Barack Obama = Flowery Words; Hillary Clinton = Action

One quick question (which we have sort of asked before):

Why hasn’t Barack Obama come out with a full throated defense of Hillary Clinton in her battle with the Pentagon?

Barack Obama mouths the words put “politics aside“. Obama is constantly lecturing Democrats to cross the aisle and work with Ripublicans who for years have repeatedly demonstrated their bad faith and untrustworthiness. Why won’t you work with Democrats Obama?

We understand that politically (as Politico has noted HERE, and HERE and HERE) the fight with the Pentagon helps Hillary.

We also understand that (as TPM notes) “this could actually end up being the first anti-Iraq War legislation signed into law”. Senator John Kerry is joining Hillary in new legislation to force the Pentagon to face reality and consult Congress on plans to withdraw from Iraq.

For once in your short political life Senator Obama – Live up to your flowery words. Support Hillary in her battle with the Pentagon over Iraq. You won’t have to lead Senator Obama (D-Rezko) but for once do something don’t just talk about it.

[John Edwards and the other Democrats should join Hillary as well but they have not made garish displays of working with Ripublicans, like Obama has so frequently, so we will wait for Obama to support Hillary before calling on all Democratic candidates to support Hillary in her battle with the Pentagon over Iraq.]


32 thoughts on “Barack Obama = Flowery Words; Hillary Clinton = Action

  1. BTW, Hillary is launching the most aggressive pushback on O’Reiley on behalf of dailykos. They now have a full page petition on their website. Go Hill!

    If Obama does not want to lead ‘netroots’, Hillary will.

  2. That’s a good one Kostner, reading Harry Potter, good one.

    If Obama was a character in Harry Potter he would be trying to reach across the aisle to the evil Lord Voldemort.

  3. obama(d-rezko) rather be a show horse than join hillary and kerry in helping to stop the mess in iraq.

  4. Obama acts as a show horse more and more. New Politics and his “movement” of something not sure what. This guy traingulates more than anyone. But his poll numbers show it too. I think Hillary is going to take this nom without a problem. And Edwards….down down down the polls…

  5. Good afternoon and I do mean good. Edwards has been
    whinning that no one in the Senate was doing anything
    about Iraq. His perception, not mine. Now, Hillary has been insulted by the DOD. With the heat of new “surge” by
    Hillary, something positive will happen.

    I suggest one or more of the following:

    a. Gates and/or Pace will apologies for the letter.

    b. Edelman will be forced out or his policy role will be
    deminished. He will not be able to respond for Gates
    to the Senate Armed Service committee during the
    remainder of their terms.

    c. If Hillary doesn’t receive an apology, she will campaign
    on the issue into September that the DOD even under Gates has not changed significantly.

    d. Hillary’s admendment to the Defense Authorization
    bill will pass because the uniform services will support it.

    e. The other senators will have to follow. They are in
    no position to challenge the DOD. Hillary will leave them
    in her wake.

    f. It is time for the anti-war Democrats to come onboard.
    The campaign is now fully engaged. They are going
    to be left behind.

    If any of these things happen, checkmate, the nomination

  6. talkingpointsmemo is reporting that Gates is distancing himself from Edelman.

    “I have long been a staunch advocate of Congressional oversight, first at the CIA and now at the Defense Department. I have said on several occasions in recent months that I believe that congressional debate on Iraq has been constructive and appropriate. I had not seen Senator Clinton’s reply to Ambassador Edelman’s letter until today. I am looking into the issues she raised and will respond to them early next week.”

  7. Obama has shown his true colors by not coming in support of Clinton!!!
    It is great that this will help Hillary! Did anyone see her reply to Gates?
    Go Hillary!!!

  8. This is worth reading (from CQPolitics):

    Craig Crawford’s Trail Mix: Clinton in Major Leagues while Obama Plays Sandlot

    As the Pentagon battles Hillary Clinton on the war in Iraq, Barack Obama argues about kindergarteners. What a contrast.

    The top two rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination were in different leagues this week when it comes to engaging Republican forces. GOP hopeful Mitt Romney tore into Obama’s call for public schools to teach children about the dangers of molestation, overstating the Illinois senator’s idea as a broad plan for inappropriate sex education in kindergartens.

    While the Obama camp struggled to clarify his stand in this minor league squabble, the Clinton campaign is on much bigger turf. In a provocative letter to Clinton, a Pentagon official all but suggested that the New York senator was aiding the enemy in asking for details about contingencies for a withdrawal from Iraq.

    Even Obama aides acknowledge they would gladly trade their playground fight with Romney for Clinton’s big time debate with military chiefs.

  9. secretpolitics ,

    Read CQPolitics commentary, Obama is busy battling against Romney on sex education in kindergartens. He has no time left.

  10. Oh Kostner,
    Reading your post is a treat! Thanks for digging that up and showing the stark contrast of Obama and Clinton! And what a contrast that is!
    I will tell you about this “teaching about the dangers of molestation to kindergartens” is all about pleasing Oprah and this is Oprah’s pet issue you see. I was awfully concerned about Oprah going all out to help Obama but now I think even Oprah cannot change his empty suit as someone calls him here! That is what he is you know – completely dummy!
    Oh how great it is to see what a contrast Clinton is when compared to this squabble!

  11. Kostner,

    It is such a treat to read your posts. Thanks for posting the stark contrast between Clinton & Obama.

    His “dangers of molestation to kindergartens” is to please Oprah as it is her pet project! I was awfully concerned when I sensed Oprah was going all out to help Obama’s campaign. But, I have now concluded that even Oprah cannot save this dummy!

    Go Hillary 08!!!!

  12. For everyone I have a question. As everyone knows Oprah is supporting Obama. Can anyone answer if Oprah will support him if he was not Black? I was just wondering….?!

  13. secretpolitics,

    The answer to your question is a big NO NO. Honestly, I’ve never watched Oprah’s show, she’s just another silly entertainer.

    Do you believe Obama would be running for president if he were not black? The answer is also a big NO NO. He has not qualification whatsoever except being the only African American senator for the time being.

  14. Kostner,
    Thanks for replying. Yes, I used to watch Oprah shows and I knew she liked Obama and used to gush when he is around. But, didn’t know she would throw her weight behind him just because he is black! Oh well!!

    But you are absolutely right – this guy is clueless! Remember last debate he had notes on policy issues. Yes, you are allowed to have notes but that shows how inexperienced he is.

    What really ticks me off about him is his big act of being the moderniser who is above everything [petty politics] and claims moral high ground.
    In a way I am glad he did that because he was setting himself for failure! You have to start as a politician then eventually you can become a statesman! You can’t aspire become a politician by setting yourself as a statesman. This is why Obama has no future!!!

    Go Hillary 08!!!!!

  15. Ok gang, lets be honest with ourselves.

    Oprah is a BIG CATCH. Kudos to Obama for landing her. It is actually disturbing to me that he landed her. However, the biggest catch of all, in the minds of voters and public opinion is Bill Clinton.

    Think about it. As much as America admires Oprah, if people had a choice of seeing “Bill and Hillary Clinton” or “Oprah Winfrey and Barrack Hussein Obama” they would scratch their heads and eventually chose to see the former President and Popular First Lady, who is running for president.

    Hillary did a FANTASTIC job today, BTW, of slapping back at the PENTAGON. And to whoever said that “The nutroots are the easiest to win over” kudos to you. Because they are now starting to align themselves with Hillary Clinton. One comment on the Daily KOS the other day said “Anyone who refuses to support Hillary Clinton if she gets the nomination is either SEXIST or seriously has a PERSONALITY DISORDER.” lol.

    The NETROOTS are coming around, and they appreciate Hillary going to bat for them. I signed the petition for which Kostner provided the link, about O’Reilly. I am sure many more will do the same.

  16. secretpolitics, I also have NO doubt that Oprah would NOT back Obama had he not been black.
    I watch her show every now and then, and she has always struck me as a person who praises something/someone just a little more when their black then not so.

    I don’t have many feelings towards her positive nor negative, just my observation.
    But you can always see this glow in her eyes when someone black is successful at something, annoying really. I seems like blind faith, she wants someone who is black to win so much she is willing to look past the very obvious inexperience he possesses, shame really.

  17. As for Oprah backing Obama, it also could be because he’s a hometowner; plus, he’s very charismatic. I wouldn’t assume it’s related to his race. Just like I don’t want to assume prominent women backing Hillary are doing so only because she’s a woman.

  18. I wouldn’t normally say it’s because of race, my reasoning is simply what I, just me, have seen from Oprah over the many years shes been on tv.

    To me she has just always had this….call it ‘black pride’ thing about her, and I just knew from the minute Obama said he was running, that Oprah would back him. She likes Hillary, she even before the race started, said very publicly that she hoped she would run. But jumped over to Obama, in my view, because he is black. As I have said here before, people who would back such an inexperienced person for President, must not have a very high appreciation for the Presidency and what it entails. Just to add more fuel to the fire, it seems to me Oprah has a bit of a minority complex, and thus really want a black person to achieve something ‘greeat’, nothing wrong with that tho, I just question her motives, I just can’t see it as simply being an endorsement for the ‘best person, as he simply is not, again: In my view. (sorry about any typo, the box is just to little for me to see everything I write.)

  19. I undertand where you’re coming from. Hillary clearly, IMO, is the most-qualified candidate we have. I don’t think Obama is an empty suit, but Hillary is ahead and shoulders above all of them. Dem primary voters, and the voting public at large, give her high marks for her experience and leadership ability. It looks like she’s already starting to meet the commander in chief threshold, which is important for the first woman with a serious shot at being president.

  20. Agreed, and I also love how she has been able to cement the fact that she is a tough, strong and capable (possible) Commander in chief. I don’t think many people disagree with this. So now she is able to move on, and show her more warm, compassionate and humorous side, which some people still cant seem to see in her. (denial I say! denial!! :))

    I love this story I heard a man tell, don’t remember if he was a politician or not, but he told he had a conversation with a woman who said she wanted to like Hillary, but she thought she was a bit too tough and cold.
    And he said to her, “But wouldn’t you feel safe if you knew she was sitting at a table across from Putin?” And she got it! hehe

  21. It’s so nice to be on a pro-Hillary website, after getting battered and bruised on Kos – God when will these nutroots get a grip! If I hear the words corporate, or triangulation one more time I am going to scream! Why these guys swallow the BS rhetoric out there, and can’t see a woman with actions that match her words is beyond me.

  22. Kitforhill,
    That is exactly how I felt when I stumbled upon this website. I am so greatful I found it. There was real hostility towards Hillary on Kos. But here you are! Hope you have a nice time here!!!!

  23. Yesss!!! After many years, finally a place we can all gather and be supportive.

    I have always felt that Hillary supporters are a silent majority.
    It’s like it has been an expected thing to hate Hillary, a fashionable thing.
    Which is why it is so much fun to see other bloggers at other sites going crazy not understanding where this support is coming from, “the polls must be wrong” “I don’t know a single person who supports Hillary”
    “This thing is staged by aliens-Hillarys species” Just silly, and yet funny, hehe.

  24. I also have this feeling that there will be many people who in the voting booth will check one for Hillary, when they have publicly before and after said they would never do so.

    Like a spouse of a very vocal opponent of Hillary.
    I love those blanking out each others vote, hehe.

  25. More proof Obama is shilling for Republicans… Can I say that here?

    (If) Hastert’s protege, Stokke (replaces him if he resigns) is a former Illinois Legislator. The Repukes are supporting BO, in case you haven’t noticed as yet.

    What must be remembered is to nip Obama’s rise to power in the bud. Stokke, if Hastert’s replacement, will be the laison to Chicago power and must not be allowed to happen. Don’t forget where Oprah is located. I’m getting sick and tired of these “coups” happening right before our eyes and we stand paralyzed, doing nothing to prevent the closing of the ranks.

  26. omg Mrs. Smith, I am now convinced that Obama may be a GOP stealth. I have been researching him myself. He truly has a sketchy background, like publicly supporting Louis Farrakan who said “Judaism is a gutter religion.”

    And this website also opened my eyes to Obama’s lack of commitment to women’s rights, since he voted “Present” on Abortion, rather than taking a stand.

    Obama is very disturbing. But the good news is he is just a pest, like a fly buzzing around. I doubt if even the poll numbers show the extent of how unwilling people are to vote for him.

  27. “like publicly supporting Louis Farrakan who said “Judaism is a gutter religion.”

    ha, what a surprise!.. I did some research early on- All it took to convince me was the way in which he got himself elected to the state senate. I vividly remember the quote- Obama was running a distant third when suddenly his campaign mgr lent a helping hand. A scandal was released 2 wks before the Primary and coincidentally enough, the same treatment was applied to his Repub opponent 2 wks before the Election.

    afaic, Obama has never won a single election on his own steam and was prime real estate (as a Republican stealth candidate) posing as a democratic Trojan Horse. The thing is, the repukes will try to seal the election for him…we had better keep our eyes open and prepared to go all out!

  28. Thanks Secretpolitics and Gorto, good to be with friends here! I feel like I can actually say what I think here, on Kos, I would be trolled sometimes just for disagreeing that Edwards or Obama were Gods. But of course it was ok to say anything about Hillary there…talk about double standards. I too think Obama is a total light weight candidate, there is no way I see him ready for President…he wouldn’t have the first clue. With Hillary she’s ready to start tomorrow a.m., and we will have a body of work we can all be proud of in the first year! Notice too how Hollywood, except for Oprah – who I think is supporting a BLACK candidate beyond all else…not that I think that’s a bad thing…but the others like Spielberg have gone from Obama to a winner – Hillary!!!!!!!!!

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