Barack Obama = Flowery Words; Hillary Clinton = Action

One quick question (which we have sort of asked before):

Why hasn’t Barack Obama come out with a full throated defense of Hillary Clinton in her battle with the Pentagon?

Barack Obama mouths the words put “politics aside“. Obama is constantly lecturing Democrats to cross the aisle and work with Ripublicans who for years have repeatedly demonstrated their bad faith and untrustworthiness. Why won’t you work with Democrats Obama?

We understand that politically (as Politico has noted HERE, and HERE and HERE) the fight with the Pentagon helps Hillary.

We also understand that (as TPM notes) “this could actually end up being the first anti-Iraq War legislation signed into law”. Senator John Kerry is joining Hillary in new legislation to force the Pentagon to face reality and consult Congress on plans to withdraw from Iraq.

For once in your short political life Senator Obama – Live up to your flowery words. Support Hillary in her battle with the Pentagon over Iraq. You won’t have to lead Senator Obama (D-Rezko) but for once do something don’t just talk about it.

[John Edwards and the other Democrats should join Hillary as well but they have not made garish displays of working with Ripublicans, like Obama has so frequently, so we will wait for Obama to support Hillary before calling on all Democratic candidates to support Hillary in her battle with the Pentagon over Iraq.]


Hillary Clinton’s Veep

About a month ago we wrote: “Hillary is so dominant a candidate right now that speculation abounds concerning her vice presidential choice.” Hillary is still the dominant Democratic candidate, only more so, even as the Ripublican candidates have a meltdown.

We considered then some of the questions that needed to be asked before answering this question of a potential Hillary Vice President. We also listed a menu of possible candidates. The most interesting of choices we listed was James Webb of Virginia (13 electoral votes).

The New York Observer has joined in this Webb speculation. They pretty much echo what we wrote a month ago. Here are some excerpts from the Observer article:

He would, in some ways, seem to fit a ticket led by Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, the only two Democrats right now with clear shots at the presidential nomination, equally well.

In Mrs. Clinton’s case, Mr. Webb, who was awarded the Navy Cross, two Purple Hearts, two Bronze Stars and a Silver Star for his combat duty in Vietnam, would offer a tough-guy reputation that might assuage any reservations swing voters might have about electing the nation’s first female president. That he hails from Virginia, a probable battleground state far from Mrs. Clinton’s Northeast region, doesn’t hurt matters.


And that’s not even mentioning what may be Mr. Webb’s top selling point: his action hero image—the straight-shooting military man guided by principle and infuriated by B.S. This is the same man, you may recall, who weeks after winning his Senate election last year bristled when President Bush approached him at a reception and tried to engage him in a conversation about his son, who was then deployed in Iraq. “That’s between me and my boy,” Mr. Webb told the commander in chief, refusing to smile and pose for a picture.

That style is perfectly suited for the current political playing field, when countless Americans share Mr. Webb’s sense of anger over the five-year-old war, even if they’re divided over what should be done. Mr. Webb could be a reassuring presence to all of them.

Virginia has a Democratic Governor so the elevation of Webb to the Vice President’s office would not hurt the balance of power in the U.S. Senate.