Working Together

This is how things should be. Democrats working together to solve problems.

Hillary Clinton was the victim of an unknowingly unsilenced microphone after this morning’s NAACP forum in Detroit. Junkies might just blow their eardrums out trying to catch what she was saying to John Edwards during the 45 seconds that her microphone was hot, but the audio was mostly drowned out by thanks from host Russ Mitchell and by an organist’s rousing rendition of “God Bless America.” But here’s the tantalizing pieces that we picked out of the cacophony:

“But we’ve got to (inaudible) … They are just being trivialized… You know, I think there was an effort by our campaign to do that. Somehow we got to get back to it. Because that’s all we are going to do.”

She then shared a quick handshake with her No.1 rival, chirping “Thanks, Barack!” and then another “Thanks Dennis!” to Kucinich.

Here’s the kicker for the pundits and conspiracy theorists: Clinton turned back to Edwards and concluded, “So, our guys should talk.”


8 thoughts on “Working Together

  1. was this forum recorded? i did not know this was going on until it started today? on cspan later?

  2. i saw that little video exchange between clinton and edwards and i think they are referring to the future formats of the debate. i guess they are tired of it.

  3. Hillary is right Gravel should not be included in the debates.Before the debates started nobody heard of Mike Gravel. He last served as Senator in 1981. He has raised no money and does not register in the polls. At the debates he only attacks fellow democrats particularly Bill Clinton.
    Many people run for president and yet they are not included in the debates. What are Gravel`s credentials that get him included in the debates. Just because someone says that they are running for president does not make them a legitimate candidate. The media wants him there so he can attack democrats.

  4. I read someones post at Huffpo, he had a longer version of their ‘talk’. I’ll post it.

    Edwards: “WE should try to have..a more serious and a smaller group.”

    Clinton: Well…we..we’ve got to cut the number…because they are..because they are just being trivialized.”

    Edwards: ..and they’re…they’re not serious. They’re not serious.”

    Clinton: No- you know I…I…I think there was an effort by our campaigns to do that, it got somehow..detoured We gotta get back to it…becaus ethat is all we’re going to do between now and them is that…thanks. Barack., Dennis…our guys should talk.”

  5. Nice news on the Rasmussen poll, too. Rasmussen has consistently shown her lead to be less than in other polls, possibly because of their methodology of identifying likley voters, so a 12-point Rasmussen lead is a 15-18 lead elsewhere. On the Republican side, Rasmussen is the only national poll showing Fred Thompson ahead of Giuliani.

  6. american research poll has a 13-point national hillary lead over obama also. hillary is still cruisin.

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