More Join ‘Hillary Is 44’

Some Friday the 13th good luck (due to a lot of hard work).

Here is a slab of red meat for those who love to hate. They will rail against “insider” opinion. To us, it is simply being a reality based community (its also a 14% spread which jibes quite closely with national polls such as the ones we posted today):

From Hotline:

“This week’s National Journal Political Insiders Poll surveyed 116 Dems and 111 GOPers (7/14 issue). Methodology: “All insiders were asked to name and rank the top five contenders for their party’s” WH ’08 nomination. “n tallying the rankings, a first-place vote was worth 5 points, a second-place vote 4 points, and so on. The rankings are determined by the percentage of points that each contender could receive.”

Who Has The Best Chance To Be Your Party’s WH ’08 Nominee?

July 13, 2007
H. Clinton 93%
B. Obama 79
J. Edwards 50
B. Richardson 33
A. Gore 20
C. Dodd 12
J. Biden 11