In Iowa, “Out of Iraq”

Update: The Quad City Times once again quotes Obama declaring about Iraq, “We’re going to have to have a residual force there.” Hopefully this will end the attacks on Hillary’s reasonable position on the matter of residual forces from Big Blog supporters of Obama. Obama should get a clue from Iowa voters, including his own suporters and stop attacking other Democratic plans to end the war. “What’s happened in the past has happened in the past,” said Mulvihill, who supports Obama but does not believe his rivals’ Iraq votes are important now. “It’s just time to move forward, to get a plan together and to bring our troops home.” Stop being desperately divisive and instead support the Hillary plan Senator Obama.

“I’m a veteran who knows war is hell,” said Haaland, of Ames. “I die with every soldier that gets killed.”

He tried to bring a hand-written sign up to the fourth-floor event, but was stopped by campaign staff.

It said “Stop the war” on one side and on the other: “Hillary, Hillary, she’s our plan, if she can’t do it, no one can.”

The veteran’s name is Juel Haaland, who was “in tears,” according to the Des Moines Register.

Stop the War[] [Full Text of Senator Clinton’s speech is HERE.]

The Des Moines Register summarized the Out of Iraq plan as follows:

Troop withdrawal: She would direct her secretary of defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and her National Security Council to draw up a “clear, viable plan” to start bringing troops home within the first 60 days of her administration.

Care for troops: She would direct the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense to prepare a plan for “the highest quality health care and benefits” for every service member, including National Guard members and Reserves and their families. She would make sure it’s promptly funded and implemented.

Stabilize Iraq: She would focus U.S. aid on stabilizing Iraq and helping its people, “not propping up the Iraqi government.” She would support the appointment of a high-level United Nations representative to help broker peace.

Diplomatic initiative: She would pull together key allies and people from countries bordering Iraq to mediate among sectarian groups in Iraq, and convince Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Syria from getting involved in civil war in Iraq, either directly or indirectly.

Refugees: Clinton would organize a multibillion-dollar international effort to address the needs of Iraqi refugees. It would be paid for by several countries and led by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Terrorism: She would “order specialized units to engage in narrow and targeted operations” against al Qaida and other terrorist organizations in the region.

The speech was a realistic appraisal:

The catalogue of miscalculations, misjudgments, and mistakes in Iraq shocks the conscience. From the unilateral decision to rush to a preemptive war without allowing the inspectors to finish their work or waiting for diplomacy to run its course; to the failure to send enough troops or provide proper equipment for them; to the denial of a rising insurgency and the failure to adjust the military strategy; to continued support for a government unwilling to make the necessary political compromises; to the adherence to a broken policy more than four years after the invasion began.

From the unilateral decision to rush into a pre-emptive war without allowing the inspectors to finish their work or waiting for diplomacy to run its course; to the failure to send enough troops or provide proper equipment for them; to the denial of a rising insurgency and the failure to adjust the military strategy; to continued support for a government unwilling to make the necessary political compromises; to the adherence to a broken policy more than four years after the invasion began.

As a result of these failures, the next President will inherit some of the greatest foreign policy challenges in our history. Rising terrorism and extremism. Frayed alliances. And the increasingly difficult task of restoring American leadership in a world that has come to view our nation with suspicion and mistrust.

These few lines are a strong case for making Hillary the 44th President of the United States:

America needs a president with the strength and experience to end this war. I will be that president. Our brave men and women who wear the uniform of our country deserve nothing less.”


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  1. Someone in the campaign needs to find Juel
    Haaland. Give him a big hug and an apology
    for stopping the sign. Veterans like myself
    know that Hillary can stand up to the political
    and economic forces that keeps this war going.

    To paraphrase a Bill expression, “Juel, I share your

  2. Hillary is right on. As for the Bush Administration, the opposite is true. For them it is not just incompetence, but toxic incompetence, and not only on Iraq, but on every issue they touch. I am unclear on how much of this really registers with the President himself, he is so insulated by yes men. But there was something recently about a vesuvian eruption where he thumped his chest three times and proclaimed that he was the President and blathered on about our national destiny to be in Iraq for the long term. He claims to represent the American People but has so little regard for their views or their welfare. He is there to represent the obligarchy, not us. Any Republican who ignores that fact is whistling past the graveyard. That said, the only candidate who can turn this thing around, get out of Iraq and stablilize the situation in region is Hillary, and even with her considerable commitment and talent, it will not be easy. Our nation is fortunate to have her.

  3. Kegs, Staff explains what happened:

    “Good advance staff, the group that sets up campaign events, know that it is not a good idea to allow audience members to bring “stuff” to a campaign event. These days security concerns trump just about all other considerations. In days past someone coming to an event with yarn and knitting needles was not a problem, not so now. Knitting needles and other objects are viewed as potential weapons.”

    “As to signs, most campaigns confiscate them at the entrance. Again, for some advance staff it is a security concern. Some other advance teams don’t want signs blocking lines of sight for audience members during the event.”

    “Other advance teams are concerned that a seemingly “nice” sign can be reversed to the flip white side, written on, and used to disrupt or attack the candidate. The usual protocol is for the campaign to begin distributing the campaign’s own signs as the event nears an end.”

    “Advance teams, if they are good, tend to be very cautious. That all said Juel Haaland sounds like a good guy. It looks like he understood the campaign’s concerns. But yes, he deserves some hugs.”

  4. Cool, nice to get an explanation …..which intrigues me as to how you got that comment from the staff. Got a link to somewhere, or did you speak to someone directly?

    There has been a lot of questions about who runs this site, on a tv show where this site was discussed, someone thought it was someone on the inside or something too that notion. I couldn’t care less, I love this site, not many like this out there…
    I have many times noticed the special style of writing tho, as someone who knows what they are doing and very professional. So I guess that can mean you are/have been a reporter/journalist, or …..

  5. Gorto, “Staff” writes the posts here. Just asked Staff to write a clarification on today’s post about Juel Haaland.

  6. just very good at what you do 🙂 so a compliment if you wish! hehe.

    Anyways, I love this site as I said, but I am wondering about this comment box. When I want to write longer posts, the ‘box’ don’t move so I can see further down as I’m writing.
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  7. :s hahaha, sorry, so Staff is a person?! Or the staff at this site?! My bad.

    Still, my comments on the ‘mystery’ of this site still stands tho 🙂

  8. Gorto: Let’s see what can be done about extending the comment box. For now, on long posts you might try writing them on a text editor like Notepad or a wordprocessing program like “Word” or “Wordperfect” then copy and paste into comments.

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  9. Two new strategic MI & PI polls will release tomorrow. MyDD has a diary on this. Hillary extends her lead slightly. Strategic Vision has the worst polling numbers for Hillary this cycle. Good news for Hillary.


  10. Ok, I can do try and do that. You don’t have to extend the comment box all that much, just maybe add a scroll option so we can see what we write further down.

    I was thinking all types of Hillary material, I know I can just go to youtube and all, but there are more videos than just there, her speeches in the senate and campaign speeches, debates etc… just a thought so that things are gathered at a place for Hillary.
    Yeah I love the funnies, and poll info on the right section. You can just add stuff and remove as you please, I’m sure we will let you know what we like, and you can ask perhaps in a online poll you can put up etc…

  11. Admin, thanks for the update on signs. Next time Hillary is in Ames, she should make a house call to Juel.

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