Working Together

This is how things should be. Democrats working together to solve problems.

Hillary Clinton was the victim of an unknowingly unsilenced microphone after this morning’s NAACP forum in Detroit. Junkies might just blow their eardrums out trying to catch what she was saying to John Edwards during the 45 seconds that her microphone was hot, but the audio was mostly drowned out by thanks from host Russ Mitchell and by an organist’s rousing rendition of “God Bless America.” But here’s the tantalizing pieces that we picked out of the cacophony:

“But we’ve got to (inaudible) … They are just being trivialized… You know, I think there was an effort by our campaign to do that. Somehow we got to get back to it. Because that’s all we are going to do.”

She then shared a quick handshake with her No.1 rival, chirping “Thanks, Barack!” and then another “Thanks Dennis!” to Kucinich.

Here’s the kicker for the pundits and conspiracy theorists: Clinton turned back to Edwards and concluded, “So, our guys should talk.”


Hillary Clinton And The Order Of The Phoenix

Summer’s heat is baking the nation. The sun is relentless. Green grass turns brown. Trees droop. Throats get thirsty. Minds wander.

Senator Barack Obama (D-Rezko) must be feeling the heat.

Here’s what the distracted dining Senator said yesterday: “You know, I know that the media is obsessed with the Clintons…”

Talk about a lack of self awareness. Media obsession? This from a first term Senator whose picture is plastered this week on the cover of a high circulation national news magazine (Newsweek, not to mention the cover of Mother Jones magazine). This from a Senator who, with only 2 insignificant years in the U.S. Senate, has decided to run for the highest office in the land? As Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times aptly noted, in a chilly aside sure to merit her a call from Obama’s Chicago thugs operatives, “During the Gregory interview, Obama–whose presidential candidacy was made possible because of massive media coverage….”

We could somewhat understand if John Edwards, or Bill Richardson, or Chris Dodd or any of the other men running against Hillary uttered a complaint about the media being ‘obsessed’ with Hillary. After all, these guys have so unfairly disappeared from Big Media coverage that we would not be surprised to see their free media comprised solely of pictures on the side of milk cartons, where pictures of missing children can generally be found. But Obama? Ubiquitous Obama? Obama of the GQ Magazine cover? Obama of this month’s, ahem, Vanity Fair cover? What is he smoking?

Aside from the heat, and its disastrous effects on brain functions, Obama clearly is responding to the clamor of his rabid Big Blog supporters, who want him to ‘attack’ Hillary. These supporters are clutching at excuses for Obama’s collapse in the polls. They are particularly shocked that American voters are not impressed with Obama’s 2nd quarter dollar harvesting, as reflected in the very latest polls. Fear has entered the equation with publication of a new Illinois state poll which has Hillary a scant 4 points behind Obama in his home state.

To be sure “Hillary Clinton is the most asked-about woman of all time.”

As of July 8, 2007, there have been 2,377 public polling questions that include the name “Hillary Clinton” or “Hillary Rodham Clinton” (plus six more where “Hillary” was misspelled “Hilary”). That’s according to the University of Connecticut’s Roper Center iPoll database, which has archived public poll questions and answers since the early days of scientific polling in the 1930s.

The press coverage and the poll questions have not been friendly for much of Hillary’s time fighting for Americans. “Questions about Hillary Clinton were much more pointed, even early in her husband’s 1992 campaign.” Trying to get things done is a sure way to become unpopular. The way to remain popular is to NOT take positions. To vote ‘Present’ instead of ‘Yea’ or ‘Nay’ will grease your rise. But that has not been Hillary’s way. She fights — for us.

Those early negative assessments of Mrs. Clinton as a possible president have been replaced by generally positive ones today — for nine of the past 10 years, she has ranked as the country’s most admired woman (losing to Laura Bush only in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks). And Americans, especially Democrats, think she has the right stuff to be president. According to a May ABC News/Washington Post poll, she led Barack Obama and John Edwards as the candidate with “the best experience to be president.” Sixty-six percent of Democrats chose Clinton, 19 percent Edwards, and 9 percent Obama. In a January CBS News Poll, 57 percent of all adults said they thought Hillary Clinton “has the right kind of experience to be a good president.” Thirty-four percent disagreed.

What accounts for Hillary’s phoenix like rise? No doubt a certain Big Blog owner whose current political website was originally an astrological website, will tell you that Hillary is a Scorpio. And, “Scorpio is associated with the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes.”

But there is probably a more down to earth reason for Hillary’s rise in the polls. After so many years of fighting for us, Democrats and Independents, are now fighting for Hillary.

In the most recent Washington Post-ABC poll, the former senator from North Carolina was trounced by Senator Hillary Clinton, Democrat of New York, among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents with household incomes below $20,000. Clinton had the support of 55 percent; Senator Barack Obama, Democrat of Illinois, drew 20 percent; and Edwards 10 percent.

Meanwhile, a new poll focusing on political independents, conducted by The Post, the Kaiser Family Foundation, and Harvard University, indicated this muted support among low-income voters would carry over to the general election. Forty percent of independents from households earning less than $20,000 said there is no chance that they would back him in November 2008 if he were the Democratic nominee. Among these independents, Obama had the lowest “reject rate”; 22 percent said they definitely would not vote for him.

Forget Harry. It’s Hillary And The Order Of The Phoenix.