Snow Wall

Our Spanish language dictionary defines Nevada as “snowfall”. Politically, Nevada is a Hillary snow wall. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign today announced another batch of endorsements from Nevada elected officials today.

If it seems like you’ve read this story before, it’s because Clinton’s Nevada campaign is racking up practically all the endorsements of prominent Democrats, from state officers to county commissioners to legislators to city council members.

Coming on board today will be Las Vegas City Councilman Ricki Barlow, North Las Vegas City Councilwoman Stephanie Smith and Dennis Keating, president of the Nye County School Board.

They follow a trail blazed by Clark County Commissioner Rory Reid and since trodden by such Democratic notables as former Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa, former Gov. Bob Miller, state Sen. Dina Titus, Clark County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani, state Treasurer Kate Marshall and long lists of business leaders and activists in the Hispanic, black and Asian communities.

The other campaigns say they aren’t concerned by Clinton’s domination of the endorsement field, although they all have tried and failed to get many of the same endorsements. They say they will compete by having a strong, if not star-studded, grass-roots effort.

But analysts and insiders say Clinton has worked harder and faster than other Democratic candidates to put together a formidable organization in Nevada, and the others could have a hard time cutting into her double-digit lead in polls here as a result.

“Nevada is clearly in her column, more so than any other early state,” said University of Nevada, Reno political scientist Eric Herzik. “She’s behind in Iowa, she’s running even in New Hampshire, and she’s behind in South Carolina.”

The above excerpt from the Las Vegas Review Journal assesses the Nevada political situation correctly. However, Nevada political scientist Eric Herzik needs to catch up on his reading because all the latest polls show Hillary leading in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, as well as in all national polls (see our right hand side column for documentation on Hillary leads in all these states and just about everywhere else).

The state of Nevada will be the second state to vote in the 2008 primary election cycle. Hillary also leads in the Nevada polls by 22% (Mason-Dixon), and 24% (American Research Group). Nevada is a caucus state. These endorsments matter.

Today, the popular with unions Richard Gephardt endorsed Hillary. Like snowflakes in a snowstorm each of these endorsements continue to pile up.

Forget firewalls. Whatever happens in Iowa next year, Hillary has a Nevada Snow Wall.


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