Second Act

Yesterday, the Hotline wrote “Hasn’t Obama maxed out on traction from Iraq? His 2ndQ haul offers (free and paid) TV time, but he needs to move beyond his intro. When does he try to take down HRC?”

Democrats have seen the first Act of this buffo opera called “Obama” for 2 seasons now. When is the Second Act? Instead of trying, as bored Big Media and his rabid supporters are demanding, to “take down” Hillary shouldn’t he be working with Hillary to stop the war? Wouldn’t that be a good second act?

Earlier this week we wrote,

The desperate Obama campaign, falling apart even in his home state of Illinois, shows its hypocrisy once again. Obama’s flowery words say we should put “politics aside” even as his actions (For instance, following Hillary to Iowa and purposefully scheduling a speech a few blocks away from hers, days after Hillary announced her speech. We are sure he will say this is another “staff mistake”) once again demonstrate his true intent to divide Democrats in their attempts to stop the Iraq War. As Admin stated in the comments, Obama’s record in the Senate is clear. Obama has voted identically to Hillary in the Senate and has not attempted to block war funding until he decided to run for President. We thought Obama wanted to be a uniter not a divider. He is dividing Democrats on this critical issue for his desperate political needs.

Hillary’s comprehensive plan to end the war and immediate proposal to end the authorization of the Iraq war, we wrote at the time, should be supported by all Democratic Senators. Obama has so far failed to support Hillary’s intelligent proposal co-authored by Senator Robert Byrd. Today we hear echoes of the Hillary/Byrd proposal from Republican Senators.

Two leading Republican senators said today that President Bush should seek a new war authorization and present a plan to Congress by Oct. 16 outlining contingency plans in Iraq. Those plans, which would include reducing American forces, should begin by the end of the year.

Senators John W. Warner of Virginia and Richard G. Lugar of Indiana, both of whom have criticized the administration’s troop buildup plan, introduced a measure expected to be considered next week when the Iraq war debate resumes. The senators said it was critical to move beyond the current clash between Congress and the White House and begin making plans to be implemented after the military releases its progress report in September.

Instead of supporting, with vigor, the sensible Democratic deauthorization proposal from two experienced Senators, Obama tried to undermine Hillary when she spoke to the American people from Iowa.

What is Obama instead suggesting we do? Here is his latest O-Lame-O e-mail orders to his supporters: “Write a letter to the editor of your local paper right now — if you act quickly, your letter could be printed alongside tomorrow’s coverage.” The email continues, “Now is the time to act. Millions of Americans are hungry for a president who will end the war in Iraq and confront the threats we face with honesty and sound judgment. They’re waiting to hear from you. Signed, Barack Obama”

So, with “millions of Americans” “hungry for a president who will end the war in Iraq” Obama throws up his hands and suggests his supporters do what he does best: write letters. Along with providing “talking points” to be included in these letters Obama it seems has one other great activity for his supporters besides writing: ‘Read My Books’.

That’s right, read his books.

“Stealing a page from Oprah Winfrey,” Obama has launched book clubs in a dozen NH towns and online (see 7/9 Hotline). Christine Davidson, who led a discussin of “Dreams from My Father” in Portsmouth: “We’re doing this becuase [sic] people don’t really know him very well.” Obama NH comm dir Leslie Miller said about 85 people participated in the book clubs statewide on 7/10. The Portsmouth gathering “attracted only women” as the MLB All-Star Game was being played (McCormick, Chicago Tribune, 7/12). Supporters loaned books to the camp, who then distributed them to undecided voters (Pindell, Boston Globe blog, 7/11).

Why not support the Hillary/Byrd proposal to end the war and have Obama supporters lobby to get this done? Wouldn’t that be a good example of putting “politics aside”?

Novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald declared: “There are no second acts in American lives.” Wags have responded that perhaps there are no second acts, but that there sure are a lot of encores.

For candidate Barack Obama (D-Rezko) it’s time to take a final bow. The curtain is coming down.


More Join ‘Hillary Is 44’

Some Friday the 13th good luck (due to a lot of hard work).

Here is a slab of red meat for those who love to hate. They will rail against “insider” opinion. To us, it is simply being a reality based community (its also a 14% spread which jibes quite closely with national polls such as the ones we posted today):

From Hotline:

“This week’s National Journal Political Insiders Poll surveyed 116 Dems and 111 GOPers (7/14 issue). Methodology: “All insiders were asked to name and rank the top five contenders for their party’s” WH ’08 nomination. “n tallying the rankings, a first-place vote was worth 5 points, a second-place vote 4 points, and so on. The rankings are determined by the percentage of points that each contender could receive.”

Who Has The Best Chance To Be Your Party’s WH ’08 Nominee?

July 13, 2007
H. Clinton 93%
B. Obama 79
J. Edwards 50
B. Richardson 33
A. Gore 20
C. Dodd 12
J. Biden 11