Did anyone else notice? The photograph with the big American flag, Obama speaking to a large crowd, and the words Obama's Fake July 4 Photograph

“Celebrate Independence” “Happy Fourth Of July” on the front page of the Obama website, notice it? The photograph appears to have been taken, not in Iowa where Obama was speaking to much smaller crowds on July 4, 2007 – but in New Hampshire months ago. Must be another “staff mistake”. If another candidate made this “mistake” the crowd from Chicago would have demanded a special prosecutor by now.


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  1. Obama is sickening! He is full of platitudes and no substance. I don’t know how anyone can swallow the things he throws. I mean the audacity to run after 2 and half year in Washington! Well..well..what can you say! This is the different kind of politics of course! Go Hillary!!!!

  2. Billy and secretpolitics:

    I must confess that I am pleased that I am not alone in my deep suspicion of Senator Obama. I just don’t trust him.

  3. secretpolitics said:
    “the audacity to run after ‘only’ 2 and half year in Washington!”

    this sums up exactly how I feel towards Obama, fresh as he is described as, is just another word for inexperienced, wich is exactly what he is!!

  4. Hey thanks for endorsing my comment. Yes, I have been following this from day1. I have watched every single one of Obama’s speeches. There is something fishy about him. Something quite not genuine…

    People call Hillary ambitious. For god sakes is that why she was the first lady of Arkansas patiently waiting for 8 odd years and then another 8 odd years in the White and then another 6 1/2 years as senator?

    And during her years in Arkansas without a public office she worked so much for education and children and health care! She continued the same in the White house – well she got booed for trying to bring universal healthcare! If she was ambitious she would have treaded carefully! Go figure! Where as look at this guy -running after 2 1/2 years? And who is ambitious now? He is downright cunning and calculating!

    Listen to him working the crowds up with platitudes. “Hope, new direction, let’s turn the page” this is all he has got! He plays round and round with these words. He has no substance or a core! If you get him to sit down and ask him policy questions – he cannot expand and go in details. He reverts back to rhetoric – why is that?

    At times one can overlook inexperience but not ingenuity! When confronted with the question of experience he points out that Bill Clinton was inexperienced. Well, he wasn’t – he was the Governor of Arkansas and he did a bloody good job and the state did so well in every front!

    Obama is sickening because he is a fake and what more is sickening is the people who endorse him! He is running because good old Oprah egged him on! So, it is Hollywood Vs Heartland people! Go Hillary!!!!

  5. Omaba’s attack on President Clinton
    Yesterday Obama attacked President Clinton – he said Clinton is nice and he has done fine things during his presidency [Ah..the faint praise] but he asks self-servingly “Do we want the same old thing?”
    President Clinton gave a damn good reply! He said “People look at us and say ‘look at them! They are old..they are yesterday’s news!” then he paused and continued
    “Yesterday’s news was pretty good!” and the crowd went ballistic!
    Shoot me if I’m wrong but I thought that was the best reply to shut this moron who thinks he can be the president simply because Oprah told him so! How silly is that? It is demeaning and extremely offensive! I still can’t get over the audacity the nerve and the cheek to asks Americans to vote to get him into the White House after 2 ½ years of being in Washington! How power hungry can you be! He is fixated on White House! Where as Look at Hillary she said yesterday in Iowa – “I have been there done that so, what is important for me is what I can do for people”So there you go! She is not seeking to get elected simply to tour the White House unlike Obama!
    Advice of Obami
    Just a price of advice Obami – if you are really patriotic and sincere as you claim – complete your first term in the senate – do the people of Illinois what you promised them when you got elected. Clock up your experience and wait for your turn. He was the first term senator running away from office for a higher office! At least complete your first term in the senate fella will you?

  6. I couldn’t agree more whit what you’ve said!

    I question his motives, and ability to have a realistic objective point of view, when he thinks he can be President with so little experience, and jumps in the race after just having people praise him for a speech and people encouraging him to run…..and he suddenly thinks he has a chance of winning.

    And what does that say about how he views the Presidency?
    That just about anyone can be President?
    Ok…take away george w. bush, and you get what I mean. continue…

  7. I read a long article from the time he was going to give his speech at the democratic convention in ’04. He clearly saw it as a make it or break it kind of situation, so already there you could see his ambition reeking.
    And again, it makes me question him.

    I would have loved to support him for President, I think he could be a great President, SOME DAY!!! He just shows he is not ready, by making this poor decision. I wished he could have waited!

    And I absolutely despise Oprahs decision to endorse him, with her you can always tell when her ‘black pride’ enters, and fogs her mind.

  8. Obama has potential to go far but he jumped his gun too soon. With all his false pretences to be all innocent and anti-establishment and his young black revolutionary that sort of is sweeping away the racial differences just because he is from a mixed background – just irritates the crap out of me. Seems like a load script fed from the Oprah Winfrey Show. A person with his potentials has to strengthen it further his skills and learn the ropes. Again as I said before experience isn’t everything but he comes across as a person who lacks insightfulness which is what we need at this time in our country’s history! He can ask himself – what difference will his candidacy offer more than say a Hillary candidacy? Give me one good offer that will top hers? And why will you seek your candidacy if you know you are not the best!

    As far as Oprah is concerned – she made a fool of herself with “A million little pieces” and called in Larry King to defend James Frey the author and said she doesn’t care if parts of the book is fabricated but she believes in the essential truth. Now, after she made this – media “pundits” ganged up on her in their columns and little Ms.Winfrey did a live stunt which was disgusting and what one could only term as a hunt on National Television accusing James Frey of misleading her and she had tear welling up in her eye. Ms. Winfrey did this to restore her credibility!

    After this episode lots of people who were Oprah fan started to take her statements with a pinch of salt. They did not abandon her totally but she is just like anyone – a person who will go to any lengths to serve her interests. Nothing extraordinary there! So, her endorsing Obama is no biggie! I suppose she has a crush on him and also wants to see a black man [50% white] elected president before she dies so she can feel she lived in the great era. I just know how Oprah’s mind works. Mind you everything she touches doesn’t become gold. She might want to look after the little media empire she has created obsessing about herself. Does anyone remember her movie “Beloved” She produced that – did heaps of publicity. Poor Tony Morrison was sick of the movie and the movie failed at box office miserably push Ms.Winfrey into deep depression for months by her own little confessions that she regularly does on her shows.

    Now, that we have gotten over her credibility – I think she should just stick to her show and not push herself into political endorsements. As much as we enjoyed watching Ms.Winfrey jumping up and down on one of her give away shows – American Presidency is not one of her favourite things to give away!!

    Without being too personal as someone who has followed Ms.Winfrey for a long time – I have noticed that she is a black republican. A preaching evangelical who is a war monger! People who attack Hillary’s 2002 vote for military action if diplomacy fails – should attack this veiled black republican Oprah Winfrey! In one of her shows – there is a video on youtube – if you use the key words “Oprah War” – in that clip you will see her shouting down a poor woman who raises doubts about American invasion of Iraq. She sat there self-righteously proclaiming that we are the liberators of Iraq, Toe-curling stuff! She pretends to be a liberal but for long time viewers of her show – we know that she simply is not. People who are not emotionally invested can pick that out.

    Sorry I can go on and on if you get me started on Oprah Winfrey. Again – does that mean I dislike Oprah of course not! I watch her shows love her comments – I enjoy her anecdotes on her life – actually I like oprah. But everyone has a place – I mean areas they can be taken seriously. Oprah is an entertainer and she is no saint – she is self-preserving and that is all I meant to depict when I started the James Frey episode! And again which fool will vote based on an entertainer’s view! It is the single most valued possession on holds in any free country – the right to choose and that cannot be influenced by an entertainer no matter how good of an entertainer they are!

    Go Hillary 2008!!!

  9. Just had a minute to view the YouTube video of Oprah-Warmonger…I think that characterization is a bit over the top… Oprah is making repetitive mistakes. She has her researchers do the work for her and she comes in at the end, as the knowledgeable Queen of Talk, and follows through, driving home, the conclusions reached by her researchers.

    I don’t agree with the label of ‘Black Republican’ either. That too is a little severe for someone who will go the distance for a cause. ‘Republicans and Help’ are strangers to each other and a far cry from Oprah’s persona. Perhaps she employs a few too many Republican researchers as members of her staff and needs a little restructuring. (a shakeup is in order restoring balance and fair mindedness)

    Rather than working to destroy the most powerful woman in the universe, it behooves us to retrofit Oprah back to the old days of good common sense and a wait and see attitude as an essential concern…Make the Rule: “Question”… rather than pontificate, promote, promulgate what appears obvious on the surface, may just be hiding ulterior motives beneath the surface.

    To dismiss Oprah out of hand, would be a grave mistake. We’d be the lesser for it in the end. After all, she IS a woman, and is no stranger to the word HELP as is our candidate, Hillary. Let’s focus on what we have in common as the ties that bind us together, rather than good intentions gone wrong, through no fault of our own, as our final epitaph.

  10. The only crowd I saw on July 4 was at the Iowa State Fairgrounds with the Clintons. Do you have a photo of that crowd? I watched the video at C-SPAN, and the Clintons had a huge July 4 audience in Des Moines.

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