Oops, I Did It Again

Oops, time to blame the staff again.

According to the Washington Post “on the same day Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) was telling union officials that he “won’t shop” at Wal-Mart, members of his staff were in a Wal-Mart in Bedford, N.H., buying $182 worth of office equipment.” Must be (everybody join in)…Another Staff Mistake. If another candidate made this “mistake” the crowd from Chicago would have demanded a special prosecutor by now. The Hillary campaign has been too polite to comment.

The ladies and gentlemen at the Hillary Clinton campaign also politely declined to comment on certain comments directed against Hillary by Elizabeth Edwards. The comments were too zany to bother answering, but it is possible some of our commenters will take the time to list the decades of work Hillary has devoted to women’s issues and contradict the bizarre charges. We like Elizabeth Edwards. We really do. The John Edwards campaign is very lucky to have her on board. After all, Elizabeth Edwards is a bankruptcy lawyer, which could come in handy – particularly after those second quarter reports.

We are confused however by one aspect of the the ugly attack by Elizabeth Edwards against Hillary. As we understand it, the Edwards campaign has abandoned Iraq as a line of attack after a particularly effective retort by Obama at one of the Democratic Party debates. Coupled with (a) Edwards poll leads in zero states, (b) no longer leading in either his home state of North Carolina (which he failed to carry in 2004), (c) or in his birth state of South Carolina, and (d) Edwards’ waste of precious dollars in a failed advertising campaign in New Hampshire (now falling behind Richardson in the beloved Granite State), the Edwards campaign worked for the past weeks to regress to the “Two Americas” theme.

To that end the Edwards campaign organized a, for them, major offensive in the form of a “poverty” tour.

Edwards brushed off media reports about his expensive haircuts and his spacious home in North Carolina as distractions that do a disservice to the thousands of Americans living in poverty. “I want the media to focus on the people we are talking about,” Edwards said.

Here’s what we are confused about: candidate Edwards wanted the media to focus on the people affected by poverty. As this was a major effort by candidate Edwards we are confused as to why Elizabeth Edwards “stepped” on the message? Is this some novel, innovative, genius Joe Trippi “magic” whereby the campaign short circuits its own message? We don’t get it. We thought message control was still in vogue. Alas it appears not to be so in the Edwards campaign.

The Edwards campaign can count itself lucky in that reporters were distracted¬†from the “haircut” stories when ABC’s Raelyn Johnson reported from the “poverty” tour that “Elizabeth Edwards was showing off her MBT sneakers to reporters on the plane yesterday; the shoes, which purport to reduce cellulite, retail for $245.” Oh, those innovative nutroots-embracing madcap Trippi campaigners! What will they think of next?