The Case of the Missing State Senator

Alert: Missing State Senator

There he goes again, saying silly things. Murdering his own campaign.

Here’s what Obama told CBS News:

The kind of experience I have outside of Washington as a community organizer, working with families who are struggling, as a constitutional law professor, as a state legislator dealing with these very issues … people find that experience at least as relevant,” he said.

Obama claims that his work as a “community organizer”, “working with families who are stuggling” and as a “state legislator” are credentials the American electorate should be impressed with and elevate him to the highest office in the land. How impressive are those credentials? What exactly did Obama do in Illinois? How did his experience as a “community organizer” inform his work as a state legislator?

We wrote in Obama – Turning Pages, Part II, the following:

Obama at the time was a State Senator representing the mostly African-Americans who lived in the Rezko owned tenements. These residents of the Rezko owned tenements presumably contacted elected officials when they found themselves living in substandard housing and freezing in the winter. Where was Obama with consitutent services? Obama should have known and it strains credulity to think he did not know. Obama had helped Rezko obtain government subsidies for these tenements and we presume some type of due diligence was performed by Obama in which he would uncover the nature of the Rezko housing.

In that same article we quoted from the Chicago Sun-Times the following:

”Obama, who has worked as a lawyer and a legislator to improve living conditions for the poor, took campaign donations from Rezko even as Rezko’s low-income housing empire was collapsing, leaving many African-American families in buildings riddled with problems — including squalid living conditions, vacant apartments, lack of heat, squatters and drug dealers. The building in Englewood was one of 30 Rezmar rehabbed in a series of troubled deals largely financed by taxpayers. Every project ran into financial difficulty. More than half went into foreclosure, a Chicago Sun-Times investigation has found. “Their buildings were falling apart,” said a former city official. “They just didn’t pay attention to the condition of these buildings.” Eleven of Rezko’s buildings were in Obama’s state Senate district.“

Here is a bit more from that Chicago Sun-Times article:

“For more than five weeks during the brutal winter of 1997, tenants shivered without heat in a government-subsidized apartment building on Chicago’s South Side.”

“It was just four years after the landlords — Antoin “Tony” Rezko and his partner Daniel Mahru — had rehabbed the 31-unit building in Englewood with a loan from Chicago taxpayers.”

“Rezko and Mahru couldn’t find money to get the heat back on.”

“Rezmar kept getting city and state funding, even as earlier projects fell into disrepair and financial troubles.
But their company, Rezmar Corp., did come up with $1,000 to give to the political campaign fund of Barack Obama, the newly elected state senator whose district included the unheated building.”

What use was Obama’s “community organizer” experience to those shivering tenants?

What use was Obama the state senator to those shivering tenants?

What relationships did Obama build during his “community organizer” days that proved useless when he became state senator, and failed to keep him in touch with the community?

What was Obama doing in his plush state senator office that kept him too busy to know that these “struggling families” were without heat “For more than five weeks during the brutal winter of 1997”?

If Obama with all his “community organizer” experience did not know what was happening in his small district office in Chicago, how in blazes does anyone think he will respond to the needs of an American electorate that numbers in the hundreds of millions?

What was Obama doing in his state senate office while his constituents suffered due to now indicted slumlord Antoin “Tony” Rezko, Obama’s friend of 17 years? Well, Obama was busy writing letters to get even more government money for his friends, including Rezko.

Who did Obama take care of and who was he busy working for – his constituents or his now indicted friend Rezko who helped Obama buy a magnificent heated house?

The Senator From Rezko,Part II quoting a Chicago Tribune editorial:

On June 13, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that as a state senator, Obama wrote letters to city and state officials supporting Rezko’s successful bid to get more than $14 million from taxpayers to build apartments for senior citizens. The Sun-Times said the deal included $855,000 in development fees for Rezko and his partner, Allison S. Davis, Obama’s former boss, according to records from the project, which was four blocks outside Obama’s state Senate district. Obama’s campaign responded that Obama’s letters weren’t intended as a favor for Rezko or Davis, but rather in the interest of the people in the community who have benefited from the project. An attorney for Rezko, who has pleaded not guilty to federal charges of influence peddling and bank fraud, told the newspaper that Rezko never sought a letter from Obama in connection with the project.

From Obama’s Curse:

“I’ve said to Rev. Sharpton and I’ll say it today, if there is somebody – I don’t care whether they are white or black or they are male or female – if there is somebody who has been more on the forefront on behalf of the issues you care about and has more concrete accomplishments on behalf of the things you’re concerned about, I’m happy to see you endorse them. But I am absolutely confident you will not find that.”

When it came time to defend the defenseless or protect and enrich the powerful. Obama made a decision. He protected his powerful friends and provided them with even more government money. Same old Chicago politics. The poor shivered in cold tenements. Obama bought a new house. Now he wants a bigger White House to entertain his Chicago friends.

The shivering poor will remember the missing state senator.


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  1. Actually, I have considerably more experience than being a community organizer, and I am a couple of years older than Obama. I don’t consider myself presidential cloth, and I can’t fathom why Obama at this stage in his life fancies he’s up to the job.

  2. And where was Mr. State Senator during the Big Box Ordinance debates of 2006 in Chicago? Mr. State Senator will tell union workers in NJ that he opposes WAL-MART while running for the Presidency in 2007, but when he had a chance to organize communities in Chicago in 2006 in order to influence Mayor Daley and the Chicago City Council to pass the ordinance, he was mum. Where was the community organizing State Senator in 2006? Too busy marketing his book? And then he endorsed Mayor Daley after Daley vetoed the Big Box Ordinance. Instead of endorsing Daley, he should have organized in communities to pressure Aldermen to override Daley’s veto. But no, he endorsed Daley, and then he spun on his heels to claim he opposes WAL-MART to union members in New Jersey in May 2007.

    Freezing tenants and WAL-MART expansion. that is some resume for a community organizer and State Senator from Chicago. And did I mention that his wife was sitting on the Board of a supplier who would profit from WAL-MART expansion into Chicago, an expansion facilitated by Daley’s veto of the Big Box Ordinance?

    Just look at this google search results list for “Barack Obama Big Box Ordinance.” All I see in this list is a dossier of hypocrisy on the part of Barack obama, the community organizer. HAHAHA.

  3. Unfortunately, this election will not be on domestic issues. A
    Democratic strength. Bush is leaving an all time mess behind for others to clean up. The experiences necessary to succeed Bush will require foreign affairs and very strong and inciteful relations for a rapidly demoralized military. Democrats need
    to restore their appreciate for men and women in arms.

    There will be no time for “on the job training.” If we don’t
    have a sitting VEEP running, then Hillary comes as close
    to it in this election. By being and doing things in Bill’s
    administration gives her the incite to propose and react to issues within tlhe political process that invellops the White

    No active politician is pristine. (Same for the Press).
    The political process prohibits saints for holding office. So Obama’s Chicago history is of little consequence beyond Illinois. Unless, there is illegalities.

    We need to promote Hillary’s White House years. The leaders
    and countries she met and visited. Any imputs to policy and
    legislation and appointment, etc.

    Hillary is Ready, I can’t say the same for others.


  4. A “Newsweek” poll out today shows Hillary with a 20-point lead over Obama. While the country, “Newsweek” says,” is prepared to elect either a woman or an African American, the poll says that experience trumps either of those issues. Seventy percent of the people polled said Hillary is experienced enough to be president, while only 40 percent suggested Obama is.

  5. Thanks for the “Newsweek” poll information. I will check it out. I wonder if
    Huffington Post will have it posted. Anything positive for Hillary gets knocked.

  6. Thanks to DCDemocrat. The poll is now on at both the polls column and below at Hillary Headlines.

    Kegs: don’t hold your breath. Huffington Post and the missing Gabor sister have a male candidate they make excuses for. You won’t see any Hillary news worth reading there.

  7. Admin: I wrote a response to one of her blogs and confronted
    them with their bias. Evidently, I sruck a nerve. They took
    my letter down. Somehow, we have to call them on it.


  9. heys kostner i love giving it to the nutrooters on mydd. they are the worst. they badmouth hillary but i can give as good as i take. im seeing more pro hillary posts and comments latley there. georgep posts regularly on mydd defending hillary from the haters. bebe is also good.

  10. terrondt – I want to thank you for defending Hillary from her haters. I see particularly a nasty and a vitriolic attack on her both from right-wing slime balls and the extreme left [obama backers] – I find this quite disturbing. I feel at least on the democratic side we should support Hillary. She is the only one who knows what it is like to be attacked by them and how to counter their machine and successfully so at that. Do we want to waste again a chance by electing Obama to the task? I bet you we will loose if he is the nominee and democrats will have no one to blame but themselves for pathetically loosing again by not electing the most competent, experienced and able candidate to fight the Republicans. I am telling you I am convinced that Republicans will not give up the white house unless it is Hillary who is fighting them.
    Believe you me – grass root support didn’t help Howard Dean to win the nomination – one needs to be smart – and I hope people like you will get the message out that Hillary is the best bet democrats have against a ruthless machinery that will say and do anything just ti cling to power!

  11. your welcome secretpolitics. we have to get on the blogs and stop the slime machines there. i expected it from repugs, but not dem blogs. the haters on the left(yup, most are obama supporters) are frusterated their guy is behind nationally and in most states so that’s why they are attackes are more intense. and dont worry about the money, hillary will have plenty of money for the primaries next year. bill and hillary dominated the iowa political scene last week and took whatever momentum obama had with the money he raised. GO HILLARY GO!!!

  12. Hi terrondt,

    I am delighted to hear from an ardent Hillary supporter. I am so glad to have found this website you know? I have been so let down by the democratic bloggers that I have sort of withdrawn and used to cheer when she exudes charm, experience and leadership skills on her debates. That used to be my highlights – it is just every single news corporation attacks her. Indeed I found this website in one of CNN’s [Obama’s rescuer] targeting this site and singled this site for targeting Obama. Can you believe that? Is that worthwhile news? If you are to put the websites that single-handedly targets Hillary – you will be sitting for ever in front of your tele. They were sort of investigating who is behind this website and who is funding it as if this is a criminal activity. I just couldn’t believe the double-standards.

    I wrote to them saying this website is about Hillary and advocating for her candidacy and it certainly is not an anti-Obama website as the paint it. I pointed that there has never been a personal attack on Obama on the website and what is wrong with people putting forth their argument and questioned them on their apparent bias. Of course it fell on deaf ears! But, I am grateful to them for the news otherwise I wouldn’t have known this website!

    Of course Bill and Hillary dominated Iowa but did the news channels make that the highlight – oh no! They [NBC, ABC, Washington Post, CNN] and [Fox – I don’t consider them even remotely as a news corporation] wrote about what a liability Bill is! [Are you kidding me?] And what a risk the campaign is taking by bringing Bill on the stage.

    All I would say is this – if all they have against Bill is his uncontrollable passion to make love – I would have that anytime than insatiable passion for war that we have had in the past 6 and half years! I cannot believe after what the country has been through under this administration that Fox news will have the nerve to bring up Bill’s scandals – I mean where are the comparisons?

    If people are smart their campaign against Hillary and Bill will undoubtedly backfire!

    I am going away for 3 weeks and I am hoping there are no major developments so, I won’t miss much. Again – thank you so much terrondt for your support and you have no idea how much you have enthused me!

  13. have a nice vacation secretpolitics. thank goodness for a site like this. the kooks are trashing this site but that means they are worried about this right? i love this site along with wich i post there regularly. keep the faith and i dont doubt she will be the nominee and president elect next year. and thanx (WE LUV YA!!!). GO HILLARY!!!!

  14. Oh thanks terrondt! Yes, I love but I wanted another site which is not official you know to sort of have a sense of community rooting for the best candidate. So, I was extremely pleased to discover it. You are right the Hillary-bashers must be worried about the site. I don’t know if you saw the clip but they were sort of investigating it in the same tone as a crime – not just curious. Saying things like – there is a link for confidential tips and this is sneaky and why won’t the person identify himself. For god sakes we have a right for our privacy! These people are crazy! Yes, Hillary will be our nominee. I hope Al Gore doesn’t jump into the race though. They were sort of building up Bloomberg and saying how independents will vote for him and he has all the money in the world. These people are desperate to find an alternative for Hillary. CNN thundered “Obama wipes the inevitability factor off Hillary” – I checked frantically to see if a new poll has been released where Obama has suddenly overtaken Hillary? Oh no – it was because he raised more money this quarter! Whew!
    When Hillary got another endorsement – CNN conveys the news with the headlines – “Does endorsement really matter?” and it includes 15 secs of the endorsements and then it has “experts” tell us that these high profile endorsement for Hillary doesn’t make any difference because people have already made their mind up about Hillary. But, they don’t stop there – they go the extra mile to rescue Obama and say – endorsements will be great for him – and they give an unsolicited advice – they advise they high profile people that they should not be wasting their endorsements on a well known candidate like Hillary instead should endorse Obama. I was thinking to myself what the hell is going on?
    Thank god for this site right? A place where people who like Hillary can visit!
    Go Hillary!!!!

  15. yeah secretpolitics, last week on meet the press chuck todd was investigating identity of the owner of this site. wtf. is this america? what about investigating all the anit-hillary websites. god knows there are many of them.

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