cultivate a pro-Hill environment. The more occasional Hill supporters see this type of diaries, the more likely they will stay there and fight. It’s a great way to attract ‘random’ Hill supporters who were previously turned off by that site.

    What has been happening on myDD is a great example. One or two months ago, there were only two or maybe three strong but lonely Hill supporters. These guys kept on writing diaries on ‘polls’, Hillary’s ‘winning’ stories. It has changed quite a bit there.

    One step at a time!

  20. hillary supporters like georgep and areyouready are my real heros on mydd. they do a great job on posting good diaries. i allways comment on their diaries there while fighting off the haters.

  21. bebe and hrc also on mydd. dcdemocrat you also shine on daily kos. hillary will do well tonite. GO HILLARY GO!!!!

  22. Hey admin, someone else out there who don’t seem to be thrilled with Obama. Just want to post this link (tho I’m not sure I can make it into a link to just click on), it’s a fun little thing, but the best part is the picture! Gotta check out that picture, it nails it.


    (this msg didn’t show the first time, sorry gonna try again.)

    ps. Is there a place where tonights debate will be streamed online, can’t find one, been looking on cnn, hope someone has a link 🙂

  23. Sorry, never mind, found one! I made the mistake of going to the election site on cnn, instead of it’s main page So, anyway, happy viewing people!!

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