In Iowa, Hillary Clinton Beats Harry Potter

As midnight stuck, Barack Obama (D-Rezko) found himself confronting the Deathly Hallows of Iowa. As more and more Iowans get to know Hillary the more they like her.

Today, instead of curling up with the latest adventures of Harry and his Hogwarts friends, Iowans are reading about our plucky heroine – Hillary Clinton.

The Des Moines Register, the biggest and most influential newspaper in Iowa today published an essay “based on meetings of presidential candidates with the Register’s editorial board.” After a meeting with Hillary yesterday the Register described the meeting with the sure-to-be 44th president.

Her presence filled the room. She was commanding and confident and repeatedly demonstrated her prowess as a self-described “policy wonk.” Just like her friend Tom Vilsack.

She complimented the former governor on his “understanding of policy” and the work he did in Iowa on education, energy and health care.

“We spend a lot of time talking about wind power and the Hawk-I program,” which provides health insurance for low-income Iowa children.

The Register board noted how hard Hillary works,

Though she had been voting in the Senate until 12:30 Friday morning, she didn’t look tired, dressed in a bright red jacket and matching beads.

But this was not a fashion review, the Register understood the deep intelligence and experience this particular presidential candidate has,

No sound-bite answers were heard. She talked with depth and passion about the Supreme Court and Iraq and “biologics” (She is the first candidate we’ve interviewed who talked about that – drugs synthesized from living organisms or their products). Despite all her expertise on health care, though, she said that pushing a particular plan for providing health insurance for everyone was less important than building the coalition to pass it.


Even with all her experience, though, she knows none of it – getting elected and doing the job – will be easy.

“I know how hard this job is. I have absolutely no illusions about it,” she said. “And I wouldn’t be running if I didn’t think that I was the person to do it at this moment in this country’s history.”

She also expressed more confidence than any other candidate we’ve interviewed that she will be elected.

“I am winning. I am beating the Republicans,” she said, referring to polls. “Now I know and you know there’s a long way between now and November. So what you need in a candidate is the ability to go the distance.”

We need Hillary to be elected. She understands fully what is at stake,

She is willing to go that distance because she thinks change in Washington is desperately needed. Her comments had more edge than those from most other candidates. She laughed a bit, but often at the expense of the Bush administration, which has “squandered” her husband’s work during the past 6 ½ years.

“We’ve gone from President Roosevelt with ‘All we have to fear is fear itself’ to a president who says, ‘I want you to be afraid all the time,’ for political and partisan advantage.”

Harry Potter’s fight against evil is nothing to what we in the United States face. Hillary knows how to fight our non-fiction Voldemorts.

Iowa voters are reading about Hillary today, not Harry.


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