Iowa State Fare

What nutritious political fare lucky Iowans will be served at their great fair. The last elected president and the next elected president will later today be in Iowa.

Big Media is very concerned that somehow that little light of ours, Hillary, won’t shine brightly. We’ve seen her debate on the national stage recently. We’ve seen her for decades bringing light to darkness. Shine on lady, shine on.

The Washington Post is wringing its Big Media hands and donning sunglasses at the prospect of so much wattage:

“The extraordinary sight of the two Clintons on the stump in Iowa is expected to draw a media crush, dominating the holiday week news even as a handful of other presidential contenders campaign around the state.”

Here is what’s going to happen according to the very concerned Washington Post:

“Her husband is expected take a somewhat different approach in the next week. Clinton advisers have scripted a role for the former president that focuses squarely on the candidate, not himself. During a handful of rallies — or, as they are being called, “Ready for Change, Ready to Lead” events — in Iowa, he is, advisers said, planning to walk listeners through his wife’s biography, particularly her work in children’s advocacy as first lady of Arkansas, on behalf of women as first lady, and as a senator for the past 6 1/2 years.”

‘”He’s going to talk about her, and she’s going to talk about the country,” one Clinton official said.”

As is typical with Big Media they cannot resist deluding the country. They call the Clintons a “dynasty”. They need to read our debunking of the dynasty nonsense.

Here is exactly what Bill Clinton will tell those lucky Iowans:


2 thoughts on “Iowa State Fare

  1. I am fed up with the way the media spins things. The Clinton’s trip to Iowa has been planned for weeks.

    And some news outlets are saying she is bringing Bill because she is “worried that Obama” is putting a dent in her campaign.

    And then when Hillary won the last debate, one article, begrudgingly gave Hillary her due, but then said “Is it fair? Probably Not”

    So when Hillary wins, its not fair. And when Obama raises more cash, its fair? LMAO

  2. Historically, praise for women publicly has not been the idealized style in America by men or elsewhere. It remains somehow easier for men to praise other men – the “suck up” complex perhaps?

    Women are lucky to get a “job well done,” even from their husbands, in private, much less in public. Criticism seems far easier for men to dish out to women, privately, or publicly, so it is refreshing to see Hillary’s husband touting her attritributes on national broadcasts or podcasts. Perhaps it will be contagious for other men?

    To be sure, men are characteristically modest when it comes to verbal praise of women. America is not well schooled in this aspect of human relations, and many men are at a loss to describe female success, or the professional and social attributes that yield success. No practice makes imperfect attempts and results.

    The media is no exception in this regard, the practice being mostly universal, and of long tradition. So, they should be delighted that a high profile Hillary is running to initiate effort on their part and offer the learning experience that might have been a part of their professional training.

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