Nexus Of Nuts

Yesterday we wrote a very short advertisement for Al Gore’s Live Earth called Clinton/Gore. We noted that many of the Al Gore haters from 2000, Naderites, PINOs (Progressives In Name Only), Big Media, and Big Blogs, are now busy turning their untrue and twisted arguments against Hillary Clinton.

Today, our assertions from yesterday are vividly illustrated in an article from the heart of Texas. Expect the Nexus of Nuts to grab hold of that article like a drowning man grabs hold of air.

The Dallas Morning News published a story today by Melinda Henneberger. Contrary to all polling and all common sense which empirically demonstrates the strong support Hillary enjoys with women voters, Henneberger declares women do not like Hillary and will not vote for her. Henneberger begins her article by circulating, under the guise of distancing herself, personal insults about Hillary. Then comes the nonsense full bore:

Yet in interviews across the country with women of all ages, races, income brackets and points of view, one of the rare patches of common ground was skepticism about the first female presidential contender with a serious shot at the White House. Over 18 months, I traveled to 20 states listening to women speak at length about what they care about and what drives them crazy as they look toward the presidential election in ’08. I ought to like her, many of the strongest Democrats among them said. But on no other matter did left, right and center converge as on the view best summed up as “Anybody but Hillary’ – to the point that I began to dread the mention of her name, because it meant we would probably not get around to talking about anything else that day.

All of which runs contrary to the accepted narrative of this election cycle, which is that it is women who are leading the charge for Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy. Polling, which at this point still mainly measures name ID, certainly shows a far more mixed picture for Mrs. Clinton where female voters are concerned; 51 percent of those who participated in a recent Washington Post-ABC News survey said they support her for the Democratic nomination.

Hillary, according to the Washington Post poll Henneberger distorts, enjoys a 2-1 margin of support from women. “Her 15-point lead in the polls is entirely attributable to that margin.”

Forget the polls, Henneberger, who writes for the Obama Huffington Post has determined that women do not support Hillary.

Who is this Henneberger?

For a full history of Henneberger and her PINO works we suggest a visit to the Daily Howler archives. [Try Here, and Here, and Here for a glimpse into her twisted writings. Henneberger lied extensively about Al Gore in 2000. She is back to her old tricks. DailyHowler is the authoritative source for Henneberger’s rosary of lies. We will only provide a brief overview of Henneberger’s published distortions.

First of all, Henneberger wrote a PINO book (If They Only Listened to Us: What Women Voters Want Politicians to Hear) which in essence puts her own narrow views and words in the mouths of all women. Henneberger cannot be bothered with scientific analysis nor polling data. Henneberger knows best.

Henneberger’s other recent work of note was an Op-ed piece in the New York Times called Why Pro-Choice Is A Bad Choice For Democrats. The title sums up Henneberger’s obsessions. Good thing Democrats do not listen to Henneberger’s drivel. In 2006 Democrat Claire McCaskill of Missouri defeated Ripublican Jim Talent with her pro-choice message, Montana’s Democratic nominee Tester defeated Ripublican Burns, also with a pro-choice position, as did Virginia’s Democratic Jim Webb defeating Ripublican George Allen with a pro-choice message. Democrats must stick with the Clinton position of “safe, legal, and rare.”

Another article encapsulates Henneberger’s reactionary worldview and includes an all too brief moment of inadvertent self-awareness: “But whatever the truth of Schiavo’s wishes—or of her husband’s motivations—I admire Florida Gov. Jeb Bush for initially ordering the stay of execution that her family had begged for…The only consistency we get from our two major political parties, however, is in the hypocrisy of their positions. (Do I sound like a Catholic Ralph Nader here? I hope not.)”

Henneberger also recently wrote in Huffington Post about the Selma speeches by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Guess what, Hillary lost, Obama won according to Henneberger (forget the polls here too — they favored Hillary). Oh, and the African-Americans who went to hear Hillary, well, they only went to see Bill. (Henneberger has a lot of self-esteem problems.)

Henneberger loves Cindy McCain though who can do no wrong. (“Cindy McCain Basks in a New Political Role” ).

In February Henneberger (again for the shameless Huffington Post) wrote Geffen’s Hillary Criticism Is ‘Nothing I Haven’t Heard From Women Voters Across America’ Once again Henneberger recycled the detrius she calls a book (using the exact same language “After a while, I came to dread the mention of her name, because it usually meant I would hear no more on any other topic that day.”)

All I can tell you is, everything he told Maureen Dowd last week – about his own feeling that Hillary Clinton is just too polarizing, and poll-tested out the ying-yang – is nothing I hadn’t heard over and over in 18 months worth of interviews with women voters across the political spectrum, in 20 states from Massachusetts to Arizona and Oregon to Louisiana.

The unthinking love Henneberger and the PINOs among us will use it to dupe Democrats. The Chris “Imus” Matthews, the Big Blogs, the Naderites, PINOs (Progressives In Name Only), the Arrianas and Big Media will do their utmost to warp the 2008 elections to their agendas using articles written by writers like Henneberger. This Nexus of Nuts, will attempt to do as much damage to our elections and our candidates as they possibly can.

The Nexus of Nuts has begun their assault. Will Democrats and the true Netroots fight back this time?