How To Defeat Hillary Clinton, Part I

Democratic opponents and apparently their wives are making zany charges hoping to derail the happy, positive and winning, Hillary campaign. We borrow the tagline from those talking tuna commercials on TV: “Sorry, Charlie” the Hillary campaign isn’t biting.

[We here at Hillary Is 44 are not as bright as the Hillary campaign so we tend to bite back in defense of our Hillary. We will continue, in our humble way, to leave no charge unanswered when Hillary is attacked.]

When asked about the latest personal attack against her, Hillary graciously and accurately stated:

“I am running because I believe I am the best qualified person to do this job,” Clinton said. “I have worked very hard for most of my life on behalf of women and children and families and I’m very proud of my record — before I was in public life and now as a senator.”She added: “I am going to continue to work on the issues that I know are important to the women and children who I already represent.”

Classy words from a classy lady.

Hillary gave her respectful answer at the announcement of yet another endorsement. Ellen Tauscher, the California congressional representative endorsed Hillary (previous California representives Lucille Roybal-Allard, Doris Matsui, and Grace Napolitano). Tauscher said “Hillary is not only the candidate that can bring the war to an end, but she can begin repairing our alliances around the world and our image around the world“. “I believe she is the best candidate who can finally make health care available to all Americans.”

President Bill Clinton was just as classy as Hillary in responding to Elizabeth Edwards. Even though this is not the first time Elizabeth Edwards has made desperate and unkind personal attacks against Hillary, Our Man Bill displayed his quality when he appeared on Good Morning, America today:

“I like Elizabeth Edwards and I admire the struggle she’s going through. And I admire the fact she’s supporting her husband. She ought to be. But the thing I like about this presidential race is I don’t have to be against any of these candidates. I like them all. But if you look at the record on women’s issues I defy you to find anyone who has run for office in recent history who has a longer history of working for women, for families and children than Hillary does. I’m proud of Hillary’s record and her lifetime commitment. I don’t think she’s trying to be a man. I don’t think it’s inconsistent with being a woman that you can also be knowledgeable on military and security affairs and being strong when the occasion demands it. I don’t consider that being manly. I consider that being a leader.”

The last time Elizabeth Edwards attacked Hillary she was forced to apologize. Edwards apologized to Hillary because the attack backfired and Hillary, once again, came out smelling like a rose. For all intents and purposes this latest personal attack by Elizabeth Edwards against Hillary has backfired too. As we pointed out in Oops, I Did It Again Elizabeth Edwards stepped on the John Edwards “poverty” message and trip. Tonight, Elizabeth Edwards will be on Larry King Live, hopefully to apologize to Hillary once again.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama, unwilling to cede any ground in the ‘say silly things’ department, unveiled his strategy to defeat Hillary Clinton. “To know me is to love me” said Obama, apparently oblivious to his crash diving popularity. Obama currently has a poll lead in only one (1) state in the union. Obama leads only in his home state of Illinois. “White House hopeful Barack Obama does not have a lock on the primary in his home state, according to a new American Research Group Illinois poll.” “It’s 37 percent for Obama and 33 percent for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton” – a measly 4 point difference. It appears that the more people know Obama the more they know Hillary Is 44.

Tomorrow Sunday, in our never ending quest to be helpful to hapless Democratic strategists and candidates, having laid the ground work today, we will tackle the great question which Edwards and Obama and others are flopping around like hooked fish trying to answer: How To Defeat Hillary Clinton?