Hillary Clinton’s Veep

About a month ago we wrote: “Hillary is so dominant a candidate right now that speculation abounds concerning her vice presidential choice.” Hillary is still the dominant Democratic candidate, only more so, even as the Ripublican candidates have a meltdown.

We considered then some of the questions that needed to be asked before answering this question of a potential Hillary Vice President. We also listed a menu of possible candidates. The most interesting of choices we listed was James Webb of Virginia (13 electoral votes).

The New York Observer has joined in this Webb speculation. They pretty much echo what we wrote a month ago. Here are some excerpts from the Observer article:

He would, in some ways, seem to fit a ticket led by Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, the only two Democrats right now with clear shots at the presidential nomination, equally well.

In Mrs. Clinton’s case, Mr. Webb, who was awarded the Navy Cross, two Purple Hearts, two Bronze Stars and a Silver Star for his combat duty in Vietnam, would offer a tough-guy reputation that might assuage any reservations swing voters might have about electing the nation’s first female president. That he hails from Virginia, a probable battleground state far from Mrs. Clinton’s Northeast region, doesn’t hurt matters.


And that’s not even mentioning what may be Mr. Webb’s top selling point: his action hero image—the straight-shooting military man guided by principle and infuriated by B.S. This is the same man, you may recall, who weeks after winning his Senate election last year bristled when President Bush approached him at a reception and tried to engage him in a conversation about his son, who was then deployed in Iraq. “That’s between me and my boy,” Mr. Webb told the commander in chief, refusing to smile and pose for a picture.

That style is perfectly suited for the current political playing field, when countless Americans share Mr. Webb’s sense of anger over the five-year-old war, even if they’re divided over what should be done. Mr. Webb could be a reassuring presence to all of them.

Virginia has a Democratic Governor so the elevation of Webb to the Vice President’s office would not hurt the balance of power in the U.S. Senate.


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  1. Earlier, I mentioned Webb’s performance on
    Meet the Press. He went face to face with
    Lindsay Graham and bested him on the Irag War.
    He would be a straight talking standup person
    who can shout down Republican nonsense.

    Hillary has talked about putting the south in play.
    With Webb on the ticket, a true 50 state
    strategy can be employed. Even her numbers
    in Texas were surprising good. Republicans would
    have to defend the red states instead of
    campaigning only in swing states. Webb would
    be a perfect match for Hillary.

  2. Webb is an interesting choice. Actually Webb & Clark are both good. The priority for a Hillary administration is to end the Iraq fiasco. President Hillary needs a competent VP to fully focus on this issue.

    The only concern I have regarding Webb is his maverick personality. It’s a bit premature to speculate, but can be fun.

    BTW, I sensed today’s big news is Hillary’s big pushback on Pentagon’s Letter gate. It’s going to be fun to watch how Team Hillary beats those bastards again and again. It also has a potential to cement Hillary’s leadership role on Iraq.

    Stay tuned.

  3. I would love to see Webb become Hillary’s choice for VP. I agree that it would put many Red states, like Virginia and Missouri in play.

    Yet, I have to admit, that Bill Richardson is the most experienced choice for VP. Like Hillary, Bill Richardson would be ready to lead from day one. Plus, Richardson is very popular around the world and with the United Nations, and his presence in the Executive Branch would show the world that the USA is serious about restoring diplomacy.

    But, alas, from a political standpoint, Richardson would probably do nothing to help in the election, since Hillary already has rock solid support from the latino community.

    Maybe Hillary can pick Webb as her running mate, and subsequently select Richardson to again be Ambassador to the United Nations?

    OMG, I am getting way ahead of myself here.

  4. For those who’re obsessed with polls, this is today’s Rasmussen #.

    Hillary 38 Obama 27

    Yesterday was
    Hillary 35 Obama 28

    I found those Obamaniacs are really amusing. They grab at any straw to claim Obama’s momentum. Yesterday they were touting the Rasmussen daily tracking poll that the gap had been narrowed to single digit. LOL. Hilarious.

  5. Sandy1938, the Republican’s are going to make
    national security the ’08 issue or at least
    they are going to try. Webb, as a former
    Secnav, mitigates Democratic credential

    Richardson seems to be an ideal candidate
    on paper. He is personable and intelligent.
    However his campaign style is unpolished and
    a little disorganized. Perhaps that is changing.
    I would hope he would run for the Senate.
    A Hillary presidency could use all the help it
    can from additional Democratic senators.

  6. kostner, Thanks for posting the newest Rasmussen numbers. I’m thinking Hillary must’ve had a really good day in that tracking poll yesterday, because for Obama to cut the lead to 7 from 12 in one day had to mean he had a great day the day before that. And that day won’t fall out of the average until Sunday.

    All in all, it’s a good idea not to put too much stop in a tracking poll this far out, lol.

  7. Paula,

    There’s no need to fall into the trap of daily tracking poll. A good day or bad day, it means very little.

    Hillary hits back hard on Pentagon. Obamaniacs are going nuts on mydd since Hillary’s substance again overshadows their candidate’s ‘Paris Hilton’ nature.


  8. When Hillary is focusing on confronting national security issue, guess what Obama is doing? He is playing ‘Harry Potter’ card according to politicalwire.

    Sen. Barack Obama “is the ‘Harry Potter parent’ who has read all six books about the boy wizard’s adventures with his older daughter,” the AP reports. He’s also the first presidential campaign to attempt to ride the Harry Potter mania in his presidential campaign.

    In an interview, Michelle Obama “said her husband has read the books aloud with 9-year-old Malia and saw the latest movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, with her last Sunday. Both are awaiting the release of J.K. Rowling’s seventh and final book in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, this weekend, but finding time to read won’t be easy.”

    Said Mrs. Obama: “The challenge will be scheduling Harry Potter reading time in between Iowa and New Hampshire and fundraising, but I guarantee you they will figure out a way to do it.”

    His entire candidacy consists of money raising, rallies, reading Harry Potter.

  9. He has time to read six ‘Harry Potter’ books, does he have time to study national security issues?

  10. That Harry Potter thing is pretty cheesy, lol. Nice contrast with Hillary’s battle with the Pentagon. Not surprisingly, the underling who sent her that letter used to work for Cheney.

    Picking a fight with her is reallyyyy dumb.

  11. If Webb became vice president, Kaine could appoint Mark Warner as a senator to almost universal acclamation by the people of Virginia.

  12. Hillary’s battle with Pentagon has won praise from politico

    Fun with the Pentagon

    Defense Undersecretary Eric Edelman, a former Cheney aide, really handed Hillary an enormous gift with his letter warning that “[p]remature and public discussion of the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq reinforces enemy propaganda.”

    That may have worked in 2004. Now it’s just a gift to Hillary. Her staff would not, of course, say whether they knew how the AP had “obtained” Edelman’s letter. But it was an incredible gift to her, and her aides promptly hit it out of the park, right there in the first version of the story.

    Her Senate spokesman, Philippe Reines, demanded that the administration provide a withdrawal plan rather than “a political plan to attack those who question them.”

    He also called the comments “outrageous and dangerous” and, to boot, warned against “redeploying out of Iraq with the same combination of arrogance and incompetence with which the Bush administration deployed our young men and women into Iraq.”

    Is there still any danger here for Clinton, any chance that voters — Democratic primary voters?! — consider criticism of the war effort and discussion of withdrawal disloyal? Edelman seems to have thought so — that excerpt reads as a shot across the bows. But it’s a bit too late in the day for that, isn’t it? When you’ve everyone from Richard Lugar to a front-page blogger on Kos getting your back, it’s a pretty good day.

    Certainly, the Clinton campaign’s reaction — and stay tuned for a planned response directly to Defense Secretary Robert Gates — suggests that this is just the sort of fight they’d like more of.

  13. New CNN SC poll:

    Without Gore:
    Hillary 43%
    Obama 27%
    Edwards 17%

    With Gore:
    Hillary 39%
    Obama 25%
    Edwards 15%
    Gore 10%

    I’m a bit skeptical about this poll. Hillary’s lead in this state is too huge to be true.

  14. kostner: On the other hand, I always was skeptical about the polls that showed Obama with a lead over Hillary in South Carolina.

  15. lol the nutroots are really whining about the polls now. the new cnn south carolina, foxnews poll, and ny times poll. the new rasmussen is good to hear is back to double digits. they just don’t like the results so they trash em. GO HILLARY GO!!!!

  16. terrondt: the nutroots are always slamming the polls because their candidate: Edwards or Obama never is leading. As soon as there is a 1-2% uptick in their candidates numbers they quickly hold the polls in high regard. i think they’ll come around when Hill gets the nom – at least most of them.

  17. kitforhill,

    Don’t blame ‘nutroots’. I have a feeling that those ‘nutroots’ will soon rally behind Hillary … Looks like KOS has already taken a note of Hillary’s backing on his yearlykos especially after he was duped by JetBlue.

    The truth is ordinary people do not have firm belief, they always love winner. Hillary is the winner, ‘nutroot’s will not escape this ‘winner’ attempt in the end.

    I had no doubt in the beginning that ‘nutroots’ was the easiest bloc to win over for Hillary. The real challenge is to persuade independent and moderate GOPers.

  18. Another interesting observation on netroots…

    If you pay attention to front page articles, especially mydd and dailykos. They haven’t slammed Hillary as hard as in the past.

    The ‘netroots’ have their own agenda. They know Hillary is a winner, and they don’t want to be marginalized in the end. The relationship among netroots and Obama/Edwards/Clinton is interesting. They like Edwards, but realized he’s probably done, that’s why there’s little enthusiasm for Edwards even from the leftist corner of netroots. Netroots leaders believe Obama and them are vying for the same ‘movement’ , they are obviously really unhappy about being snubbed by Obama. You could sense the fissure between Obama and netroots leaders.

    In my opinion, this creates an excellent opportunity for Hillary to grab ‘netroots’ movement at minimum cost. They can cause some trouble for Hillary sometimes, but to have them on her side is going to inject some energy, maybe some small-donor money into her campaign.

  19. Hillary and Kerry are teaming up to force Pentagon’s hand, will brief the press this afternoon.

    From talkingpoints memo. This is getting very interesting.

  20. kostner, Regarding the netroots, her campaign accounced the endorsement by Joe Wilson via the progressive blogosphere. I thought that was interesting.

  21. I think Hillary plan is not to concede any votes or any groups no matter what. At the same time not to take any vote or group for granted but to earn every single vote! I believe that is a wise and realistic strategy!

    Obama in contrast to Clinton’s substance and rich experience comes across as Lad.Paris Hilton as kostner points out! Hahah!

    Go Hillary 08!!!!!

  22. Kostner: True about the shift on netroots, I’ve noticed that too. There used to be a lot more Edwards diaries by the same folks and they are thinning out. And the vitriole isn’t as much on Hillary – they do like the Yearly Kos support and the latest stand against Edelman. Hillary’s doing great, I am very impressed by her campaign. Virtually no real slip ups.

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